tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie Becomes a Shareholder

NWMD!: Marnie Becomes a Shareholder


Marnie left an impromptu modeling session $1,200.00 richer and with leads to follow to track down the photographer and his wife of her boudoir shots. She needed to see the pictures soon, and pick out the ones she wanted, to have them in time for her husband, Roger's, 40th birthday coming up.

Marnie went to the nearest telephone and called the pager number on the old business card. The number was not working and was not reassigned. She looked up "Swaggers" and found it to be a trendy restaurant. There were no customers at that time of the afternoon, so she described the couple to the hostess. She started to feel like a detective. The hostess thought she knew whom Marnie was talking about, but had not seen them in a couple of days. Marnie went home, showered, and had dinner with Roger. Brenda was still out with the Larcher kid. She excused herself to Roger for the evening, saying she had to go out to work some more on his birthday present.

Marnie showed up at the entrance of "Shareholders". She had never seen nor heard of it. It had a well-appointed front, no windows to the street, and a doorman who stood by the ornate doors. She went up to the doors and waited for the doorman to open them. It was a standoff for a moment, as he did not move.

Finally, he said, "Oh, are you alone?" Marnie nodded. "Are you a member? I sorry, I don't recognize you."

"No. I'm here to see Kenneth or Maggie Brannon. Are they here?"

"I'll see for you Ma'am." Then he called in through an intercom on the wall by the door. "It will be just a moment." He said with a smile.

Moments later the door opened, and there, finally, was Kenneth. "Do you know this woman?" The doorman asked.

"Marnie! Oh yes. She's with me. Come on in." Kenneth said. "Here, let me show you around."

"No really, I can't stay. I've been trying to reach you to find out about the pictures from the weekend. I'm getting a little crunched for time and need to do some planning." She said, standing in the richly appointed lobby.

"Oh, the pictures, of course. No problem. Now why don't you just come in a minute and have a drink with Maggie and me, say 'hi', we'll work out a schedule, and you can relax a bit, since you've gone to all this trouble to find us." Kenneth said. "By the way, how did you find us?"

"A lady at 'Bluesky Photo" told me I'd probably find you here."

"Glasses, busy, pushy, has an aura of always getting her way about her?" Marnie nodded. "That's Carol she's been here before."

"What is this place anyway?" Marnie asked, curious at the exclusivity and money that obviously went into it.

"It's a club for people who like to share." Kenneth said.

"Share what exactly?" Marnie said now curious and suspicious.

"We share time, ideas, affections, with other members." Kenneth said. Marnie was getting hung up on the word "affections". "I could show you around first, if you like."

Marnie's curiosity was beginning to peak. "That would be nice."

"First you can go in there and put your things in a locker and I'll meet you out the other door in the main area." Kenneth instructed.

Marnie went into the room confused. First, she entered a brightly-lit room with ornately trimmed mirrors and Victorian reproduction furniture painted off white. As she rounded the corner, she found herself in a locker room with a lady attendant in a small maid uniform. She led Marnie to a locker that was empty. All Marnie had was a purse, so she felt it odd to have a whole locker for it. She sat down in front of it and just thought about the place for a few minutes. There were two voices from the other side of her row of lockers, then the sound of a locker door shutting. Her mind followed the voices walking toward the end of the row and into her view at the aisle. The two women were naked.

"What have I gotten myself into?" She thought. "Now Kenneth is inside probably waiting for me, expecting me to come out like those two ladies. What should I do?" Marnie debated. "Kenneth and Maggie have both seen me naked. They know my body almost as well as Roger does. But the other people. How would it be so different from the nude beach, though?" She thought, as she started to absentmindedly toy with the buttons on her blouse.

"Can I help you with anything, Ma'am?" The attendant asked solicitously.

"No, I can . . . well, maybe you can. Could you tell about this place? I have never been here before." Marnie asked, as she continued to remove her things.

"Yes Ma'am. This here is a private club for couples to get together and share any and everything with other couples who think the same." The attendant related.

"So I'm here alone, is that a problem?" Marnie asked, now down to her underwear.

"No, if you don't mind me saying so, a beautiful woman like you will find nothing but warm welcomes, I'm sure."

"I saw two ladies walk out without any clothes on."

"Yes Ma'am, that's the way they do it here."

"You mean I should go out there without any clothes on too? There isn't something I could wear, I only know one of the couples." Marnie asked hopefully.

"You'll be more comfortable without the clothes Ma'am, I believe. You'd feel like you're fitting in more."

"Everything, hunh?" Marnie asked to confirm.

"Yes Ma'am, I believe so." Marnie put the rest of her things in the locker. "There are things in here you can use to freshen up with if you like." The attendant said, directing Marnie's attention to a well-stocked bathroom, shower, and makeup area.

Marnie looked at herself in the mirror and tussled her hair a bit. The attendant looked on admiringly at her breasts and well toned body as Marnie primped.

"I guess it's time to face the music. Anything else I should know before I go out there?" Marnie asked to be safe.

"I guess, just let yourself enjoy, Ma'am." The attendant said.

"Thank you." Marnie said, as she opened the door to enter the club.

Marnie was first confronted by lush tropical vegetation. "They must have bright lights at some time during the day to grow these babies." She thought. As she followed a windy path, she came across all manner of alcove spaces, some with couches, some with circular booths, others with cushions and still others with apparatus reminiscent of a movie she made a while ago. Most of the people she encountered in these spaces were oblivious to her as they talked, groped, and openly masturbated, as she passed them. Some looked up at this new beautiful stranger in their midst, but Marnie kept on walking and avoided eye contact, so she wouldn't be drawn into these alcoves of debauchery before finding Kenneth or Maggie.

There were both male and female servers wearing bow ties around collars and cuffs on their wrists but nothing else. The males had varying stages of hardons and the females walked as if they were trying to stimulate an itch away between their legs. It was not until Marnie was to meet up with the Brannons that she would understand why.

The first obstruction in her path was a large tiled hot tub spa which could hold probably ten to twelve people, but was now holding four. Marnie was beginning to wonder if the Brannons were still even there, things were starting to look familiar as she walked along, as if she had been along the path there before, or was it just more of the same. A server came up to her and offered her a cloudy drink from a tray, which turned out to be a margarita. Marnie took it. Smiled a thank you, but the server stood there a few seconds as if he was waiting for a tip. Marnie was puzzled because she obviously had no money on her. The server eventually went on looking somewhat disappointed, as if he had been stiffed.

Marnie finally found the Brannons in a booth, with another couple, looking at her interaction with the server. She learned that the server actually wanted to be stiffed. It was a cashless room. The Brannons had Marnie's drink put on their tab. The members would stroke the genitals of the servers to tell them how many dollars to put on their tabs as a tip with each stroke. If they made the server cum, then their tab was cleared, and the server paid for it out of their earnings. The server was vested in their tip, however, if it reached twenty-five dollars or better per person regardless if they were made to cum afterwards.

"Hi Maggie." Marnie said in greeting.

"Hi Marnie, nice to see you again. These are friends we made this evening, Susan and Bill. Please join us." Maggie said.

Marnie slid into the round booth with her drink and joined the four. "Boy, this is quite some place you belong to." Marnie said half in flattery and half for real.

"Yes, it has been quite a joy for us." Kenneth responded. "You and Roger, is it, should join."

"Oh, I don't think we could afford this place. We probably would have to mortgage the house just to pay the initiation fee." Marnie said.

"You'd be surprised. A night on the town here is not much more than dinner and the theater. As far as the initiation goes, I could make you a member tonight, and the initiation wouldn't cost you a cent." Kenneth proposed.

"Maybe another time. Now how about those pictures. When would I be able to see them?" Marnie asked, as a server came to replace her drink. She looked at the server's cock, then Kenneth.

"Go ahead, tip the gentleman. Give him five." He said.

Marnie hesitated and then put her hand on the server's cock and stroked it five sensuous times. "I'll take one." Bill said, "Give him five for me." Then Susan took a drink.

"You know Marnie, you don't have to stroke him with your hand, it can be with anything, like your mouth, for instance. If you get him to cum against his will, we get all of these for free." Kenneth advised.

"You can make my tip ten, if you use your mouth." Susan said.

"No I couldn't." Marnie said, a little tipsy.

"Sure you can. Close your eyes and pretend he’s Roger. Come on. You can do it. Win one for the Gipper." Maggie encouraged.

"Whose that?" Marnie asked.

"Oh it’s not important. But, if you don't hurry, what you've done so far will be lost. Come on. We are all rooting for you." Said Kenneth.

Marnie looked around at the friendly people, started to feel a wave of alcohol wash over her, and looked at the server's cock and swallowed it deep in her mouth. As she pulled off of it and plunged back down, the table counted "one", and kept on counting until Susan's ten dollars were all chalked up. The server was hard and sweating. The evening's tips were having an accumulative effect on him. The table sensed a possible victory. Maggie said, "I'll take a drink for ten."

The group counted out her strokes. Marnie thought she tasted some precum and chugged her drink to have another, "I'm in for ten." She said, and sucked on the server's cock mercilessly.

The server’s balls were tight up in his scrotum, and he wanted to leave. Kenneth downed his drink and said, "Hey wait, I'll take another. Put me down for ten. Go Marnie. I don't think we can do much more."

Marnie sucked and pumped and squeezed his balls to get him to cum. The server was on tiptoes and holding on to the table, after putting the tray down by the count of five. Marnie kept up the attack and at nine, the server exclaimed, "Oh shit, not now." and came in Marnie's mouth as she finished ten. She spit his cum out in one of the empty glasses before he put it on his tray. The others stood and high-fived each other. Then Maggie turned and hugged Marnie. Bill came around from the other side and did the same.

The booze, the excitement, and the congratulations were all going dizzily to Marnie's head. She was starting to have the time of her life, but she still made an attempt to focus. "Now about getting to look at those pictures." She asked Kenneth.

"Well I'll be at Bluesky next week, I could come by your house this weekend, or you could find us here tomorrow night, but there is a restriction to bringing in the same guest more than once in a week. How about going through that free initiation and becoming a member. Then you could meet us here tomorrow night as a member and there would be no problem."

"Well how do you become a member with free initiation?" Marnie asked.

"It's simple, first they announce there will be an initiation, and all who care to attend congregate and witness you making it with some men and with some women members. After the ceremony, you remain a member as long as you keep your dues paid. You could try the place for a month, and if you like it enough to stay a member, you can decide to pay dues, if not, at least you had the opportunity to try it out. What do you think?" Kenneth asked.

Marnie's head was spinning. She tried to weigh the initiation to the club against the indignities she was certain to be put through, if she had to deal with Larcher. This club was fun and exciting, but she could not picture Roger ever getting into it. What it boiled down to for her, was to either take care of the picture situation now by going through the initiation, or leaving a great deal to chance by putting it off for another week. She could not have either of the Brannons over at her house on the weekend.

"So who would I be initiated with, if I were to do it?" Marnie asked, inching closer to accepting the offer.

"It could be anybody you like. The four of us would help. Then again, look around you. If you see anybody you like, I guarantee you, that with your looks, you can have your pick." Kenneth said encouragingly.

"Oh god, how do I decide? If I do it, whom should it be with? I have a business relationship, kind of, with the Brannons, but I trust them to be kind to me. Bill and Susan seem nice enough, but you never know. Can I get myself to do it with a woman? Maybe one more drink would work." Marnie was trying to ponder with slurred thought. "God, I could use a good screwing right now, oh yeah, but not there, it's still too sore. I hope they don't make me do it there. Oh, and people are going to watch. Come on you baby, people have watched you before. These people probably all want you to join, like the Brannons do. Remember the beach, you tried it to see if you'd like it and you did. Maybe this would be a good experience too. Oh god, but with a woman?"

Marnie was continuing the debate in her head when Kenneth interrupted her process with, "Well, are we going to induct a new member here tonight or not?"

Marnie looked seriously at Kenneth with knit brow, then for a moment at each of the others, and in a moment of spontaneity, exclaimed, "Okay, I'll do it." As soon as the words escaped her lips, she went into a state of panicked remorse.

Kenneth motioned for Bill and Susan to let him out, and he left out of sight. Maggie patted Marnie's wrist, and then rubbed her neck and shoulders, to bring her to a happier state about her decision. When Kenneth came back to the table, he announced, "All set."

People were starting to flow past them and a bell could be heard getting closer. When the bell ringer was in eyeshot, she was followed like the Pied Piper of Hamelin by members now streaming past their table. "Com'on." Kenneth said to Marnie. "The bell rings for thee." They all worked into the flow of people, and eventually found themselves in a whole other room.

The room would have to be described as theater in the round. There was a small round stage, which was nothing more than a dais with a padded structure that could act as a small bed, couch, or trestle, depending on the portion used or how the articulations of the different elements making it up were positioned. Around the stage were two semicircular stepped platforms, that were covered with padded vinyl, so they could be washed. Spectators could sit on the edge, stand, or lay down by twos, depending on their preference and the number of spectators present.

Kenneth and crew took Marnie to an end of the room, which had a walkway out to the center stage. He said to Marnie, "Now, I'm going to introduce you. If you like you can use an assumed name, to keep your activities here anonymous."

Marnie thought a minute. "How about 'Bonnie'?" Marnie said, remembering another time with a group of men.

"Okay then, Bonnie it is. Well, lets begin." Kenneth said as he led Marnie and the entourage down the walkway to the center stage. "Shareholders." He announced. "We present to you our newest member tonight, Bonnie. She wishes to be initiated in the usual manner. With your permission, may we begin?" The audience responded with their polite applause.

"Let’s see," Kenneth was saying softly to Marnie, "how about we do it like this?" He said pensively, while he laid her down on her back. Her head was off the edge and her butt was at the other edge. Bill went off stage and lowered some ropes with cuffs that had been up more or less out of sight. The cuffs were placed on Marnie's writs and ankles. Kenneth gave Bill the signal to hoist the cuffs a bit, and Marnie tried to get his attention. "Could you see that you and Bill do me in the rear instead of my pussy please, it's awfully sore today."

Kenneth sat down next to her on her right side, patted her left breast, and said, "You got it. Now relax and enjoy."

He signaled for Maggie to hand him an "X" shaped cross piece, which hooked to the cuffs, holding Marnie's arms and legs apart. He then gave a signal to Bill to lift her four limbs to full stretch, giving her the look of a roadside cow with rigor mortis. Maggie took Kenneth's place on her right side and Susan sat down next to her on her left. They slid their hands all over Marnie's abdomen, breasts, neck, and traced tickling fingers around her face, arms and legs. Marnie switched back and forth from enjoying the sensations and feeling repulsed by the thought of it coming from two women. When Susan's fingers slid down and cupped her pussy, Marnie gasped in and held her breath, while stiffening her body in fear.

"Relax and enjoy, Bonnie, this part is for you." Maggie said soothingly.

Maggie moved to between Marnie's legs, and gently felt around her pussy, learning its topography. Susan got up and held Marnie's head and gave her a kiss upside down on her lips. This was so strange to Marnie that she was awash in mixed up emotions. Then Susan straddled Marnie's face with her cunt. Marnie almost gagged, and was moving her head from side to side as much as the limited fit would allow. Susan did not let up. Marnie was getting overcome by the female aroma. Her nose was getting dipped in pussy juice. Then she felt Maggie tonguing her clit. Marnie started to moan. Then she sought out Susan's clit, and Susan started to moan. Each thing Maggie tried on Marnie's cunt, Marnie tried on Susan's. Maggie started to sense this and watched Susan, paced her reactions, gave her the best cunnilingus techniques she knew to do through Marnie. Marnie and Susan both started to squirm. Marnie was relieved she could take this kind of stimulation without undue pain.

Susan started to cum. Maggie did not want to let her off that easy and picked up her pace on Marnie's cunt. Marnie, in turn, picked up her pace on Susan's cunt. When she started to get a flood of juice, she stopped and winced inside of Susan's legs. With the movement of Marnie's face back and forth in repulsion and in an effort to get more breath, Susan could not take it any longer and backed off Marnie's face.

Marnie took the opportunity to catch up on her breathing, and started to realize that Maggie was leaving her hanging by standing up to hug Susan. They switched places and now it was Maggie's cunt smothering Marnie's face. Marnie got right to work before Susan took up the task at Marnie's cunt. Susan's approach was different than Maggie's. She plunged her tongue in her cunt, and swirled it around Marnie's clit, as if she were trying to wrap it around. Marnie had never felt such exquisite sensations from a tongue. Her stomach started undulating. Her climax was approaching. Maggie bore down, not wanting to be left out. Marnie came demonstrably, jerking her head up into Maggie's cunt. Susan noticed that Maggie was wanting to cum, and would not let up on Marnie. She continued the techniques that were working. Marnie went at Maggie's cunt like a wild animal. Her face was the only thing she could move to release her tension. Marnie's cunt was twitching and contracting around Susan's tongue, as Susan watched Maggie carefully. Maggie was alternating between going on tiptoes to pull away from Marnie's mouth and dropping down to get more sensation. Maggie finally held on to the ropes holding Marnie's wrists for support as she came to her own earth shaking orgasm. She backed off relieved when her waves of relief subsided, just in time for Marnie to have another climax rivaling the earlier one. Now, Marnie was able to scream her pleasure to the delight of her audience.

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