tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie Gets Adorned

NWMD!: Marnie Gets Adorned


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part derives from the initial story where a man named Larcher under the threat of unleashing his son on Marnie's daughter, Brenda, blackmails and humiliates Marnie. This is a part that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that I wrote them, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow. Please enjoy.


"Brenda, Honey, about last night." Marnie started to say.

"No need, Mom. I am an adult, and I can handle it. Just keep your door closed when you guys are getting kinky, okay? Geesh. It’s embarrassing." Brenda said, while fixing herself some breakfast. "So, what did you learn about my modeling portfolio pictures? Jeff was no help."

"Well, I found out Kenneth and Maggie’s last name, Brannon, and I know where to find them. I’m meeting them tonight to look the photos over." Marnie told her daughter.

"What time do we go?" Brenda asked presumptively.

"Oh Honey, it is at a bar, they won’t let you in. I’ll have to get them for you." Marnie said apologetically.

"What time will you be back with them, then?" Brenda asked feeling put out.

"I’ll be back just as soon as I can, Dear." Marnie said, and then thought, "I hope they have the sense to also bring Brenda’s pictures. She’ll be heartbroken if I don’t come back with something for her to see. Well there goes any fun I might have there, I can’t stay out too long or it would look suspicious. I feel much better today. I think I could even do it with Roger, or someone tonight. Oh, what are you thinking? What has this come to? How could you be planning ahead to do it with someone else besides your own husband, just like that. You’d better check your priorities and figure out who you are, Missy, before it is too late. Oh, god, how do I turn off these thoughts? I can read it now, ‘Pussy Drives Housewife Insane’. I’ve got to get out of here today, do something different, get my mind off of my next orgasm and get centered." Marnie ranted in her head.

"Maybe I can get together with some of the gals." Marnie thought as she picked up the phone. "Hi Barb. What are you doing today?"

"Hi, Marnie. I haven’t heard much from you lately. I’ve been meaning to call. There was this party I was supposed to go to today and invite a friend. Well, I was going to invite you, but I’ve been too chicken to go myself, so I haven’t told you about it." Her friend said on the phone.

"What kind of party is it?" Marnie quizzed.

"I’m too embarrassed to say, really." Her friend said.

"It’s me. How can you be too embarrassed to tell me?" Marnie challenged.

"Well, I thought you’d think less of me if I told you I was even thinking of going. It is a party to sell lingerie and things to heat up your marriage. It’s the "Sensual EXtras for You" group, you know, "SEXY", and I hear they have a pretty daring time at these parties. I just thought it would be too embarrassing for both of us, I’m right aren’t I?" She asked.

"Heat up your marriage hunh." Marnie thought out loud. "What time is it at, I think we should give it a try."

"I can’t believe you are saying this. We’ll probably have to get naked to try things on. Doesn’t that bother you? What if they ask us to try things out? I don’t think I can." Barbara said incredulously.

"Com’on Barb, it is just us women, right? We’ve seen each other naked at the club in the locker room. It will be a chance for us to come out of our shells. Face it, we’re about to enter our forties, and there’s still a whole lot of living to do before we’re put out to pasture. Now where is it and when?" Marnie said resolutely.

"I’ll pick you up at one then. The invitation said there would be swimming, so bring a suit. Are you sure about this?" Barbara said.

"I’ll be ready at one. Bye."

Marnie busied herself until Barb arrived. She had a suit on under her sundress and was looking forward to the sales display. When they got to the party, it was at a big house and many more people were in attendance than either of them had anticipated. Marnie guessed the SEXY Group was a much bigger pull than the old Tupperware Group was, these days. Marnie knew a few of the ladies there, but was the most familiar with Barbara. There was mingling, snacking, and exploring the ground floor and pool area for about forty-five minutes before the SEXY people were introduced.

As the tightly scripted presentation got underway, there were a few silly games, designed to get the ladies to lighten up, build camaraderie, and to get into a more carefree state. During an overview of what they could expect, Marnie learned that swimwear, lingerie, marital aids, bondage resources, and, to her shock, body piercing were all available to them today, or on a follow-up basis.

The first presentations were of swimwear. Two models wheeled in a rack of suits and two male lifeguard types brought in a trunk. The two models stayed and the two hunks disappeared into another room, sending the ladies in attendance to shifting in their seats and talking for a moment at the brief presence of the men. The models held up suits to their bodies for the ladies to admire. They took off tops and mixed and matched bottoms right there, without going for cover. They both had small rings in their nipples, which created a stir among the ladies when these adornments were first noticed.

The ladies were instructed to come up and pick out a suit they would like to try. Different sizes were available in the trunks for each style. It looked like a feeding frenzy as the attendees pushed and pawed their way to the different suit combinations. They were instructed to try them on and try them out in the pool. A few of the women, Marnie and Barbara included, started to look outside of the room for a place to change. When they saw that most of the women changed right in the room like the models did, they looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and changed in the back of the room with everyone else. Then it was off to the pool.

Each lady had picked out a suit that was one or more notches more daring than they would imagine wearing in public, to see what it would be like. Ladies wore thongs for the first time, they wore bikinis that were nothing more than three triangle patches, and they wore suits that went from their waist down across their crotch up their abdomen as strings, and with thin patches across their nipples, tying around their necks at the top. They explored how they looked, how it felt, and how they might have to move, sit, and stand if they ever were to wear these items in a public setting. Most of the ladies put a suit aside to buy whether they would ever dare to wear them or not.

Back in the room, the ladies sat in varying stages of undress as the SEXY Group prepared to present the lingerie selections. Barbara and Marnie decided to just wear their dresses without anything else on underneath. Barbara was less freaked out by this time and began to notice that Marnie didn’t have much of a tan line, and asked, "Marn, I notice some fresh color in places the sun isn’t supposed to shine. What’s up with that?"

"Oh, you know those tanning salons can do wonders." Marnie replied.

"I could never get anything but a burn from those places, besides aren’t you supposed to wear a suit in there?" Barbara asked.

"They’re private, no one knows." Marnie said. "Are you going to get something slinky for George to enjoy?"

"I don’t know, are you?" Barbara asked.

"Barb, you remind me of me, the old me. I am changing. I’ve decided to do new more daring things, to seize the moment, make some memories, take some risks, and be a little naughty. We aren’t getting any younger. My Brenda and your Susan have more daring in each of them than you and I put together. They are probably going to live more in the next ten years than we would for the rest of our lives, if we don’t do something about it. We’ve got to do things we never thought we would do, create some memories we can look back on, joke about, and relive in our minds, when our bodies can no longer go along with it. Let’s live a little. This here party is a start. What do you say?" Marnie asked enthusiastically.

"Gosh Marn, you’re almost scaring me. I hear what you are saying, but I thought we had really good lives. George and Roger love us, we have exceptional kids, and we lead solid moral lives we can be proud of. What you are talking about could shake that up, and then where would we be?" Barbara asked concerned.

"Look, this is the kind of experience here, where you can explore and try pushing out your envelope of comfort in safety, and try it on for size. Then if you don’t feel like you can handle it, you leave it here with no regrets. Think about it. I think that number there would look good on you and get Good Old George saluting, what do you think?" Marnie said like a big sister.

"Golly Marnie, I never knew this side of you. I’ll give it a try, at least as far as I can." Barbara said.

"That’s the spirit." Marnie said.

During the lingerie portion of the presentation, the models changed into the different fashions. Ladies from the audience were asked to come up and be models. The audience "oooowed" and "aaaahed", hooted and hollered, and applauded their support for the non-professionals modeling, as well as for the garments themselves. When Barb was picked to go up, she tried to get out of it, until Marnie almost embarrassed her into doing it. Almost everyone was modeling at some point, but not Marnie. She was almost ready to jump up and volunteer. When everyone was wearing some favorite, the presentation moved to marital aids.

The SEXY Group models walked among the audience with dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, lotions that lubricated, heated up, desensitized, or could be eaten, while the presenter with the microphone explained their uses. The presentation moved seamlessly to leather goods. There were costumes the models put on, restraints, whips, straps, and for the man in their lives, out came the lifeguard types, naked except for the straps, collars, chains, and cuffs they adorned. The ladies were shocked, and many started to cover themselves for modesty, until they realized that in sheer numbers, they were anonymous, almost invisible to the men.

Barb and another woman were picked to come up and learn how cock and ball harnesses worked. Barb definitely wanted out of this demonstration, but Marnie physically pushed her forward, and the momentum of her movement and the audience’s enthusiasm brought her to center stage with the other woman. With instruction from the models, the ladies roughly applied the items. Barb was too embarrassed to look much at what she was feeling. When the harnesses were in place, leashes were attached to rings at the bottom of the ball spreader parts, and the two ladies were encouraged to lead the men through the crowd for a closer look.

When Barb, brought her male model by Marnie, she leaned over and whispered, "Thanks for the push, this really is fun."

Marnie felt a mixture of pride at converting her friend to enjoying herself, and at the same time felt a little left behind. She was passed over for the rest of the leather items, as well.

Then the presenter announced, "Now Ladies, for the newest and latest craze, we at the SEXY Group are now offering body piercing. The most popular place is through the nipples, but our licensed experts can apply jewelry to almost any part of the body. That’s right, any part. Now while your imaginations take you places on your body, we have a lucky guest sitting in seat number twenty-three, who will be given a piercing of their choice, complete with the jewelry, right here, so we can demonstrate our patented drug free, painless process for you today. Everybody look under your seat for your number.

Since most of the women had not anticipated this service even being offered, many didn’t even look. Barbara looked and didn’t have it. She was dying to know what Marnie’s number was. "Well, aren’t you going to even check?" She said to Marnie. "How daring is it to just check?"

Marnie was shamed into checking. She quickly sat back down.

"Well, let me see that." Barbara insisted. She looked. Pay back time, "We have the winner here." She shouted, pointing at Marnie. Marnie tried to wave off the attention. A model came down the aisle to escort her to the front. "Come on." Barb goaded. "Where is that adventuring spirit you were preaching about?"

The lady on the P.A. said, "Congratulations. This is worth, with the jewelry, three hundred dollars." Everyone applauded. When she saw hesitation, "I assure you our process is painless." When there was further hesitation, she said, "You really have nothing to lose, because you can leave the jewelry out and it heals over in a very short period of time."

All eyes were upon her. "Here’s a memory. Just think how excited Roger will be when he sees a new thing to play with on you. Live a little while you are still in your thirties girl. This would qualify as a ‘little naughty’. Why not practice what you preach." Barbara said, pouring it on thickly.

Marnie lost the will to protest but was not motivated to proceed. Barbara pulled her up by the arm and gave her arm to the model that walked her dazed to the front of the room.

"Here, we just have something for you to sign first, and we will demonstrate the painless procedure, exclusive to SEXY Group Productions. Now where would you like to have it done?" Marnie just looked blankly at the M.C. and then at Barbara, who looked on with encouragement. "Well, let me recommend your nipples then. You have very beautiful breasts, doesn’t she ladies?" There was applause, while Marnie cupped the ends of her breasts, as if they already hurt from piercing. "Here, we’ll put these hypoallergenic rings in today, and in a couple of days, you can switch to your choice of ringed or studded jewelry here." Marnie still did not respond and continued to hold the ends of her breasts. "Well, you can choose your favorites right before you leave today. Now we are going to have you spend a few minutes with Dr. Powers, and then you will return here for the painless procedure."

Marnie was led into another room. The presenter announced to the remaining ladies that the drug free procedure was a revolutionary form of hypnosis. She explained that when Marnie returned, she would be aware of everything happening, but would feel nothing she didn’t want to feel.

Marnie was led back in and was seated on a stool facing the audience. She sat with her hands together on her lap, her knees together, and her feet on a rung of the stool. She looked nervous and stared at Barbara for support.

Dr. Powers said, "Let’s have some fun." Marnie’s eyes closed and her head dropped down, but her body stayed upright. Then Dr. Powers said, "Marnie, open your eyes and watch the fun of getting your nipples pierced." Marnie opened her eyes and raised her head a little, but was now looking at her breasts. "Marnie, we will now take off this top." And the teddy nightie she was wearing was pulled off her head. "Now Marnie, it will be best if you keep your nipples erect for this." The crowd watched in awe as her nipples grew out to their maximum size before their eyes.

A lady in a nurse’s outfit brought out a tray and placed it next to Marnie on her left side. Then she stood in front of Marnie, effectively blocking the view of her procedure from the curious eyes. Just as the audience began to smell rubbing alcohol, the nurse backed away and Marnie was sitting there staring at pierced nipples with stainless steel rings through them, and a smile on her face.

"Marnie,” Dr. Powers was saying, "maybe you’d like to walk around the audience slowly to show off your new rings."

Marnie got up and walked along the front row in just her see through panties from the nightie set, shrugging her shoulders to squeeze her breasts out for everyone to see. There were lots of comments pro and con, but many were admiring her breasts and body as much as the rings. When she got to Barbara, Barbara was amazed, "Oh my god, you did it. You really did it. I never thought you would go through with it."

Marnie smiled. "Do you like them?" She asked Barbara.

"I don’t know what to think. My god, I can’t believe you really went through with it." She answered.

As Marnie was finishing showing everyone as much as they wanted to see about her piercing, the presentation wound down to the basic shopping and "thank you’s" for attending. Two other women had piercings done there and a couple more made appointments for later. Marnie and Susan packed up their goodies, Marnie ended up choosing a ring set with a gemstone threaded through by the ring. Barbara kept saying all the way to Marnie’s house that she could not believe that Marnie went through with it. By the time Marnie was home, it dawned on her to request, "Please don’t say anything to anyone about this, okay?"

"Okay Marn. Wow you sure were brave."

"You need to promise me."

"Okay, I promise. It will be tough though. This is juicy, but I value our friendship more, and besides, I owe you. That was one of the most fun times I can ever remember."

They hugged good-bye. "By the way, it didn’t hurt a bit." Marnie said, as she started to wave good-bye.

Once inside, Marnie headed for the bathroom upstairs to look at her new adornments. She put her packages on the bed and headed for the mirror with the care instructions in hand. When her dress was off, she stared at herself in the mirror. It was as if she were looking at a different person other than herself. "How could this person do something like that? Doesn’t it hurt? What does she think others might think about it? They sure are curious." Marnie was thinking. "Hey dummy, its you. You’ve got to explain this to Roger, maybe someday to Brenda. What kind of example is this for Brenda?" She scolded in her head. "So what’s the big deal. How different is it from my pierced ears, really? At any time I can take them out, and no one would ever be the wiser. Why don’t you just see what Roger says? Heck, you can say it is part of your birthday present to him, then if he is grossed out or disappointed in you, you just take them out, and you’ll get credit for trying. That’s it. That’s the ticket." Marnie resolved as she put her things away so they wouldn’t be seen accidentally.

"Now, what to wear. I guess a sweatshirt would hide them." She thought as she pulled a sweatshirt on over her head. "Oh, wow, the material inside is way too sensuous for my nipples, as they are right now. I’d better put on a tee shirt first. Whew!" She discovered.

The piercing was a fun little secret to have from her family that evening at dinner. Marnie’s arousal was running high and she needed to change her shorts before heading out to "Shareholders" to meet up with the Brannons. Roger was not too happy about letting her out again for the evening, but relented when she said she would give him a preview of one of her surprises that night.

It was a different experience at the door this time. The doorman recognized her from the night before. She was immediately let in with smiles, when she indicated that she was now a member. After signing a register and receiving her id bracelet for the servers to run her tab on, she found out that the Brannons had not arrived yet. She couldn’t remember Bill and Susan’s last name, so she was faced with the dilemma of waiting for them in the lobby, or going on in and waiting inside.

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