tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie in the Boardroom

NWMD!: Marnie in the Boardroom


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part is premised on the initial story where Marnie is blackmailed by a man named Larcher and his son Jeff under the threat of the man unleashing his son and buddies on Marnie's daughter, Brenda. This is one of the parts that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that they were written, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow, please enjoy.


Marnie was blackmailed into to playing a part in a movie. It was not the kind of movie she would want anyone to know about. Her husband, Roger, would certainly divorce her, and her daughter, Brenda, would grow disillusioned with her and would surely become uncontrollable. Marnie's blackmailing by the Larchers was not a traditional situation for money; it was one for occasional favors, usually of a sexual nature. Over time these humiliating and embarrassing circumstances had an effect on Marnie's self-concept and moral fiber. The experience of shooting the two scenes of a porno movie under duress changed her life in ways she never imagined for herself. First off, she experienced limits of humiliation, embarrassment, and ecstasy she had never thought possible. She experienced a variety of sensations, which in comparison to her idyllic relationship with Roger made her ordinary life now seem mundane. She had reached a top of a mountain, and now, she was faced with fighting back the urge to look up at another.

Secondly, her body seemed to change. After her cunt healed from the gangbang experienced while pulling the train, she seemed to want to have sex all of the time. She would fantasize about anything phallic and anyone with a penis, the neighbors, the mailman, people in the supermarket, and so on. She just wanted something in her working the anxious itch all of the time. No broom handle or vibrating anything was safe around her.

A few days after the movie shoot, Roger shook her awake saying, "Let me help you with that." He was referring to her masturbating furiously in her sleep, bucking wildly, moaning and screaming. She couldn't have been more embarrassed at learning what she had been doing unconsciously beside him. When she let him make love to her, she ended up having to say good-bye to him that morning as he left for work, totally frustrated and unsatisfied.

As days went by, she hated herself for now wanting to be contacted by the Larchers. She knew where the dad lived, approximately, but not how to get there. She knew where he worked, but didn't want to set her foot in that place again. She just couldn't stand being in this constant state of heat without having any prospects for substantial relief. It was going to drive her mad.

Finally she gave in to it. She made sure she shaved her pussy bald, put on a short skirt without panties, got in her car, and drove to the office building that Larcher maintained. She went down the elevator and opened doors, trying to find the one Larcher's kid, Jeff, led her to last time. She finally opened one with someone inside. He had his back to her as she approached. When she was close enough to see over his shoulder, she saw that he was looking at a magazine with pictures of naked women and beating his meat, oblivious to her entrance.

She cleared her throat, "Ahem. Excuse me Mr. Larcher."

The man swiveled his chair around and hid his crotch with the magazine, and then a newspaper.

"Oh! I'm sorry." She said. "I thought you were someone else. Please forgive me. I'm terribly sorry."

The man was deep red in the face when he said, "Larcher don't work here anymore. What the fuck are you doing sneaking up on people like that?"

"I'm sorry, really I am." She searched for the words to make the embarrassment go away. "I know how I could make it up to you." She said, not believing what she was hearing herself say. She approached him and slowly, reassuringly, removed his hands from the newspaper. Then she picked up the magazine and quickly thumbed through it with an "Aha," "uhumm," and "people really do that?" She took each of his hands and placed them on the armrests. Then she took his cock in one hand and his balls in another and started to give him a massage that started his body squirming and his cock hardening again.

"Lady what are you doing? Where did you come from, and what is Larcher to you?" He asked, out of discomfort from her forwardness.

"I've the kind of itch, you've got right now and we can both help each other out. I'll let you inside me right here and now, if you promise to keep at it until I cum too. Do we have a deal?" She asked brazenly.

"What have I become?" She thought to herself.

Marnie dropped her skirt and leaned by her arms on the desk. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other, moving her rear as a seductive target for the man. He stood up and apprehensively put his cock at her cunt and poked the head in. He moaned as the warm moistness enveloped the head. He started moving it slowly in and out, and was so engrossed with the sensation, that he had to stop a couple of times to keep from cumming.

"Don't you dare stop until I cum too." Marnie threatened as a reminder.

The situation just proved too weird for the guy and he came in a shuddering orgasm that snuck up on him surprising them both.

"Oh no you don't. You're not through now, we had a deal." She insisted. "Keep it up and moving."

He tried the best that he could, but his cock was so sensitive now that every time he thrust in, he had to pull out reflexively for a few seconds. Meanwhile, his cock was getting a little more limp as time wore on. Eventually, it wasn't hard enough to be able to thrust in at all.

"Okay then, kiss it, do something. I'm not letting you off that easy." Marnie insisted.

She turned around to face him, and put her hands and butt on the edge of the desk with her legs spread wide. The man reluctantly got down on his knees and slowly put his mouth on her pussy. She grabbed his head with her left hand and held his head tight, grinding her cunt into his face. The man broke free, gasping for breath.

"Gawd Lady. You're crazy." He said, wiping his mouth off with the sleeve of his shirt. He stood up and backed away a few feet. "You don't need me, you need a whole goddamn army."

Marnie squatted and sobbed into her hands. She knew he was oh so close to actually being right.

"Hey Lady, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. You come on kinda strong ya know. I'd help if I could. Maybe we can get me there again. I should be able to last longer a second time. Shall we give it a try?" He said in an effort to get her to stop crying.

The man sat down in the chair. "Why don't you move that sexy body of yours a little bit and we can see what comes up, okay?" He suggested.

Marnie sniffled back her tears and stood up. She started to move her lower body and went into a trance. She danced with her eyes closed and played with her breasts through the material of her blouse. The man had his hand on his cock trying to get it to respond.

"Why don't you show me those tits? They look like they're pretty decent." He said.

Marnie had a momentary pause in her reverie at the sound of the word "decent" and then went back to the task at hand. She opened her eyes and slowly, and seductively as she could, removed her blouse.

"Nice. Real nice." The man said responding to her sexy mammary assets. "Tell me they're real, please."

Marnie was soaking up the encouragement. "One hundred percent real woman here. Do you like?" She said as she unclasped the bra and tossed it aside.

She held her arms out to the sides and shook her breasts a little to show how they naturally moved with her motion. The man moaned and answered her, "Oh, yes Lady. Those are the nicest pair I have ever laid my eyes on. Goddamn, you're hot!" He said, sporting a renewed hardon.

Marnie signaled the man to slide out to the edge of the chair by pulling on the back of his knees. When she had him positioned she turned around, straddled his legs and lowered her cunt down on his erection. This time she intended to control the motion. She rode him vigorously until she came in a halfway decent release, then dismounted and started to retrieve her clothes.

The man was now the one put off. "Hey Lady! You're not going to leave me like this now are you?"

"You had yours. I've got to go." She said, matter-of -factly.

"Oh no you don't!" The man said, as he grabbed her clothes from her hand. "Kiss it!" He said sitting back down.

Marnie didn't want to rile him, she just wanted out of there by this point, so she held her hair out of the way and bent over and put her mouth on his cock. She started sucking and massaging his balls in an effort to get him off as quickly as possible. She even tried humming, to send vibrations to its head.

With the combination of tugging on his balls and the intensive sucking, licking, and deep throating on his cock, he started to buck a bit. "Oh yes Lady. That's it. You're great. Oh yes. Oh No!" He came sooner than both of them anticipated and Marnie got this stranger's biggest dose of cum in her mouth. She spit it out in an ashtray and started to get dressed again.

"Got to go." She said.

"Please cum again." He said with a grin.

"Cute. Real cute." She said, as she hurried out the door.

Marnie drove home with a great deal of self-loathing. Marnie was distant from her husband and daughter that evening. She couldn't believe she had come to this, to have been transformed into a sex-crazed slut, who would do the first stranger she came across. The only man she had ever known in a carnal way before all of this was Roger, until the Larchers entered her life. Now no situation seemed too daring, and no obstacle too great to get her insatiable horns clipped. She felt like she had become addicted and she would have to deal with it like an addiction and quit sex all together cold turkey. No, that wouldn't be fair to Roger. She needed to be sexual, but she just couldn't control her appetite any longer.

For the next week, she had Roger make love to her before he went to work, then before they went to bed. She was determined to deal with these urges, with her husband. Roger didn't know what hit her. He enjoyed the new regime, but was concerned that he might not be able to keep it up, so to speak.

On the following Monday Marnie drove downtown to meet Roger for lunch as a surprise. She dressed in a red business blazer, white blouse, no bra, short white pleated skirt that would easily fan out to reveal her white pantyhose covered butt, if she was not careful, and white high heels. She parked and took the elevator to the lobby, to look up her husband's new office number. Then she heard a familiar voice ask her, "Can I help you Missy?"

She took a step back with her hand on her upper chest in shock. There was Larcher in a security guard uniform, with badge, holster, the works. He was grinning and tipping his hat. "Have you missed me?" He said confidently.

"Larcher. Mr. Larcher, what are you doing here?" She asked out of surprise.

"I run this place. Can't you tell from this here uniform?" He replied sarcastically. "You're looking pretty hot today. So, come back here with me a second I want you to show me something." He said, as he motioned with his hand for Marnie to follow him into a room, where another guard was monitoring cameras placed throughout the building. Larcher cleared his throat, and the man took his place out front.

"So, let's see if you came prepared." He said, sitting down, holding his hands out for Marnie to approach him. When she was almost between his legs, Larcher lifted up her short skirt to see if she had shaved. He looked pleased and rubbed a couple of fingers along her cunt through the sheer material of her hose. "My, you're hot and wet down there. No panties. Don't tell me a little train ride has you like this." He said as he continued to rub her cunt until she started to moan with eyes closed. She moved against his motion to increase the sensation. "Have you been getting enough of this since I saw you last?" He said, with a wicked gleam in his eye.

"Yes! Yes! I mean No. Don't stop! Please don't stop!" Marnie gasped out.

"What, do you mean, like this?" He said as he took his hand away.

Marnie was on tiptoes, and now fell forward, breaking her fall with her hands on his thighs, almost landing with her head in his crotch. Her eyes opened wide and closed a couple of times in unison with her gasps for breath. She started for his weapons belt. When she mastered that to his amusement, she went for his pant's belt, his zipper and then fished out his semi-hard uncut penis, and worked it vigorously up and down with her fist.

"Get this in me!" She blurted. Then seeing Larcher's amusement, in a more demure tone, she repeated, "Please, Mr. Larcher, would you like to work this in me? I could really use a good fucking right now."

"Did I really say that?" She thought again embarrassing herself.

"Missy, it's going to take a lot more than just me, right now to clip those fast growing horns of yours." He said, in a strangely compassionate way. "Since you got me going, I'll get you started. Then we'll work something out." He said, holding his arms out, motioning with his fingers for her to come and sit on his lap.

Marnie came forward and started to turn away so she could back down onto his cock. He stopped her turn and guided her to straddle his lap facing him instead. As she eased down compressing his hardening cock down against his balls, he slid her blazer top off and started to unbutton her blouse. When he found she wasn't wearing a bra either, he pulled her chest to his face and snuggled into her cleavage until he needed a breath. Marnie was a little anxious about this familiarity from him. She would have preferred a faceless screwing from behind, the harder and deeper the better. She was also having difficulty getting any motion going because her feet didn't completely hit the floor.

"Okay, let's get this off." He said, referring to her hose.

She stood up and removed her shoes. Her breasts hung invitingly out of her open blouse as she reached down to remove one shoe then the other. She looked at him with an "approach/avoid" expression on her face as she slowly slid the hose down and off. She faced the control panel and waited for Larcher to rise and advance to her from behind. Larcher started rubbing her cunt and her asshole alternately making humping motions behind her in sync with her grindings to his touch.

When both entries were pretty much lubricated, he asked, "Where do you want it this time, Missy?"

"Oh god, Larcher. You pick. Just don't leave me hanging." She said, wantonly.

Larcher chose her cunt first to lubricate his tool. "Oh yes! Do it harder." Marnie cooed.

Then Larcher worked it in her ass. Marnie bent her knees a bit to help the trajectory, "Ow, oooh, oooo, yeah!" She moaned responding to the pain as it subsided into pleasurable tension.

Larcher's eyes were closed as he concentrated on maximizing his pleasure. Marnie's eyes were closed as she concentrated on cumming before Larcher did. He began thrusting harder and deeper. Marnie leaned forward on the console to regain a better balance while she put her other hand on her clit. She must have pushed a button because she heard her moans and pleas coming back to her over a P.A. speaker in the room. Larcher's faster, deeper thrusts could only mean one thing to her; he was getting close to cumming. "Oh no! Don't you dare cum until I do." She warned him. Then more softly, "Oh God please, don't let him stop."

Then her world came to a sudden halt. Larcher thrust in deep and held it there shooting warm jizm into her rectum. Marnie opened her eyes in panic, knowing that she was going to have to find another way to finish herself off. She was now looking at the monitors with faces of people in the rooms and corridors looking up at the cameras and speakers entranced by what they were hearing. "Oh god," she discovered, "there was Roger in a meeting and everyone was stopped to listen."

"Oh god!" Larcher thought, "There goes another job. And, this was a good one."

"Shit!" Larcher said, as he reached for the button to turn off the P.A.

Just then, his coworker opened the door and looked in. "Hey man, this is fucked. You'd better duck outta here while I think of something.

Larcher redid his uniform while he pleaded with Marnie to just grab her things and follow him to a door. Inside was an electrical room with switches and control panels. "Here, you can get dressed now." He said, then put his left ear and right hand fingertips on the door and his left hand on the doorknob in waiting. "Wait here til I get back. If you're not, consider yourself fucked, but not the way you want it. Got that?" He said firmly.

Marnie nodded as Larcher looked out the door and snuck out, leaving her to ponder what had just happened and what would become of this debauchery. She waited for what seemed to be an hour. Several times she felt like she would be there the rest of her life, and that she should leave despite Larcher's threat. Finally, though, he returned.

"Here's the deal. It is going to officially play as a prank that the security staff has handled, and taken care so that it can never happen again. But here's the good part, my boss, his boss, and some of the security guys get a piece of the action as well. You see, good O'l Walter looks out after you. You're going to get those horns clipped today after all." He said, playing to her expression of fear and disgust. "Here, come with me." He said, holding out his hand for hers.

She followed him to the elevator, her head swimming with sexual frustration mixed with apprehension and embarrassment. At the fifth floor, they went down a corridor to a conference room, which was at the corner of the building and had two glass walls. Larcher followed her in. Marnie went to the corner to look out the windows. Larcher pushed a button and the vertical blinds retracted automatically from the corner. With the blinds drawn open, Marnie had a spectacular view of the busy downtown above and below. Larcher went for his walkie-talkie and announced, "Bald eagle has landed."

Marnie looked around. There in one corner was a round hole with a glass lens, presumably for the monitoring. The room had a large, long oval table as its centerpiece with padded leather side chairs around, seating up to twelve. The one wall, at the other end from the window, looked like an entertainment center, with big screen TV, small wet bar, stereo type controls, slide over grease board, etc.

Marnie was about to ask Larcher a question when the door opened, and in walked a suit, a tie without a jacket, and three guard uniforms, draped on nameless faces. Larcher spoke to the tie without a jacket, while the others looked on, with anticipation, at Marnie silhouetted by the window. Then each took a seat around the table with a chair between them like birds on a wire. The suit was at one end with his back to the window and the tie without a coat sat to his to his right with his back to the other window. Larcher sat at the other end in front of the media wall, and the others filled in the sides.

Larcher patted the top of the table with his outstretched hand and said, "Why don't you get up here and see if you can create some stiffening competition."

Marnie knew better than to balk now, besides, if she was going to have to "do" this room, certainly someone would help her leave her horns behind for today. She approached the table between the suit and the tie, put one hand out to steady herself and slipped off her heels with her other hand. Then she placed a knee up on the table, and paused for a second to rally her courage. When a hand from the suit came up and cupped her left cheek startling her, she pushed herself up to the tabletop and scurried on hands and knees to the table's center.

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