tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie isTaken to the Beach

NWMD!: Marnie isTaken to the Beach


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part derives from the initial story where a man named Larcher under the threat of unleashing his son on Marnie's daughter, Brenda, blackmails and humiliates Marnie. This is a part that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that I wrote them, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow. Please enjoy.


"Roger, Honey, Brenda should have been home hours ago. She left from the picnic before we did, and we've been home several hours. What should we do?" Marnie said, beside herself with worry.

"They probably stopped for something along the way. If she doesn't show up in the next half an hour, we'll call, and report it, okay?" He said, trying to disguise his own worry from his wife.

As Roger gave her a hug, the front door opened, Brenda walked in, slammed the door, and went straight upstairs, with a curt, "Hi."

"I'll go upstairs and see what's eating her." Roger said.

Marnie sat down in the living room staring anxiously at the bottom rung of the stairs, which was all she could see of it from there. "Oh no, what if they told her about me! Oh god, what if they did the same to Her! Oh what am I going to do? What is going to become of us?" Marnie thought, torturously wringing a side pillow, sniffling back tears. "The clock on the mantle, it never made that ticking sound out loud before, did it? Oh, what is taking them so long?"

As Roger entered the living room, Marnie got up and reached for him. "Is she okay?"

"Of course she's okay. Why would you ask that? Don't you want to know why it took them so long to get back?" He said.

"Yes, that's what I meant. What happened to her, them, that took them so long to get back?" She asked clinging on his every breath.

"Well, Mr. Larcher, Sr. needed to check in with his crew chief at the office, he works at our building you know, and showed her around the place. That's something I should have done a long time ago. Where has the time gone? I never even had the time to show my own daughter the ins and outs of where I work. I guess I was just too busy or maybe she just wasn't that interested in . . ." He was saying until Marnie cut his pining short.

"Did she seem upset, angry, withdrawn, anything unusual, when she talked to you?" Marnie interrupted.

"No just frustrated that it took so long to get home, I think. But, now I'm beginning to worry about you. You were acting concerned about Brenda earlier, and now you're acting like you believe something bad has happened to her. Are you all right?" He asked.

"Do you think I should go talk to her?" Marnie said, looking around his shoulder at the stairs.

"Suit yourself. She's fine, really. Why don't you relax a bit. You're the one that had the eventful day. I'm concerned about how stressed out you've been getting these days. Why don't we go straight to bed and warm each other up, so we can sleep nice and cozy. Sound good?"

"That always sounds good, Dear. I suppose it can wait until morning."

"That's my girl."

The next morning Marnie awoke to find Brenda rummaging around in Marnie's walk-in closet. She was leaving out the door with a pair of her mother's high-heels and a couple of her more slinky dresses. Then Marnie woke up completely, realizing that Brenda was leaving her room with some of her things. Now was a good time to have that talk with her. Roger was asleep, so instead of calling out to her, and risk awakening him, Marnie got up, peed, grabbed a light robe, and went looking for her. Brenda was no longer upstairs so Marnie went down and found her on the front porch with the items in a paper grocery sack, that had been placed in a plastic grocery bag so it could have handles.

Marnie confronted her with, "What do you think you are doing with my things, and without asking first?"

"Oh, you were asleep. I didn't want to wake you." Brenda answered matter-of-factly.

"What is that supposed to mean, and what are you doing out here?" Marnie asked, worried, concerned, and annoyed.

"I'm being picked up for a photo shoot. I'll have these back to you early this afternoon."

Marnie nearly fainted. This was so unexpected. "Let me see what you have in here." She said as she pulled out the garments and found the heels at the bottom. You're not taking these to be photographed in. What are you taking about? Why are you doing this? Who's doing this shoot? What is it for?" Marnie said peppering the questions at her.

"Geesh! You don't even give me a chance to answer. Oh, here's my ride, gotta go." She said as, she took the garments back from Marnie, who was now frozen in a trance of horror seeing the Larcher mobile pull across the driveway.

Marnie didn't snap to until Brenda was almost at the car. "Brenda! Wait!" She said running after her.

Brenda was in the car sitting down in the back when Marnie reached her. "Brenda get out of there this instant." Marnie said as the car started to pull away with the door open that she was holding.

Marnie jumped in and closed the door so she would not fall out of the accelerating car. In her hasty entrance, her mid-thigh robe and short nightie were scrunched all the way up her legs and she found herself bare bottomed in the filthy back seat on some old magazines with naked women featured in them.

"Stop this car this instant! This instant I tell you! You're not going anywhere with my daughter! Do you hear me? Right now!" Marnie screamed, red-faced, the veins in her neck and temples throbbing.

"Nice to see you too, Missy." Larcher teased.

"Where are you taking us." Marnie said more reasonably, recognizing how much power she actually had in the situation.

"We're headed to the beach to catch the sun before it gets too high in the sky. But don't worry," he said, looking over his shoulder at her trying to pull her robe down and unstick the magazines from her bottom, "you'll fit right in."

"What do you have planned there?" Marnie continued with cautious anticipation.

"We're going to capture some sun for photos, Missy. We'll take some of you too, now that you're here."

"Don't give me that. You're not a photographer. Turn around now, this is illegal. You'll be put away for this, you pervert." Marnie fought back.

Missy, Missy, Missy. Such language in front of Brenda, and so belligerent too. Don't you think you owe me an apology?" Larcher said calmly, knowing how it would torment her.

"Let us out of here now you Bastard. This is kidnapping." She accused.

"I didn't ask you to get in this car. You forced yourself in. Here, you can get out." He said, as he pulled over to the curb in front of a large cathedral taking in parishioners for the early service.

Marnie was about to get out. "Come on Brenda, you're coming with me."

"No Mom, this is my chance."

"Larcher, what is the meaning of this? What are you planning to do with Brenda, my child?"

"Mom, I'm not a child, I am a woman. I have breasts like you, I have pubic hair like you, and I can have babies. That makes me a woman like you, only Walter tells me I'm better looking."

Larcher smiled.

"Brenda, Honey, you don't know what you are saying. You are still a child. You are turning into a beautiful young woman, yes, but you are still only a child right now, nevertheless. Come with me now." She said, holding out her hand to Brenda, opening the door, and stepping one foot out. She pulled it back in when she got stares from the couples passing on their way to church. "Larcher, can't you let us off some place else?"

"Missy. You want out? Get out. Otherwise, you're riding with me. Get it?"

Marnie pulled the door shut, folded her arms, pouted a second, and said, "Brenda, Honey, you don't know what you are doing."

Larcher drove off.

"Brenda, tell me, what do you think you are doing with this man?"

"Walter said he has connections. He's going to get me a modeling contract. If I'm lucky, maybe even a spot in a movie."

Oh god, Brenda, don't! This isn't the sort of thing for you. Believe me."

"What would you know. Have you ever posed for a camera? Have you ever been in a movie?"

Larcher looked over his shoulder at Marnie, smiling at the irony. Marnie was about to talk more, but looking at Larcher, she decided to be quiet for a while.

The beach was a nude beach.

"Larcher, we can't go out there, there are naked people all around." Marnie protested.

"Yeah, so what's your point?"

"I can't have Brenda seeing this."

"What's your problem? There are all ages, all types, all sexes, and they're all undressed. It's legal, it's healthy, and you shouldn't knock something unless you try it. You should get naked in front of someone other than your husband sometime. It might do you some good. I can't believe how uptight you are. Live a little." Larcher argued.

"Yeah, Mom. Give it a try."

"Oh, Brenda, please!"

"Com'on, we're supposed to meet him at the old jetty." Larcher said, trying to hurry things along.

It was still early so the only people they saw were a man and a woman with a lot of gear for the beach.

"Look Mom, that set up is for me." Brenda said, excited to see the man and a woman with cameras on a folding table under an umbrella and other equipment to diffuse or reflect light.

As they approached, Larcher introduced Brenda to photographer Kenneth and his wife assistant Maggie. "And this is her mother, who thought she might like some nude shots, if that's okay.
That's why she's dressed like this."

"No he . . ." Marnie started to say, as Kenneth took her hand in his.

"Glad to meet you. My wife, Maggie. Well let's get started shall we? We want to minimize shadows on the face as much as we can with natural light, before the sun gets too high. Dear, let Maggie fix your makeup quickly and we'll start with just some headshots. So, Brenda's mom, . . ."

"You can call her 'Missy'." Larcher piped in.

"It's Marnie." Marnie corrected.

"Yes. Marnie. I could take some of you while we are waiting."

"No, I . . ." She started to say, but got distracted by Larcher undoing her robe.

He managed to get it open and slide it off her shoulders. "Let's just do her in the gown first, so she can get used to doing it in front of strangers, okay." Larcher said, holding the robe down her back, so she could not sling it back up.
Before Marnie could mount a full protest, Kenneth shot off several shots with his motorized camera, moving around her front for some ninety degrees of shots before coming up for air to ask her to re-pose. He wanted her looking at him with her chin tucked in her left shoulder, and her left leg bent. She was still holding her robe around her butt, bunched up at her wrists. Her breasts, curves, and crotch were plainly visible through her sheer nightgown. She reflexively followed his direction to pose, as he gave them with such authority and poise. She started the pose, until some sunbathers approached, and set up camp within eyeshot to watch the goings on. She broke the pose, and then she put the robe back up.

"Brenda, I just can't have you doing this. Trust me, please." Marnie said, approaching Maggie and Brenda by the umbrella.

"Oh, Mom, why do you want to spoil this for me, my big break. Look, this is a professional shoot. What is your problem with it? I'm old enough to make these kinds of decisions for myself. Please just be supportive or go and enjoy the beach for a while. You have been really uptight lately. Like Walter said, it might do you some good."

"Com'on Missy," Larcher said, grabbing her by the arm. "Let her have her moment."

They started to back away. "Brenda, you go ahead and have a good time. Your mother and I are going to explore the beach. See you later." Larcher reassured her.

Larcher walked Marnie away, back toward the car. Marnie struggled a bit, but not too much, because her robe was open and the struggling made her breasts bounce and sway more than they already were from just the walking. When they got to the car, Larcher opened his trunk. He pensively surveyed the items and grabbed, rope, a bag, a marker, and some signs from work, which read "Reserved Parking" on one side.

"Oh no you won't." Marnie protested, "You're not tying me up on this beach!"

"No. How could you think of such a thing. We'll find a nice secluded place off the beaten path. Don't worry. I'm going to make sure your daughter has her day."

Marnie followed in tow, tits flapping about uncomfortably, as she tried to keep up with Larcher who had shoes on. They connected with a path in the tall grass and low bushes frequented by gawking pervs with telephoto lenses. This area, with grasses, bushes, and scrub trees, ran along the edge of the beach between it and the road. When they came to a clump of scrub trees that formed a domed patch of vegetation, he entered it with her to find a clearing in the middle. Once inside they found it littered with stray pieces of toilet paper, indicating it was used by bathers that were too lazy to use the furnished port-a-potties by the parked cars.

"See, Walter always looks out for you. This place is nice and private." He said, as he fished out some padded leather cuffs from his bag. "I think you'll appreciate that I am using these instead of just rope when I'm done."

The cuffs were two inches wide and had rings attached. He had the same for her ankles. When the cuffs were in place on her wrists, he hooked them together, then tied a rope through a ring and down to the base of a scrub tree. Marnie got the full effect of this bondage when he started tying off her legs apart to other trees, so she had very limited movement in them forward and back, but none together. In this bent over position, she had her breasts hanging lewdly under her nightgown, which had fallen forward leaving her ass completely exposed.

"Larcher, why a nude beach?"

"The sun, the backgrounds, and costume changes are no big thing. So, are we comfy? I'm just going to add a few things, and I'll be on my way."

"Your not going to leave me like this, here, all alone." Marnie said in panic.

"No, I'm sure you'll have company."

"Larcher, no . . ." She started to say until he succeeded in putting the ball gag in her mouth.

She tried to watch Larcher behind her, but could not quite get her head around with her arms stretched out in front. She could hear the uncomfortable sound of the felt-tipped marker on the backs of the signboards. The smell wafted up to her, which smelled better, for the moment, than the faint odor of urine. Larcher came up to her, when he was done with what he was doing, and inspected his ties. Then he started to rub her cunt with his fingers. Marnie got wet almost instantly. These days, she was craving all the attention she could get down there. He kept at it until he thought she might be ready to release her flood, and stopped, leaving her pussy gaping and contracting like a goldfish's mouth. He patted her rear, put on a blindfold, saying it was to protect her eyes from the sun, and left with, "I'll be back," in a lousy Arnold impression.

Little did Marnie realize, but he had made several signs, one on the path that pointed to the clump of scrub trees which read, "Get Your Rocks Off Here" with an arrow. Another inside next to Marnie read, "My husband says he'll whip my butt if I'm not full of cum when he returns." Then another sign closer to Marnie said, "Please cum and help me save my butt."

It was probably a half an hour before the first curiosity seeker entered the domed clump of shrubs. He was all alone and looked around scared. He left and came back with a tall stalk of grass. He traced it up one of her legs to see what kind of reaction he'd get from her. Marnie struggled in her bonds. Then he traced it up the other. Marnie tried to turn her head to see the perpetrator but could not because of the blindfold. Then the young man reached from between her legs and tickled her breasts and nipples with the grass, getting a good look at her waiting pussy. He dropped the grass and put an index finger daringly on her vulva and started going side to side across her clitoris. When he saw she could do nothing to resist, he stood up and pulled down his pants. He jerked himself to hardness, while resting his other hand on her rear, moving his thumb up and down on her clit.

When he was raring to go, he looked around a last time and plunged it in. He started pumping fast, worried he'd get caught by the husband, a sunbather, or another gawker. He pumped fast and furiously. He would close his eyes to concentrate on, and bask in, the sensation. Then, he would open his eyes, like a frightened animal scanning the surroundings for danger. He repeated this a few times until he finally came so hard he almost threw his back out. He quickly got his pants back up and started shooting a whole roll of pictures of Marnie from all angles. Then he snuck out to continue his day's adventures not quite believing his luck.

It was warming up more, even in the shade there, and more and more bathers had come to the beach. Marnie needed a good fucking; the last one left before the job was done. The bondage, the anonymity, the helplessness, the uncertainty, all weighed on her less, because she needed to cum so badly.

After a few minutes, a couple of kids came in, saw her and almost went out right away, when one of them said, "Look, it's okay, she has her eyes covered." So, they started to pee several feet on either side of her. "Let's get Doug. Maybe she needs help."

Moments later one of them was heard to say, "See right there. Do you think she needs help or something?"

"You two run along, and don't leave our spot until I get back. Do you hear? You do and I'll pound you. I'll help this lady here." He said to the boys, as he craned his head to read Larcher's crude signs.

The boys ran off leaving the twenty-five year old man with Marnie alone. "Humm." He said, as he walked around her with his hand on the middle of her back, inspecting the situation. "Humm." He said, as he crouched down with his face inches from her cunt. "Humm." He said, as he stuck a couple of fingers in to sample her entrance. "Seems to already be a deposit here. But I'll be glad to help you out, though, too." He said with his hand resting on her flank, and talking around her butt, as if directly to her.
Then he stood up. She felt him rest his semi hard prick along the crack of her cheeks. He put a hand over it to hold it in place while he sawed along the crack for stimulating friction, to get himself hard and ready to fuck. 'Oh, god, please. Don't let him do me in that hole!" Marnie thought to herself, worried he might prefer her backdoor.

She worried for naught, as he entered her cunt, pumping in full strokes dangerously losing readmission a couple of times by careless targeting on re-entry. "If I could only move a bit, I could get it just right with him. That long, thin, straight cock of his isn't doing my sides enough. Oh to just be able to move a little." She thought of the experience. She was so slippery from her natural lubrication and the previous deposit of cum that this long thin cock slipped in and out with frustrating ease. "How can I cum? I've got to cum. Oh this is so maddening. It is better he stop than to continue this torture." She whined inside. "Somebody, something touch my clit now, oh please somebody rescue me from this torment."

He came. She whined through her gag. "Come back here, you prick. Get back to work. Don't leave me like this. Don't go. Oh god. I can't take this sexual torture anymore. Larcher cut me down! Free one hand. I'll do myself in front of you, just let me finish." She screamed in her head.

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