tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie On Sexy Vacation

NWMD!: Marnie On Sexy Vacation


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part derives from the initial story where a man named Larcher under the threat of unleashing his son on Marnie's daughter, Brenda, blackmails and humiliates Marnie. This is a part that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that I wrote them, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow. Please enjoy.


"Wake up sleepyhead." Marnie said to Barbara. "Today is a brand new day."

"You go on, I don't think I can do this. I think I'll just stay in bed today." Barbara whined.

"I can't believe what I am hearing. With everything we have been through to get to this spot in the world at this particular time, you want to spend it in bed. What's wrong Barb?"

"I'm no good. I've been unfaithful to George, I've brought disgrace to my family, and I don't deserve to have fun. I don't think I can ever have sex with George again, at least I don't think I can ever enjoy it." Barbara bemoaned.

"I'm not going to stand by and let you get away with this attitude. You have done nothing wrong. You had no choice. You were handcuffed for goodness sake. I was handcuffed; I couldn't help you. If we didn't give in, we'd be in a French jail, not just for the vacation but for a really long time. It wasn't fair, but mostly, it wasn't our faults." Marnie asserted.

"You heard the orientation on the boat, this is an 'adult' vacation package. Read between the lines. This vacation is about sex. I am here with you, no offense, when I should be here with George."

"No offense taken. We aren't going to know if we are out of place here unless we try it. Get up. That's it. Let's check this place out." Marnie said encouraging Barbara's progress.

"Marnie, I just don't think I can ever have sex again. I think I've gone frigid. The thought of a cock, even George, disgusts me after yesterday. What am I going to do? I'm going to become a bitter old woman that everyone will shun."

Thinking of her ordeal shooting scenes in a movie, Marnie asked confidently, "There are ways to turn that around. I can get that desire back for you in spades. Would you be able to deal with more desire than you used to have?"

"That would be the day. How can you do that for me?"

"What you need Barb, is a long train ride."

"What on earth are you talking about? This is an island. There aren't any trains here. What are you smoking?"

"I was speaking figuratively. I can't tell you the details or you will surely protest, but the end will explain the means. I can guarantee you, however, that after you do the train, you will have more sexual desire than you'll know what to do with. Interested?" Marnie offered.

"If it will bring back the desire, okay. If it brings back the desire more than before, I guess I could handle that too. George is always asking more than I am ready for."

"I hope you know what you are agreeing to, because that extra desire can be like an anxious tiger threatening to break out of an inadequate cage." Marnie cautioned.

"You sound so confident about this. How do you know so much about it?"

"Let's just say, I've been through the therapy." Marnie confessed.

Marnie paged through the information book left in the room while Barb got dressed in one of the indoor outfits provided. The women were furnished with togas that came to mid-thigh and that could be worn with or without the waist cinch for around the resort wear. It gathered at the top and went over the left shoulder. The guests had their choice of pastel colors, but the styles were all the same. During orientation, all of the baggage was stored in locking lockers. The only allowed items from the bags were toiletries, cosmetics and medically required drugs or paraphernalia.

"It says here that they provide massage, personal trainers, mineral baths, a full compliment of outing and sporting activities, and, it says 'sexual therapies'. See? Look here. Maybe they have a better way than that train pull idea."

"Okay. It sounds more official than your mysterious train thing." Barbara said.

"What do you want to do first? After breakfast I mean." Marnie asked.

"Maybe I should check out the therapy services first. I don't want to be a drag on your time Marn."

"That's what we'll do." Marnie said resolved.

Breakfast was a buffet of fruits, breads, egg dishes, and specialty items like crepes. The men were dressed in toga-like outfits as well, except they covered less of their upper bodies. Everybody was friendly and cordial. Marnie and Barbara took their place at one of the round tables that sat eight and looked around curiously at the other guests in attendance.

"Marnie, I'm sorry, I don't have much of an appetite."

"Let me finish this quickly and we'll go straight to the therapies office and see if we can get you in right away."

When they got there they learned that appointments started in an hour, and they were booked for the day. Marnie saw an open door and walked past the receptionist into an office, that of Dr. Eraci, a woman in her mid forties, who looked up at her surprised. Marnie excused herself, and pleaded her case for Barbara, waiting out front. She explained that Barbara had essentially been raped the day before. Dr. Eraci dropped what she was doing and immediately made way for Barbara to come in early. Marnie sat in for a while explaining the details Barbara was too emotional to talk about. Then she was asked to leave. Then Barbara was excused and Marnie came in alone to talk to Dr. Eraci.

"This not the place for your friend. What she needs is longer-term psychotherapy.

"But she has paid a great price to be here, and I don't mean the money. You all want to do the psychological mumbo jumbo route. What about a purely physical route to step up the sexual desire physically so she can look forward to things here, then deal with the emotional, if there still is any, when she gets back?"

"Well, you do bring up a good point. She does feel self-loathing and not worthy to enjoy herself here. It is highly unorthodox, but the rules are less strict here, and we could try an experiment by enrolling her in the "Public Humiliation - Pillory" fantasy. She would get a lot of physical stimulation despite her intention to deprive herself of the pleasure, and setting it up as punishment would feed right into her guilt. If the experience satiates her need to be punished as new nerve endings are stimulated and brought on edge, she could pull right out of it and get on with a fun resort experience."

"I think you've got something there, doctor. What should we do?"

"Have you picked out the fantasies you'd like to experience while you are here?"

"I don't think I've gotten that far in the literature, and we were a little late for the orientation."

"Well, why don't you join her? She would be more likely to participate freely of her own will, if you did it too. For you it would be different, you would be going in with the framework of experiencing something new, vs. her therapeutic intent."

"Well, it makes sense to help her with it, it's just that 'Public Humiliation' part that gets me to thinking it's not for me."

"If you think she'll do it without you, then you can have this copy of the brochure to decide on another one for yourself." Dr. Eraci said, handing her a folded pamphlet.

"No I suppose you're right. I'll join her, where and when?"

You'll read about it here. Send Barbara in and I'll explain the treatment plan and call in the reservation for the two of you this afternoon. The map inside will show you where."


"Like I said earlier today Barbara, there was a day that women who cheated on their men suffered public humiliation, such as could be meted out by a pillory. You and Marnie here have had your bodies used by someone other than your husbands' for carnal acts. You feel cheap, guilty, and dishonorable. That is because you are not recognizing the fact that you had no real choice in the matter. Prison would not have been an option, if your George had known your choices, he would have backed you. With this punishment fantasy, not only will you be able to absolve yourself of any unreasonable guilt you may be hanging on to, but also you will be able to explore the whole concept of doing things you have no control over. Now before I put on the sensory deprivation headpiece, is there anything I can do or explain for you."

"No," Barbara said still a little melancholy, "if you think it will be best, I'm ready"

"Well, that's not the level of commitment to it that I would hope for, but I am confident at this approach working for you." The doctor reassured.

Then she explained the headpiece and the function of blocking her vision and hearing, "This is going to be theater of the mind for you as well a physical experience. We are going to block out all visual and auditory distractions with these. Then we will place this in your mouth, so you won't distract each other's experiences by vocalizing. Finally, this hood will go over everything, more as a disguise for you not to be recognized. That way, when you have benefited from the fantasy, you can interact with everyone around here in total anonymity regarding the experience. Now let me put these on you like this . . ."

As soon as the gag went in her mouth, Marnie knew she had made a mistake agreeing to this fantasy. Not being able to ask to be let go, to ask someone to ease up due to discomfort, just to say that she would have to cut the proceedings short to go to the bathroom, were all taken away from her. The more restricted Barbara became, such as being forced to bend over at the waist, and having her arms and neck secured by the "T" shaped wooden device with holes for securing the head and hands, the more passive she became.

There Marnie and Barbara stood, facing each other with their heads two feet apart, bent over at the waist, unable to move anything but their legs. The pillory supported their upper body, so they could endure the protracted moments in this confinement.

A few people were let in, who were part of the "Have Your Way with a Helpless Stranger" fantasy. They milled around and touched the two helpless bodies as they explored the setup of their fantasy. Marnie and Barbara tried to move their bodies away from the touches, but as they moved away from one, they moved into another. Eventually, they just stood still, tense, senses heightened, afraid of their fate. They were not apprised of what could or would happen, to enhance the experience of the mind play. First their togas were uncinched, and were pulled up over the stock. Then everyone wanted to feel the nipple rings adorning Marnie's breasts. She stood frozen not wanting to move against someone's grip on the rings. For the most part, it was an arousing experience.

Barbara was just short of being in total shock. Without any light or sound, every touch was startling, and the sensation was heightened and the focus of her experience. Her breasts were fondled; her flanks and haunches were stroked like a racehorse. Her panties were lowered, as were Marnie's, to their knees. The binding the panties created there was symbolic, since they could move their legs, but they stood as if they were shackled at mid leg. Marnie's smooth, bald pussy lips drew immediate attention. Everyone wanted to feel what the hairless vulva felt like to the touch. Her cunt lips started to swell and distend causing greater arousal as each took their turn. She was glistening with moisture changing the friction dynamics, which encouraged the participants of the "Helpless Stranger" fantasy to rub harder and quicker. Then Marnie's legs buckled as she had an orgasm, which was like an explosion in her head, holding the expression of it sealed in.

Barbara was getting probed by fingers and worked into a lather despite her efforts at not enjoying her ordeal. She began moving her rear lewdly against the fingers being inserted. Next came out some sexual aids from a box. The participants could hear rustling of chairs and voices behind a theater type curtain. Then the curtain opened and they were on the stage at the end of the cafeteria in profile to the other dining guests. The diners were greeted to two well-endowed, 39 year old ladies, in good shape, bent over at the waist with their heads and hands immobilized by a pillory stock. This brought the level of conversation up upon the realization that they were going to be treated to unexpected entertainment.

The fantasy participants took out dildo-like implements of varying sizes, shapes and surface characteristics. They stood and faced the diners with their choices and bowed when they got applause. First two of them with smaller phalluses approached the two bound ladies and slowly inserted them into their cunts.


"Hey Barb, what are you doing awake so early?" Marnie asked noticing the time, 6:30.

"I'm sorry Marnie, I didn't mean for you to have to wake up too. I just couldn't sleep any more." Barbara said.

"What's wrong? Didn't yesterday's event take the load off your shoulders?" Marnie asked.

"Yes, thank you. I feel better about all of that." Barbara said. "It's just that I am feeling strange down, ah, well you know, down here and here." She said, referring to her crotch and rear holes.

"Felling kind of stretched, worked over, a little tender, maybe even a little itchy? Tension building up because you can't do much directly about it?" Marnie asked knowingly. Barbara nodded embarrassed. "I've got that too. Maybe today, certainly tomorrow, we are going to have the hornies real bad." Barbara looked on worried as Marnie continued. "That's what I was telling you about. What happened to us was like pulling that train thing. A thorough work over down there can have a profound effect on your sex drive. That's why I was asking if you thought you could handle the tiger."

"What do you do about it?" Barbara asked meekly.

"We're gonna have to feed the tiger, Babe. That's all there is to it." Marnie said with authority.

"Oh my god, how am I going to do that? George is thousands of miles away." Barbara exclaimed with panic.

"Well, it's not like this place is without its possibilities." Marnie offered.

"What are you saying?"

"Well, let's just get up, be first in line for breakfast, and join some of the sporting events. We can attack it from getting ourselves exhausted first." Marnie directed.

"Okay." Barbara responded tentatively.


"The food is good around here don't you think?" Marnie asked.

"I'm so hungry today, I feel like I haven't eaten in a week." Barbara replied.

"So there are two ways we could go. We could take the boat to organized games on another island, or we could just put in our own workout here with swimming, tennis, and who knows." Marnie offered from the booklet.

"Let's do the organized games for today, and then workout on our own tomorrow. Does that sound okay to you Marn?"

"Works for me." Marnie replied. "So what do you think about these costumes we're given to wear?"

"The good thing is that we don't have to compete for attention with our clothes. Somehow it is more natural this way. The bad thing is that the only avenue left to play with is how we wear them to reveal more to the eye." Barbara said.

"The way I see this place is, that it's patronized by pretty uninhibited people in the first place, given the costumes, the fantasy offerings, the open and friendliness of the other guests. If you wanted to go around buck nekked, it would pass here." Marnie said. "Let's take a better look at this brochure. . . Hmmm, says here there are two levels of participation, Class A and Class B. We must have missed that part in the orientation."

"What's the difference?" Barbara asked.

"Well the Class A involvement includes all levels of participation, which is a different level of games, soirees, and some fantasy packages are not available to Class B participants.

"What does it cost for the Class A participation?" Barbara asked.

"There's no cost, just a medical exam." Marnie reported. "With a Clean Health Certificate, we get access to all events. We just need to report to the medical office. No appointments necessary, apparently, shall we?"

"Sure, why not. If it opens up more options, then we will have more choices, right?" Barbara suggested.

At the medical office, they were greeted warmly and only had to wait five minutes before they were led to examining rooms. The usual vital signs were measured, blood was taken and each received a thorough gynecological exam looking for warts, lesions, etc., including sensitivity testing in the area. Marnie asked, "What is this all for?"

The Dr. replied, "It is for your protection. All participants at the Class A level are free of all known STD's and other communicable diseases, as best as we can determine. If you want to have relations with anyone while you are here, your best bet is to be sure they are Class A with a CHC, or you run greater risks."

"When will we know your findings?" Marnie asked.

"What are you doing today?"

"We are taking the outing boat to the Island Games."

"We'll be able to let you know by then. Everything looks good so far. Subject to the serum tests, I'm sure you are a Class A participant."

Marnie thanked the doctor and met Barbara in the reception area. Walking back to their room Barbara asked, "Did you find out what this is all about?"

"Yeah, it's a determination of our fuckability."


"Sorry. Basically, if we plan to do anything extracurricular, we need to make sure it is with a Class A guest."

"I don't plan to cheat on George here."

"It also affects the groups we can join and fantasy packages we can take advantage of." Marnie explained.

"Oh, okay." Barbara said.

"Why don't we get some sun before the boat leaves."

"I'm game." Barbara said.

"Shhh, don't let any sex crazed hunters around here hear you say that." Marnie said jokingly.

"Marnie, you're getting pretty horny, aren't you?"

"It's been setting in. I'm afraid you're going to be next."

"I know. The Dr.'s probing down there almost made me have an orgasm right there in the stirrups." Barbara confessed.

"Barb, guess what. I did."

"Oh my god, wasn't that embarrassing for you?" Barbara asked

"Yes, but I know that we are going to have to get it where and whenever we can, or we're going to go nuts." Marnie advised.

"Marnie, you're scaring me."

"Don't worry Barb, I'll look after you."


"You know, it said on the tags that these are those suits that tan you right through them." Barbara said, as they lay down by the long meandering pool.

"That is how you explain the fact that you get home without any tan lines, or haven't you noticed that we are practically the only broads pool-side with our tops still on." Marnie said.

"Now that you point that out, it makes me feel kind of like on the plane. I guess I'm taking mine off." Barbara said as she pulled the top off over her head.

"Keeping right with you Barb." Marnie said doing the same. "You see what I was telling you about this place, half of the men and women don't have their bottoms on either. That's Europe for you. I'm losing mine, rather than go through the agony of debating it. I'd probably lose the bottoms eventually anyway." Marnie added, removing her bikini bottoms.

"Okay, you win, I'm going for it too." Barbara said, removing her bottoms stealthily, not wanting anyone to notice.

Helping each other with the tanning lotion was a new thing for each of them and their relationship. Although both of them would do anything for the other, applying lotion to the other's body, when they weren't wearing a suit, somehow brought the relationship to a new level. As they sat back, Marnie noticed some men looking at them and talking to each other. She tried to scope them out behind her sunglasses to see if she would even entertain any advance they may make. "Hey Barb," she was saying softly, "incoming torpedoes at two o'clock to your right."

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