tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie Visits Libido Falls

NWMD!: Marnie Visits Libido Falls


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part derives from the initial story where a man named Larcher under the threat of unleashing his son on Marnie's daughter, Brenda, blackmails and humiliates Marnie. This is a part that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that I wrote them, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow. Please enjoy.


“Hi Marnie, Betty can have us over for lunch today and we can watch the tape. Do you think we should call the others?" Barbara asked.

"Not knowing what we'd find on the tape, it would be risky, but then we are having Betty see it, so why not. Do you need me to call, or are you going to do that yourself?" Marnie responded.

"I'll call Ginny and Dee Dee if you'll call Mary and Sally. Let me know." Barbara directed.

"I'm not confident I can get Mary to come, unless she is able to get one of the other doctors in her office to double up and cover her patients, but I'll try. I'll get back to you in a few minutes." Marnie indicated.

A few minutes later they compared notes, and all could come except Mary. At the luncheon, most brought something they could share, whether they made it or picked it up from a deli. Everyone couldn't stop talking about Roger's
Birthday party and all wanted to see what was on the tape right away.

"Ladies, ladies, let's get organized here. Let's eat, be patient, and watch the tape in a few minutes. Okay? No one wants to know what is on this tape more than I do, I assure you. The first thing we need to do is create a pact right now. If this tape is embarrassing to anyone of us here, we all have to give our word and promise, that whatever is on this tape doesn't leave this room - no husbands, no one period." Barbara asserted.

When she got an individual assurance from each one present, she said, "And, I do so promise it to you all as well."

They ate and speculated on what they might see on the tape, but nothing they imagined prepared them for what they did eventually find. Barbara was a little embarrassed by her dancing seductively before Roger on his birthday night. She was as shocked, as Marnie and the others were, when her husband George pulled down Roger's shorts, and then his briefs. Then she threw up all over Betty's clean carpet when she saw herself removing her costume at her husband's insistence, and dancing naked in front of all of her friends. They stopped the tape when she was masturbating herself with cheers from George and the others to orgasm, since Barbara in the mean time had fainted. Marnie helped Betty clean up the mess.

When Barbara came to, everyone was sitting around her concerned. As she sat on the couch, her left arm crossed her stomach supporting her right elbow for her right hand cradling her forehead, forming a visor hiding her eyes, as she shook her head in shame and disbelief. The others sat for a while staring off into space, giving Barbara quiet time to compose herself, and wondered what they might find of themselves on the tape. Nobody wanted the tape run any more, in case the others would see them in a similar circumstance, but they all wanted to know if they were on it. The tension built up as time ticked by and no one was saying anything. Everyone was curious to watch it, but too embarrassed to have it watched.

Finally, Betty said, "Okay, I can't take this any longer, either we watch the tape, play cards, go in the hot tub, or all go home."

"Let's watch a little more." Dee Dee said.

They started the tape again. Barbara started to watch as soon as Ginny said, "Oh no, not me!"

The tape revealed her dancing around Roger in her beige body suit and wings, dressed as Tinkerbell. She moved her hands all over Roger in a mystical way without touching him. She sprinkled glitter on his erection and made waving hand motions as if sending a spell to his cock to make it erupt. The camera panned to her husband rubbing his crotch.

"Look, it's Dr. Cunningham rubbing himself. Oh, sorry Ginny." Betty said.

Then Ginny covered her face and breasts with her hands and arms, when she watched her husband Dan help her out of her body suit. She watched the rest of her performance, as a nude seductress, complete with masturbating and cumming in front of everyone present through the spaces she allowed between her fingers. The others started to grow angry when confronted with panning shots of their husbands rubbing their crotches, obviously turned on by Ginny's performance. "Stop the tape. Please stop the tape. I can't take any more of this." Ginny pleaded.

"Look Ginny, you're done. Now it's Sally. God Sally, how could you get yourself to do this in front of your own brother-in-law?" Betty asked.

"Marnie? How could I? How could any of us?" Sally asked, deciding to distract herself from watching her sexy bump and grind in a silk pajama top ending six inches below her crotch.

Marnie thought a minute, "Dr. Powers did this, probably with Larcher’s guidance, from the looks of it. I can't tell them. They'll disown me as a friend. Roger and I will be sued. Our world will be ruined."

"How should I know, I wasn't even in the room. I was preparing something special for Roger in our bedroom. When I rejoined the party, none of you were even there." She said, to buy time. "Look, Ron is helping you take your things off. You all seem to have been willing to participate."

"I can't believe this. I don't remember any of this, but here it is all on tape." Sally said bewildered. "Don't you think we've seen enough?" She said, when she started to masturbate herself with her legs up and wide in front of Roger, while on the floor in front of him.

"I think we should see the whole thing. Don't you all? There would be too much mystery if we didn't." Betty said. "Look it's Mary. Maybe we should fast forward through this part until she can be here to see it."

"Let it roll. She can see it later. She had the same chance we all did to be here. You guys called her, right?" Dee Dee said.

"Yeah, I called her. She couldn't juggle things on such short notice." Marnie explained.

"Gawd, what were they thinking having Bob come as Tarzan? I kind of wished he had come covered up like Friar Tuck with Mary as Maid Marion." Betty remarked. "Oh-my-god, Mary is going to need a Dr. when she sees herself imitating a chimpanzee without her costume on. Jeez, that comes across pretty darn lewd, hoping around like that. She'll blow a gasket if she sees this. Maybe we should just keep this quiet and spare her." Betty narrated. "There she goes again. Well at least everyone was able to get their horniness taken care that night so far." Betty said to add some humor.

Those that had them, tossed throw pillows at her.

"Oh no, I don't think I can take this. I thought I could, but I can't." Dee Dee said, watching herself step up and hula dance without music.

"No wait Dee Dee, you're doing a great job. You can really do the dance. Come on, let us watch." Betty pleaded.

Dee Dee's silence and her own attention to the screen was signal enough to let it continue. She took in a gasping breath and held her hand over her mouth when her husband, Will, came up behind her and pulled her panties down from under the grass skirt. Dee Dee turned her teary eyes into the back of the couch, covering them with her hands when her coconut shell and leather thonged bra started coming down.

"Oh jeez, you too." Betty said unconsciously out loud, when Dee Dee danced the hula with out a stitch on except the flowers on her head, wrist, and ankle. "You all are right. It's just going to be more of the same. Why don't we turn the damn thing off and do something else." Betty said.

"Yeah right. It would only be you, and maybe Marnie, left, if it continues like it has. I think we are entitled to see the rest. Don't you girls?" Sally insisted, and got responses in the affirmative all around.

The others watched pleased with themselves at having Betty experience the same torture they had just gone through. They all watched in silence as Betty the "Parisian prostitute" seductively danced and slinked her way down to nothing but her silky scarf. They all got a little hot, as she did, watching her rub the scarf across her pussy in a squatted position giving her the first of several shuddering orgasms. Even they found it sexy, the way the orgasms seemed to take her by surprise.

"That's it. I'm too wasted to take any more. Anyone want to join me in the hot tub?" Betty proposed.

"Wait, there has to be more. What about the costume changing? Where did we do it and all?" Barbara said in a panic, as the tape went blank.

"What difference does it make now? You got naked, and later you put a costume on before you went home." Ginny said.

"Marnie?" Barbara said with an urgent "what do we do about this" tone.

"Seems right to me. You had to put some costume back on. Why not try someone else's." Marnie responded.

"That still doesn't account for George and the others in different costumes." Barbara added frustrated.

"Well I'll be in the tub, please come and join me." Betty said.

"I'd like to join you, but I don't have a suit." Dee Dee said.

"No one needs a suit today after watching each of us on that video, except maybe for Marnie." Sally said with a barb.

All but Marnie were in the tub naked, when Betty came out in a suit. Marnie sat in a chair to the side to keep them company, but was feeling too guilty about inviting Dr. Powers to the party to feel like a joiner right then. Betty got razzed about wearing a suit and took it off to climb in.

"Wow, now I feel a little better." Ginny said.

"Me too." Said Sally. "So Marnie, did you take the video?" She asked.

"No, like I said, I was upstairs. This is just as much a shock to me as it is to you." Marnie replied.

"Who did then?" Dee Dee said, with the sound of panicked worry in her voice.

"My best guess is the person that tended bar toward the end, his name is Larcher, Walter Larcher." Marnie said, relieved each time she could speak in total truthfulness. "That is who I got the tape from."

"What is his relation to you?" Dee Dee followed with.

"He works at Roger's building."

"What was he doing there? Was he invited?" Dee Dee asked.

"He was dropping off a package that I was to give to Roger for his birthday, and Roger asked him to stay."

"So he really is a security guard then." Dee Dee deducted.

"Does he know anything about hypnosis?" Sally asked, testing out a hypothesis.

"Marnie,” Barbara said lyrically, "what was Dr. Powers doing there?" Barbara asked, like a bloodhound on the trail of a scent.

"Well he was invited to provide the evening's entertainment, but something must have gone wrong." Marnie said.

"Well aren't we the queen of understatement." Sally said sarcastically.

"You're acting like I planned for this to happen. None of us remember a thing. None of your husbands remember, do they?" She said watching for a response. "I thought so, well neither does Roger. So you see, except for our seeing the tape, it is like it never happened." Marnie pleaded in her defense.

"That's easy for you to say, you didn't debase yourself in front of everyone." Sally challenged.

"I can see that nothing I say is going to make any difference here. I think it’s time for me to leave." Marnie said, and picked up the food container from the kitchen she brought, went into the TV room, took the tape, and left.

"Gee Gals, we were a little rough on her. We had a good time. No one that saw us remembers seeing anything. You know, 'no harm, no foul,' applies, I think." Barbara said in her defense, convinced that Marnie was as clueless about the goings on as she was. Otherwise, Marnie wouldn't have done what she did with her at the club, "Jiggles", the night before.

"Well I remember studying this a little back in college, and since the event did happened, the memory of it is locked away, not gone. It is like amnesia. Mary hasn't seen the tape, and she could be put back under hypnosis and with the right approach, she could recall it all." Sally instructed.

"Could she be made to recall the costume changing part?" Barbara asked hopefully.

"Any of us could. We could even check to see how much Marnie knew about the evening and when." Sally added.

"I really don't think she knew about it. I'm convinced she didn't." Barbara said in Marnie's behalf.

"I'm just saying we could see." Sally closed with.

"I'd love to get to the bottom of this if it is possible." Barbara threw out.

"We could invite Marnie and Mary over to one of our houses, and Sally you could try hypnosis on them." Dee Dee posed as a possibility.

"Dee Babe, I think you got it all wrong, I don't know how to do hypnosis, I just know some rudiments about it. It is a sophisticated practice that should be done by a professional. But, I might know such a person. Do any of you have the place for us to do it?" Sally asked.

"How are any of us going to get our husbands out on a weeknight to have a hypnosisfest?" Ginny asked.

"Roger goes on one of his business sales trips this Wednesday, I'm pretty sure." Barbara said, feeling like Judas giving up Jesus. "We could go over en mass to Marnie's Wednesday night, and apologize to her for the way we treated her today." Barbara offered, attempting to assuage her guilt. "We could also see if Mary would be willing to have us do an experiment on her, like seeing if she can be brought to remember what is on the tape before she sees it."

"That sounds like it would work all the way around, don't you think ladies?" Betty seconded.

Then they agreed and planned the soiree.

When Marnie got home she felt a little ill. Brenda was on her way into the kitchen to build some snacks during commercials on television. "Hi Mom, what's up?"

"Brenda Honey, you may be my only friend in the world after today. Come here." Marnie said, giving her daughter a teary hug.

"Gosh Mom, what brought this on?"

"Brenda, sometimes you do what seems to be the right things for the right reasons and it turns out all wrong. Well, if the people that love you, don't give you credit for the right intentions, it puts a wedge right into the middle of the relationship." Marnie said.

"I know what you mean. But, what did you do?" Brenda asked.

"Well, I tried to make it a perfect birthday party for your dad, but somehow, the guests are disappointed in my design for it."

"Like the costume thing?" Brenda asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Like, when everybody realized that they were in each other's costume. What a stroke of mischievous genius."

"You know about that?" Marnie asked surprised.

"Sure, Walter told me that he had everyone change partners and costumes for a surprise at the end of the evening. That's probably why Sue said her mother was acting so bummed, hunh." Brenda recalled.

"Did he say how he got the guests to do it?"

"He said he came across a hypnotist you invited for the party as a surprise for Dad. Great idea. Wish I could have seen it instead of carousing with Jeff."

"This carousing with Jeff, you know I've warned you to be careful of that young man."

"Sure Mom."

"Brenda Honey, can you sit a minute?" She said as she sat at the breakfast table. "I want ours to be a special relationship between mother and daughter."

"Yes Mom, we've had this talk before."

"No, I really mean it. I want you to be able to tell me everything, no matter how right or wrong it is that you may have done, no matter how proud or disappointed you think I might be to hear it, I want you to know that you can tell me anything."

"Mom, I know I can, and you know I do."

"Well then, what is it that you do with Jeff these days?"

"Frankness needs to be a two-way street, Mom. Why don't you just ask if I'm having sex with him, that's what you want to know isn't it?" Brenda said boldly.

"Okay, are you having sex with Jeff?"

"Well, not exactly." Brenda said, and then had a little fun noticing her mother's alarm mixed with confusion. "Don't worry, I haven't had 'intercourse' with him, and I don't plan to."

"Well then, how are you defining 'sex' when you say ‘not exactly’ for the sake of clarity."

"If you must know, I try to make him need to have sex, then deny him until he is willing to do something ridiculous to have it. Then I usually leave him to take care of it himself in either some embarrassing way or have mercy on him and let him do it in private."

"Honey," Marnie caught herself from reacting in a knee jerk fashion, "that's like playing with fire. When you toy with someone bigger and stronger than you, intentionally turn them on sexually, then deny them, especially if you do so in a humiliating way, you are heading down the road to getting raped or worse." Marnie's face went into deep concern for her daughter at the sound of the word "raped."

"Mom, I can control him. Now some of his friends, I'm not so sure about, but I steer clear of them when at all possible. I'll have my license in a month. I'm a big girl now. You'll just have to trust me."

"Brenda Sweetie, I trust you; it's Jeff and his friends I don't trust." Marnie warned. "Well like Saturday, for instance, what did you do when you were with Jeff and Susan?"

"So you want the blow by blow?"

"I hope that wasn't a poor choice of words there." Marnie worried to herself. "I want us to be friends, and I would like to be as much a part of your life as I can. If you wouldn't mind, I love to know a typical evening with Jeff." She said to Brenda.

"Well we're into this dare thing. We get him worked up by flashing, rubbing, or pretending we are hot. He tries to get us to think about having sex with him, and we say 'maybe if he does something to entertain and amuse us,' like run from point 'A' to point 'B' without his pants on, or like last Saturday at 'Libido Falls' when we challenged him to an orgasm contest."

"A what?" Marnie asked concerned. "Where is 'Libido Falls' anyway?"

"It isn't a 'where is', it is a 'what is,' Mom. It is the large Forestry fountain with the fish jumping up the falls, you know where the fish are spitting up the water?"

"What on earth do you do there?"

"Well, if you squat down just over the fish, the water comes up in two short and one long stream. It's kind of the rage right now. The police and the public haven't caught on. Well, the stupid jerk agreed to an orgasm contest between he, and Susan and myself. If he could cum before we did, then we would let him take us. If not, then we'd get the money Walter gave him."

"Isn't that a little dangerous, getting caught, and much worse, if he actually won?"

"No Mom, how could he win, there is no proof if our orgasm is real or not, but there is for his. You should have seen the doofus. I laughed so hard that I peed in the fountain. The surfaces are rounded, so it is hard to get a solid footing. Well, when he would squat to aim his penis over the jet, he would often get the short spurts in the balls and could only master working the long one onto the end of his dick for his stimulation."

"I can't believe I am hearing this from my daughter, but I am glad you are telling me." Marnie said, fighting back a laugh. "The short ones in the balls. Oh that's priceless."

"You see Mom, I have him under control."

"So is there anyone else around? Not yet. The kids are allowed to wade in it during the day, if they are accompanied by an adult, but at night only the few like us, who know about it, happen by."

"Next time I drive by that fountain, I'm going to have a new appreciation for it." Marnie said getting a chuckle. "Thanks Dear, for being open with me. I really love you, and just want you to be safe happy, and successful over the years at whatever you choose." Marnie said lovingly, and got up to give her a hug."

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