NWMD!: Marnie's Trip Cums to an End


Marnie and Barbara were led into a room with a large round bed with plush flowered coverings. Off to the side was a pile of meter-sized pillows. The overall ambiance of the room evoked luxuriating pleasure. Barbara watched as Marnie walked around, touching, squeezing, and fluffing the items in the room. A pull of a drawer of a small painted bureau revealed a stash of condoms, lubricating jelly, ("like I’m going to need this" Marnie thought, "bring on the dudes already!"), and moist towelettes in packages.

"That’s it, familiarize yourself with the room, because you must be wearing the blindfold in the presence of the suitor. To insure your anonymity and his, we’ll insist that you both keep them on until the fantasy is over." Shelly said.

Marnie smiled as she continued to slink about the room recording a tactile as well as visual map of the territory. Finally, she stood by the edge of the bed, put on the blindfold, leaped backwards landing spread eagle, and said to Shelly, "Bring on the first mount."

"Coming right up." Shelly replied.

Barbara was then led by Shelly to her room. Barbara was more reticent. She was encouraged to explore, as Marnie had done, but acted like she was a guest in a powerful person’s home, not wanting to touch, for fear of breaking something. She tentatively pushed on the pillows and gently tested the firmness of the mattress, each time looking at Shelly for confirmation that it was all right to do so. She sat down on the mattress, knees together, hands in her lap holding the blindfold, looking at Shelly with melancholy eyes, and declared, "I guess I’m ready.?"

Shelly said reassuringly, in almost whisper, "I’ll go try to find you the pick of the litter." She didn’t leave, however, until Barbara put the blindfold on.

Barbara sat with her palms down on top of the bed, straight-armed, feet crossed at the ankles, head slightly forward, listening for any sounds to clue her to the activities she was about to pursue. Eventually, she heard the door open, and a person being led into the room. The next thing she realized was the warmth and aroma radiating from a live breathing male specimen sitting next to her on the bed.

When the door closed, she felt a hand reach out for her, touching her arm, and sliding down to her hand. His hand guided hers up to his shoulder, as he stood bent over facing her, capturing her other hand and placing it on his other shoulder, while he slowly, gently, dove in to nestle his face between her breasts. His legs wedged in between her knees, and she opened and relaxed while he guided her back onto the bed.

His body felt sturdy, not much hair, young, and virile. His gentle, decisive movements were reassuring and stimulating. Barbara took her hands from his shoulder and glided them down his arms to his sides then to his hips. She determined that he was athletic and strong.

The heat building between her legs gave her the energy, desire, and confidence to remove the towel wrapped around his waist. As the towel opened, his maleness wafted through the air to her brain, sending her mind swimming in a sea of abandon. She cupped his humid genitals in her hands, causing him to widen his stance, and she, in turn, to open herself to him more. Her nipples were so sensitive that, as he alternated kissing and sucking on one, then the other, it caused her to lubricate in waves, with the juices dripping down from her nest. She cupped his plums with one hand as she explored the texture, warmth, and rigidity of his pole. She noted how he tensed when she rubbed the underside of its head with the pad of her thumb.

He took his cock and placed it at her pussy. The tip of the head pushed in at her clitoris like he was ringing her doorbell to let him in. As he rubbed and poked, she reached her hand out in the direction of the bureau, pawing the top of the bed until finally, she squeezed a handful of covers, when he found the proper entrance to her waiting chamber.

Her upper body tensed and then went limp as he filled her. The darkness of the blindfold merely served to intensify the sensations, the slow withdrawals and reinsertions were causing. She tried to grab him for an embrace, as he continued the slow in and out motion, but she was feeling too weak and too close to fainting to hold on. He was supporting himself with his arms at either side of her, pushing up from the bed, but he would occasionally bend them to move in to lick a nipple or two. This proved too much for Barbara, who would tense as she breathed out like the constricted opening of a balloon making a high pitched squealing sound; then she would pant trying to fight the inevitable. "Ooooo, eeeee, oh, eeeee, oooooo, oh god, oh god, ooooo, aaaaaaah, oh god, you can stop now. Oh my, ooooo, oh god, . . ." Barbara exclaimed climaxing, wanting to climb off and pull herself down on his pole more at the same conflicting time.

As he picked up his pace, Barbara would fight and submit to yet another orgasm, and another, until she realized he was about to himself unload. She remembered that she hadn’t put a condom on him and started to push him off of her with her hands on his chest. Her legs were useless. They were either limply resting on the floor, splayed out to the sides, or wrapped around his waist to hold him in place. She tried to get a knee in to help her push in her panic, and then he got the hint and rolled off to her side. Barbara gratefully followed his body with hers and straddled his pole along her crotch to provide him a continuous pocket to finish his mission. As he pistoned up from the bed, forward and back along her pussy, and between her clenching legs. He came in a geyser of cum up onto her backside. It trickled back down and lubricated his pole, as she danced her hips up, down, and around his pole to help relieve him further.

When he went limp, she rolled over to the side and thought, "You’re definitely a ‘five’, I’m sure the great Catherine will be pleased."

Barbara crawled across the bed reluctantly and pulled the sash two times, then crawled back to him and cuddled up beside him as he raised his arm to receive her in close to his body. Moments later the door opened and an attendant handed the man his towel. He pawed for Barbara’s hand and kissed it as he was led off.

Barbara peeked out from under the blindfold to better zero in on the bureau, put it back down, and felt for the packages of towelettes. She used several to remove the evidence of the magnificent event just moments before, and sat debating whether she should try it again or not.

Marnie’s first trial was unremarkable. He was an average man, with average dimensions and a vanilla approach to the act. When they were through, Marnie eagerly rang the sash the two pulls. When she was composed, she pulled for the net suitor. The formalities were not much more exciting. He was eager and not as concerned about stoking Marnie’s fire. He had an averaged length cock which was wider than the earlier one. His potbelly pushed down on her pubic area pressuring her to be in constant contact with him in that region through every move he made. He briefly touched her breasts and muttered. "Oh you. I hoped I’d be with you on this trip at some point." His breath smelled vaguely like alcohol and his labored breathing indicated his lack of conditioning.

"I’m going to have to get rid of these rings." Marnie thought disgustedly.

It wasn’t long into the man’s frantic plunging that he started to stiffen and make a pained sound. Then he went limp on her as if he passed out. "Oh no! You’re not getting off that easy." Marnie thought angrily. Marnie tried to get his attention. When that didn’t work she tried to push him off of her. All she could manage to do was to pull the sash an undermined number of times, causing several staff members to rush into the room.

Shelly talked to Marnie to calm her down as the man was rushed to the medical center for treatment. "We’re ever so sorry. It appears this man was a diabetic. He probably shouldn’t have been cleared for a Class A event."

"Will he be okay?"

"Oh yes. We have the finest professionals around, and he can be air lifted to the mainland for back up. Don’t worry about him. . .now, about your fantasy . . ."

"Oh god. We’re leaving tomorrow. I don’t want this to be my last memory of the trip."

"Leave that to me. You relax a few moments. I’m going to find you that memory you can take back to the states with you, okay? Just ring for me anytime after about five minutes and I’ll see that this is all made up to you." Shelly said patting Marnie’s shoulder and guiding her on back down to the bed.

Marnie went through a wide range of emotions for about fifteen minutes, thinking about Roger and Brenda, the highs and lows the Larchers have brought to her life, the changes she’s made in the last six months, Barbara, and what would become of her starting tomorrow. She finally resolved that she was here in this place at this particular time, she had one more suitor coming to her, and she was going to make the most of it, now, and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

She was about to pull the sash when she heard a timid knock on the door and Shelly’s voice respectfully asking, "May we come in?"

"Please." Marnie replied.

Marnie sat up on the edge of the bed to better hear the movement in the room. A man was brought to her side and sat close to her sliding his arm in behind hers and clasping her hand as Shelly said her goodbye. Marnie felt like she did the first time she and Roger had sex. She could tell from his arm, "this guy must be a stud." He took his other hand and clasped it over the other side of the hand he was holding. Then he took it off and grazed it along the upper side of her thigh to her knee, let go of her hand, stood up, and held the leg in the air, leaving Marnie no option but luxuriate back on the bed as he went about a foot massage.

After both feet were thoroughly worked up, he cradled her legs in his arms, then shoulders, as he worked kisses up the insides of her legs to their junction. Marnie shuddered in an orgasm the first time he licked up the length of her slit. She desperately wanted to see this Adonis, but she reminded herself of the rules.

He picked her up in his arms and laid her at six o’clock in the round bed. Then he spoke. "I’ve been asked to make sure you have something to remember from this trip." His voice was bold and reassuring. "These rooms are used for more than this one fantasy. If you give me permission to take off my blindfold, I can work a feature of the room used for a fantasy called the ‘Marionette’, would you like to give it a try?"

Marnie nodded, while biting her lip.

"Can you hear me?"

"Yes. Yes, please do." Marnie said.

The man moved around and Marnie could hear nondescript sounds as he opened a trunk and some drawers. Then she heard a motorized sound from overhead. Next, she mustered all of her trust for Shelly, the Club Mediterranean Program, and this man while he proceeded to attach all manner of crisscrossing leather straps around her limbs and torso. When he was done attaching things to her, she was lifted off of the bed by cables overhead. Now splayed like a skydiver in free-fall over the bed, the man took objects with differing soft textures like silk and feathers across her face, lips, underarms, breasts, nether region, and feet. When he made her want to curl up in a ball from the intense stimulation, she found that it caused her to rotate onto her back. When she did it again, she rotated back into the free-fall position. It gave her the sensation of being able to escape the pleasure without really being able to escape it.

The man stopped and lay down on the bed under her. With controls he had her moved so her ringed nipples grazed his lips. He toyed and teased them. Hanging down and surrounded by leather thongs across her chest, made her breast and nipples engorged and highly sensitive to his lips and fingers as he brought her close to the brink in this helpless position.

As she was about to let go, he made her to swing around 180 degrees and slant slightly, bringing her snatch to his face. First he touched her with his fingers to get the lay of the territory; then he put the controls down, grabbed her hips with his hands, and dove in to send her squealing uncontrollably. As she came, he flicked her nipple rings back and forth with his fingers, bringing her to tears with the pleasure rocking through her body.

Just when she thought that there could be nothing else he could do to top this, he worried her clitoris with a vibrator causing Marnie to curl into a ball again, now suspended spread-eagle on her back. With the whir of the motor overhead, she was drawn into a slightly forward pike position, head towards her knees, then moved laterally like cargo from a ship’s hold and lowered slowly to his waiting cock. It completely filled her with its length and girth. She was so wet she couldn’t prevent the spear from entering her if she tried. The cables pulled her up, and then lowered her down, slowly at first, picking up an almost imperceptible speed with each drop. Then the motor stopped going up and down and started a slow rotation, as the man lunged himself up and down off the bed into her helpless canal.

The slight discomfort of being held in a jackknifed position seemed to go away as Marnie grew deliriously dizzy. There was only one sensation left for her consciousness, and that was at her love center. She came. It went on. She came again. It went on. She wasn’t certain how many times he took her to nirvana, because there was little down time between them and she was fighting passing out to have this memory for a lifetime. Finally he came, pressing up against Marnie’s snatch and holding himself there as the rotations caused his body to grind along her slick shaved nether region causing her to finally pass out.

He quickly stopped the Marionette Machine, pulled out and milked himself done. Then he lowered her to the bed and removed the tack, put it all away, lay down beside her, broke an ampoule of salts, and cuddled her as she came to in his arms. Marnie cuddle-hugged him appreciatively, shivering from emotion, and after several minutes of calming down in his arms, fell fast asleep.

The next thing Marnie realized, Barbara and Shelly were gently waking her. "God, I hope he wasn’t that boring!" Barbara said sarcastically.

"My bet is he wasn’t." Shelly said.

"Oh hi. What’s for diner tonight?" Marnie said, coming to.

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