tagIncest/TabooNylon Lover Ch. 2

Nylon Lover Ch. 2


My first chapter left you with my cousin teasing me mercilessly, and me with a constant hard on thinking about her. My next encounter with 'Becca happened about three weeks after the last one, and again, I wasn't expecting anything from her.

She called me on a Friday night when I just happened to not have anything planned, and invited me to take her to a drive-in movie. Just like that. I hem-hawed around for a few minutes, trying not to seem too eager, and finally agreed. She told me to pick her up down the street from her house, so her parents (my aunt and uncle!) wouldn't think bad(?) thoughts. I decided not to pressure her on the comment. I went to my room and put on a clean shirt and jeans, and NO UNDERWEAR!

As I approached her standing down the block from her house, I knew it was going to be a great night. She had on a sheer sun dress, and when my headlights hit her, I could see right through it!

Sheer nylons, a white garter belt and 3 1/2" heels completed her outfit. I did NOT see any panties or bra!

I flipped the door open for her, and she jumped in, sliding right over next to me. Her dress rode up as she did, baring her thigh to the top of her stocking. Any pretense of modesty was now gone. She had to straddle the floor shifter, and I was really glad I didn't have bucket seats! My hand went right to her nylon clad thigh, and I damn near came just from the sheerness of it!

'Becca put her left arm around my shoulders and kissed the side of my face. I looked down the front of her dress, which happened to button all the way down the front, and the top two buttons were undone. I could clearly see the valley between her full breasts, and she knew it, too.

We went to a drive-in in the next small town, so nobody would recognize us. As we approached the entrance, I started to pull her dress down. She stopped me, leaving the dark part at the top of her sheer stockings showing.

The male attendant did a double-take as I bought the tickets, and 'Bec had a smile on her face as she looked him right in the eye, and slowly slid the hem of her skirt higher, until several inches of bare thigh above her stocking tops was exposed. She just laughed as I pulled away, leaving the attendant dumbfounded!

We parked near the back, where everybody that wanted to make out usually did. No sooner did I have the car shut off, when 'Becca was all over me, kissing me wildly. As she did, my hands went to the buttons of her dress, nervously opening them one at a time, until the front of her dress was completely undone.

It was dark enough that it was hard to see in the car, and since the movie had just started, there were no lights on outside. I now had 'Beccas whole body to look at, feel, and enjoy. We kissed like crazy, and I slowly worked my way down to her tits, kissing, sucking and licking them with gusto. I know I was driving her crazy, 'cause she just couldn't sit still.

I pushed her back until she was against the door panel, and spread her thighs apart, for the first time, coming face-to-face with a real, live pussy! I remember guys talking about "eating pussy" and I was about to try it myself. I grabbed her nyloned thighs and pulled her toward me, her legs going up on my shoulders, her high heels pointed at the roof of my car.

Then, it was there in front of me. I stuck my tongue out and tenatively licked it, deciding that it didn't taste all that great, but proud of myself anyway. It sure impressed 'Becca, that's for sure! She moaned and groaned, thrashing from side to side, nearly breaking my neck!

I held on tight, my tongue working up and down her slit, and finally realizing that the little bud at the top seamed to be a real good target, as far as getting a reaction from HER went. A few seconds of sucking on it pushed 'Becca over the top, and she locked her sexy, nylon clad legs around my head. She moaned loudly, keeping the pressure on for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a minute or so.

When she was finally able to talk, not much came out. "Where did you learn how to do that?" she inquired. "Oh, just picked it up somewhere.... " was all I said.

I sat back in the drivers seat, and she crawled over to me, completely naked except for her garter belt, stockings and hight heels. She kissed and licked at my face and lips, seeming to taste herself on me. Then, her hands went to my zipper, and she slid it down, unbuckling my pants, and shoving them down.

She seemed surprised that I didn't have any undershorts on, and my dick flipped out at her face. She didn't stop until she had my pants, shoes and socks all the way off. Then, she kissed her way down my stomach, to where her chin came in contact with my cock. She looked down at it, and grasped it in both hands, working it back and forth for a few minutes. Then, she looked up at me, and with her eyes locked on mine, dove down and took it in her mouth.

I fought the instant urge to cum right away, and she continued to suck me. She was able to get about five or six inches of my nine inch dick in her mouth, and as she worked on me, I was sure that I'd died and gone to heaven!

Sensing that I was about ready to shoot, she stopped and crawled up in my lap. She spread her legs and faced me, impaling herself all the way down on my dick. Obviously, she was not a virgin! Her stocking clad legs on both sides for me to feel, she rode my dick, taking it all the way in, and then backing off. We kissed as she fucked me, our tongues stabbing in and out of each other's mouths.

I knew I couldn't last very long, and she finally picked up speed, bouncing up and down in my lap, hanging onto my soulders for dear life!

Her tits jiggled around with her movements. A low moan formed in her throat, and she got louder as we slammed at each other. I had a nylon clad leg in each hand, while she controlled the speed and depth of my penetration of her.

Then, she started to scream, but I stifled it by kissing her wetly. As she started to cum so did I, and our mutual orgasms consumed us. I know that after we both finished, we just sat there for probably fifteen minutes, my dick still buried inside her.

When she slid over to the other side of the car, I just stared at her, in awe of her raw beauty. I pulled a blanket from the back seat, and we snuggled under it, watching a movie that neither of us cared about.

I finally got dressed and went to the consession stand and got us some snacks. Well into the second movie, her hands found their way to my lap, and she stroked my dick back to life. She pushed the blanket down, and her head went to my lap, engorging herself on me. I shoved the blanket off so I could see all of her, including her sexy stocking clad legs.

As she sucked me off, I noticed movement out the side of the window, and I saw the attendant from earlier, sneaking a peak into the car. I pretended not to notice him, and just let her continue to blow me. I quickly checked, and saw that mine was the only car around, and that nobody could see the attendant peeping in on us.

I pulled her up to kiss me, and whispered to her that we were being watched. She quickly caught on, and did a quick look around without being noticed. She saw her friend from earlier, and a smile crossed her face.

She went back down to my dick and started sucking it again, but this time, she turned so that he got a better view. She also moved her legs so that he could see all of her stockings and high heels.

I watched him out of the corner of my eye, and saw him unzip his pants and haul his dick out. By now, he was just a couple of feet from the window, which was rolled down. As 'Becca worked on my cock with her lips and tongue, the attendant stroked his own cock.

Then, she got up on her hands and knees, as if to get a better angle on my cock. In reality, she was just giving the attendant a great look at her ass, pussy and nylon clad thighs. He moved closer, and she spread her legs a little, and with one hand, stroked and fingered herself.

The attendant looked up at me and almost died as he realized that I had seen him. I smiled at him, and when he saw that I wasn't pissed, he stayed right there. I signalled him to come closer, and her moved right up to the window.

Now, he was about a foot from 'Becca's steaming pussy. I said "'Bec, your friend from the ticket booth is here watching us," and he again started to take off. Her answer stopped him in his tracks. "He is?" Looking over at him, she continued, "Do you seen anything you like?" He just nodded, and she motioned for him to come closer. Looking over her shoulder, she said "If you want to touch me, it's okay... " Her mouth went back to my cock, and he reached into the car with his left hand, his right still pounding his cock. His fingers stroked her stocking clad legs, and then quickly followed them upward to the opening of her drenched pussy, and he finger-fucked her.

I was about to cum, and 'Becca knew it. She picked up speed with her hand on the shaft of my cock, the head in her mouth, on her tongue. I held her head as I pumped stream after stream of cum into her mouth. She tried to keep up with the flow, swallowing quickly, but there was just too much of it, and it leaked out the corners of her mouth and dripped down.

The attendant was about to shoot off also, and just as 'Becca finished me, she spun around to the open window and reached out, grabbing his hard cock. She pulled him closer and took his dick in her mouth, just in time to catch the first drops of his load. She moaned loudly as he filled her mouth, and I reached up and fingered the pussy that now presented itself to me.

She came as he did, and the only difference was that his moans were much more clearly heard, since his mouth wasn't filled with hard cock as hers was. After he finished, he pulled out of her mouth and took off, and she spun around and kissed me - hard - on the mouth. I tasted cum - mine or his? Or both?

After getting dressed, we left, with 'Becca's fine, nylon clad legs at my disposal. I stroked them all the way home. Needless to say, a night I'll never forget. 'Becca and I had many fun times after that, a few of which I'll share with you. Not too many, though. Lots of ground to cover!

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