tagMind ControlNymphocom Ch. 04

Nymphocom Ch. 04


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Chapter 4 - The new emitter

I was not very proud about my failed test with Angelina's husband. From a scientific point of view I made all mistakes which were possible to be made. What a stupid idea to try my new feature in such a crowded club. It was impossible to tell if I was controlling the correct target or some other random guy in the room. Anyway I still needed to test my new anti-jealous-husband-and-boyfriend (short : AJHAB) feature but, as I explained it in the previous chapter, I was going to need some kind of multitasking functionality to be able to control the jealous male and the targeted female at the same time. Actually I was considering to develop a way to control multiple targets at the same time. It would be very fun to be able to control two or more girls and have them compete for sex with me. I spent the next three days nearly without sleep to rewrite a big portion of the NYMPHOCOM's control software.

When the software was ready I ran into a new problem. The computing power of my device was enough to control all people on this planet at the same time. The emitter of the control waves however was too weak. I could not get enough power out of it to control more than one target. I spent countless hours on changing parts of the NYMPHOCOM to reduce energy consumption and increase wave output power but it seemed that I had reached the maximum wave strength possible with this emitter type, which was the most powerful on the market. I called several fellow researchers to check if they knew of new, more powerful emitters but nobody had any information. It turned out that I had to give up my dream of controlling multiple girls at once, and even my AJHAB feature was not possible in the same remote control as it required the device to control two targets : the jealous male and the girl.

I started building a second remote control to host the AJHAB function but this was getting awkward. I did not want to run around with a bag full of remote controls but at least I should have some means of defense against jealous males.

I went home and slept for 24 hours straight as it was the weekend now. When I woke up I felt much better. I took a shower and dressed to go out to buy some groceries as my fridge was helplessly empty. I was in the middle of a pedestrian crossing when my cellphone rang.

"Hello Professor Royer, this is Professor Hugenard," the voice said. I had called Professor Hugenard the previous day to ask for more powerful emitters. I stopped abruptly in my tracks and put my hand on my other ear to dampen the noise of the traffic.

"Professor Hugenard hello! How are you today?" Cars were honking around me because I was still standing in the middle of the street. I made a few steps to the sidewalk, trying to hear what he was saying.

"I am calling you regarding your request about the high throughput emitters. Did you see the publication of Professor Valentine?"

I replied that I was not aware of any recent publication of Professor Valentine. She was a researcher with worldwide reputation in the field of electromagnetic waves. My colleague explained to me that she just had published a paper describing a new wave emitter which was thousands of times more powerful than the ones which were currently available.

"She did not publish the details as the patents are still pending. But this will be a small revolution, you know. It will be possible to build more efficient mobile phones for example. No more dropped calls or bad connections. I think this is what you are looking for, " my colleague said. I thank him profusely.

"And by the way," he added before hanging up, "Professor Valentine will be in Paris this week. There is a science convention happening at the congress center at Porte Maillot. You should try to catch her there. Good luck!"

I was nearly stunned by the incredible news. Just as I was needing a device part which did not yet exist, somebody invented it! I rushed home and looked up the scientific publications on the internet.

I knew Professor Sofia Valentine from her reputation. She was a dutch scientist who had already patented a few inventions and made a small fortune out of it. I had seen her on several science conventions in the past but never talked to her. She was young, extremely intelligent and had the curious habit of being always dressed in very unconventional clothes and tainting her hair in very visible colors. She was clearly a bit eccentric but since she was brilliant nobody really cared about it.

I looked up her office number at the University of Amsterdam and called, but the assistant quite rudely told me that Professor Valentine was not taking any appointments, even by phone. Apparently it was very difficult to talk to her as her science directors tried to screen her from any outside disturbances, allowing her to focus on her research. I tried to insist but the assistant then just said that she was not even in the Netherlands. I remembered Professor Hugenard's mention of the convention in Paris. I looked up the details of it in the internet, grabbed the NYMPHOCOM and just drove off towards the Congress Center at Porte Maillot in the west of Paris.

I reached the Congress Center quickly as the weekend traffic was very light. I parked and ran towards the main entrance. A very beautiful hostess nicely but firmly denied me access since I did not have any invitation. She was dressed in a business casual style with a black skirt a white blouse and a black vest. She had short black hair cut into a bob and stunning blue eyes. I was too impatient to meet Sofia Valentine so I did not really cared about this hot girl. I insisted in getting through the gates but the hostess politely refused again. Some security guard was standing nearby and was already looking into my direction. I cursed between my teeth and reached into my back pocket to turn my device on.

"For the last time, I beg you. Please let me through," I implored her again with a low voice. I noticed that the security guard was coming closer, intrigued by what was going on. Thanks to the NYMPHOCOM the hostess was going to let me through so I was not scared. I gave her a nice smile waiting for her answer and taking already a step to the main door.

"Can you please help me with this man here?" she called out loud and the security guard came on running. He grabbed me by the arm and I just stupidly opened my mouth and made round eyes in disbelief. Something was wrong again. This girl should have happily waved me through! She was supposed to find me irresistible!! what the hell was wrong again?

"Can you bring him to the the security office?" She said to the guard. He roughly pulled me along and I was still too surprised to say anything. I saw the girl talking to one of her colleagues who took her place at the main gates and then she followed us. We walked through some corridors accessible only to employees and the hostess opened a small room which was filled with cupboards and diverse office supplies.

"Please make sure he can't escape!" she told the guard. He gave her a surprised look but apparently she was some kind of boss and he obeyed. He took out a pair of handcuffs and bound me to some chair which stood in the room. The girl told him to leave and to give her the key to the handcuffs. He shrugged, handed her the key and left the room. The girl smiled a naughty smile and it dawned to me that the NYMPHOCOM was maybe working nevertheless. She locked the door to the room and came towards me.

My device was design to make girls become nymphomaniacs with me. It was absolutely not designed to make them obey my orders. This girl was controlled and now she had me under her control. I shifted uneasily on my chair while she slowly came towards me.

"Please," I begged again, "I just need ten minutes inside to talk to somebody."

"You told me that," she replied slowly, "but you understand that I need to search you first!"

She kneeled in front of me and opened my fly.

"You could carry a dangerous weapon on you, " she hissed jokingly. "My my, what do we have here?"

My dick was already hard and had sprung right into her face.

"You see? A dangerous weapon! Let me make it harmless!"

I gasped as she took my meat deep into her mouth. Her incredible blue eyes were looking at me while she started to give me a hell of a blowjob. She started moaning while running her tongue all over the tip of my cock and then pushing her head over it again. I felt my cock hitting the back on her throat. This felt awesome and I was suddenly less impatient to find Professor Valentine. On the other hand I really needed to talk to her. I fought the pleasure rising in my body and tried again to talk to my beautiful captress.

"Listen, we can have a lot of fun tonight when you finish your work. I really need only ten minutes inside. Pleaaaaase!"

"Fun ... all ... night?" she replied with her mouth full.

"Yes yes! I promise! All you want!"

She blew me more slowly while thinking about my proposition. She then stopped and beamed at me.

"OK, " she said, "I'll let you in. But you come to pick me up tonight at the main entrance. I finish at 19:00."

"I'll be there, " I replied, relieved to see that she was now undoing my handcuffs.

"Are you sure that you don't want to fuck my pussy a little bit now?" she asked hopefully.

"Not now!" I said a bit harshly. I reached again into my backpocket and switched the NYMPHOCOM off.

She opened the door and invited me to follow her through the service corridors.

"You will not tell anybody, do you?" she asked, now visibly scared about what she had done. My device had released its control and she was back to her normal behavior, but she was most probably concerned about what had gotten into her. Taking an innocent man captive to rape him in a backroom! This could mean prison time for her if she had been caught.

"Not if you let me in," I replied in a threatening manner. She gave me a scared look and rushed me through some corridors.

I walked behind her and somehow regretted that I did not try out her knacky ass but we soon reached a service door and she unlocked it to let me through to the main room.

"Pick me up at 19:00? ok?" She was not controlled anymore but still wanted to meet me ... This sounded like a case of bad conscience, she was trying to make sure that I would not tell anybody about what she had done.

"Sure thing," I replied, already looking around to find my main target.

The main hall was hosting a huge welcome cocktail and more than thousand people were together in this huge convention hall room. The noise was quite loud as all invited scientists were talking to each other enthusiastically. Other hostesses in white dresses were walking among the crowd with tablets full of snacks and drinks.

I spotted Sofia Valentine very quickly thanks to her bright red hair. She was wearing a wide red and white checkered top and sport pants with sneakers and I could see part of a tattoo peeking in her neck. She looked like a student and she was probably not much older than most of the students she was teaching to at the University of Amsterdam. She was as eccentric as a brilliant person could be and she was shining among the crowd of grey and boring scientists. Not wanting to lose any time I went towards her.

Trying to talk to her proved to be a real challenge though since many guests were surrounding her to exchange ideas on deeply technical topics. I could not approach her closely enough to talk to her so I waited on the side for an opportunity, while sipping on an orange juice. When Sofia Valentine moved to the cocktail table to grab a drink I came to her quickly.

"Hi Professor Valentine, I would like to speak about your new emitter," I blurted out. I knew that I was behaving like a real jerk but I needed this information.

"Not possible, this is confidential," she replied with a mocking smile and moved away with her drink.

I realized that I was carried away by my enthusiasm. There was no way that this genius would just give away one of the most valuable scientific secrets to a complete stranger. I thought about controlling her right on the spot but it was not very easy in this crowd, I remembered my experience with Angelina's husband I just had to get the secret to Sofia Valentine' invention. I smiled evilly while patting the NYMPHOCOM in my pocket, I just had to find a better opportunity.

I went back to the main entrance where I found again my nice hostess. She blushed deeply when she saw me.

"Did the convention center do the hotel bookings for all the guests?" I urged her.

She looked at me with wide eyes. "Yes," she stuttered, "but ..."

"Can you tell me the hotel booked for Sofia Valentine?"

"This is confidential, but ..."

I just had turned the NYMPHOCOM on again.

"Tonight at 19:00 right?"

"Yes! " she beamed, and she gave me the address of Sofia's hotel.

I had decided that the best for me was to wait in Sofia Valentine's hotel room because I would be able to question her undisturbed. I walked to the hotel as it was at a short distance nearby. It looked nice and cosy in a side street just off Porte Maillot. I opened the door and I was immediately greeted by a friendly receptionist, an attractive blonde woman nicely dressed in an evening robe. I asked for Mrs Valentine's room number with my best smile and the receptionist did not answer but checked something on her screen and picked up the phone. She dialed, waited for a minute and hung up.

"I am sorry Sir but Professor Valentine is not in her room."

I realized that any hotel receptionist would never give out a guest room number, therefore I grabbed my device and turned it on.

"Maybe I can wait in her room?" I asked with a lower voice. There was a door open behind the reception and I could hear somebody typing on a keyboard.

"I am sorry Sir but I can not let you into a guest's room."

She smiled at me in a professional manner meaning that I should not insist. I double checked that I had indeed controlled her and I could not understand why she was refusing to give me the room number. Maybe it was the same symptoms as my hostess at the convention center? All these problems with my device really were getting onto my nerves. I needed the powerful emitter Professor Valentine had invented!

"I have a courtesy room where you could wait though," she added with a naughty smile.

"Oh well ..." Here we go again I thought.

"Yes, than you very much, I'd like to wait there," I added quickly. At least I was inside the hotel and could most probably easily reach Sofia's room.

She grabbed a room card and came out from behind the reception. She had a nice black dress and her shoulders were free. She gave me a smiling look and went to the stairs.

"Its on the first floor so we take the stairs, the elevator is old and slow."

Apart from the slowness of the elevator the reason for taking the stairs was apparently that she could made sure I could get a view of her stockings when she climbed in front of me. I smiled because my device was working well, and the receptionist beamed since she thought I was smiling because of her nice legs, which was probably true too. On the first floor she stopped in front of a big painting representing flowers and she proudly explained me how she had acquired it.

"So you are not just a receptionist?" I asked.

"No, I am also the owner of this hotel, with my husband," and she quickly added, "and my husband is working on the accounting right now, so he is very busy."

She smiled a naughty smile and stopped in front of room 103.

"This is Professor Valentine's room by the way." She knocked, waited for a second and opened the door with her card.. She walked a few steps inside and came back.

"You see, she is not here," she said and closed the door again.

"I did not know that you took her room key-card too," I remarked, thinking about how I could get this card.

"It's a master-key," the landlady replied. "It opens all the rooms. Its for the cleaning maids for example."

We walked a bit further and she opened room 121.

"This is the courtesy room," she stepped aside to let me in while I was still thinking on how to get my hands on this master key.

"Thanks, but how will I know that Mrs Valentine has returned. Will you call me?" I asked

She did not answer but came in behind me and closed the door.

"Maybe I can make your wait a bit shorter," she replied and she slipped out of her dress, revealing stockings, a nice bra supporting firm breast and string panties barely hiding her pussy.

"and ... and your husband?" I stuttered. Of course I had just the NYMPHOCOM with me, the AJHAB remote control was lying on my desk at the research center. The woman just laughed and waved.

"He is too busy, he will not notice my absence, and there is a another receptionist too, she was just away for a couple of minutes. You see I can spend some time with you! Nobody will notice that I am away for a short time."

She went on the bed, pushing down her bra. She even started to masturbate in front of me. This tigress then jumped on me and ripped my hard dick out of my pants. She started blowing me expertly, giving me deep throat and massaging my balls. She had one of her hands rubbing her pussy and the other on my ass to push me further into her mouth. She made a lot of slurping noises and seemed to really appreciate my meat. I tried to focus on my primary objective which I was in danger of neglecting. I pushed her head deeper on my dick and held her there while with my other hand I quickly fished the master key from her dress which was lying just next to us on the bed. I let it fall just between the bed and the night table where it was not visible. I let the head of the woman go as she was turning red, unable to breathe.

"Wow! you naughty boy," she whispered excitedly, catching her breath. "You want me to swallow you all?"

"Nice room-service you have here I must say," I replied before turning her around and inserting my stiff dick in her pussy. I encountered no resistance at all, she was dripping wet.

"I am glad you like it!" she said, banging herself on my cock. "I like it too!"

I spend a couple of minutes fucking her wildly doggy style when I remembered that I should not wait too long. Sofia Valentine could arrive at any moment and I wanted to be there to control her correctly with the NYMPHOCOM. I pressed the "O" button on my device and sent the landlady shivering down onto the floor in a huge orgasm. She took quite some time to recover, and then she was ready to start fucking again.

"Please Mrs," I said, "go check on your husband, I will wait for Professor Valentine and I will see you after, OK?"

"OK, my dear, thanks!" I gave her a good slap on her ass cheeks and she shrieked half annoyed half aroused.

"And when you see Professor Valentine arriving, just don't say anything, its a surprise. Let her go up, and don't tell her I'm here."

She winked in agreement and left the room, still half undressed. I put my pants back on, still having a hard on. I picked up the master-key and I waited five minutes before going to room 103. I knocked at the door and since nobody answered I unlocked the door with the card. The decoration in this room was more modern and I thought that it fit Sofia Valentine well, mixing old style with modern style. I closed the door behind me and settled in the bathroom to start waiting.

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