tagMind ControlNymphocom Ch. 05

Nymphocom Ch. 05


Chapter 5 - pairing up the ugly geek

I was home again, sitting in front of my laptop and browsing through the code of the NYMPHOCOM's control software. Before starting to built a new emitter for my device thanks to what I learned from Sofia Valentine, I was again trying to debug a major issue. Something was very wrong. When I controlled Sofia she unexpectedly froze and, even though she had a very powerful brain, this should never happen. The brain is not a computer, there is no such thing as zero and one, on and off. Sofia should have been more or less affected depending on her ability to resist to my device's waves, but she should never have frozen like she did. There was another major bug in my control program and I was unable to find it.

This was when my phone rang.

"Hello Francois, this is Julie," a familiar voice said. "Do you have two minutes?"

I was a bit speechless. Julie, this amazing black girl who was living two floors underneath my apartment, was calling me, even though she was not controlled.

"Sure ... Julie," I stuttered.

"Good," Julie continued, "you know ... I've thought a lot about ... umm ... you know ... our problem."

"We have a problem, Julie?" I asked, completely taken by surprise. My problem with Julie was her boyfriend Eric but I could not imagine that she was speaking about the same problem.

"Yes ... um ... you know," she continued uneasily. "I mean ... we did some crazy things together ... and ... um ... and I want to make sure that ... um ... this does not happen again."

"Oh!" I managed to pronounce.

"I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine," Julie said. "Maybe you like her. You know ... if you are not single anymore then I think ... err... you ... I mean ... we will not be doing this again, you understand?"

"OK, Julie," I replied smiling, "You want to pair me up with a friend of yours, I understand."

"Yes ... I mean ...no," she replied hesitantly. "I mean ... will you come down this evening? Just see if you like her ... I have invited a couple of other friends as well."

I understood that Julie wanted to avoid at all cost to find herself in a similar situation like a couple of days ago. She was now trying to pair me up with a friend of her, hoping that it will keep me away from her. But maybe this was my chance to test the AJHAB function? I looked at the two remote controls lying on my desk. Since the emitter I used was not powerful enough to control two persons at once I had built two devices. One was the original NYMPHOCOM and the other hosted the anti-jealous-husband-and-boyfriend protection, short AJHAB, feature. It required me to carry two remote controls with me but there was no other choice.

"I will be there Julie, thanks for the invitation!" I said after a few seconds.

"Great! thanks Francois. See you at around 20:00." Julie hung up and it seemed to me that she had sounded genuinely happy.

When I joined Julie's little party a later that evening I felt a bit displaced. All people present were looking as if they just fell out of a fashion magazine. I have told this about Eric and Julie but the other guy and two other girls were looking stunning in a similar way.

Julie, in a fine and sexy blue dress, first introduced me to her boyfriend Eric. We knew each other from sight since we were living in the same building but never talked except for the usual 'good morning' or 'good evening' greetings. I could see immediately that he was putting me into the category 'uninteresting'. I did not look like a sportsman so I was most probably not somebody who he could have a conversation with about sport in general or football in particular.

Eric and Julie then introduced me to Danielle and Thierry. Thierry was a real hunk but Danielle, his blonde wife, had the face of an angel on a slender body, with endless legs and a nice rounded ass. She also had a slim waist and huge breasts which were nicely encased in a tight pink top. She also wore a pair of black pants which were skintight across her beautiful round ass.

Julie then introduced me to Diane, who had the same body type as Danielle but with long raven black hairs. She wore a short skirt and a tight fitting white t-shirt which bore the inscription 'DO NOT TOUCH!' across her chest. It was a bit difficult to read as Diane's breasts were even bigger than Danielle's and they were deforming the letters. When I looked at the three big tittied girls standing in front of me I felt a hardon growing in my pants.

Julie explained to me a bit later that Diane was the girl she wanted to pair me up with. Diane just had broken up with her boyfriend and her heart was to take. However I could see that Diane was not at all attracted to me, she probably saw me as a somewhat evolved monkey. Pairing a geek with an atomic bomb is usually not a good idea.

Eric, as the host, poured drinks for everybody. I took orange juice without alcohol as I wanted to stay sober and in control when by any chance something was going to happen. The two versions of my device were safely stored in my back-pockets. We spent the next half an hour chatting and the discussions became quite animated as all guests, except me where taking in their dose of alcohol. I was glimpsing at the breasts of all three girls, whose's impressive sizes seemed to defy gravity. Diane was happily describing her art classes she was taking together with Julie at the Sorbonne and she mentioned that she wanted to become an actress. Danielle knew of an teacher for acting classes and they exchange some phone numbers. Eric and Thierry were talking about football and I tried to make some hopefully intelligent comments to take part in the conversation. After some time I sat back in my chair and just listened in.

I decided to try out my two devices. I discretely pointed the AJHAB version towards Thierry under the table and turned it on. Nothing visible happened and I was not going to grope his wife Danielle just to see if a reaction would be coming. Maybe Danielle could be a bit nicer to me. She was sitting to my left and I took the other remote control and turned it on to influence her. Nobody was noticing what I was doing and no obvious reaction happened, I waited patiently while participating in the discussions.

Julie had organized this party just for Diane to meet me. She had invited Danielle and Thierry along so it would not be so obvious. Diane however did not look at all interested. Julie was now making desperate efforts to 'advertise' me but she was not really convincing since she was herself seeing me as an uninteresting geek. This was really funny and we were all laughing heart-fully at these cumbersome attempts, only Diane was not finding this funny. After a couple of remarks she stood up.

"Look at this guy," she cried out. "The only thing he manages to do is to drool while watching Danielle's tits!"

There was a moment of stunned silence and Danielle blushed heavily. I was caught by surprise as well but Thierry quickly intervened.

"He is not the only one looking at them," he said, winking to Eric who smiled uneasily. Danielle gave me a strange side-look as if she was very proud that I had noticed her assets. I knew that my original NYMPHOCOM was working mostly well, but what about the one with the AJHAB function? I thought I had the answer with Thierry's next reaction.

"Darling," he said naughtily to his wife, "why don't you give our friends a better view of your boobs? I think you can't ignore the unspoken request of your fans."

Danielle blushed again. "You don't mind?" she whispered. The normal Danielle would probably have answered, "You are out of your mind!" I smiled when I saw Julie's and Diane's amazed faces. Eric moved closer on his chair, hoping that Danielle would comply with her husband's request. Julie slapped his arm to show her opposition but not very hard as she was probably curious as well.

Danielle shifted uneasily in her seat. She pretended to be shy about showing her breasts but she glimpsed towards me a couple of times and I could see that she was completely turned on.

She started to reach for the bottom of her pink top. Eric's eyes went wide as Danielle started to pull her top up and we all saw a hint of her black bra. She looked at Thierry to get his approval again and he nodded proudly. Danielle smiled and then lifted her top up around her neck, unveiling her massive D cup tits, encased in a very sexy, lacy black bra.

"Wow they are big!" Eric gasped in appreciation of Danielle's hooters. Julie gave him another slap on his arm but without stopping to look at her friends huge breasts. Danielle was making sure that I was having a good look and since I was sitting just next to her the sight was really impressive.

Danielle then reached for the hook on her bra and unclasped it. I gasped in admiration as the beautiful, busty blonde pulled off her bra and exposed her perfect boobs. Danielle gave me a thankful look, I was the one she wanted to please. Thierry did not seem to mind at all that his wife was now topless and exposing her awesome tits to everybody. I discretely grabbed the AJHAB device, uncontrolled Thierry and controlled Eric, curious about what was going to happen. Thierry was still smiling proudly when Eric suddenly reacted.

"Julie? how about you?" he asked. "You don't want to leave your friend alone in this situation, do you?"

Julie laughed nervously and Diane giggled stupidly. Julie did not want to chicken out and she was very proud of her breasts herself. However she knew that Eric was a very jealous boyfriend and somehow she believed that he was setting her up in a kind of trap.

"I will only do it if Diane does it as well," she replied after a moment.

"Fair enough!" we all cried out except Diane who protested.

"Me?? I will never do that!" she blurted out. "I am not ... " She did not finish the sentence as I had discretely freed Danielle of the control of the NYMPHOCOM and directed it onto Diane.

"Come on," Eric and Thierry pleaded, "we are all friends and we have seen you topless on the beach already. And Francois is your future boyfriend!"

Diane was now looking at me quite hungrily. I grinned while thinking about the power of my device. Diane sighed and pulled her t-shirt up over her head, revealing her large white satin bra. Even if the bra was large it was still looking a couple of sizes to small to contain her boobs. She reached behind her back to free her gigantic tits.

Julie could not stay behind after this show so she reached for the zipper of her dress, arching her back out and causing her enormous tits to jut out incredibly. The cloth fell from her body revealing her huge, bare breasts I knew so well. As Julie's dress dropped to the floor everybody saw that she was not wearing a bra but her breasts barely sagged at all and the black girl's flawless melons seeming to defy gravity. She was now sitting with only a white g-string with white stockings on and her high heels as shoes.

This time it was Thierry who gasped at the sight. All three girls had perfect huge tits.

"So who has the nicest ones?" Eric asked proudly, while all girls stretched their chests to show off their tits in the best light.

"Difficult to say," Thierry started before drawing an angry look from his wife. "Oh well, I think ...," he retreated, "well...umm ... I guess only Francois can judge independently."

"Look at these, Francois," Eric shouted playfully while grabbing a handful of Julie's breasts who opened her eyes wide and looked around startled. She was so proud of her tits that she let her boyfriend play with them in front of us.

"Since you are my future boyfriend you can touch, Francois," Diane said and came over to me. She sat on my lap and pushed out her huge breasts for me to touch. Eric and Thierry looked at me expectantly and Julie seemed very happy to see that Diane had changed her mind about going out with me. I started kneading Diane's soft flesh while she rubbed her nice bottom on my crotch. She felt that I was hard and smiled naughtily before giving me a wet tongue kiss. Julie clapped her hands.

"Francois and Diane are a couple!" she exclaimed happily, her large black breasts bouncing up and down as she moved.

"No, he is just checking out her tits," Eric protested laughingly. "Now Francois, check out Julie!"

Julie looked at her boyfriend as if he had gone completely crazy but I reached again to my original NYMPHOCOM device and controlled her. It was now more difficult with Diane next to me but I managed to do it while Diane was looking at Julie.

"If you say so," she replied and came to me. Diane was still in my lap and was maybe now thinking why she had kissed me, the ugly geek. She stood up but she made sure that her breasts brushed along my face. Thierry made a loud "wooohoooo!" to show his appreciation. The beautiful, topless black girl then sat her perfect ass down onto my lap, her ass pressing directly onto the bulge of my crotch. Danielle was not controlled anymore but she looked as if she was turned on as well.

"Danielle, why don't you sit in Eric's lap?" Julie suggested naughtily. "And Diane, make yourself comfortable on Thierry!"

Diane immediately went towards Thierry who just mumbled 'OK' while staring at the enormous pair of boobs coming closer to him. Danielle saw this and sat on Eric's lap, but he was mostly staring at my hands malaxing Julie's big breasts. He started groping Danielle's breasts nearly absentmindedly, who gasped and looked at her husband guiltily. Thierry took this as an excuse to start groping Diane heavily.

"This is sooo great!" Eric said out like in a trance.

"Thank you Eric," Danielle replied happily but Eric was not meaning her but rather what I was doing to his girlfriend. Apparently my AJHAB device was working! However Danielle's reply made her husband Thierry somewhat jealous so he started to caress Diane's body all over. Diane started moaning to make sure Danielle would see it. Danielle, as a revenge, started caressing Eric's crotch through his pants.

Julie beamed as this was giving her an excuse to start undoing my fly and taking out my hard dick. Eric's jaw fell open and he touched Danielle's clit through her black pants. Danielle squirmed in his lap, enjoying the pleasure and Thierry retaliated by pushing Diane down to her knees and opening his fly. Diane was happy to oblige since she was single and Thierry was a handsome guy. The same was the case for Eric and Danielle was apparently happy to cheat on her husband if he was cheating on her too. Soon we reached the inevitable conclusion that the three busty and topless girls were in front of us three guys and actively blowing our hard cocks. My two devices had transformed a harmless party into an orgy within five minutes!

A sense a great satisfaction invaded me. Eric was notoriously jealous and now he was letting Julie give me a blowjob and enjoying the sight. I considered that my protection device was working as designed but I wanted to make another last test. I pushed Julie's head down onto my hard cock and held her down, her nose now buried in my pubic hair. She could not see that I uncontrolled her with my free right hand and controlled Danielle again instead. I switched hands to keep holding her down while she was gagging and fighting for air. I uncontrolled Eric from the AJHAB influence and controlled Thierry. I let Julie's head go and she breathed heavily for air.

"Great," said Thierry, having witnessed Julie's deepthroating efforts. "Danielle, can you do that too?"

Danielle could have tried to deep-throat Eric but thanks to the influence of the NYMPHOCOM she immediately came to me and pushed Julie aside. Thierry gave me an appreciative nod when Danielle tried to push my meat down her throat. I kneaded the massive melons which were hanging below her chest. Diane had stopped blowing Thierry to admire her friend's efforts as well. Julie went to her boyfriend Eric with a guilty look but there was no way for him to blame her for what she did, so he punished her by turning her around, sliding her panties aside and having her sit on his huge dick. Julie let out an exaggerated moan and we all turned to look at her.

Julie had spread her legs and was riding her boyfriend backwards. His white dick was contrasting with her black skin and we all could appreciate how deep she was taking his thrusts. Julie continued to moan like crazy to show what a great lover Eric was and he was holding her hips to push her down even more violently. Danielle looked back at Thierry who smiled at her while he grabbed Diane's waist to have her stand up. He then lifted her short skirt and, like Eric had done with Julie, he pushed he panties aside to reveal her dripping wet pussy. Diane was not protesting as Thierry was very good looking and she needed a fuck very badly. She impaled herself on his hard cock and started to ride Thierry in the same way Julie was doing on Eric.

After she witnessed her busty friend fucking her husband Danielle turned to me beaming like a kid in front of a Christmas tree. This meant that she could have sex with me and this was her most treasured wish right now, thanks to the control of my device. She impatiently wormed herself out of her tight black pants to reveal a nice black g-string matching her long gone bra. She pushed it aside and sat backwards on my meat. The three girls were now facing each other and riding away, her huge tits bouncing up and down in sync.

"Oh fuck!" Thierry gasped as Diane's skillful pussy was bringing him near the edge, while he admired his wife bouncing on my cock. "Fuck that feels so good!"

I cupped Danielle perfect breasts, amazed by the weight this woman was carrying around all day long. I grabbed as much meat I could get into my hands and started to pull up and down on Danielle's tits to have her ride me harder. This sight caused Thierry to fall over the edge and he started pumping his hot cum into Diane's twat.

"Hey I did not come yet!" Diane protested because Thierry had just stopped her on the way to an intense climax. She unmounted her partner reluctantly while several white strains of cum ran down her long legs. Thierry did not care as he was still captivated by the sight of his wife riding me like crazy.

On the other side Eric was still pounding Julie's black pussy. He had grabbed her legs with his strong hands to spread her more open. The sight of his white cock hammering away at her friend's pussy caused Danielle to start trembling in a powerful orgasm. She rode me even harder and it was nearly becoming painful for me. I was actually somewhat proud that this magnificent girl did not need the famous "O" button to have an orgasm with me. After a few minutes Danielle slowed down and I could catch my breath again, and Eric gave me a superior grin as he was taking Julie's ride without sweating. Diane was sitting next to Thierry, eying us in a bored and jealous way. Thierry was proudly watching his wife impaled on my cock.

"Danielle, you are so beautiful!" he exclaimed.

"Thank you Darling," his wife replied. She then added shyly, "I would like to swallow Francois' sperm, do you mind?"

Thierry gasped. "Not at all, my sweetheart. Show me what you can do."

"You need to ask my girlfriend too," I joked and Diane shrugged and raised her eyes to the ceiling, clearly showing that I meant nothing to her.

"Come ... on ... Diane ... say ... yes," Julie panted, still jumping up and down on Eric's cock. "I .... want ... to ... see ... this!"

Her massive melons were flying up and down and I was wondering if this was going to hurt her at some point. She was now rubbing her pink clit, trying to get an orgasm.

"I don't care," Diane said roughly. Danielle took this as a 'no' since she was convinced that Diane would like to swallow my cum herself.

Danielle was now amorously cycling her butt-cheeks over my lap, my hard dick still buried in her. I had not come but I could use a small break, I was not a sportsman like Eric who could probably do hundreds of push-ups in a row.

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