tagMind ControlNymphocom Ch. 06

Nymphocom Ch. 06


Chapter 6 - Diane helps financing a new feature

The information I obtained from Sofia Valentine several weeks ago were sufficient to develop a new emitter for the NYMPHOCOM. It would be making my device much more powerful and would enable me to control several girls at a time and keeping jealous friends or husbands away in a much larger range. Building this emitter was not difficult and I could use the research center's resources to help me with that. Several colleagues were quite happy to help me building parts of it as they were a bit concerned that I had been working on my own for so long. It therefore took me only a week to have most of the emitter together, only the last and most important ingredient was missing : the impure metal Sofia had used in her invention and which was allowing the emitter to reach a much higher power. I went to our chemistry lab and asked for several grams of Indirium. This was a metal, similar to lead, which was just perfectly suited for what I wanted to do.

"Professor Royer, unfortunately we can't hand out Indirium like this, it costs more than pure gold. You will need a special authorization to get it. The best is that you check with the research director." The chemistry lab assistant was very nice but stood firm. I could not get my metal from here so I just walked back to my lab and connected to the website of one of our material providers. I quickly found out that the demand for Indirium was very high and the production worldwide was only of around a couple of kilograms per year. In order to buy ten grams of Indirium I needed 9600 euros!

I obviously could not ask for additional funding for my research since I had not published anything in months and my research had not yielded any revenue for our center. I knew that I was just tolerated for now but at some point our directors would ask me to join a more promising project. And of course I did not have that amount of money in my bank account. I thought very hard about a way to get funding but apart from selling drugs there was no way to get such amount of money in a short time. Well there was also prostitution! Maybe I could 'convince' girls to work as 'escorts'? I already convinced some to let me fuck them. Prostitution is legal in France but procuring is not, therefore I imagined an army of working girls providing me the needed money without me getting involved. I could just stay in the background and collect the money. I felt that the NYMPHOCOM was able to help me with that.

Of course I needed a 'proof of concept'. I was not just going to control girls randomly, I needed one subject to observe her reactions and to make corrections to the NYMPHOCOM's control software if something was going wrong. I remembered Diane who was at Eric and Julie's party the other day and who was still single. With her incredible looks she would be a perfect whore and would earn me the needed money very quickly. Julie wanted to pair her up with me but Diane was not interested at all, disgusted would probably be a better term. She was craving young and muscular hunks and not uninteresting scientists like myself. I called her on her cellphone nevertheless.

"Oh ... hi Francois ..." she responded with an annoyed voice when I greeted her. "Of course I ... err ... remember you."

"I was thinking of inviting you for lunch today if you feel like it," I said.

There was a couple of seconds of silence before I heard an exasperated sigh at the other end of the line.

"Listen Francois, its not because we ... met the other day that I want to see you again," she replied quite harshly. "As a matter of fact I find you quite uninteresting and I don't know why Julie wants to pair us up. You see I think ..."

"You told me that you want to become an actress!" I improvised quickly. I could not get her under my control if she was not sitting somewhere close to me. Over the phone I could not influence her with my device. Thankfully I remembered that her dream was to become an actress.

"Ummm ... yes ... why do you ask?" She was taking the bait easily as she was not too bright to say it nicely. At least she had not hung up on me and I wanted to meet her in person to get her under my control.

"One of my friends is a ... famous producer," I lied, "and he happens to be in Paris today. I am meeting him for lunch and just wanted to surprise him by inviting you along."

"One of your friends is ... oh Francois! thank you very much for having thought about me! I will arrive quickly! Where is the restaurant?" She was now a bit hysterical at the idea of getting the chance of her life and I just wondered why beautiful girls were always so gullible. I gave her the instructions to come to the Pré Catelan, a famous high scale restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne.

"And dress sexily," I ordered, "he wants to do a remake of 'pretty woman'!"

"Pretty woman!!! Oh my GOD!!! In the Pré Catelan??? I will be there immediately!!" she cried out before hanging up in a hurry.

I drove off towards the Bois de Boulogne. This huge parc was very popular among Parisians to relax, to bike, to play golf or go horseriding. Some remote parts however were a popular working spot for street prostitutes. These girls would just wait on the sides of the street and take their clients to a discrete place under the trees and do their business. If all was going like I planned then Diane would come to meet me at the fine restaurant, dressed as a hooker, and I would just control her and bring her to her new working place not too far. I was not going to have mercy with a girl who just had called me 'uninteresting'!

Diane arrived twenty minutes later. He car drove onto the parking place of the restaurant and I hurried over to open the passenger door and sit down next to her.

"Hi Francois," she greeted me excitedly, "we are not going to the Restaurant yet?"

"No not yet,"I stuttered while looking at her. She was dressed like Julia Roberts in the famous movie. She had hidden her black hair under a blonde bob wig and her beautiful face was made up heavily, her lips bright red and her eyes surrounded by black eyeliner. She wore the famous two-part black and white dress with the top and the bottom held by a front ring and her shoulders were covered by a pink faux fur jacket. The bottom of the dress was ending just under her ass and her long legs were disappearing into black thigh-high boot with high heels.

"I bought this dress for a party last year," she said happily when she saw me looking her up with my mouth open. "Julia Roberts is my favorite actress!"

The only difference was that Diane had a much ampler bosom than her favorite actress. Her big breasts were barely contained in the white top and her cleavage was absolutely impressing.

"So where is your friend," she asked impatiently. "I hope you did not play a prank on me! I will kill you!" She was looking suspiciously at me now.

"He will join us later," I replied while fumbling to retrieve the NYMPHOCOM from my back pocket. "He wants to see you act like a real hooker. You know ... like a casting."

"A casting!! Oh my god!!" Diane exclaimed. "My first casting!! So who is your friend? Steven Spielberg? James Cameron? Tell me!" She jumped up and down in her seat making her huge breast juggle heavily.

"Pierre Woodman," I said as I finally managed to turn my device on and put Diane under its control.

"Pierre who?" she replied somewhat annoyed that she never heard this name before. "He is a famous producer?"

"A very famous one," I assured her. "This producer is one of the biggest geniuses of this century. I am surprised you don't know him. He is very famous for his ... err ... castings."

"Oh I know him," she lied, "I just ... forgot his name ... now I remember!" She smiled at me uneasily. "So what do I have to do?"

"Pierre will film you with a hidden camera, you will not see him. At least not right now. We will drive to the place where all the prostitutes are and you have to prove that you can act in the same way as the real working girls. Do you think you can do it?"

"I understand," she exclaimed happily, "and you will play the role of the client!"

This was the difficult part since the NYMPHOCOM made her attracted to me and not to other men.

"No," I said slowly, "you need to act exactly as the other prostitutes, you know. I mean ... getting the money ... servicing the client ..."

"Oh I see," she whispered, suddenly unsure, but she quickly regained confidence. "Ok I'll do it," she replied smiling.

"Just put your earpiece of your mobile phone on, this way we can talk to each other and I can tell you how you are doing"

She beamed, relieved, and put the earpiece on while I did the same with mine. She put her mobile on vibration mode and I called her. We were now able to talk like two secret service agents and Diane was completely excited. I instructed her to drive towards a parking place near the trees where every fifty meters a scantily clad woman was waiting for clients. Several men were walking on the sidewalks and many cars were passing slowly with men checking out the prostitutes. Diane took a deep breath and left the car while I took her place in the driver's seat.

The sight was unbelievable! Diane walked a few steps along the large street and with her incredible outfit she looked like a high class escort girl while all other girls now seemed to be plain cheap whores. Everybody was looking at her, men and girls in the same way. The first ones were stunned while the second ones looked dead jealous. Diane now remembered to act for the imaginary hidden camera and she began swaying her hips and pushing out her chest to enhance her already immense bosom. She straightened out her dress as it had ridden up her perfect ass but it was still too short to hide anything.

Diane walked the street for five minutes, looking back at me to see if I was happy with the way she was acting. Several times she bent over to clean something at the tip of her boot but without bending her knees, exposing her cloth covered pussy to all men walking or driving by. I immediately grew a hardon and resisted the urge to go over to her and bring her back home for a good fuck session. I really needed the money to improve my device. Soon enough a large car passed by slowly and stopped at her level. She bent forward towards the passenger window to show off the top of her large breasts. She managed a weak smile while the driver checked out her cavernous cleavage. In my earpiece I could hear when he asked, "How much?"

Diane hesitated. I thought quickly and whispered, "20 for blowjob, 50 for sex, 100 for anal," into my phone. Diane repeated this to her potential client.

"Oh you do anal?" the man said, surprised. Apparently it was an uncommon service for street girls and I cursed myself for not having studied the subject more thoroughly.

"Y... Yes," Diane stuttered. The man smiled and continued looking at her nice cleavage.

"Do you swallow cum?" the guy asked then.

"S... Sure, I do ... for 50 euros extra." I could somehow feel Diane's pride because she had just improvised and was trying to get a higher price out of this client.

"Ok come in, " the man said. "I'll go for the blowjob with swallow."

I could see an expression of blank fear on Diane's face before she opened to the door to the passenger seat. She glimpsed towards me and I nodded, meaning all would be fine. I started my car at the same time Diane slammed the door of the man's car shut. He drove off and I followed him to a discrete corner where he stopped. I drove past him and stopped a bit further away. I saw the man and Diane exit the car and disappear under the trees. They did not go far, just enough to be invisible from the street and I hid behind a large tree. The man handed Diane a couple of bills and Diane immediately went unto her knees to undo his fly. A massive cock sprung out and Diane started blowing it, reluctantly at first but then faster and faster. I could see her trying to deepthroat her client and licking his balls to act like a real whore and occasionally glimpsing to the sides to see if she could make out Pierre Woodman's camera. She wrapped her right hand around the bottom of her client's cock, jerking him off into her mouth as she sucked him deeply. I could hear her moan like a pro, she was really trying to play the part.

With this treatment the man soon groaned and started cumming but he backed up a bit and shot long thick jets right onto Diane's face. She managed to grab the cock again to get the rest of it into her mouth obviously because she wanted to fulfill her client's desire and swallow his cum. She gulped two times and proudly showed the man her empty mouth. She then moved forward to lick the guy's cock clean but he was suddenly in a hurry and zipped his pants. He looked at her still kneeling in front of him, not knowing what to expect now. He smiled, grabbed another bill and threw it to her feet.

"I love cheap whores like you," he spat mockingly.

He then turned away and went to his car.

I came out of my hiding place and went to Diane. She was half smiling half crying when she saw me and wanted to jump into my arms. I waved her away since her face, her chin and her hair were covered with sperm.

"You need to be more careful!" I shouted at her, "How can you meet another client if you are dirty like this!"

Big tears rolled on her cheeks, mixing with her clients cum. "He gave me twenty euros extra!" she sobbed. "Do you think I get the role?"

"I don't know," I replied a bit harshly. "You will need to show more of your skills I believe."

She looked at me, scared. "I am not a prostitute!" she whispered.

"Of course you aren't, its just acting, like in a movie!" I exclaimed. "Now clean yourself and you will try again."

"I will try my best Francois, " she answered with a broken voice.

She looked into her bag to get a tissue but she had none. She looked at me helplessly. I rolled my eyes up.

"What do you think a real whore would do?" I told her like I was speaking to a stupid teenager.

She thought about it for a second and then she proceeded to collect the cum on her face and hair with her fingers and lick them clean, trying to look the sluttiest way possible for the hidden camera which did not exist. I checked her up to see if something was left and I pointed her to a large gob of cum on her white top. She scooped it up and licked her finger clean. She was ok now, she had just to put on some makeup again.

"This place is good," I said to her, "Just instruct your other clients to drive here. Its best for Pierre's camera."

Diane looked around but saw nothing. For me this place was ideal to watch what Diane was doing without being seen myself.

"O... OK Francois." she said timidly. "But ..."

"But what???" I replied sharply.

"But can you be my client now?" She blushed and I realized that I had forgotten about her control. She was doing all this because the NYMPHOCOM made her irresistibly attracted to me.

"Not now Diane," I said more calmly. "If you do well for the next ... scene then I'll play the client for you."

She beamed at me and handed me the ninety euros she had just earned. I drove her back to the streetwalking spot and she got out of the car enthusiastically and started waiting for customers again.

Soon a small car pulled up that was full of rust. The driver looked to be about nineteen. I saw Diane lean down through the open passenger window and smile to the young boy. I heard her say "twenty" and he replied "OK". Another blowjob! I was not going to get my money together anytime soon if Diane was not earning more.

She climbed down into the car letting her dress ride up over her ass. She glanced into my direction to see if I was approving and the car drove off. I went to my car to follow but the guy did not drive to the previous location but to a quiet alley nearby. He probably wanted a blowjob inside his car. Ten minutes later the car started again and dropped Diane on her sidewalk. She then came to me to hand me a crumbled 20 euros bill.

"How did it go?" I asked casually

"He did not wash for a while, he tasted awful, "she replied with a desperate look, "I thought I was going to vomit."

"But you did not, good girl!" She smiled vaguely but I could feel that she always felt a bit proud when I encouraged her

"I swallowed all, so no stains this time," she continued, "but he stuck his thumb up my ass, should I charge him more?"

"No, don't worry, its a little extra and maybe that will bring him back! Carry on, you're doing a great job!"

Diane beamed at the compliment. "I am doing this all for you, my darling!"

She walked back at her sidewalk and was now trying her best to look the most sexily possible. She wiggled with her ass when a car passed by or when one of the men on the sidewalks came close to inspect her. Once in a while she would check if I was watching and she was smiling when I nodded in approval. After the young man it took only a short while for her to get another customer. Finally an old Citroen pulled up. Again she leaned through the passenger window to give a nice display of her cleavage.

"Are you a whore?" the driver asked matter-of-factly. I could hear him very well through Diane's phone.

"Y... Yes," Diane answered hesitantly. She was still not used to consider herself as a prostitute but with time she would get used to it. "I aim to please," she added, trying to play the part.

He asked," How much for a suck and fuck?"

"Fifty," Diane answered, running her tongue over her lips in a lascivious way.

The man nodded and Diane jumped in the old car. They drove to the same quiet alley and I followed them discretely. I exited my car to try to get a look and I realized that several other men where slowly approaching the car. I understood that they were voyeurs, wanting to get off by just witnessing the action.

The man handed Diane some bills and she put them away before starting to pull up her white top and unclasp her bra. Her big breasts fell out in front of her client who started to malax them wildly. The man saw the voyeurs nearby and with a big grin he opened the door of his car to give them a better view. Diane was a bit startled when she saw five or six men around the car while her client was abusing her big jugs. She smiled relieved when she spotted me as I came nearer to get a better view also.

"Suck them while I fuck you!" her client ordered while pushing Diane out of the car.

"It will be twenty per suck," Diane said out loud and looked proudly at me. I nodded approvingly and Diane bent over to allow her client to pull up her dress, shove her panties aside and insert his hard cock into her pussy. She was going to topple over, pulled forward by the weight of her own big boobs but two other men took the offer and came closer to hand her two twenty euro bills. They had removed their dicks from their pants and were stroking their meat in front of Diane's face. She got hold of one dick to keep her balance and engulfed the other one into her mouth. She blew the voyeur in sync with the pounding on her pussy, her flesh melons bouncing back and forth.

I grew again a hardon from watching my nice girl whoring herself out to complete strangers. I noticed that all men around were now masturbating shamelessly around the car. The man Diane was blowing stiffened with a groan as he ejaculated into her mouth. She held him tight to avoid any cum spill and swallowed the load. She rose a bit, glimpsing my way to see if I was still approving and then started blowing the other voyeur.

The client fucking her soon came also, and he was pushed to the side by another man who wanted to take his place.

"Its fifty there," Diane said, and immediately resumed her sucking. The guy managed to pull out and old fifty euro bill from his pockets and handed it to Diane who stored it inside the top of her boot without interrupting her blowjob. I thought that she was really gifted to play the role of a prostitute.

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