tagMind ControlNymphocom Ch. 09-3

Nymphocom Ch. 09-3


(I was not able to get my story approved with the photos so I am publishing it without, I will try to determine why it was rejected multiple times.

This story is written in the view of a husband whose wife falls victim to the infamous professor Royer and his mind-controlling device.

This is the third part. Thanks a lot for the feedback on the first parts, I appreciate it a lot and try to use it to improve my stories :-)


Chapter 09 - the story of a NYMPHOCOM's victim - part 3

Of course I did not find my dearly loved Iveta. She and the obese and bald investor had disappeared in a large car parked outside of the research center and drove off at the moment I came running out of the front door. I did not have the keys to our car which Iveta was using to drive to work and there was no taxi waiting at the stop a hundred meters from the center. I guessed that Alain Barquier would try to bring Iveta to his hotel room so I ran back to our office to try to find out where he had checked in. I came across Nina who was just putting an "out of service" sign on the fax machine.

"What's wrong Bertrand," she said when she saw me panting, trying to recover my breath.

"Whe ... where ... is ... Mr. Barquier ... staying?" I panted. Nina looked at me in a concerned way and took me by my arm to lead me into her office and closed the door.

"I ... need ... to ... know where ... they ... are ... going!" I tried to say, but Nina took me into her arms to calm me down, her ample breast pressing against my chest.

"Shht Bertrand, don't worry. I know that you like Iveta very much but there is no risk." She looked straight into my eyes. "Mr. Barquier is a well know person and nothing bad will happen to Iveta, I promise."

She made me sit down on an office chair where I finished to recover. I could not explain to Nina that I was not concerned about Iveta's security. I could not tell her that I was just incredibly jealous even though I was sure that my loving wife would stay faithful to me in any case. I just could not stand the idea of my dear Iveta being groped by an ugly and lustful man. However I calmed down a bit because I wanted to know more about professor Royer's way of attracting projects for the research center.

"You are not jealous that Iveta went to the meeting instead of you?" I asked innocently.

Nina smiled and sat on my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"Not at all my dear Bertrand," she whispered to my ear. "Now that the competition is out of the way I have you all for myself."

I grinned uneasily while Nina hugged me tightly and I could feel her huge boobs against my chest. She then put her lips on mine and pressed her tongue into my mouth. For a couple of seconds we kissed passionately before I came back to my senses and pushed her back softly.

"I am sorry Nina, I can't ..."

"My best kiss ever," Nina smiled. She did not seem disappointed at all, she rather looked like she had just won a small victory. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra so that she was sitting bare breasted on my lap. She took my hand and guided it to her large mounds of flesh and beamed when she felt my hardening dick pushing against her legs. She sprang up and despite my weak protest she undid my fly and fished for my cock which grew instantaneously to full size.

"Nina, please ..." I stuttered, trying to resist.

This was when, to my horror, I saw the office door opening and Shannya Tweeks walking in. I could only imagine what we were looking like : Nina's huge breasts completely naked and my hard dick sticking out from my pants! Surprisingly Director Tweeks smiled warmly to me, seemingly undisturbed by us being nearly nude in front of her. Nina looked like she was caught stealing out of the honeypot and smiled shyly.

Shannya Tweeks observed us for a couple of seconds before saying, "Please come into my office Bertrand, when you are done here. No rush.". She then walked slowly out of Nina's office and softly closed the door. Nina gave me a deep tongue kiss before putting her bra back on and buttoning her blouse up.

"Don't keep Director Tweeks waiting," she whispered to my ear. "And when you come back I will have a nice little room booked for us in a hotel nearby."

With a naughty grin she flattened her skirt, apparently she did not seem disturbed at all by having been caught by our research director.

"Do you think she will fire us?" I asked, suddenly afraid when I remembered the research center's policy.

"Why would she fire us?" Nina replied, looking genuinely puzzled.

"Well, you know, about couples working in the center!"

I stood up and tried to unsuccessfully cram my still hard cock into my pants. Nina was eying my bulge with a fresh appetite.

"Couples can not work together in the center, this would get us fired immediately indeed. But Bertrand, we are not a couple. If we have sex together it will just be a fling between two consenting adults. Hurry Bertrand, I wait for you!"

Completely stressed I left Nina's office and ran towards Director Tweeks office in the upper floor.


"Come in!" Shannya Tweeks' voice sounded when I knocked at her door absentmindedly. I opened the door and immediately started apologizing.

"I am really sorry for what you just saw ..." I said, but the awesome busty woman just smiled at me.

"You are doing a great job, Bertrand," she said, standing up from behind her desk and slowly walking towards me. "Nina is an important person in Professor Royer's team and it is a very smart move to get to know her in a more closely way. I am sure you can learn a lot from her during pillow talk."

I let out a silent sigh. Director Tweeks was thinking that I had approached Nina to get information on the professor I was supposed to spy on, and she was happy that I took my assignment seriously.

"I wanted to see you to hear about progress with your assignment," she continued, "but I witnessed first-hand that you are on top of things. I will let you go, just take Nina to the cosy hotel nearby, she likes to go there."

"Actually she is booking a room right now, but ..."

"Good, good, don't keep her waiting then!" Shannya Tweeks said in a somewhat lustful voice. "Report back to me tomorrow morning!"

With that said, the stunning Director turned to her laptop and ignored me completely.

I left her office and closed the door behind me. I was puzzled by her attitude but I had more important things to worry about. My sweet wife was somewhere with a lusty old man and I had to find her! I sneaked out of the building, making sure to not run into Nina or any other of my colleagues for that matter.


I did not find her of course. After checking dozens of upscale hotels in the neighborhood I went home completely desperate and exhausted. I could only imagine the worst what this ugly fat investor could want to do to my loving wife. I fell asleep on the couch after hours of crazy thoughts.

I woke up to some warm feeling around my waist and slurping sounds. My dearly loved Iveta was busy giving me a blowjob like I never had one before. I was fully erect but my sweet wife was happily taking all my meat down her throat. It took me some seconds to realize that I was not dreaming.

"Hello my darling," my wife said, stopping the blowjob but keeping stroking me with her hand. "Passed out on the couch again?"

She looked at me like an innocent angel, really happy to see me after a hard day at work. This reminded me of her assignment with Alain Barquier, the investor.

"Where have you been?" I asked, feeling a stomach ache building up while I anxiously awaited her response.

"All went great, my darling," she beamed, leaning towards me to give me a wet kiss. She smelled a bit of cigarette and alcohol but she did not seem drunk. "I am soooo happy! I was a bit stressed at the beginning but apparently the client was very happy with my company."

"So ... wha ... what did you do?" I asked with a trembling voice. My mind was numb and I felt incredibly jealous, but my dick my wife was caressing was still rock hard.

"Oh Bertrand, I love you so much!" my dearly loved wife exclaimed. "It is great that you are interested in what I do for my job. It is really important to me."

She sat down next to me, still stroking my hard cock like an expert.

"All went really well," she continued. "Francois had briefed me on the project real quick so I had to smalltalk around some of the details I did not know but I think Alain did not notice. Actually it was strange, he seemed to be more interested in my well-being than in the project."

I thought to myself that my wife was way to gullible and I wanted to interrupt her, but her sweet hand jerked me so well that I was afraid she would stop.

"Since my dress was very light and the air condition in his car very cold, Alain suggested that we go and buy some clothes for me. Wasn't that nice?"

I noticed now that Iveta was not wearing the two spandex bands anymore, which were not covering anything anyway. She had black stockings, a very tiny latex skirt which was not much more than a belt and and a leopard bra.

"Ungh," I groaned while I felt close to blowing my load, "but ... where did you .... hmm ... buy this?" I was sure that a normal shop would never sell this kind of seductive clothes."

"Alain took me to a sex shop in Rue de la Gaité," Iveta beamed proudly. "You would never believe how difficult it was for me to enter this shop like I had always done this. I think nobody noticed that I was stressed. But thank God there were other girls present so it felt just natural as we were all dressed in a similar way."

"You ... you went to a sex shop??" I gasped, "but ... but these girls are ... prostitutes!" Iveta continued massaging my hard cock, repositioned herself and licked a drop of precum from the tip of my shaft.

"No no Bertrand," Iveta continued, "There was a nice dance contest there. All girls put on a show in sexy dresses in a kind of cage, it was really funny!"

"But this is called ... ungh.... a peep show!!! Only prostitutes are dancing there!"

Iveta went on as if she had not heard what I was saying."

"Alain asked me to chose a dress I was finding beautiful on one of the girls and he bought it for me. Wait! there are shoes with it too!"

Iveta let go of my throbbing cock and rushed to a corner to put on some nice high heels. I noticed that she was wearing a leopard string panties matching her bra.

"At least this Alain bought you some panties I see," I spat somewhat sarcastically.

"Yes Bertrand my love," Iveta replied cheerfully. "As I said, Alain was afraid that I would be catching a cold. Isn't it sweet of him? But they keep getting wet so I push them aside like this."

The sight of Iveta's incredible ass nearly pushed me over the top. I was only able to emit some weird croaking sound while my sweet wife was shaking her tight bum just in front of my nose.

"Strange, all present men reacted in the same way as you just did," Iveta giggled. She was not the uptight wife anymore, she was behaving more like a nymphomaniac in heat.I felt incredibly aroused but terribly jealous at the same time.

"Alain said that I was looking so pretty that he wanted me to be the model posing for the project's documentation," she cheered, wanking me enthusiastically again. "You know, the ladies you see in front of the machines, just to make the photos look a bit less technical and a bit more appealing."

My beautiful wife suddenly noticed that my hard cock was leaking a lot of precum and she bent forward to take it into her mouth again. I could feel her tongue sweeping over the tip and the intense feeling made me wonder for the hundredth time why she suddenly seemed to enjoy everything sexual. She came up again after a minute and continued describing her evening with Alain Barquier.

"He suggested that we take some sample photos and he ask me to pose in that little cage. Isn't it wonderful Bertrand? One of the most important investors of our research center wants your little wife to be the public representative for his project! Isn't that great?"

She gave me a big wet tongue kiss and excitedly jerked my cock. A painful jealous feeling sank into my guts, balanced out by the wonderful feelings on my hard dick.

"Oh I love you so much Bertrand," she cooed, "I am so lucky to have you as a husband, who is sooo understanding and helps me to keep my job."

"So he took some photos right there in the sex shop?" I asked, anxious to hear what had happened.

"Yes so I went into this little cage with a small dance floor surrounded by mirrors and I moved a bit to show off my new dress."

Iveta took a revealing pose on the bed.

"All girls and men applauded, it was very nice. Alain had a wet stain in front of his trousers after my dance, I think somebody must have spilled a drink. He thanked me very much and then drove me back to the research center where Professor Royer debriefed me. Then I drove back home and here I am!" My sweet wife wrapped her warm mouth back onto my hard dick and I felt the tip hitting the back of her throat.

I let her proceed, enjoying the intense feeling. I was really relieved that Iveta had remained faithful to me, she had just showed off some skin and that was it. This would help her secure her job and cover up our secret. I was also happy about the side effect about not having a prude wife anymore.

"Oh and by the way," my lovely wife said while removing some euro bills from under her microscopic skirt, "Alain gave me a 200 euros tip! This will really help us with our mortgage paybacks!"

I don't know why I came just in that very moment, but I exploded in massive spurts, lasting what seemed like minutes. My thick white cum landed on Iveta's face, on her chest, on her hands, not mentioning the mess it made on my legs and on the couch.

"UNGGHHH sorry ..." was the only thing I was able to say, knowing that she was genuinely disgusted when body fluids, especially sperm were touching her skin. I wanted to stop spraying my cum everywhere by covering my dick with my hands but my sweet wife was looking at the sperm fountain with wide eyes and an ecstatic expression on her face. She did not seem to realize that cum was dripping from her left cheek and that her hand which was still stroking my cock was completely sticky and gooey.

"Hmm apparently you like it when I bring home money!", my dear wife said sheepishly, "Do you like it when I make money keeping other men company? I am sooo proud of you Bertrand, I am sure other men would be dead jealous!"

"Do I have a reason to be jealous?" I replied, out of breath from my huge ejaculation.

"Of course not my darling," my stunning Iveta replied while looking at her sticky hand in a fascinated way, "you know that I will NEVER be unfaithful to you! Its all very innocent and harmless. I am sooo glad to have you and that you help me keeping this great job! You are so sweet and understanding, I love you soooo much!!"

My dear wife stood up, tried to wipe the cum from her left cheek but only managed to smear it around on her skin. She was looking like a used whore but still incredibly sexy, my dick sprang back to attention. She saw this and smiled as if I was doing her a compliment

"I talked to Nina just before coming back home, " she said, readjusting her micro-skirt and inadvertently smearing cum on it, "She booked a cosy room for you both in an hotel nearby but she said that Director Tweeks got her hands on you first."

Iveta laughed out loud. "Poor Nina, she seems to be jealous that you slept with the Director and not her."

"I did not sleep with Shannya Tweeks!" I protested, "I will not be unfaithful to you either!" I felt bad somehow when I remembered that Director Tweeks had caught Nina and me in an ambiguous situation.

"I know my sweet Bertrand, " my dearly loved wife replied, "not that sleeping with Nina or the Director would be cheating anyway. I just know that I can trust you."

She smiled at me while walking sexily to the bathroom to finally wash off all of my sperm. It took a couple of seconds for her words to sink in.

"What do you mean by 'not cheating'??" I exclaimed but she had already closed the bathroom door and put on the shower.


Twenty minutes later, Iveta came out of the bathroom, draped into a large white towel, seemingly back to her prudish self. I had cleaned the mess I made on the couch and on myself and I felt ready to have some nice sex with my wife even if it was three in the morning. However I was disappointed when my sweet wife was pulling out clothes out of the wardrobe as if she was going out again.

"Where are you going? I exclaimed.

"Don't be silly Bertrand," Iveta replied with her lovely smile, "I go to work! Professor Royer might have a new assignment for me today so I need to be ready."

"But ... but its in the middle of the night!"

"Well ... I don't feel tired anyway and I have work to catch up."

Iveta turned around with her clothes and left the bedroom in order to get dressed so I would not see her naked. I shook my head. My sexy wife had just given me a awesome blowjob and had my cum on her face but she would not let me see her getting dressed ... And she had not slept for two days and was still full awake and fresh. I felt too tired to continue thinking about this so I put my head back on the pillow and fell asleep instantly.


That morning I overslept and came late to the office. I still felt very tired and hurried to the coffee machine. Before entering the breakroom I heard Armand laughing out loud and several people chatting. I did not feel like talking so I was turning back but Armand was at the door, spotted me and exclaimed, "Here comes Don Giovanni!" He came to me, shook my hand as if I was his closest friend and led me into the room. There were Roberto, Nina and my sweet wife Iveta, all smiling at me as I walked in. I grumbled a "good morning" and walked towards the coffee machine.

"So Director Tweeks fucked your brains out last night?" Armand laughed, "You sure look like you could need some sleep!"

I could not really understand what he meant but he just went on.

"Nina told us about the nice hotel room she had booked for you both but that Director Tweeks crossed your plans! "

"Oh right!" I stuttered and everybody laughed out loud.

"You sure are a lucky guy. She is a real hottie! But thanks to her we got a nice evening too!"

Again I was a bit lost but since I was looking so tired nobody seemed to notice.

"Yeah, thanks to Shannya and Bertrand!", Roberto cheered. "Nina called Armand to the rescue to not lose the fee for the hotel room and, since he had some problems keeping up with Nina's demands, I had to join in as well!"

Everybody laughed again and I started to understand. Nina had invited both guys to the room she had booked since she supposed that I had gone with the stunning research director. I managed a weak smile and noticed that Iveta was looking at me lovingly. This situation added additional security to our little secret as nobody would expect me to have another liaison besides the one I was supposed to have with Shannya Tweeks. My dear wife noticed that I was looking at her and quickly recomposed her face just after giving me a wink with her eye. Nina and her were dressed in a rather conventional way as their miniskirts were nearly touching the top of their stockings and therefore nearly hiding their asses, and they wore skintight tops which seemed to be painted on their bodies. Nina's big tits were dangling freely, making it obvious she was not wearing a bra. My sexy wife did not have a bra either but since her breasts were smaller it seemed that her nipples wanted to make up for it by tenting the cloth as if they were rock hard.

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