tagIllustratedNymphocom Ch. 09-4 - illustrated

Nymphocom Ch. 09-4 - illustrated


(This story is written in the view of a husband whose wife falls victim to the infamous professor Royer and his mind-controlling device.

This is the fourth part. Thanks a lot for the feedback on the first parts, I appreciate it a lot and try to use it to improve my stories :-) As it was not possible to submit hardcore photos, I asked a friend to create some hardcore drawings to illustrate the story. Let me know if you like this or if you would prefer soft, but real, photos. )

Chapter 09 - the story of a NYMPHOCOM's victim - part 4

This night I was again awoken by the incredible sensation of a dripping wet pussy riding my hard dick. I had spent the entire afternoon fucking Nina senseless in order to get rid of the hard-on which did not want to go away. I arrived home exhausted as I had to come four more times before my cock started to go limp again. Then I had waited on my dearly loved wife Iveta, but she was probably working late as usual. I felt incredibly guilty of having cheated on my sweet wife and at the same time incredibly jealous because she had disappeared with our colleague Armand who made no secret about his desire to take have sex with her. I finally fell asleep on our couch, like I had several times in the past weeks, after reminding myself that my usually so uptight wife was only pretending to be slutty in order to keep her job. There was simply no way she could even think about cheating on me.

When I felt my wife impaling herself on my erection I felt relieved that she had not found out about my afternoon with Nina. She was not mad at me and somehow she was happy to have sex with me. I smiled to myself and slowly opened my eyes.

I thought I was still dreaming because the girl riding me as if her life depended on it, was not my wife Iveta. It was the nice asian girl, Anysa, who was in the research center this morning with Professor Royer and our research Director Shannya Tweeks. Anysa had a very slim body, quite tall for an asian girl. She had small and firm tits which were bouncing as she was riding me furiously. She was repeatedly lifting herself up, revealing my shaft glistering with her pussy juices, and then letting herself fall down engulfing all of my heard meat.

She was wearing nothing else than old style black nylons and suspenders, along with some high heels which were so pointy that they had pinned holes into the fabric of the couch. I did not care because it was a dream anyway and I hoped that I would not wake up too soon.

"Very good Anysa," said the voice of my dearly loved wife Iveta, "Now we will do a reverse ride. It is similar to this position but you face away from him, your butt towards his face."

I opened my eyes. On the side of my sight, my wife was looking at the scene, holding a video camera. She was dressed in a black latex skirt which could not hide that she was not wearing any panties, and a matching cup-less latex bra which was pushing her small breasts out, making them look much bigger.

Anysa swiftly obeyed Iveta's command and dismounted my cock. Pussy juices dripped on my lap showing that she was completely turned on by what she was doing, but nevertheless she was behaving as if she was under my wife's direction. She grabbed my hard dick and guided it back into her cunt. The sight of her tight ass, with her nice olive-colored asian skin was unbelievable. I could not resist and started grabbing her ass-cheeks. They felt very real and I realized with a shock that I was not dreaming at all.

Anysa shrieked happily and turned back at me smiling.

"Oh hello Bertrand," Iveta said casually. "Nice to have you awake finally." She was continuing to film Anysa's cunt filled with my cock but was beaming at me too.

"I hope you don't mind, we had an urgent request for a shooting and Professor Royer suggested that we ask a colleague for help. Nina said that you would be the best as you have the biggest and longest penis in the team."

"You ... you ... talked to Nina?" I stuttered, and a nauseating feeling of guilt crawled through my guts.

"Of course, we talk to each other all the time," my incredible wife answered, surprised, "Anyway, we came here because I knew that you wanted to fuck me tonight so I hoped that we could get you to help with this work. As you were asleep we already started with the blowjob, but the riding woke you up I guess. Its amazing that you can get so hard while sleeping!"

Anysa and Iveta laughed heart-fully at this remark and I relaxed a bit as my wife either did not know what I had done to Nina or she was not mad at it. And by the way my cock was buried in the hole of my new Asian colleague and she did not seem to mind either. She was even taping it!!

"So what ... um ... work are we talking about?" I inquired, now fully awake and aware of the burning sensation of Anysa's pussy. The awesome Asian girl was not moving anymore as if she was waiting for further instructions.

"You know that our customers can choose any office assistant to ... hmm ... help them with the projects we implement at the research center?"

I nodded slowly and felt a bang to my heart when I remembered how my so sweet and innocent wife went with this ugly, bald and obese investor, Alain Barquier.

"Well Professor Royer wanted to allow our clients to see the office assistants on the web. However he did not want that the photos and videos relate to the research center as he was afraid our competitors would copy our idea. This is why he thought of disguising all of this as a normal plain porn website."

"You ... you ... are publishing photos and videos of yourself on a porn website??" I exclaimed, completely taken aback.

"Nooo Bertrand, not at all," my wife replied patiently, "we are only *pretending* that it is a porn website. It is just camouflage, you understand? Who would be able to realize that the girls on 'naughty office sluts dot com' are in fact very serious office assistants in a very serious research center?"

"But this is ... porn ... sex ... I mean ...," I stammered.

Anysa turned around and looked straight in my eyes.

"This is not sex Bertrand," the incredible asian girl said. "I have a boyfriend I would never cheat on! If this was sex I just could not do it. It is just normal and usual work, so I have no problem with it."

I looked at my hard pole disappearing in her drenched pussy and tried to convince myself that this was not sex. It must be normal work if everybody was saying so and the feeling was just too good to allow my tired brain to think correctly. I started pumping up and Anysa beamed and resumed her riding enthusiastically."

"Very good," my sexy wife said encouragingly, "now try to talk dirty like we discussed."

Immediately Anysa started to talk like a whore in heat.

""Yes," she gasped. "Fuck me like the filthy cum-guzzling slut I am!!! Take this cheap cunt harder!!! Fuck me with your big dickkkkk!"

She went on like this for a couple minutes and Iveta was filming every second. I was really surprised when I noticed that she had her other hand on her pussy and stroking it slowly.

"So good, so good, so good," Anysa grunted in time as she rode me over and over. She growled loudly, and threw back her head in passion. "Yes, I'm comiiiiiing!!!"

She came hard, gasping for breath, her entire body trembling, screaming out loud, "Oh God yes, oh my fucking God!"

"Great orgasm!" Iveta complimented, "You are a really gifted model, Anysa. Cut! Let's arrange for the next scene."

Anysa dismounted my member with a slurping sound and pussy goo came running down her thigh. Iveta put down the camera and came to her colleague to rearrange her suspenders which had slipped a bit. She noticed Anysa's drenched leg, looked around for something to wipe it with and, since nothing was at hand, she just bent over to lick it clean. Anysa winced in ecstasy when my wife's pink tongue finally cleaned the space between her pussy lips. She lapped at it for a minute while Anysa squirmed at the aftermath of her orgasm. I nearly blew my load at the sight of my once so prude wife licking the juicy cunt of another woman.

My loving wife then turned her attention to my cock which was still standing steel hard. She decided that it was needing some cleaning as well and proceed to take it into her mouth. I realized that my cock seemed even longer than yesterday when I felt its tip pass Iveta's tight throat and plunge into her stomach. She looked as if she was doing that everyday as a morning exercise and did not seem to realize that she was handling that better than most professional porno star. My dick was fully erect and probably 30cm long but she had her nose on my belly and her tongue was flicking over my balls. She did not even choke and repeatedly deepthroated me until she estimated that I was clean enough.

"Let's do some anal," she exclaimed after catching her breath. "Anysa, get on all fours on the floor and Bertrand you will come from above and I'll film from behind."

The sweet asian girl immediately positioned herself as desired. She reached for her cunt from below and I watched her middle finger disappears between her pink lips. She then withdrew her wet finger out of her pussy, and slowly eased it into her asshole. Iveta helped by licking her colleagues asshole with a lot of spit so that her tight backdoor was soon nicely lubricated.

Iveta then went back to grab her camera and Anysa reached for her asscheeks and gently pulled them apart. The sight of her tiny ass ready to be sodomized made my cock grew even larger and I was concerned where this would stop. I positioned myself above my colleague's fine ass and slowly eased my huge cock past the tight muscle of her asshole. While I buried my meat deeper and deeper, the little asian girl was fingering her pussy wildly and I could feel her body shiver with the approach of a new orgasmic wave.

"OHHHHH, that's it!!!" she hissed, "fuck my little asshole as deep as you can!!! fuckkkkkk!!! "

I felt her body shaken by an intense orgasm but I just kept pumping her violently for a couple of minutes more, enjoying the incredible feeling of this tight ass and amazed by the fact that her fragile frame was not torn apart by my invading cock. Anysa was shouting something unintelligible, maybe she was talking in Chinese, when another orgasm hit her hard, followed by two more before I stopped my pounding and removed my still hard dick from her intestines with a distinct 'plop'.

"That was A-MA-ZING!!" my sexy wife exclaimed. "This will be an extraordinary scene when I finish editing it!!"

She seemed incredibly horny and was excitedly rubbing her pussy while holding the camera in her other hand. I hesitated to ask her if she wanted to switch place with her asian colleague but I remembered that my sexy wife was just playing along with the scenario we had invented to keep her employed. There was no way she would agree to appear in a video with any sexual connotation.

"I love to work with you, Bertrand," Anysa sighed after she recovered from her chain-orgasms. We were all sweaty now so Iveta asked us to take a shower before resuming the filming. We spent the rest of the night shooting more than fifteen different positions and, even though I felt quite tired from the lack of sleep, I never lost my concrete-like hard-on.

"Now for the final facial," Iveta announced while still fingering her pussy. She had missed one of the scenes because she had masturbated herself to climax and she lost the grip on the camera which fell on the couch. She instructed us to redo the scene much to the enjoyment of my asian playmate who was playing with increased motivation in the hope we would have to redo yet another scene if my wife orgasmed again.

Anysa went on her knees in front of me to receive her reward after the hard work she had done. Her sweet face, framed by her raven black hair, looked so innocent that it seemed impossible that something as naughty as sperm might come even close to it. She smiled at me expectantly, and my sexy wife adjusted the camera to catch even the smallest drop. The sexy asian girl massaged my cock, flicking occasionally over its tip with her tongue to hungrily lick up the precum which it was leaking profusely. She had her other hand over her pussy with at least three fingers buried in it and she looked like she was going to cum again soon.

I felt the pressure building up and one final wank from her gifted hand threw me over the edge. I released a huge amount of sperm, built up over the hours we spent "working" and I nicely coated Anysa's pretty young face, mouth, hair and tits.

"Bertrand ... Oh God! Yes! Bertrand ..Oh GOD ...OH GOD I'M ... Oooohhhh!"

She crumbled on her back shaking and shivering while I continued to spurt cum all over her body. My once so uptight wife zoomed in and out to capture all details, furiously rubbing on her clit until she fell on her knees, trembling from ecstasy. She put the camera down and started kissing and licking her asian colleague all over her body, inserting two fingers into her twat, and malaxing her tits. Anysa replied in the same way and both girls were soon masturbating each other intensely.

I discretely took the camera and started to film, as this was a sight I wanted to keep a souvenir of. I hoped that my wife would not notice as I was sure that she would be very upset to be recorded in such a slutty attitude. My cock was still rock hard and I feared that I would have the same problem as yesterday when I could not get rid of my hard-on. I put the filming camera on the coffee table nearby and came closer to the two girls who were now rubbing their cum-smeary bodies against each other and tongue-kissing passionately. My wife's fine ass was just there for me to grab while she was taking care of her female colleague. I pulled her ass-cheeks apart to get a good view of her drenched pussy. Both girls turned to me beaming with their faces white from cum and Iveta encouragingly pushed her butt closer to my throbbing cock.

I realized that I hadn't fucked my own wife's pussy in ages and just the thought of it made we want her very badly. I positioned my cock gently between the lips of her cunt and then ran the head of my dick up and down the gash of her pussy. I plunged it deep into her waiting cunt and started working her with long, slow strokes. My dearly loved wife gasped at the invasion but then resumed her licking of her asian colleague, scooping up a large glob of cum from her chest and sharing it lovingly with her in a tender kiss. I started pounding my wife's pussy harder and harder and I felt her body starting to tremble.

"OH,my GOD!!! I'm fucking commmmmming!!!" Iveta screamed! "OH,OH,OH shit!!! Fuck my pussy! OH YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!"

I held her tight by her hips and her hair so that she could not move and continue ramming my cock home. Iveta had a dozen orgasms in a row before I let go of her when I felt my own climax approaching. She crumbled onto Anysa who was looking at me admiringly and took her into her arms. I aimed my cock at the two girls and shot another huge load all over them. It felt that my entire body was struggling to keep up for the demand of cum and I nearly fainted from the effort. When I looked up at my sexy wife and her colleague they looked as if they had just bathed in white cum. Iveta's face was completely soaked and Anysa's black hair was mostly white from cum streaks.

"That was wonderful, Bertrand," my wife whispered, before remembering that all of this was no fun but serious work. "Errr ...I mean good job, Bertrand." She then noticed the camera which was still filming.

"And you recorded it all?" she shrieked happily. "Really you are a great professional! I will edit this to get it on the website ASAP!"

Instead the two girls started over licking each other's faces to retrieve as much cum as possible and swallow it hungrily.

"I guess we had our breakfast," the stunning asian said when they were both clean. Iveta and Anysa laughed out loud and, holding hands, kissing passionately for a couple of minutes.

Then they hurried towards the bathroom to take a shower together. I sat on our cum stained couch and leaned my head back to get a bit of rest but I immediately fell sound asleep.


I slept until mid-afternoon and jumped at the thought that I was very late for work! I grabbed my phone to call Director Tweeks because I was afraid to lose my job.

"Don't you worry, Bertrand," Shannya Tweeks said with a happy voice. "You are doing a great job. I talked to the new girl and she said that you have spent the night working with her. I am very pleased."

As the images of our nightly "work" session flipped through my mind my dick started growing again. I had the impression that I had dreamed it all, there was no way I had fucked this asian girl senseless into all of her holes, or was it?

"I talked to Nina as well, " our sexy Director continued, with some amusement in her tone, "She could barely walk this morning. It seems that you are very 'performant' to say the least."

I then remembered that I also had spent the afternoon inside my big tittied colleague and, with regards what I had done to her, it was surprising that she could walk at all.

"Actually I would like to talk to you about our little agreement, I am sure that you might have something more to tell me by now."

I replied that I had indeed learned something new and I explained to our sexy Director that I believed Professor Royer was hiring a harem of girls who were providing "special" services to potential customers and investors to entice them to chose our research center over our competitors. This was close to procuring and therefore probably very illegal. Apparently this Professor was able to find the sluttiest girls to join his team, like Nina or this new asian girl Anysa. I also mentioned the website my wife had talked about.

"This is a very serious accusation, Bertrand." Shannya Tweeks said in a concerned tone of voice. "I will call in a meeting this morning and I'll have Professor Royer justify his actions."

She also asked me to investigate the porn website to see if I could download any evidence to present during that meeting.

It hit me like thunder strike when I realized that my uptight and prude wife Iveta belonged to Francois Royer's this team as well!! Iveta was behaving in the same way as these other girls who seemed only preoccupied to fuck everything which had a hard cock. She had sworn to remain faithful to me but how was she going to manage the customers who would ask her to have sex? And what would she say if her turn came to shoot a scene for this fake porn website on which the investors were choosing their 'consultants'. At some point she was going to get cornered and would have to choose between losing her job and putting us into a difficult financial situation, or playing along and breaking her promise to remain faithful to me, her husband. I was not sure if I could survive the sight of my wife having sex with another man.

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