Nymphocom Ch. 09-6 - illustrated


I turned to face her and she smiled at me "Many thanks! They were very heavy! By the way my name is Candy."

"Francois" I said, smiling back.

"Nice to meet you Francois" she said, blushing

"Nice to meet you too Candy." I replied, slowing moving towards the door.

"Oh wait wait, you can not leave like this!" she exclaimed. "What can I do to thank you? do you want something to drink?" She went to the door and closed it

"Well ... a glass of water would be great, its so hot outside"

"No problem, please sit down." She went to the bathroom. I followed her with my eyes, and I admired her beautiful bum in her jeans shorts.

She came back with a glass of water. "I came for a week to the city to do some shopping!" She pointed at the shopping bags and laughed "I bought a lot of clothes since there is this summer sale going on." She continued talking while she sat down on the bed, crossing her beautiful legs and smiling at me. She was chatting freely with me and was apparently happy to have someone to talk to. She was not even scared to invite a complete stranger into her room, thanks to Francois' incredible device.

"Thanks again for helping me with my bags," she continued, "Sometimes it is difficult to be alone in a big city, I miss my boyfriend so much!"

If her boyfriend knew that she had invited a stranger into her room he would get jealous, but fortunately the NYMPHOCOM was able to take care of this as well.

"I really want to compensate you for your help," she went on. "Isn't there anything I can do for you?"

I decided to cut the smalltalk short and deep dive into my mission.

"Actually there is something you could do for me," I said smilingly. "I have an important customer who is looking for some nice company tonight and I thought you could maybe entertain him. It would be an immense help for me."

A normal girl would have jumped up, scratched my face, bitten my nose off and kicked me in the balls but Candy just sat there, looking vaguely surprised. She did not say anything and I feared that the NYMPHOCOM was not working correctly somehow. I took the risk to take it out in front of her and check it. The fake remote control looked fully functional and switched on. There was still no reaction and I felt a glimpse of panic rising. I was hoping that the girl's brain had not been fried by this diabolical invention! I stood up and took a photo with my phone to be able to show it to the mad scientist!

"Really? That sounds like an important task!" Candy suddenly exclaimed, making me jump, "I think its the least I can do to reward you for your nice help. What would I have to do?"

I figured that the device had needed some time to reconfigure my victim's brain and I was immensely relieved that she seemed to be fine. I decided to continue my experiment.

"Not much really, just keep him company and be nice to him. If he is satisfied with your ... umm ... services then I could even offer you a job at our company."

"That would be marvelous," she cried out happily, "I could really use some extra money for shopping!"

"You'll have to relocate to be available to our customers, and obviously I need to check your ... body too!"

Candy stood up quickly and stroke a pose as I was still holding my phone. I shot a couple more photos of her.

"I can relocate without problem, if it is for a new job my boyfriend will not object," she added happily. "How is my body? Do you like it?"

"I would need to see your breasts," I replied while feeling a hard-on building up in my pants.

She immediately removed her flower top to reveal a nice light blue bra, holding tight a massive pair of breasts.

"I see you like it!" She giggled, pointing at the tent in my pants.

"I ... I will need to test your ... umm ... sex skills too," I stuttered, now completely excited.

"Of course, I know what you meant by 'company'," she winked, "I guess that you are running an escort agency or the like!"

I was taken aback. "And you wouldn't mind to prostitute yourself to our customers?" I asked, really curious and impressed by the device's power.

"Of course I would mind but I think its the least I can do to thank you for your help today. And if I get a job as an escort girl then I don't mind either. It will be just normal work.

This reminded me of Iveta's mindset. Sex was just becoming something normal, and prostitution a normal job.

"Let me show you what I can do," Candy hissed and jumped forward, pushing me onto the bed.

I grabbed her breasts, nice, soft and huge. She closed her eyes and moaned.

"First you need to show me your oral skills." I removed my trousers pointed my hard dick straight to her face.

"OK," she said smilingly, "I'll try my best," and she slowly began to wrap her lips around my rock-hard cock, taking the head into her throat. She only managed to get ten centimeters down her throat, shecould barely take it. She pulled her mouth off my wet cock.

"I think I lack a bit of experience," she said apologetically, rubbing my hard shaft and looking at me. "My boyfriend is not as ... big ... as you are!"

She laughed at the thought of her boyfriend's small dick and forced my hard meat back into her mouth. She began throating me again, making deep gutturals noises, with her eyes wide open in disbelief at the size of my cock. I grabbed Candy's head and forced it upon my hard shaft, hitting the back of her throat.

Her eyes started to water and spit was running around my balls, but slowly Candy inched forward and soon her lips were touching the base of my cock. I held her in this position, enjoying the warm tightness around my hard dick and watching her face turn blueish.

When I released her, she started coughing and spitting.

"Sorry ... sorry ..." she panted, catching her breath. "let ... let me try again ... I can ... can do better!"

She slammed her mouth back onto my dick and moaning deeply with each thrust. Each time I felt my cock pass the back of her throat, nearly diving into her stomach. Soon enough she was taking my hard meat entirely without gagging, her watery eyes looking at me with intense pride.

"My God your dick is huge! " she exclaimed when she came up for air, "I can't wait to have it in my pussy!"

"You already talk like a whore," I joked but Candy took it as a big compliment.

"I hope that I will be able to work for you! Getting fucked and getting paid at the same time, it's THE dream job!"

"Whoa! You slut!!" I shouted as Candy gulped me down once again.

This went on for at least 15 minutes. A pool of spit and tears had formed on the bed sheets but Candy was not going to stop before I said she could. She definitely wanted to get this job!

I then pulled my spit-soaked cock from her mouth and turned her around on the bed. I positioned my cock in front of her tight pussy and pushed forward. It was so wet that I just slipped into it. Candy screamed at the top of her lungs.I began to pound my hard dick into her soaking wet pussy as hard as I could. She started to come and nearly fainted as an incredible orgasm shook her. She then kept coming over and over again, as my balls slapped against her swollen clit. Her big breasts were jerking back and forth under the thrusts and I thought that Francois' customer would be delighted tonight.

"Fuck me!" Candy panted, "Fuck me! I am a whore and I love it! I am a cheap slut who is selling out her tight holes!"

This nearly pushed me over the edge as I was taken by surprise by this sweet girl who was suddenly able to talk so dirty. I removed my dick from her dripping cunt and presented it to her face. Without hesitation she swallowed it to the hilt, as if she had been doing this all her life. Once I was clean I sat on the bed and Candy immediately straddled me cowgirl style. She guided my hard cock towards her love hole but I stopped her.

"How about anal? A good whore handles anal, you know that, don't you?"

"I have never done it ..." She hesitated a second before bringing the tip of my shaft against her tight anus. She pushed her ass down and I felt the muscle ring slowly wrapping around my hard dick. One centimeter at a time I slowly work my way into her intestines.

Candy began to moan and scream in ecstasy when she started to ride my rigid cock, slapping her ass up and down.

"OOHHHH YESSSSSSS!" She hissed, "I am a complete whore now! Fuck my asshole HARD!!"

"Not yet little bitch," I replied, meeting her thrusts halfway to get all of my cock inside her. "You still need to show me how you handle my cum!!"

This comment made her climax violently and I had to hold her to prevent her from falling off the bed. I continued pounding her inviting ass as hard as I could, and she kept beaming at me, loving to be degraded like a cheap whore. She came over and over again, while riding me furiously.

"I will be coming soon," I warned her. She removed herself from my hard dick with a popping sound and immediately resumed sucking on it, despite it just had come out of her dirty asshole. This sight pushed me over the edge and I started cumming into Candy's welcoming mouth. Streak after streak I came for what seemed an eternity but my new employee was swallowing dutifully and proudly.

"You're hired!" I managed to gasp, and this sweet girl finished to clean me up with her tongue.

"Your cum tastes much better than my boyfriend's," she said appreciatively. "I hope that you will feed me occasionally in the future!"

"I will see what I can do," I replied laughingly, "I have many employees to feed!"

I grabbed my phone to shoot a couple of photos of her voluptuous breasts and sent them to my new friend Francois.

His response was immediate. "Nice hire my friend, let's see what our customer thinks about the quality of your recruitment."

I was sure that he was going to be perfectly satisfied.

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