tagIllustratedNymphocom Ch. 09 - illustrated

Nymphocom Ch. 09 - illustrated


(Thanks to Steven for his photos to illustrate my story! Thanks to Gioia Beil for posing!

This story is written in the view of a husband whose wife falls victim to the infamous professor Royer and his mind-controlling device. Several readers have asked for this so I hope that it will meet their expectations.

This is the first part, I am still designing the second part so do not hesitate to send me your wishes on how you want this story to continue :-)

As usual please submit feedback, good or bad, as it helps me to progress in the art of writing!

Also sorry again, but it is not possible to publish the x-rated photos on Literotica.)

[Editor's note: Literotica does publish photos featuring nudity, as can be seen in other submissions in the Illustrated category.]


Chapter 09 - the story of a NYMPHOCOM's victim - part 1

"Can you please turn off the lights?" Iveta complained once again.

She had already protested about not being in the mood but when I reminded her that we did not have sex for at least five weeks she finally agreed to a mercy fuck but she was not going to make it enjoyable.

We were married only for about three years but I felt that we had the sexual drive of a couple in their sixties. It was definitely not enough for me but I was deeply in love with my wife and so I tried to make the best out of the situation. Today had been a stressful day at work and I really needed some relief.

"Not like this, you are hurting me," she whined, while I tried to penetrate her in missionary position. With the lights out I was not very accurate in my aim and I was pushing my hard dick against the wrong hole. Actually my hard dick was deflating quickly because I lacked some visual stimulation and my stress and frustration level was jumping up. I sighed deeply and rolled to the side of my beautiful wife.

"Sorry my darling, I did not want to hurt you."

"I know, Bertrand," she replied softly, "I am sorry but I am really not a sex machine."

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and turned around on her pillow. I could swear that she was sound asleep thirty seconds later.

A sex machine? Not really! My dear loving wife was nearly perfect in all domains but in the bedroom she was rather conservative to say the least. Sex in missionary style was all she would agree to and when I once asked her to try a blowjob I feared that she was going to throw up. On the other hand she had a very nice body, thanks to a lot of sport she was doing, small breasts but long brown hair and an angel face. Unfortunately she would not even let me watch her naked while in the shower for example, and even dressed she would chose rather classic and wide clothes to make sure nobody could make out any curves on her body.

Frustrated and with my balls still full I stood up and went to our kitchen to get a glass of water. I felt bad about having talked Iveta into having sex tonight, I should know better! My wife was just not into sexual things, and I was trying to force her against her tastes. What kind of husband was I?

I sat down at my computer to check some of the code I was working on. I was a computer programmer at a famous research center in Meudon near Paris and I was enjoying my work a lot. The work environment was also very enjoyable and most of my colleagues were very nice and friendly, just sometimes the workload was a bit too much. My thoughts wandered to Nina, the assistant of our department who was always dressing sexily and flirting with everybody, man or woman. My dick went hard again when I thought about her always risky decolletés, but immediately I felt as guilty as if I just had betrayed my loving Iveta. At least I would never have to worry about my wife being unfaithful, this thought would never cross her mind.

I started to make some changes in the computer code but I could not really concentrate. At least it looked like our money problems would be solved soon. Iveta had sent her resume a few months back to the Meudon research center, and, after a couple of successful interviews, had been offered a position as an assistant in the physics department. It would be a low level job, making photocopies and sorting paper documents, but her salary would allow us to pay the mortgage on the apartment we had acquired after our marriage three years ago. Since the research center's policies on spouses working together in the center was very strict, Iveta had used her maiden name to pass the interviews. If she had told that I was her husband she would never have gotten the job. She was joking about how difficult it would be to ignore me each time we would run across each other in the hallways. I was really happy that she was going to work again, as being jobless was making her feel like she was not up to the task or an undesired member of the society.

I had a brief concern about the fact that she would work in the same department as a lead researcher named Francois Royer who had the reputation of having seduced several female employees of the center, but I quickly dismissed the idea as Iveta was never going to be interested in him or in any other man in the center. Finally I felt tired and went to bed.


The morning Iveta was starting her job at the Meudon research center she was really excited. She had spent the weekend trying to figure out what she need to wear for work. As I said, everything was pretty relaxed and many engineers and scientists were wearing jeans and t-shirts. My wife wanted to be dressed a bit more strictly, at least for the first days, until she could get a feel for what was acceptable or not.

"I am so stressed," she laughed when she put sugar in her coffee for the third time. "I can't believe that I have a job again. Bertrand, I am soooo happy!"

She gave me a big kiss on the lips (without tongue of course as she considered this as "dirty") and ran into our bedroom to put on her clothes : a knee-long dark skirt with a wide blouse. She looker older now, more like thirty instead of twenty four, but this was the perfect mix between business and casual.

"You will soon be wearing your favorite jeans to work," I joked.

"I hope so! I hate to dress up, its just not my style. Oh! Wait! Where are my shoes? omygodomygodomygod!!!"

We decided that she was going to leave with our car twenty minutes before me to avoid arriving at the center together. After a while we were probably going to pretend that we lived close together and so we could have an excuse for arriving like a normal carpool in the future. Iveta rushed out of the house and to our old car, then rushed back into the house grabbing her handbag she had forgotten, rushed back outside then back in again to give me a quick kiss on the cheek and finally back to the car. The tires squealed when she drove off and she nearly killed a couple of pedestrians who had the bad idea to cross the street in front of her. I felt tired just from having watched her.

I arrived at the center one hour late. The Parisian transportation union had voted yet another surprise strike and I could not find a metro or a bus to bring me to work. Some nice guy offered to take me closer in his car but I had to finish the last three kilometers by foot. I spent the day working like crazy, and I did not even have time to wonder how my wife's day was going. I spotted her once following the corridor with some documents she had probably just copied.

At the end of the day I managed to get a lift from a colleague whose route came just close to our home. I thanked him and hurried home, impatient to hear the first work report from my loving wife.

"It was great Bertrand," Iveta beamed. "I mean, the work is not too interesting but all colleagues are very nice. I met Ghislaine from accounting and also Nina who works in your department I think. They all made me feel very welcome."

I smiled at the idea that my prudish wife had met her exact opposite in the person of Nina who was as liberated as Iveta was uptight.

"Pay attention to Nina," I exclaimed. "Rumor has it that she likes young women too."

"Yech!" Iveta spat. "Bertrand, don't make this kind of jokes. Its disgusting."

I just shrugged happily at the expected reaction from my wife. I didn't think I ever hear her say any word with a sexual connotation and she was always very uncomfortable when our friends were telling dirty jokes during our parties.

"The only person I find a bit creepy is this professor Royer who works in the wave physics department," she continued. He looks like a real geek and is not very friendly."

"Yeah I heard about him. Maybe he is just shy ... or too deeply in love with his research."

"But there was one thing ..." Iveta stopped in her tracks, a puzzled expression on her face.

"What?" I asked anxiously, knowing the reputation of this scientist. Did he try to flirt with my wife on the first day?

"It was strange. I was talking to several people including Nina in the coffee corner, and this professor Royer came to get a coffee as well. When he left, Nina followed him like a little dog."

"Really?" I was surprised. Maybe the rumors around this scientist were true, even though I could not really believe that such an unattractive man would ever catch the eye of any woman.

We talked some more of her first day at work but soon "Desperate Housewives" were on TV and Iveta rushed to watch her favorite show. I went back to my computer to finish some code and when I heard my wife go to bed I was tempted for a second to have some sex but I immediately dismissed this idea as hopeless. She was probably still worn out by my attempted penetration yesterday evening and the next opportunity would be in two or three weeks. I sighed but I remembered what a wonderful woman my wife was otherwise, sweet, caring, loving, never arguing like most women were doing, optimistic most of the time, and somehow I felt that she was as deeply in love with me like I was with her.


The next few days were pretty much uneventful. The only drawback so far was that Iveta needed her daily dose of jogging and she could not do it during the day anymore. She then started to run for an hour in the evening and was leaving me the task to prepare dinner for when she came back with a growling stomach. I was a really lousy cook and this is why I mostly prepared precooked dishes which only needed some microwaving.

Speaking of waves, she had mentioned that professor Royer had asked her out but she had bluntly refused. I was a bit shocked by that even though we had talked that through.

"I know that we said that I should accept some invitations," my wife said, "but with this guy I just can't. He just looks too ... too geeky. There is Roberto in your department, I wish he would ask me out."

I felt a sting of jealousy in my heart, but I remembered that Iveta was just thinking about covering up our relationship to make sure she could keep this job. Roberto was a young Italian programmer who was extremely good looking and all woman in the center, married or not, were secretly in love with him.

"Roberto is gay you know," I replied in an act of self defense. My wife looked as if she was going to puke.

"Please Bertrand, this is so sick! Don't say such things."

In reality I did not know whether Roberto was gay or not but my secret hope was that he was. Somehow this thought made me feel happy and I did not worry about Francois Royer anymore. I looked at my sweaty wife, just returning from her jogging in her ample sport dress and imagined how she would look like in one of these sexy tight spandex running pants. I felt a hard-on rising and quickly dismissed the thought as I was not getting any sex tonight anyway again. She made some fun about my microwaved pizza before gulping down two parts, rushing for a shower and being back just in time to watch her second most favorite show "Doctor House". I spent the rest of the evening in front of my computer trying to find a nasty bug which had escaped my eradication attempts all day long.


The next day at work, I went to grab a coffee at the vending machine and I was surprised to see Iveta sitting with professor Royer in a corner of the room on one of the tiny tables. I did not even feel jealous because this guy was really common looking and my wife was making a good job at protecting our secret if she was open to talk to her colleagues without second thoughts. I left the break room and went outside on the "smoking roof" which was some kind of a terrasse on the top of the building, overlooking the Meudon forest nearby, where all smokers would gather. I was a non smoker but I liked this terrasse and the fresh air, even though I also got the occasional second hand smoke.

I saw Nina and went to her. She was standing at the railing, smoking nervously, and looking in a bad mood. I smiled and went to her. She smiled back tiredly.

"What's up Nina? You look stressed. Anything I can do to make you feel better?"

Nina grinned.

"You know what would make me feel better."

This was Nina's way, always flirting, always insinuating. I ignored her comment and asked what was wrong.

"Its nothing, I am just jealous of this new assistant, Iveta. She is now getting all the attention," she laughed.

I felt again a sting of jealously in my stomach.

"Really? Why is that?" I asked innocently while turning away pretending to watch the trees of the forest.

"She is twenty four and I a thirty two. She had a perfect body and I am not as fit as her."

I looked up and down at her. I would not dare to do that with another woman but I knew that Nina liked to be checked out.

"You still look gorgeous to me!" I exclaimed. I did not add : especially your tight top which nicely presses your big tits. Nina indeed has an impressive cleavage and was making sure it was fully visible.

"Thanks Bertrand," she smiled. "But look at that new girl. She hides her body under some ample clothes but all men, maybe except you, can see what's underneath. I tell you, she gets all the attention!"

Before I could ask for more details Nina's cellphone rang and she had to leave to get some instructions from one of the research directors. I had some strange feelings about what she had just said and I was wondering if my loving wife was telling me everything what happened around her in the office. I shrugged and dismissed the thoughts since she had only be here for a couple of days now. For sure Nina was jealous but she would soon find out that Iveta was not going to be a real competition.


In the evening while in bed, I told my wife my discussion with Nina. She blushed.

"I must say that some of the men at the center have been looking at me quite intensely. I don't know what to do, I need to get used to it I guess."

She seemed to be really worried since everything sexual was putting her off. I tried to encourage her in the other way.

"Don't forget that you need to act as if you are single. If somebody finds out that we are married then we can say goodbye to your job ... and to our apartment as well.

She had tears in her eyes and cuddled up to me. I caressed her arm and then her left breast through her pajamas but she pushed my hand back up to her arm. So much for sex tonight....


We spent a nice weekend going to the movies, walking through the city and enjoying some of the exhibitions at the Louvre Museum. We went to a romantic restaurant near the Parc Montsouris and had some fun dancing in a club next to the Champs Elysées. As I said Iveta was the perfect wife, beautiful, fun to be with, and up to many activities ... except bedroom fun.

On Monday at the office, just after lunch I went to the coffee room with Roberto and we came across Iveta, Nina and Professor Royer. My wife blushed slightly but she caught herself quickly and behaved as if I was non existent until I said hello to Nina and the Professor and I introduced myself to her. It was really awkward to say to my own wife, "Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Bertrand".

She replied, "Hello Bertrand, I am Iveta, nice to meet you too." And that was all.

Roberto and I went outside with our coffees and he started immediately commenting on the "new" girl.

"She looks hot, don't you think?" he said enthusiastically. "She dresses a bit old style but I am sure she has some serious body underneath."

I felt bad about this but I had to play along, and I did as always when Roberto spoke about the girls in the office.

"The bad news is that this Professor Royer has some sights on her," he grinned.

"Really?" I stammered, the shock sinking into my guts.

"Yeah, Nina told me that he is making passes at her nearly everyday. I think Nina is jealous but somehow when you see this guy somewhere, the new assistant is never far."

Nina was not the only one to be jealous. I went back to my desk but I was in a very bad mood. Iveta was not doing anything wrong but I felt jealous just because other guys was finding her pretty. I decided that I was being stupid and concentrated on my work.


In the evening, when I finally came home using the public transportation, I asked my wife about her day.

"It all goes so well, Bertrand, I am so happy to have this job now."

She was literally beaming and I was happy to see her like this. During the conversation I asked about Professor Royer.

"He is really a scientist, always hundred percent with his mind on his research. He is a real giant bore for me."

We both laughed and I took my wife in my arms to hug her. I was reassured about what was going on and smiled when I thought of this scientist trying to explain his latest theory to Iveta.

"He showed us his lab also," Iveta added. "It is really impressive, computers and screens and cables everywhere."

I laughed out loud.

"And I am sure that he explained all technical stuff in petty details, very boring no?"

"Actually it was kind of fun. He had Nina and me sit on some chair and he claimed to read our minds. Nina swore that he tried it on her before and it worked."

She went to the bathroom to change into her pajamas and she closed the door when she saw me trying to get a look at her.

"Bertrand, you know that I don't like to be seen nude," she protested jokingly.

"So did it work?" I shouted through the closed door.


"The mind reading? Did it work?"

"Oh yes, actually it was really impressive."

"He really read your mind?" I stammered, completely caught by surprise.

"Of course!" she claimed when she came out of the backroom, smiling all over her face.

I smiled back because I realized that she was joking. We cuddled together in the bed and fell soon asleep.


So far everything had gone smoothly. Nobody at work suspected that Iveta was my dearly loved wife and we continued to behave as if we were just colleagues. We had decided to not take any chances and therefore I was flirting kindly with Nina in presence of Iveta, and she was being nice to her other male colleagues, insisting on the fact that she was single. I was feeling a bit jealous when she was laughing at their lame jokes but on the other hand I admired her for being strong enough to go through with her play. I knew that she was offended by some of the sexually oriented humor but she was not showing it at all. She was laughing heart-fully, but unfortunately this was encouraging people like Roberto, or Armand, another computer programmer and wannabe office playboy, to continue.

When at home she would tell me how difficult it was to conceal her disgust for her colleagues' doubtful jokes but she would also tell me how much she enjoyed her job. I was really happy about this but somehow I wondered why this was the case.

"But what do you like in making copies all day long, or carrying stuff around?" I asked her when we were in bed after watching X-Men 3 on TV.

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