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Nymphomaniac Wife


Big few days – chronicles of a nympho wife.


It was a scorching hot day and I was really tired. The office had been very busy, and I needed to relax. I decided to lay out and get some sun, and so changed into my new thong, grabbed some sunscreen, a hat, a drink, and headed out the back.

Blowing a little more air into my inflatable sun lounge, I climbed on, put my plastic cup into the drink holder, adjusted my sunnies, and grabbed the screen. The heat from the sun was nice, and the coolness of the water below me made a lovely contrast as I squirted a generous amount of lotion into my hand.

Slowly I rubbed some on my arms, legs, stomach, and then, squirting some more into my hand, I covered my exposed boobs in screen and enjoyed rubbing it all over my breasts, making my sensitive nipples tingle with just a little arousal.

I took a sip of my iced water, flicked on my iPod, then closed my eyes and relaxed and listened to the music as I soaked up the sun.

Ahhhh, bliss.

I floated around on the surface of the pool for a while, and was beautifully warm. About ten songs later, I felt it was time to flip over and get some sun on my back.

I carefully rolled over on the sunlounge, making sure not to fall in, and made myself comfortable as my cold bum felt the warmth of the sun. Reaching again for the sunscreen, I realised covering my bum in screen whilst balancing on the surface of the water was easier said than done! Anyway, I managed to spread some around my exposed cheeks and generally in the right places to prevent being badly burnt if I happened to fall asleep.

I closed my eyes, turned down the music in my ears, and began to doze in the midday sun.


A while later, and I truly had no idea exactly how much later, I was startled awake by something. Pulling the earphones from my ears, I heard a sound near the fence and turned to see what it was.

Putting my hand up to block out the sun, I saw what it was.

"Ned? Is that you?" I said, seeing my older neighbour on his back in the middle of my hedge!

"Ahh. Yes, Dee. It's me. Very embarrassed to say, but yes, it is me! Fell off the damn ladder trying to trim the hedges. I'm really sorry to have interrupted you. Just let me gather myself up and get back to my place to finish off a little more carefully."

"Well hang on, Ned" I said, "How did you fall off the ladder exactly? Were you trimming the hedges or were you spying on me?" I asked, a hint of sexiness in my voice as my neighbour stood up and brushed off the leaves and dirt from his shirt.

"Truth be known sugar, I was happily trimming away when I almost had a heart attack seeing you there almost butt naked. I leaned forward to make sure I wasn't seeing things, and 'bam', fell off the damn ladder and tumbled into your hedge here."

"Why Ned! I'm shocked!" I teased, actually a little aroused that I had managed to excite my widower neighbour whom Steve and I had known for years.

"Well honey, you girls will wear those damn tiny bathing suits. Don't know why you bother to be truthful. Hardly hides anything truth be told."

"And what's wrong with that?" I asked, smiling and lifting my boobs off the mattress just a little more, giving him a hint off nipple to digest with his eyes.

"I ain't saying there's anything wrong with it. In fact, I don't mind it at all. Just was never an issue back in my day when Rose and I were courting."

"Why don't you come over here and take a better look then?" I said now pushing up onto my bum, my naked breasts fully on show for Ned to see.

"Holy shit, Dee" he said, "I haven't seen a prettier set of boobs than those since I was thirty!"

"Well, I see you quite enjoy the rest of me too, or is that dick of yours telling lies?"

His penis was bulging in his shorts, sticking out like a lewd signpost. It turned me on incredibly, despite the fact he was old enough to be my dad.

I dropped my g-string bikini bottom and removed it completely, exposing my whole body to Ned. I then relaxed my head back and spread my legs, before reaching down to my clitoris and giving it a play, making it moist in just a few seconds as Ned watched in awe.

"Come and join me" I said, indicating that he should take out his hard cock and play with himself too.

Ned stepped onto the decking and pulled out his cock.

We didn't say a word after that. I kept fingering myself and Ned stroked his cock, until I managed to push three fingers into my cunt. Ned moaned loudly, stroking himself furiously. I have no idea how long it was since he had cum, but he suddenly pointed his cock in the air, before a massive jet of cum spurt forth and landed on the decking. It was awesome, and the three spurts that followed were also impressive.

"Wow, Ned. How long's it been?"

"Almost a year to be honest. Don't really have the energy much these days. Much obliged!"

"Hey – you're not finished yet neighbour!" I said. "What about me?"

Without a moment's hesitation, I put my hands behind my head, offering my exposed cunt to him tongue and fingers as I lay on my sunbed in the pool.

Removing his clothes completely, Ned dropped his naked body into the cool water and approached me. As he reached me, he took me by the ankles and dropped his head to my pussy. His tongue found my bulging clit easily, and I smiled to myself at the knowledge older guys have when it comes to women. Anyway five minutes later old Ned had me thrashing and cumming in my pool as his fingers probed my pussy and asshole and his tongue lashed my clit to orgasm.

He was sensational.

He kept going till I had stopped cumming, then reached up, gave my boobs a gentle caress, then a squeeze, and got out of the water.

"Sorry about the hedge, neighbour" he said, gathering up his clothes and closing the gate behind him as he left the yard and returned home.

I was so fucking horny it was unfair.

I reached for my glass and took a sip, as my mind came down from the orgasmic high my neighbour had just given me. I decided to head inside and scratch the itch that Ned had created licking me to orgasm in the pool.

In my bedroom I selected my dolphin vibrator and flicked the switch, sending a nice buzz through my fingers. Setting out my pillows, I leaned back and spread y legs once more, then positioned my vibe right on my already swollen clit. As I started to get highly aroused, I grabbed a jelly dog and started to work it into my hungry cunt. I was yearning for a good fucking, but only had the dong to satisfy my yearnings as I masturbated. I pushed the dong into my pussy and fucked myself repeatedly, enjoying the sensations of being fucked and having my clit buzzed too. As I pushed in and out, going deeper every time, my walls began to contract and the orgasm took me over completely. I closed my eyes, bit my lip and crashed through into a fantastic climax as I fucked myself silly on my bed.


The next day I was due to fly to the Queensland for business. The annual real estate conference was on again. This time it was on the Gold Coast, a part of Australia I loved, and knew very well. I had holidayed there many times, and had some lifelong friends that lived on the coast. I asked Steve to come with me, but he had too much on, and so I headed off alone for the three day conference.

Having had a successful business of our own for a few years now, Steve told me to splurge and stay somewhere really nice. I had enough frequent flyer points to upgrade to business class, and so I was planning to just enjoy the conference, splurge a little and enjoy some relaxation away from the office. I booked a really nice suite at the Moroccan, right on the beach at Surfer's Paradise.

Dropping me off at the airport, Steve kissed me passionately before helping me with my suitcase and carry bag. I checked in, grabbed a coffee and boarded the flight. I sat in the nice wide seats of business class, and enjoyed the short flight north – sipping on a cold champagne and enjoying a few fererro rocher chocolates along the way.

Landing on the coast, I was met by a driver in one of those cool new Dodge cars, the ones with the big chunky grill at the front and the massive wheels. I knew because Steve was looking at getting one and trading in his beamer! Something about a mid-life crisis I reckon!

Anyway, the ride was nice, and the driver, Eric, dropped me at the hotel, and helped me with my bag. I tipped him generously and felt very much the business woman as I checked in and was shown to my room on the 17th floor.

The view was spectacular, and I stepped out onto the small balcony to take in the wonderful sight the gold coast beaches always present. Golden sands, rolling waves and plenty of sunshine. Tourists everywhere in the water. The locals knew better, for it was only September and they only go in when the water warms up.

I was due to sign in at the conference at 2.00pm for drinks, followed by the trade day demonstrations, and then the corporate dinner official opening at 7.00pm.

I dressed smart casual for the afternoon session, and headed off in a cab to the convention centre near the Jupiter's Casino where the conference was being held. I signed in, collected my name tag and my bag of conference goodies, before wandering into the large welcoming area for a champagne.

"Dee!" a voice said behind me.

I turned to find Sharon Wilson, a lifetime friend in the real estate game beaming at me. "Sharon! Hi!"

The next hour we chatted, sipped some more champagne, checked out the latest developments, software, sales techniques, and generally caught up.

We arranged to meet again for the dinner, and I headed back to the hotel to relax and freshen up. I had a quick nap, showered, shaved, and generally primped myself. I always liked to make a big impression, and had selected a new flowing three quarter length red cocktail dress for the evening. It featured tiny spaghetti straps over the shoulders, a built in push up bra halter top, and I have to admit hugged my body rather nicely. On my feet I put my new Prada slingbacks with the five inch heels. I am addicted to sexy shoes, and these were the perfect addition to the red dress.

I sat with Sharon at the dinner, and although it was not boring, the speakers were not exactly mind blowing. Sharon was also flirting brazenly with two agents who had flown in from Sydney and were seated at our table. There was also a group of four, one woman and three men, from Cairns rounding out our table of eight. The woman from Cairns was much younger, and was clearly the office bimbo, wearing a tiny tank top which struggled to contain her amazing breasts, and a very short black lycra mini skirt with huge heels. The three men leered over her all through the meal and the speeches, and I giggled a little as I thought back to my early days in the real estate game with my boss, Al. I used to think of myself as his office bimbo, and here I was witnessing a gorgeous young woman repeat my years of flirting and teasing.

She was quite good, I have to admit. Her batting eyelids, luscious red lips and heaving cleavage did much to maintain the interest of her suitors! When the dinner was over, we all headed out for a drink and found ourselves at a nice little club in Surfer's. All eight of us crammed in to a booth and ordered some drinks, chatting and laughing together as we enjoyed unwinding.

An hour later, and after two more drinks, I was certainly feeling no pain. Sharon, hopelessly drunk, was all over the two guys she had met at dinner, and was practically falling out of her dress. Not wanting to be the odd one out in this little threesome, I decided to excuse myself and make my way back to my hotel room. One of the guys from the Cairns crew, James, offered to escort me to the taxi rank, and so we walked out, chatting and giggling together as we waited for my turn in the cab queue.

"So, Dee, is there a Mr. Dee?" he asked, his eyes catching me by surprise with their blueness.

"As a matter of fact, yes, there is. Steve is back home running the agency while I'm up here lazing about with you lot!"

"Me too," he replied. "Sandra runs the office and I run the sales team. Jackie, Ted and Don are in my team. This is my little reward for them for making their sales target this year."

The concierge signalled my turn had arrived.

"Well, I guess this is where I head off" I smiled.

"Shall I join you for a night cap?" asked James, just like that.

My mind raced. I was rather tipsy, and, as a result, VERY horny. I wasn't certain I wanted anything more to happen, and I certainly hadn't even considered it when James took me by surprise, but my instincts and urges took over.

"That might be nice" I said, my eyes inviting him to join me and take his chances with me, rather than heading back to the very drunk Sharon and the slutty Jackie who was busily being pawed by her co-workers Ted and Don.

The cab ride was short, and we soon found our way to my suite at the Moroccan. Entering slowly, James took in the view and headed out onto the balcony, overlooking the ocean below and taking in the view further up the Gold Coast. I went to the fridge and poured two iced waters. I knew I had had enough to drink, and wanted to keep a relatively clear head for the next short while. If something was to happen, I wanted it to be the result of a clear decision on my part, and not some drunken moment I would regret the next morning.

I strolled out to join James on the balcony, and passed him the water.

"Mmmm, just what I needed," he said, sipping the ice water as he smiled at me.

We chatted a little, and I became more comfortable with him as we sounded out each other and begun playing the sexy get to know you better games that people considering fucking each other's brains out play. Steve and I had an agreement about each other's need for extra-marital sex, but truth be known I had rarely acted on it. I was in the mood to change that as we laughed and enjoyed the night sky on the balcony.

"Fancy a spa?" I asked, my nipples hardening with the developing sexual tension between us.

"Are you...sure?" he stuttered, his mind taking in the logical conclusion to be drawn from my offer.

"Absolutely. My feet are killing me and I cold use a good water massage."

"Well, in that case, how could I possibly refuse?"

I walked inside, still wearing my red outfit and heels, and ran the water in the king size spa I the corner of the suite. It sat on a pedestal surrounded on two sides by mirrors, and opening out towards the balcony where James was still standing.

As the water ran, all sorts of horny thoughts were racing through my mind. I was certain James was more nervous than I. I also considered him to be younger than me, and it occurred to me that perhaps he had never done anything like this, chatting up a strange woman outside his marriage. He'd mentioned a girl, Sharon, but hadn't stated if she was his wife, girlfriend or partner.

I decided to take control of the situation. I went to the bed and removed my red dress, and then my panties. Leaving on my heels, I turned to face where James was standing. He was facing away from me, still looking at the view from the balcony. I walked across the tiled floor, and approached James. I placed my hand on his shoulder, and as he turned to face me, he was startled by my state of undress.

I smiled, and reached for his head with my hand, pushing my lips to his as we kissed for the first time. It was VERY passionate. My tongue snaked it's way inside his mouth, and we tongue kissed each other for several minutes right there on the balcony, in full view of anyone watching us from the neighbouring towers.

As we kissed, my hand dropped to James' crutch, finding a nice, firm penis It was not overly large, but was very hard and I knew James was pretty worked up. He began to undress as we struggled to keep kissing. I decided to change tack, and dropped to my knees, naked in my Prada heels right there on the balcony.

As James removed his shirt I unzipped his pants and his belt, revealing his penis, before slowly taking it into my hungry mouth. I licked, sucked and made it totally wet with my saliva, before engulfing it in one of my sloppy blow jobs I was known for. He was VERY hard by now and I was totally getting off blowing him knowing that others might be watching us across the way from the other hotels.

I stopped momentarily, allowing James to remove his trousers, shoes and socks, before resuming my head. I used one hand and sucked forcefully on his cock, until I was able to get it all inside my mouth the way Steve loves me to blow him. I know James was impressed when I deep-throated him, because he moaned, laughed a little and then gripped me by the hair, before pushing his dick even further into my expert throat.

I blew him for about three or four minutes, until James suddenly flinched.

"Stop, Dee. Look, there's a guy watching us!"

I removed his hard cock from my mouth, and stopped sucking him off to take a look at the guy he had told me was watching us. Sure enough, a guy about fifty, was standing on his own balcony across the way smiling with a drink in his hand. He raised his drink as he realised we were aware he was enjoying the show. He was about thirty metres away, and I could make out his face. I smiled at him, blew him a kiss, then resumed sucking the erect penis in front of me, enjoying the knowledge that not only was James enjoying the blow job I was giving him, but that the guy over the way was also getting off watching me suck cock. I kept staring at the watcher, all the while sucking deply on James' lovely cock in my mouth. It felt very slutty, but also totally hot to be sucking one man while being watched by another.

The arousal of the situation I was involved in got to me, and I reached down to frig my own clit as I sucked the cock in my mouth. Fuck it was hot!

By now he man watching us was was openly wanking his cock as he watched us perform. I went mad, and sucked and sucked as I fingered my own cunt towards orgasm.

Suddenly I felt James flinch once more, but this time he didn't stop me. Instead he tensed up, grunted and then exploded a massive load of hot cum into my mouth. I was stunned but turned on, and did my best to swallow his load. It was too much. A large glob spilled out the side of my mouth and dribbled down onto my boobs as I continued to suck on the now deflating cock in my mouth. I kept frigging my own pussy, but the sudden eruption of cum into my mouth was too much, and I was unable to cum.

My knees ached a little from the time spent sucking off James on the balcony, and so I stood to flex my legs. As I did, I looked over towards my watcher, and found him about to cum too! I momentarily left James, who was recovering from his orgasm that had just filled my throat, and I squeezed my boobs together, playing with my nipples and licking my lips as I stared him in the face.

"Cum for me, baby!" I shouted to him.

"Arrgghhh....here I go!" he moaned, before spurting a lovely large jet of cum into the air from his own balcony, closely followed by another and then another.

It was an awesome sight to watch this guy wank off to me across the abyss from his own hotel. I marvelled as the white gooey liquid arced high, before gliding all the way down to the footpath below. It was amazing! I looked down, standing there naked, and marvelled that nobody happened to be walking along the street at that moment. God would they have got a surprise to be cum on had they chosen that moment to venture out!

I clapped my hands, and wiggled my bum at the stranger, before turning in my heels and walking back inside the hotel room to turn off the spa taps. It was now full, and James has removed the rest of his clothes.

I leaned against the spa and slowly, teasingly removed my heels. I wiped James sperm from my face, scooping up the remnants on my lips and chin before slurping the cum into my mouth and swallowing exaggeratedly.

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