Nymphomaniac Wife


James laughed.

"You nasty, nasty bitch!" he said, in a complimentary way.

"I try" I replied, before stepping into the spa and pouring in a generous amount of bubble bath.

I flicked on the jets, and the bubbles started to reproduce until I was covered in a lather of bubbles sitting just above my boobs. James grabbed two more iced waters and came to the spa, before climbing in and joining me in the warm water. I glanced out towards the neighbour and noticed that he was now watching us through binoculars. Once more I blew him a kiss, and noticed him leave the window. I was a little disappointed, but James hands on my legs snapped me back to attention.

In the water James decided to return the favour, ad lifted me up to allow him to eat my pussy. I relaxed backwards until my pussy was above the water level, and delighted as James' tongue snaked it's way across my clit and began flickering back and forth. He was pretty good, and the fact I was already totally aroused by the events on the balcony, made me realise that I was quite close to cumming. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, moaned and lay back to enjoy being licked as I lay in the hot tub. His hands now gripped my thighs and I grabbed him by the hair and forced my clit towards him for more attention.

Suddenly the orgasm swamped my body and I thrashed into a full blown cum as I spasmed in the spa and splashed water all over the floor of the suite. It was wild. To his credit, James kept the pressure just right with his tongue as my thighs instinctively tried to trap his face in it's licking position. I'm not sure how he managed to breathe as I fucked his face through my orgasm, but I didn't care! I came like I hadn't in ages, and finally relaxed in the warmth, sinking down moaning as James came up for air, his face covered in bubbles from sucking my cunt to climax!

Just as I started to relax and come down from my orgasmic high, there was a knock at the door!

"Your husband?" asked James, momentarily forgetting what I'd said before about Steve staying back to look after things at the office.

I laughed.

"Of course not, you big chicken! Besides, if it WAS Steve, he'd only want to watch you fuck me before joining in!"

"Well then who the hell could it be?" he asked, jumping out of the water and grabbing a robe, his penis still stiff from arousal after licking me to orgasm.

I stayed in the spa and dropped below water level, the remaining bubbles hiding my boobs from view as James timidly opened the door. I heard voices, but couldn't make out the conversation.

Moments later, I was shocked to see not one, but TWO men re-enter the room, whilst I sat soaking in a hot tub having just finished orgasming! James, a look of surprise and uncertainty on his face, was followed by a familiar face, and I mocked horror as I realised the identity of the second man.

It was my peeping tom from across the balcony – the man from the other hotel! He must have enjoyed our little performance so much he had come across and found where we were!

"Saw your light on, babe. Thought you might like some more company! My names Ian. Mind if I join you?"

I was surprised by his confidence, but also taken by it. I really like men who are cocksure, and this guy was right up there, having already masturbated with me as he watched me give a blow job on the balcony earlier.

"Come on in, the water's fine" I said, indicating that he should join me and hop in.

A flash of clothing later and both Ian and James were in the tub with me, a man on each side as we chatted and broke the ice for the second time that evening.

As we made small talk, I snaked a hand across to Ian's crotch, and found a delightfully thick penis already hardening in my hand. On the other side, I had James smaller cock also in my fist, pumping it slowly as we talked and introduced each other.

It seemed Ian was also in town for business, and had noticed me undress in my red dress. He said he initially thought I was alone, but was totally turned on when he realised I was with James, and even more excited to watch me suck his cock so openly in front of him on the balcony.

I was now naked in the spa, having just been licked to orgasm, sandwiched between two men I had met that night, their cocks in my hands knowing that we would shortly be indulging in some further carnal action. I knew it was wrong, and that many would judge me harshly, but I didn't care. I was horny, tipsy, and had two men in my hands ready to fuck me. I was in sexy wife heaven.

I leaned in towards Ian and kissed him, having given his dick a large squeeze as his tongue sought my own, his hand finding my breast. On my other side, James also took a breast in his hand and fondled me as his tongue found my neck, licking and biting my flesh as I played with his cock. I was loving it, and my whole body tingled as my two lovers started to work me over, all the while my own hands playing with the two cocks in my possession under the water.

Before long, we were all involved in a major orgy, as I spread my legs and let the two men finger my pussy which was now very wet. I felt fingers from both men moving inside me as I played with their cocks and alternated kisses between them. I had a leg over the thigh of each of my lovers now, my pussy totally accessible to whatever they wanted as we played. It was sensationally sexy foreplay and I was loving it. I was no thrusting my pussy towards the invading fingers in my cunt, as I headed towards the second orgasm within half an hour!

Shortly after, as Ian's tongue pushed inside my mouth once more, and his other hand found my bottom, I came like a thunderbolt on the probing fingers deep inside my sopping pussy. Once more I thrashed and shook as the orgasm took over my body between my male lovers. I felt my nipples swelling as James sucked them hard, the climax causing them to throb and bloat as I came. Ian kept kissing me through the orgasm, and as I started to come down from my second climactic high of the night, I gave the two dicks in my hands a really hard squeeze.

Relaxing back and slowly taking their fingers from my pussy, both my lovers stood up and I knew what they wanted. I wanted it too.

I rose to my knees and took the two penises into my mouth at once, jamming the erect heads into my hungry mouth before starting to take it in turns sucking them properly. Ian's was thicker and also a fair bit longer, and I had some trouble getting much of it inside my throat. I knew I could suck James' cock easily, having swallowed his cum already once that night in front of Ian. The only difference was that Ian was now in the spa with us, his cock also in my mouth now!

I continued to suck both men for a good ten minutes, stopping only when I felt either of them start to grunt in a pre-orgasm state. I teased them on and on, until Ian pulled his cock from my mouth, picked me up and said,

"Babe, let's get on the bed and get serious, or you're gonna kill me with that mouth of yours!"

James didn't argue, even though he had the advantage of cumming already once that night. Towelling ourselves dry, Ian poured three drinks and we all adjourned to the king size bed, where I was determined to explore the boundaries of what was possible between two men and one woman when they all want to fuck, free of emotional ties.

I sipped my drink, feeling quite thirsty, then lay myself down, quickly joined by my two lovers who immediately set to fingering my pussy again as they kissed and sucked on my erect nipples once more. It was heaven!

Girls, let me tell you truthfully, that, until you've fucked two men at once, you have NOT experienced pleasure.

Soon after we kissed and fingered each other, I asked James to fuck me. I wanted to save the larger dick for later, and so James positioned himself between my legs as Ian knelt beside my head and offered me his cock to suck once more. I eagerly slurped t the dick in my mouth, as I felt the delightful insertion of James cock as he pushed it into my wet cunt. I adore that feeling every time a dick enters me, and the fact that I was also giving another man a blow job as I was entered, made it all the more erotic.

James dick slipped into me nicely, and whilst not overly big, he was erect and soon began a wonderful smooth motion of fucking me, his hands gripping my breasts as he pumped me up and down. I enjoyed the fucking immensely, and was totally enthralled with the pleasure that kept overtaking my body. Ian's hand fell to my clitoris, that was now totally swollen and obvious as James fucked me and I sucked his cock. My breathing became laboured as the working of his finger on my clit caused me to start cumming once more! Yes, he gave me my third orgasm within an hour and I was overcome with total fucking abandon as I jammed my spasming cunt down on James cock as he fucked me. In my mouth Ian's cock was at risk of being bitten off, my teeth actually sinking into his flesh as his finger kept flickering my bulging, throbbing clit.

My eyes rolled back in my head and I actually think I blacked out for a few moments, because when I awoke, Ian was on my chest tit fucking me, as James continued to pump his cock in my cunt.

I needed a breather, so I asked them to stop. I scrambled to my knees and wiggled my ass cheeks in the air, indicating that one of the men fuck me from behind, doggie style. Ian took charge, and positioned himself behind me, the head of his fat cock hot and throbbing at my pussy entrance. He was as good a tease as I was, and he slowly eased the first inch or so of his delightful cock into me, his hands gripping my hanging boobs as he fucked me. In front of me, James offered me his pussy soaked cock and I eagerly took it onto my mouth, sucking him wildly as I found myself in a spit roast position on the bed between my two hot lovers. Ian was a wonderful fuck, and I figured that this wasn't his first threesome, and I not the first married woman he had fucked whilst away from home. I didn't care because he was one of the best fucks I had experienced in years, his gorgeous fat cock and staying power making me moan and groan in absolute pleasure as I sucked the erect penis in my mouth.

I moved in perfect rhythm with the two cocks that were fucking me. As I rolled my hips backwards to jam the fat cock deeper into my pussy, I withdrew my mouth and slid my tongue and lips along the shaft I was sucking. Then, as I rolled forward to suck the cock in my throat and mouth once more, slurping my tongue along it's base, I would slide my sopping cunt off the length of the shaft fucking me, before reversing the roles and repeating the whole fucking action, my eyes closed as I moaned and luxuriated in the sensation of being fucked in both ends at the same time.

This rocking back and forth with the three of us fucking in perfect unison continued for about ten minutes. It was sublime, and amazingly, I felt myself approaching my fourth orgasm for the night, but fate was against me this time! Ian, who had shown remarkable control and sensational fucking ability, suddenly gripped my hips hard, causing me to shriek and momentarily stop sucking James' cock in my mouth. He thrust into my pussy so deep I thought his dick was going to come out of my mouth, and I suddenly felt the tight spasming off his cock as he started to pump his semen inside me. It felt warm, no, hot, and each gush filled my pussy to the brim until I could feel his cum oozing out of my cunt walls as he pumped and pumped. Finally he stopped cumming, and his now softening cock popped from my pussy and Ian collapsed into a heap on the couch in the corner.

James decided it was time to fuck again, and moved around to get behind me, pushing his penis into my already cum soaked pussy. I felt him instantly inside me, the heat from his cock mixing with the warm semen that already soaked me. Being fucked by the second cock for the night in my already well used pussy was an amazing feeling. I loved it! I rocked back and forth on James' cock for ages. The blow job I had given him earlier that night on the balcony had caused him to stay hard longer the second time, and he was really able to fuck me good! We made lots of noise, and the combined juices inside my pussy squelched as we made love in front of Ian who was now just watching us on the bed as he sat there playing with his flaccid cock and sipped from his drink, exhausted.

I wanted to cum bad, and so I called him over, and told him to get underneath me and suck on my clit as James pounded me relentlessly. He was very talented, and after about four or five minutes, his tongue brought me to my fourth orgasm, that had been ripped from me earlier when he started to cum inside me. Now my orgasm was also the trigger for James to start cumming, and we all combined to form a mass of screaming, moaning, cum soaked, orgasming mess! James filled my pussy once more with a load of semen, as I climaxed an amazing fourth time in the company of these two studs.

Finally James fell back onto the floor from the bed, and James lapped at my sopping pussy until I reached down and stopped him. My clit was numb from overwork, and I wanted to luxuriate a while in the post orgiastic moments only a threesome can offer.


The next morning we shared breakfast with the rest of the conference attendees. On my left sat James, and my right, Ian. Sharon was looking very bleary eyed and sat opposite. As she started sharing the details of her night with the two guys that had dinner with us, I felt a hand on my thigh. As I glanced towards James, I suddenly felt a second hand on my other thigh, and looked back to see Ian smiling too. The sexy men either side of me shared me once more...................


Two days later Steve and I decided to stay at home and enjoy each other's company I bed to catch up. I was on the floor, my knees on a pillow. My husband, Steve, was ploughing his adorable cock into me from behind, my pussy welcoming every stroke as the head pushed inwards, followed immediately by the shaft I knew so well. The thick, veiny shaft that had penetrated me so many times since we met all those years ago.

I pushed back to meet each thrust from my husband's cock, and delighted in the fact that my tongue was also buried in the cunt of my best friend, Cheryl, who was splayed out on our bed, playing with her own tits as I licked her clit and sucked on her cunt. She was elevated by my large triangle pillow cushioning her body, her legs wide apart to allow my tongue open access to her pussy.

In the background, I knew our secret video camera was capturing this moment forever. Steve and I are total voyeurs, and we love nothing better than fucking like wild things, before relaxing and watching our performance again and again, inspiring us to further carnal challenges! It was exactly that which had lead us to be fucking Cheryl in our bed that day. I had wanted to make Steve's day by fucking with a porn video on in the background to set the mood. I picked the one we made when my other good friend, Georgie, had asked me to arrange her anal gang bang, which turned out to be an amazingly erotic event for us all.

Steve had just begun licking me as I sucked his cock in a classic 69 position, when the doorbell rang, and Cheryl walked in because we didn't answer the door. Before we realised she was in, she was standing there watching the two of us go at in, locked in a top to tail oral fuckfest. Anyway, to cut the story short, she ended up taking off her clothes and joining us in bed, resulting in the situation we now were in, with me being fucked by Steve, sucking on her pussy as the three of us continued to make another classic home porn movie.

As I continued to flicker her clit, I felt Steve draw his penis back from my pussy, and then his finger suddenly positioned itself at the opening of my arsehole. It was like a little penis, and as I felt it slithering inwards, I moaned and pushed back hard, jamming it into my bum as he pushed forward to fill both my holes fully again. Cheryl must have enjoyed seeing my anus being poked by Steve's finger, because she threw her head back, moaned loudly and grabbed my hair, forcing my tongue to jam against her bulging clit.

She must have been close to cumming, because suddenly she stiffened, pinched her nipples really hard and screamed an amazing guttural scream which was intense. Steve and I watched her body contract and shake as she climaxed, all the while Steve pumping his dick in and out of my pussy, as his finger fucked my ass in and out, deeper and deeper.

As Cheryl started to come down from her orgasmic high, I really began to get off on being finger and dick fucked at the same time. On the bed, Cheryl slid her body until her head was level with my own cunt, and she licked my clit as I was being double fucked by Steve with cock and finger.

As Steve pounded away with his dick, and pushed his finger in and out of my ass, I was becoming totally hot. Cheryl's tongue action on my clit was making me even wilder, and I was rapidly approaching a major orgasm. As the shakes began to grip me, I grimaced and moaned deeply, pushing my arsehole backwards hard onto Steve's finger, as his cock swelled and pumped his own love juices into me, cumming hard as he fucked me. Cheryl's tongue lashed my cunt and made me climax like no other combination. The three stimulants of cock in pussy pumping hot wet semen into me in bursts, a tongue on my bulging clitoris, and a finger fucking my ass hard and fast, made me burst into the fabulous orgasm that had my whole body convulsing in a series of thrashing and shaking contractions sandwiched between my husband and friend.

We cuddled together a few minutes before all climbing back onto the bed and kissing, fondling and laughing together. Cheryl wanted more, and Steve was keen to oblige. I, on the other hand, needed a break from my multiple penetrations and tongue lashings, and sat back on the bed to watch my husband and friend kiss and make love together once more.

I felt really hot and flushed, and so ducked into my ensuite to grab a glass of water. When I came back into the bedroom, Steve was laying back as Cheryl had his cock in her mouth, attempting to jam the whole thing in her throat. I watched in awe as she sucked my husband's cock back to stiffness following the fucking he had given me, emptying his load into my pussy only minutes earlier.

She was a very good cocksucker, and as I positioned myself on the bed next to Steve, I was able to reach down and fondle his heavy, shaved balls, as Cheryl sucked him off like a pro. It was a sexy scene. I looked up towards the hidden camera we had mounted in the ducted heating vent, winked, licked my lips ad then resumed my attention on the balls in my hand. I also leaned forward and tongue kissed Steve as my friend continued to suck his cock.

He was obviously getting hard again, as Cheryl's cheeks were swollen each time she pushed down her saliva covered mouth onto my husband's cock. She was moving fast, and slivers of her saliva were starting to dribble down the sides of her mouth as she continues to suck him off. I kept fondling his balls, and as he started to get really hard, I began to do what I love best, tug them downwards away from his cock to stop him getting too excited too early.

Ladies, if you've never tried that on your man, trust me, it works! The moment you think he is starting to want to cum, just grab his balls, and give them a good firm tug downwards. He'll probably yelp the first time, but the moment he realises it stops him from cumming, I'm sure he won't complain. After all, it makes sex last longer which has to be good for us all!

Anyway, after stopping Steve from cumming, I decided to let them continue enjoying playing with each other. However, I didn't want to be left out, so I gabbed one of my toys from the bedside drawer. I took out my long double-headed jelly dong, and started to work one of the ends into my pussy, which was still wet and sticky and full of Steve's sperm. I sat there with my legs apart, and fucked myself slowly as my friend sucked my husband's cock in my bed next to me. Seeing the action next to him and enjoying the head job he was getting, Steve reached over and once again began to finger my ass, which was still welcomed his digital penetration as the jelly dong worked its way in and out of my pussy. The dong is about 16 inches long with the penis heads at each end, and I loved fucking myself with long deep strokes as Steve usually wanked and came on my tits when we cum together. This time however, I wanted to put on more of a show as my husband was being sucked off, so I bent it end over, and began working the second head of the jelly monster into my tight arsehole. It hurt a little at first, despite the fact Steve had loosened me up earlier. Slowly though, like always, my arse muscles began to relax and stretch, and eventually the whole width of the jelly dong popped inside and I was wonderfully double-fucking myself with my favourite jelly toy as I watched Steve grab Cheryl by the ears and force his impressive cock deeper into her slutty throat.

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