tagIncest/TabooNynke Ch. 04

Nynke Ch. 04


Nynke and Mary are good friends. Nynke, who is almost 19 years old, was sexually educated by her parents Micha and Sasha since her 18th birthday. A few months ago she was introduced into a sexclub of which her parents are members. There her anal cherry was taken by John, her form teacher, as well as Mary's father. Both their parents are members of the club, and some weeks later it became clear that they know each other very well, on more than one level. Nynke helped Nicole and John to seduce Mary into the debauchery of incest. Nynke's parents had joined the festivities, and then the secret video system was revealed to the girls.

In the last chapter the girls and their parents included two boys from school in their frolics, and Mary and Nynke were both taken in a sandwich by the fathers.



Some weeks later Mary and I were alone at home one Saturday afternoon. Since my parents were not there, we thought it to be a perfect time to try out the ingenious video system our parents had installed in the house.

Over the years the system had been expanded. First there was only a simple DVD-recorder and a digital camera. But now there are hidden cameras practically everywhere, as well as some hand-held digi cams. The hand-held cameras (as well as the hidden ones) have wireless links to the computer system which controls the set-up. Everything is state of the art, High Definition quality. The access to the entire system is secured off course. Mary and I were given access codes and basic instructions of how the system works.

The system is actually a twin-system. In Mary's house there is a similar set-up. The two systems are linked through a 'hot-line' via internet. The link has its separate security checks and access routines. To open the line you have to login to the other computer from both sides at the same time.

First we tried out the most basic possibilities. We appreciated the easiness with which it all works. All streams from every camera are available on the servers. We soon understood that every image captured can be replayed. We already watched our first group session with all our parents. Now we started to explore the endless possibilities.

To find out where all the cameras are, we first sought access to all life-streams. This actually is really simple, for it is the first menu option and all cameras are listed in the next level. When the 'hot-link' to the other house is opened, the list doubles, so there is a direct access to all cameras at both places.

We wandered in turns through and around the house to get a good insight as to where exactly all cameras are, and we experimented with the zoom, pan and tilting possibilities. Most cameras are able to adjust their angles. But soon we wanted to see some action, so we dived deeper into the system.


First we tried to retrieve the archived images of the party we had last month with Doug and William. Mary's anal cherry was taken, and we both got sandwiched by our daddies. We were lucky. Although the images originated form the other house, the streams were readily available even though the hotline was not open. The streams were already retrieved from the other server. Once an archive has been retrieved from the sister-system it is permanent available on both systems. Since we had direct access to this particular archive, the streams must already have been approached from this side of the system... thus at least one of my parents must have reviewed it already... or maybe someone else... I found this knowledge intriguing.

In a matter of seconds we stared at our mothers, standing in the hallway of Mary's house. They both had threads of spunk leaking from the corners of their mouth, which were the spendings of Doug and William produced during the drive home. It was the moment we all had just entered the house returning from the swimming pool. We could even zoom in to see the sperm actually trickle down. It looked so tasty in close-up. Even zoomed-in the quality was really good. We switched to a stream from the living room and jumped in the timescale.

Mary pushed some buttons on the remote control and discovered a nice feature. Suddenly four images were visible at the same time. The screen was divided into four parts. Every sub screen worked separately; it could be set to another room, the other house, another moment on the timescale. But they also could stay locked together to get a constant view of the same room from different angles. Or different rooms for that matter. We began to appreciate why our parents had installed such big screens! It gave us the opportunity to view details up close, but we could also switch to multiple screen mode. With 4, 6 or 8 images, even up to all available streams at the same time. This was the voyeurs dream come true.

Mary's butt was sticking up in one corner, her mouth surrounded Micha's cock in the other top corner, screen 3 showed a picture of the entire room, and the last screen witnessed the radiant faces of our mothers on the cough. I tried the controls of the butt-screen, and managed to zoom out. As John stepped closer, I zoomed quickly back-in up close to watch in awe how his stiff cock disappeared into Mary's backdoor... blasted up in bigger than life-size...

"Shit, look how gross! I..., I never knew this would look sooooo hot!" exclaimed Mary. "I feel right now as if my bum is being filled all over again by my daddy... It felt soooo goooood!! Do you think this strange, Nyn?"

"No Mar, I feel awkward down there myself too! It is really great to watch yourself being fucked so rotten! I simply can't get enough to see this. Yesterday I secretly admired myself being ravished by daddy the other night. I'll show you that stream another time. For now I want to explore into the abyss of the unknown..."

"You mean, looking in the archives and see what our dads and mums have been up to without letting us know?"

"Yeaaah! It must be really hot to peek on them and find out what orgies have taken place at your and my place in the past! I'm dying to find out what they all have been doing right under our noses!!"


We skipped back in time to last summer. If we could judge from the small icons on top of the different folders, there was a big one in the last week before the summer holidays.

"I wonder what happened then! Wasn't that the week we were away on school-camp? Sure! My dad was away from home with us, so maybe we can witness Nicole being comforted by your parents...? What do you guess, Nyn?"

"No better way to find out than to watch it!!" I grinned back.

And so we hit the play button. The first shot was an empty living room. We switched to the mosaic-feature. By pushing on the green button the screen showed one camera from each room.

"Hé, this it great. Now you don't have to switch from one camera to the other to find out where the action is. You can cover almost everything at once!"

"Yep," I replied. "Just like some security officer. I've always wondered how they must feel watching everything inside the building. Probably rooming around virtually and peeping on every woman's ass they stumble on. Now, if you push the blue button the system will skip to the point where the first action is."

As Mary pushed the blue button, we saw Sacha arrive home in her car. There was also a camera in the front of the house pointing towards the street, covering everyone approaching the house. She stepped out of her car with some groceries in her hands. She obviously had been shopping. The clock in the corner of the screen said it was nearly five o'clock. The screen switched automatically to the hall as my mother entered our home, and followed her into the kitchen.

"What a nice feature! This way we only have to intervene when there is action to choose from," Mary noticed.

As my mother had put the groceries on the kitchen table, she entered the living room. The picture switched to full mode in the living room. Mary pushed on the green button once to get four cameras from this room on the screen. Now we witnessed how Sacha walked through the room towards the recliner in front of the TV-screen. She settled herself, with her legs put up on the chair underneath her butt. With the remote she switched on the system and the TV-screen. Immediately a smaller screen lit up in the corner showing what my mother saw at the time.

"Whee! Look at that!" Mary hissed. "We can simply see what at any given time was viewed on the screen!"

"Would this also work for watching telly?" I asked more to myself then to Mary. I picked up the remote and tried to find out. In the archive the screens were easy to locate. And indeed we could simply find what I had been watching yesterday evening. Accidentally I touched the jump button. The screen jumped to way past midnight last night, and we saw practically the same pictures we were looking at before: Mary was being sandwiched by John and Micha!

"Hé, hit the stream-button!" Mary yelled.

The screen switched to double-mode, and then we saw in one half of the screen the stream that was being watched last night, and on the other half the entire room. On the cough sat Micha. He had his stiff member out of his pants in his right hand.

"Try to zoom in, Nyn! Look, he really has the hots for me!!! See how hard his dick is, and how he's enjoying what he's looking at! How nice and sweet!! You even can see the veins full of blood and the pre-cum that's dripping from his penis!" shouted Mary.

"Wow!" I offered. "But do you understand the implications? This means that really everything that's going on in or around this house - and your house - can be seen by everyone who has access to the system! That includes both our parents, and you and me, and ... do you know who else has access?"

"No, we have to ask that, I think. But I do for sure appreciate that our parents have not put cameras in our rooms, up until now!! Just think of it, how vulgar it would have been if our fathers could have drooled over us, in the privy of our teenage-rooms! That really would be gross!"

"Or peeping on us taking a pee in the bathroom... or having a shower... just imagine that, Mary! Now I think of it, I really wouldn't mind that so much now I know it. And since we can do the same... Just as long as this stays within our family circle, that is!!"

"Yep, I think I agree with that," Mary concluded.


We went back to last summer, to find out what my mother had been looking at when she arrived from her shopping. It turned out to be a boring episode of 'As The World Turns'.

"I fancy a nice cold Bacardi-coke, you join me?" I offered Mary.

As I came back from the kitchen with our drinks, I noticed that Mary had jumped forward a bit on the timescale.

"Look," she said, "I think your brother just arrived from college!"

And indeed he was. Lenny is my brother who has left our house some five years before. He is my senior with four years. Since he went to law school at Boston Uni he lived on his own there. Last time he was home must have been in the summer, during the holidays. He came into the room with a big smile, and hugged my mother.

"Hi son!" my mother greeted him. "Now don't be so shy and give your mum a real kiss. You know how I like those soul-kisses you used to give me!"

Lenn dropped his bag and took my mother in both arms. They started to really get into it now. If you had never seen them before, you could easily mistake them for a couple. OK, he looks probably 15 years younger, but alas.

"Is my kid-sister around anywhere?" inquired Lenny.

"No, Nyn is away with her school-class for the entire week. They're on the end-of-term trip, including uncle John."

"Well, I'm sorry I can't admire that cute little ass of her, but on the other hand it's fortunate that she won't be in our way. I hadn't figured out yet what to do with her if she was here," Lenny replied.

"I've arranged for us a little reunion so to say. You'll see later tonight..." my mother replied smiling.

"I wonder what they were up to. What did Lenn mean; I would be 'in the way'? In the way of what? Something I shouldn't know about? Probably sex of some kind I presume, considering what we all have done with each other last month..."

"Well, I suppose we just have to wait and see. You want me to fast forward? I'm very curious myself to find out what your big brother has in his trousers anyway. Hopefully it'll show somewhere on a stream in the evening or at night... Or do his pants hide no secret to you?"

Without waiting for an answer Mary put the system in fast-forward. After a few moments we were way past dinnertime, in the basement which is our TV-room, or at least that's how I knew it... Lenny was hanging out there with two of his friends from High School. They were good-looking, handsome guys I didn't remember ever have seen around our house. They were watching some porn flick on the telly. The three boys all sported a considerable bulge inside their pants. Mary zoomed in to the crotch of Lenny to try and see up close the outline of his cock. I must admit that this peeping on my own brother, back into the past, was getting to me. My pussy started to tingle, and a warm feeling deep inside spread through my body. As Lenn started to touch his member through his pants, so did I. I lifted the summer dress I was wearing just enough to rub my pussy right through my panties. I felt that nice dampening feeling inside my panties.

After ten minutes Sacha entered the room, along with Nicole. They both wore hot tight leotards I'd never seen them in. Sacha put on some music, and she and Nicole started to dance to it. They put on a pretty hot show together. First, they danced next to each other with some basic dance moves. But these became more and more of a sultry nature. At the end of the second song they were actually French kissing each other. The boys applauded their entertainment, and our mothers diverted their attention from each other to the boys. As the boys were sitting right next to each other on the big cough, Nicole and Sacha gyrated their bodies right in front of them. Slowly they stripped the leotards from their lean bodies. When they were only clad in small panties they stepped up to the couch and straddled Lenny's friends. With Lenny in the middle, both his friends were getting a lap dance now from our mothers, while Lenny fondled the bare breasts of our mothers. Soon the room filled with the sound of 5 panting and wanton people.

Lenny got his big dick out of his pants. I thought Mary stopped breathing all together. She gasped for air, and her mouth fell open. "Gee, look how big he is!!"

"Yeeeeah, must be even bigger than our fathers..." I uttered softly. I didn't need to ask Mary to zoom in on my brother's cock; she was already doing exactly that. In close-up the picture became even more distracting. The size of his manhood... it was simply humongous!

Our mums got up from the two boys and knelt before them on the floor. They pulled their zippers down and next their trousers. Two nice and big dicks flipped straight up as soon as they were liberated from their confinements. The hot dancing had got them all worked up really nice. Nicole and Sacha put their mouths to work and started eating their cocks. After some licking up and down they gave them nice sloppy blowjobs. The heat simply burst from the screen. In the meantime Lenny got up from the cough and took off his trousers as well. He positioned himself behind Nicole, slipped her panties from her butt and shoved his big cock inside her pussy. He pumped her cunt with long slow strokes, in and out, in and out, ramming his masterpiece inside her up until the root. After about five minutes he withdrew himself from Nicole, and repeated his actions with Sacha. In and out he beat mums pussy merciless. And then he moved again to Nicole, and from Nicole to Sacha again. He filled them both up again and again, going from one to the other. It was such a hot sight to see the shaven cunts of our mothers being filled up again and again, stretched to their limits by the enormous fat cock of my own brother... His repeating pumping actions brought our mothers to an orgasm, and then another.

Not before long Lenny's friends were getting very near their orgasms. Our mothers kept on sucking them, ignoring their own orgasms. When the boys finally came, Nicole and Sacha let their spurting cocks fill their mouths and swallowed as much of the sperm they could. With loud groans and grunts the boys shot their hot cream home. The hungry mouths of Nicole and Sacha kept the bucking boners locked in a vice grip. Slowly the spasmic movements grew less and less, and when finally the wilting cocks were released from the gulping orifices they smeared the spunk they just had released all over the smiling faces of our mums. How they love to enact the dirty suck-sluts they really are deep within...

My brother kept on giving ours mothers the slamming they deserved. Right after his friends had spewed their shit all over Nicole's and Sacha's faces, he let his own orgasm break free. He kept pounding mum's cunt again and again right until he reached his own climax. After withdrawing his cock from the warm confinement he was born from his semen shot from his pecker with big gulps and splattered on both the asses of Sacha and Nicole. With his right hand he squeezed the last drops of cum form his proud weapon. Nicole took over and stuffed his cock into her hungry mouth. She sucked on his lollypop until he withdrew his manhood from her mouth with a load plop. Its colour seemed an unhealthy reddish purple. The blood-engorged organ had done its job and looked like it needed a good nights rest.

Lenny's friends had regained some of their strengths. They both got up from the cough, and switched positions with Nicole and Sacha. Our mums got down on their knees, with their breasts and shoulders lying on the cough, their butts sticking high up in the air. Hungry for some hot stuff the boys got down at their behinds and lapped at the ooze covered pussies. Our mothers squirmed. Then the boys took up position behind them, took a firm grip on the hips, and rammed their cocks home into the hungry cunts. The sloshing and sucking sounds they produced was amazing. Well lubricated because of the reaming Lenny had given them, the hot rods sliced into the slick sheaths without a problem. With a nice steady rhythm the boys rode our mums to jet another orgasm.

Sacha and Nicole kissed all three boys goodnight, put on their panties and leotards, and left the room. We followed them through the house. Nicole prepared a nice hot bath in the master bathroom, stripped off her skimpy clothes again, and made herself comfy in the steaming water. Meanwhile Sacha had gone to the kitchen, prepared two long drink glasses with some strong beverage and then joined Nicole in the bathroom.

On one screen we still watched the boys in the TV-room. Worn out from the recent fucking they hung on the cough, looking seemingly uninterested to the screen still showing its steaming actions from the porn flick.

"Wouldn't it be nice just to be with that bunch of stallions... I wouldn't mind if the three of them would leap on me and give me a good banging!" Mary said with a sigh.

Mary simply couldn't resist it and zoomed in to the crotches of the boys. She shifted from one boy to the other, lingering at the semi-hard cocks that were clearly coated with the combination of sperm and cunt-juice as a result of the little fuck party.

To be continued ...

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