tagNovels and NovellasNYPD: Fighting Temptation Ch. 02

NYPD: Fighting Temptation Ch. 02


Lunch with Lisa had been slow torture. Sure, she was nice on the eyes, but she was nonstop chatter. She pretty much told him her entire life story in one club-sandwich sitting and was about to go on when she was interrupted --to Aiden's luck—by some old precinct buddies.

"Get the fuck outta, he-ah. Aiden you S.O.B. you was just gonna come up in Pete's and not say "hello"?" Gerry was a completely Brooklynite. He was older than Aiden but only by a few years. He was a big guy in every sense of the word. He wasn't fat per say, he was just solid and tall. A few years back, he and his partner responded to a call about a robbery in progress at a local convenience store and well to make a long story short, Gerry's partner and the store owner were killed and Gerry was shot 4 times. It took months of rehab and years of therapy so now he worked the desk. Aiden couldn't just call to him from across the diner so he told Lisa he's be a minute and walked over to the commotion. There were several uniforms there, some old some new, but all NYPD brothers. Aiden had been out of commission for a while and was uncertain about even coming back to the field, but when he was told about the new case he figured it was just the type to ease him back into the game. They said their "hellos" and the new kid, Jones was his name, noticed that I was eating lunch with "the hot chick from the basement".

"Shit" Aiden thought to himself, he had been all caught up with the guys that he actually forgot about Lisa at the table.

"Well I gotta head back to lunch, you know duty calls." Aiden smirked as he retreated back to his booth with Lisa. The guys gave him a knowing look and burst out laughing. Gerry just smiled and shook his head at the kid. Man, Aiden was never out of commission when it came to the ladies. He used to have a different one for everyday of the week. He was a legend in the precinct and on his first day back, it looked like he was coming out of retirement. "That lucky bastard" Gerry thought.

As Aiden returned to the table he was glad to see the bill sitting there waiting to be paid. He put down a twenty and noticed that Lisa didn't even look like she intended on leaving. He felt like an ass when he began, but it had to be done.

"Hey, Lisa, lunch was great....but I really gotta head out. I –"

"Oh, oh-my-gosh, that's cool I didn't mean to hold you up or anything. Lunch was great thought, maybe we should make it a habit." Lisa smiled seductively and grabbed her purse as Aiden put on his jacket. He knew exactly what she was getting at, but for some reason wasn't as interested as her. But he had to remain professional; she was after all his secretary.

"Yeah, for sure. I'll see you Monday. Have a good weekend." They headed in separate directions, Lisa was going back to the precinct and Aiden was headed to the number one place he figured his new partner would be...


"Hey Shelley, how's your afternoon been?" Khalilah smiled as she walked up to the sign in desk of the morgue, tossing Shelley the other half of her turkey sandwich.

She had become very close with Shelley since her arrival several month prior. In fact, Khalilah considered Shelley, or Shell as she often called her to be her only friend in the Big Apple. For some reason, Shelley reminded Khalilah of her best friend Allie back home in Jamaica. The women looked nothing alike, her best friend being of Venezuelan descent and Shelley being Chinese-American, they just had the same mannerisms and style. Shelley was a nurse, who was usually in emergency, but she was moonlighting in the morgue due to lack of staff. That's where the two women met. It had been Khalilah's second week in New York and she was working on a minor hit and run case and it was Shelley's third day at the desk and she was bored out of her mind. They struck up a conversation and ever since then they were cool. Shelley even took it upon herself to be Khalilah's official New York City tour guide. They went out for food at least two-times a week and if their weekends weren't filled with career chaos, then they'd go to a disco or bar on Shelley's request. Khalilah wasn't the type to party she didn't really get the opportunity like most during university because of her age. And when she was of age she was so busy with schoolwork and interning that she just didn't get involved. She was almost 23 before she had actually been to a disco with some people from the hospital. She had had fun, but she felt uncomfortable at times with the people she once thought of as friends. But with Shelley their friendship was genuine and not an attempt to get farther in life or make connections.

"Hey girl, It's been dead – get it?! Dead. Haha, okay so apparently comedy isn't my calling." She smiled and the two women laughed.

"Nothing new to tell you, hun, it's been quiet." Shelley usually calls to give Khalilah a heads up from Emergency if there's anything remotely suspicious and it has been to her benefit, but since the body of the young female washed up a couple weeks back, the attackers have been keeping low. Khalilah wasn't sure if that was a good thing.

"Sooo how was your day?" Shelley inquired as though she knew something was up. It was uncanny sometimes how she did that.

"Actually, it sucked. I had to rerun some labs, which is going to slow me down at least a couple days. My office looks like a tornado blew through it, not once, but twice." She paused as they both laughed at the imagery "...and I was introduced to my new partner." Khalilah wasn't able to hide her displeasure from her friend who just teased her by playing the world's smallest violin in tribute to her. Khalilah went on to explain everything that happened and Shelley stared in amazement as her friend explained expressed emotions she didn't even think Khalilah had.

"And then they were like... "Well I grew up in Manhattan!"" Khalilah was mimicking Lisa's voice and doing a really good job too.

"And he was like "I grew up in Queens, blah blah blah"". It was then that Khalilah noticed the big grin plastered across Shelley's face and had to stop to her performance hoping to God that no one else had heard her silliness. Khalilah looked around and was glad to see that no one else had come in on her performance, but her friend sat there with that stupid smile that Khalilah just had to yell.

"What?!" She was a bit annoyed since Shell just sat there smiling like a goofball.

"You're jealous." She said it like a question but Khalilah knew that she was stating it.

"What? No! I'm not jealous, just a bit queasy from the cheesy flirting, but NOT jealous. He's not even my type." Khalilah said it like she had been practicing the response on her way over here.

"Kiki, how long have we been friends? Like, what seven, eight months? Okay well from the time we've gotten to know one another you have never gotten so riled up about a guy – ever! And you've had to work alongside some mighty good-looking guys. How do you even know he's not your type?" Shelley laid it out for her with no sugar coating.

"Because he's into Lisa!" Khalilah burst out before she even realized the trap Shelley put up for her.

"Shit – okay you're good." Khalilah shook her head and smiled while her friend came over and patted her on the back.

"You know, he did say he wanted you to join." Shelley pointed out.

But Khalilah quickly retorted "Because he wanted to get to know me as his partner." She said the last part as though it were leprous to her tongue. Was she really jealous? She was never one to want what others had, her parents had always taught her to be thankful for her lot in life. She and her family hadn't always had it easy. But jealously was never something that crossed Khalilah's mind. Was she upset that Det. Brooks was nicer and more charming to Lisa when they were introduced? Or was it that Lisa was a people-person and could strike up a conversation with anyone, something Khalilah actually found quite difficult to undertake. She was good with reports and presentations, but that was related to her work, her passion. Just going up and talking to someone, for Khalilah was harder than her MCAT.

"Kiki...hello in there?! Are you still with me?" Shelley knew her friend's thoughts were a million miles away and she hoped that she didn't cause her to be upset. Khalilah snapped out of the daze and simply smiled at Shell. She knew her friend meant well and Khalilah appreciated Shell's tell-it-like-it-is attitude. She had her best interests at heart. As they went into the dimly lit room, Shelley's pager went off. She checked the message and looked a bit pissed.

"What's up? You gotta go?" Khalilah asked noticing her friend's scowl.

"Sort of...they want me to help out overnight in E, but fuck I've been here almost 13 hours already. I was supposed to have two days off. I need to go call the nurses station, you know where everything is anyways..." Khalilah watched as Shell stalked off in a rightfully sour mood.

Khalilah remembered those days in residency when it didn't matter how long you'd already put in, if shit hit the fan you had to be there. As she set up shop getting the body from storage and rolling it over to the examiner's room, Khalilah's mind went back to the showdown she had had earlier with Det. Brooks...

Aiden Brooks....

From what she had read, he was at the top of his game until a recent case had him on leave for almost a year. He was 29 years old and had already spent almost a decade in the force. He grew up in Queens with his mother, stepfather and siblings. Apparently his biological father had been involved with some shady people and wound up dead when Aiden was 2. As a child he had found himself in some trouble like a lot of the kids in his neighborhood. They weren't necessarily bad kids; they just didn't have any structure. He was definitely rough around the edges, as he got older and bolder. He stole his dad's car and was selling weed to kids at school. After several stays at juvie before he was even 14, something clicked in him and he suddenly turned his act around. He worked hard at school and was making money the legal way and graduated at the top of his class. He went on to study Psychology at Columbia and maintained a 4.0 GPA, while volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club and working a part-time job with full-time hours. During his second year he was recruited by the FBI as a profiler and began working on major state and national cases. But one case apparently really got to him and he suddenly took a leave of absence.

"Now he is my partner and I have to deal with his giant ego." Khalilah thought to herself as she finished preparing the examination room. She turned on the stereo and hooked up her I-Pod and pressed play. She never liked the maddening silence that came with the morgue although she didn't have a problem with the post mortem bodies themselves. In Miami, where she lived you could always hear music playing or cars driving by one of the things she had no problem getting used to when she arrived in New York...the city really never sleeps. But the morgue, it was too quiet and so she always came prepared with her music on hand. She unzipped the body bag and looked down at a young girl only a few years her junior and sighed.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't help, but maybe we can help other girls so they don't end up in here." She said hoping that she could learn something new. This was the girl who had been kidnapped and sadly her body had turned up several days later. Luckily she was well preserved which allowed Khalilah to make the associations and see the similarities in the cold case she had been assigned. Was it possible that these kidnapping/murders were related or was it coincidence she wondered.

As John Mayer's "In Repair" began to play in the background, Khalilah couldn't help but sing along. She loved the song and could swear that John had written it for her. As she sang, she was totally unaware of the visitor she had standing in the doorway watching her intently.


Aiden entered the hospital and knew exactly where to look for his elusive partner. He had been to the morgue in this particular hospital too many times to make use of the barely legible signs, so he headed down a wing, which he knew would have less traffic than what he was encountering at the moment. As he sauntered through the halls, Aiden turned several nurses heads and dodged familiar ones as he made his way to the elevator heading to the basement. As he stood waiting for the doors to open, he heard his name being called.

"Aiden?... Det. Aiden Brooks, is that you?" the high-pitched voice of a bubbly-blond assaulted his ears as she approached him from the east wing doors. As he made out her features, he knew he was in trouble. Sure he had the reputation of a playboy, with too many one-night stands under his Hugo Boss belt, but he had turned over a new leaf in the last few years as he found the dramatics of his unions too Melrose Place-ish for his liking. He realized then that he needed to grow up when his "ex's" were unionizing and creating official "Aiden Brooks CockBlockers Clubs". Aiden realized the ass he had become and decided he needed to take his relationships with others, especially women, more seriously. So the few relationships he had had in recent years were seen as potential long-term situations, but he tended to attract the wrong type of women to settle down with, and Melanie Stokes was one of them.

"Hey Melanie, how've you been?" Aiden quickly put on the charm and gave her a friendly hug, and she made sure to press her ample breasts into his chest. As she placed a lingering kiss on his cheek, Aiden recalled one of their sessions and man, was she ever wild. She could fuck for hours and she gave damn good head, but she had this way of overacting sometimes, like sex was a performance as opposed to a natural act. But one thing was for sure; some of the ways she could bend was definitely not normal.

"Where have you been, I've been calling but got nothing?" She batted her eyelashes and I thought how I was glad to be immune to her act...now... a few months ago I would have been screwed. Melanie knew that Aiden wasn't interested in her like that any longer, but she'd hoped that maybe he'd come around. He was a good catch and she wasn't one for missing an opportunity. They had started seeing each other more than a year ago and they only lasted 4 months, but she knew what he liked and they continued to sleep together for a couple more weeks, until he ended that relationship quite abruptly and literally disappeared off the face of the planet. She knew he was having a hard time with a case he was working on, but didn't realize that it was worse than he had let on. She still cared for him in her own opportunistic way, but this encounter made her realize that he just wasn't that into her. She wasn't surprised when he politely brushed her off due to his "busy schedule and deadlines".

"Busy? That's the best I could come up with. I wish I had just taken the stairs." Aiden said to himself as he rode the elevator down 3 floors. He rounded the corner and headed to the morgue, but realized that he didn't know exactly what he was going to say if he found who he was looking for. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of music not quite blaring, but probably louder than intended due to the echo produced by the basement's structure. As he approached the sign in desk he found no one attending it, which was unusual. The morgue itself was empty, but there was light filtering from the examination room.

"That's probably where the music's coming from." Aiden thought to himself, but he felt a bit wary about the situation so he reached for his gun and slowly approached the room door. As he approached the entryway, Aiden called out to see if anyone was there.

"Hello? Is someone working at the desk this afternoon?" he called into the doorway, trying to be inconspicuous and as he entered the doorway, there she was, his partner, singing along to what sounded like John Mayer while cutting open a cadaver with her scalpel. She was completely in her element because she didn't even hear him call to her. So he watched her for the second time since their introduction and he was enthralled. Aiden decided that he should probably get her attention in a subtle way before he approached her from behind, but as he was about to her phone vibrated on the metal chart causing her to jump slightly at the rattling instruments. As she went to turn down her music, Aiden took the opportunity to "help" her out.

"I'll get that." he said as he picked up her cell and said "hello".

She jumped at his voice, but the look she had on her face was nothing close to fear.

"What? No- what are you-" she was in shock at his boldness and worse he was shushing her as he spoke to whoever was on the other end of her phone.

"...is that so? Yes ma'am! I'll let her know Mrs. Davis. It was nice talking to you too and have a good evening out with your husband. Bye." Aiden laid the charm on thick and Khalilah watched in horror as she realized that he was speaking to her mother.

"Why didn't you give me the phone? That was my mother." Khalilah was pissed, this guy was so freaking rude!

"Yeah, I know and to be honest you should really start taking after her, she's so pleasant. Anyways, your hands were all covered in human remains, I figured you wouldn't want to get shit all over your phone." He smiled as he notice her turning red from frustration. If they were cartoon characters, she'd be the on with the smoke coming from her ears.

"Well, what did she say?" Khalilah quipped.

"Oh you know, just that she hasn't heard from you in over a week and wanted to know if I, perhaps was the cause of your lack of communication."

While on the phone Aiden knew what Khalilah's mother was implying and didn't feel the need to correct her. After noting that her daughter was okay, Mrs. Davis seemed excited at the thought of her always-too-busy daughter being involved with someone as though it was a rare occurance. So Aiden let the elder Davis believe what she wanted, not only to maintain her elation, but because he felt something else...he just couldn't quite put it to words.

Khalilah knew he was trying to annoy her and to be honest he was doing a damn good job. "Why am I letting this idiot get me upset?" she thought to herself. And more importantly what was he doing there and how did he find me?

Aiden was surprised that she had no retort for his prior comments, but he could tell she was trying to hold her tongue.

"So, this is where you like to hang out, huh?" It wasn't so much of a question as it was an observation.

"Yes- I mean no! I don't like to hang out here, I have work to do" she found herself trying not to sound like a complete loser as she answered his rhetorical statement. "What are you doing here anyways? I thought you were having lunch with Lisa." Khalilah tried to inquire without seeming overly interested in their lunch "date", but Aiden either caught her sarcasm or was just trying to piss her off...it was probably the latter.

"Oh well, Lisa's smoking hot that's for sure" Aiden paused to gage Khalilah's reaction before going on, but noted that she was stone faced as he spoke so he continued. "And the lunch was pretty good, but you shouldn't be jealous of us, I mean, you and I are partners after all." Hook, line and sinker Aiden thought to himself as he saw Khalilah raise her eyes to meet his with the most incredulous expression he had ever seen. He couldn't contain himself any longer, he was a playful guy by nature and this was just too easy. As he began to laugh, Khalilah couldn't take it any more. Why was it that this man felt the need to annoy her constantly? And worse why was she finding him attractive? Even know as he laughed at her expense, she knew he was only playing around and she found it...cute? He had a sexy laugh and his eyes became half moons as he closed them. Even his mouth looked...No, no this was not happening. She couldn't start thinking these things about Det. Brooks, this man was becoming the bane of her existence and they only met...4 hours ago. As she took a second glance at her watch she realized it was later than she had thought.

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