tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNYRR Inc: The Processing

NYRR Inc: The Processing


It had been the joke around the office about how Amanda had never been able to keep her New Years Resolutions. She had laughed along with everyone until her editor had laughed last by assigning her the assignment of writing about ways to keep them. It took Amanda a couple hours of research to stumble upon the corporation New Years Resolution Resolutions Inc. She had to admit it was pretty clever marketing and she found herself already taking the hour drive out to their facility.

She parked her Prius outside the large metal building, she noticed how rural and isolated the area was and immediately felt a pit in her stomach. It had been months since a similar remote location had led to some perilous and erotic adventures. Part of her secretly hoped this assignment might be similar another part of her wanted to turn tail and run.

She made her way through the entry doors and was quickly ushered by a brightly smiling secretary into a private meeting room with one of the company's agents.

"Ms. James. We are so excited and glad to see you here at NYRR." Said the smiling dark headed woman. "My name is Amy, and I'm a NYRR Agent. My job is to assess your Resolutions and see how we can provide you with the results you desire."

Amanda relaxed in the comfortable leather chair and smiled back "Well, I've always had a problem keeping my Resolutions and after browsing your website I wanted to see if you can help me. "

The woman smiled "Of course. It's what we do. Let's start with some background. I see you work for the City Chronicle as writer. It also looks like you ran track in college. Perhaps you desire to get back into shape or lose a few pounds from the holidays?"

"Exactly!" Amanda said. She was a little puzzled how Amy already had a lot of her background. She had barely been here 5 minutes but she decided to roll with it. "Visiting family over the holidays I always pack on a light 5 or 10 lbs. I've also added a little weight this year up here." She said sitting back and motioning to her chest.

"Hmmm. So you'd like to tone up, lose some pounds, maybe tighten some 'problem' areas?" The agent said jotting down notes on her tablet.

Amanda nodded approval and then asked a question that had puzzled her on the company's website. "Your website says all your services are free to customers. How can that be true?"

Amy stopped typing and Amanda could tell this was a hidden agenda of the operations of the company. Amy's smiled returned "Our company uses our customers Resolutions as a way to make profit. In other words we put you straight to work for us accomplishing the goal of meeting both your resolutions and keeping our lights turned on."

"So I will be working for you?" Amanda said.

"Exactly. We are a goal oriented service so you will work and live with us until your resolution is met." The agent replied.

"Doing what?" Amanda said puzzled.

"Depends on your goals. Each client sets goals and once they are reached you are free to go home with the knowledge you've accomplished something you've struggled with for years." She replied.

Amanda was smart enough to realize she didn't answer the question and the phrase "free to go home" suddenly had that pit in her stomach stirring. "So let's say my goal is to get back into college track shape and lose a pesky 10 pounds. What would I be doing working for you?"

Amy smiled across table at her knowing this client might be a slight bit brighter than the usual customer. "Hmmm. Well with those goals I would say we would schedule you for some daily manual labor, some intense training along with personal one on one overseer time. Our methods are very unique, have you heard of Boot Camp style fitness? We provide more of a work camp environment."

"Work camp?" Amanda said puzzled. "Like from those old prison work camps in the movies?"

The woman smile back. "Sort of. That's probably the closest thing you could compare it to. A little hard work never killed anyone and in fact we believe it's vital in healthy living. Here, I've drawn up the contract." She said flipping the tablet around to face Amanda.

She read the contract. "I, Amanda James, being of sound mind absolve my rights of privilege until the fulfillment of my Resolutions which are as follows:

Lose 15 lbs returning to my weight as college sophomore of 110. Return to College level fitness of running the 1500m in 5 minutes"

Amanda remembered the day she came in under 5 minutes in the 1500m. It was a personal goal 5 years ago that required a lot of sweat and hard work. She almost signed the tablet right there just to get that feeling back but she paused. "So I will work here 24/7 until I reach these two goals?" She said looking up.

"Absolutely. After signing I will have you processed and shown around. We can't divulge our methods until a client signs the dotted line. Privacy concerns." She said. "But I can tell you, all of us at NYRR are excited to have you and willing to work alongside you to meet these goals."

Amanda took a deep breath and traced out her signature on the tablet with her finger. "Alright. Let's do this!" She said excitedly.

She looked up to see an evil smirk cross the face of the agent sitting across the table from her. Amy shouted loudly "Processing! Fresh meat in here!"

Startled, Amanda stood up but the door to the room burst open and two large men dressed in gray coveralls entered. They roughly grabbed Amanda on each arm and pulled the struggling brunette into the hallway.

"Let me go!" Amanda yelled struggling with the two much larger men. They grasp her arms tightly and dragged her struggling and kicking through double doors.

She entered a large white room, she immediately noticed several women handcuffed to a wall the two brutes were dragging her towards. Other women in nurses attire seemed to be busy undressing the bound women and measuring their bodies. Amanda was roughly pushed against the wall as cuffs were locked to her wrists and secured to the wall high above her head.

"Fuckers! Let me go! You'll pay for this shit!" She screamed as the two men laughed. One of them flipped open a boxcutter knife with a hooked blade and Amanda quickly shut up.

She watched as he ran the knife softly against the side of her waist and hooked the fabric of her skirt and thong. With a quick downward jerk he sliced the thin fabric and Amanda's bottom coverings slid off her thighs down to the floor.

"Looks like this slut shaves her mound. What a whore." One said.

"I'll have to visit her cell after hours tonight." The other said as Amanda blushed in shame and defeat.

He took the knife up to the front of her blouse and slowly popped each button spilling out her bra covered chest. He next cut the straps of her bra on her shoulders. She looked beggingly into his dark cold eyes as he hooked the blade between her tits on the middle of her bra and pulled back.

Amanda closed her eyes in shame as her heaving chest spilled forth and each man grabbed a fleshy orb. She listened to them talk about how "good her tits felt" and say how "good they would look with a cock between them." She jumped back against the wall as she felt one man's hand slide down her stomach to her inner thighs. She squeezed them together tightly trying to prevent the invasion but he was too strong as she soon felt him probing inside her pussy.

"Absolutely soaking." He said to Amanda's shame. "I'm definitely paying you a visit tonight."

The two laughed and pulled away leaving Amanda naked on the wall with the other handful of women. She wanted to cry and scream for freedom but she knew it was useless. She looked to her right and began studying the nurses and her upcoming processing.

Each female nurse seemed to have a specific task, one measured breast size, another waist circumference. She watched as the girl beside her gasp as a tapered probe was inserted into her pussy and stopped when it was to thick to push deeper. Amanda shuttered knowing she would soon be measured and processed in the same fashion.

It was her turn as she watched the girl beside her unlocked and tossed some dirty rags and told to dress. Slender soft hands roamed over Amanda's chest and belly. Her nipples were teased to stiffness and obviously noted in her own report. The probe pushed deep inside her until Amanda groaned in pain by its depth and girth. Every inch of her body was inspected and her photographs taken by the nurses. Finally finished she was uncuffed and tossed a pile of clothes.

"Dress and exit that door" the woman pointed to the far wall. "Don't do anything stupid either." She said.

Amanda pulled the gray dingy tank top over her head. She could read words written across the front NYRR Inmate#7747. She slid the small cotton shorts up her thighs. The shorts clung to her round ass tightly and barely covered her cheeks. She walked slowly toward the door thinking about the degrading words Fuckmeat covering their front and Beat me on the back.

She entered another room and was grabbed roughly by the arm. She was pulled toward an open table and pushed against it. "Bend over, face down and spread your arms out to each side wide." The man ordered her. She did as was instructed and could see other tables where other women were being treated similarly. She watched as thick iron manacles where locked to the wrists and neck of a blonde two tables over. Her vision then caught identical restraints laying on her own table.

Rough leathery hands pushed Amanda's bare feet wide and she felt the thick cold metal locked around one ankle then the other. The man hammered a pin into place that would take machinery to remove as Amanda's legs shook from the pounding and her nerves. She felt him grip her right wrist and slide a cuff over it and close it shut. Using the table to keep it in place his hammer slammed the cuff locked to her thin wrist. He repeated the process to her left wrist and then brushed back her brown hair.

"Please don't." She said begging as she felt the cool metal against her neck. The man pressed the front of his pants to her bent over ass and she could feel a bulge inside them. She knew he wouldn't show her mercy. The hammer jolted her as it pinned the collar permanently around her neck. He then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off the table. She watched as heavy chains were brought and connected to all five of her restraints to restrict her movement.

The man then led her to a coffle of identically dressed and restrained women. He attached her collar to a leash connected to the woman in front of her. "Last Inmate processed. Let's get these sluts down to the camp." He shouted.

Amanda watched as a pair of double doors were opened and the line of women tugged and pulled out into the sunlight. Her bare feet kept up on the dirt path and she was immediately glad the January day was a warm one or she'd freeze dressed in the thin inmate outfit. She could catch a good view of part of the operation. There was a large barracks surrounded by fencing and razor wire, a huge lake that seemed to have what looked like a rock or salt quarry on the far side. The line of women soon reached the camp and the guards and overseers seem to be dividing up the inmates.

Amanda watched as the first woman in line was told "Galley" by an overseer and dragged towards the lake. The next was told "Mines" and another assigned the "Brothel". Amanda realized that the man was assigning each woman her new job and shuttered as each was ushered away. The woman in front of Amanda was assigned to "Carts" and finally she was alone.

The man looked Amanda's body up and down as he read through her file on his tablet. "This one could be here a while." He thought to himself reading her designated goals. That was fine by him, he had decided to play with this last one. His rough hand slid under Amanda's tank top and kneaded her left breast as she squirmed uncomfortably. "Why don't you pick your fate?" He said mockingly. "I can put you to work in the mines breaking rock, hauling the rock out of the mines on carts or perhaps you'd like the task of ferrying the rock across the lake on a galley ship." His fingers teasing her nipple Amanda shuddered hearing her choices. "Or maybe the brothel suits you more?" He said as Amanda blushed and the surrounding guards laughed and began taking steps closer.

Amanda could feel them closing in on her. What would they do to her? What had she done and would anyone save her from this perilous fate? Multiple hands began sliding over her soft exposed flesh as well as pulling down her thin shorts and up on her tank top.

She wasn't sure what she'd gotten herself into but she was pretty sure by the time she left she'd be in the best physical shape of her life. Because if she wasn't she knew she would never be allowed to leave.

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