Nyx Ch. 01


Author's Notes

1: This story is on its way to a harem-esque (in terms of the D/s dynamic) story, with Nyx as the sort of over-Dom. It is, sadly, not there yet, and will probably be quite a while before it gets there. That said, once it does get there it will have strong BDSM elements (also, twincest), so be warned.

2: Nikki and Sienna belong to Hentai Foundry's manta_ray, and will be exiting the story (well, technically Sienna never entered, but anyway) by the end of Chapter Three, per her request. They may return in the future, but not until we're into double-digit chapters at least. Kyrie belongs to S.

3: I will add a pronunciation guide, and will add a separate chapter consisting of character descriptions if it is requested - I try not to bog down story with description, but sometimes it leaves readers lacking on physical details.

4: The name in parentheses at the beginning of each chapter is the person whose perspective it is from, in case that was unclear.

5: Yeah, there are a lot of notes and stuff at the beginning. Just press on and you'll get to the story. Future chapters will be fairly light on notes, comparatively.

World Stuff: The world in these stories is one where the Fae have open contact with mortals. Events have unfolded largely in the way they have on our Earth, however, since the Fae rarely care enough to effect large-scale change (and when they do, you can bet that other Fae are working to undo that very change).

The primary differences between this world and our own are the aftermath of Fae/human hybrids.

The most commonly seen effect of having Fae blood are having some form of magic; actual, flexible, sorcerous-style magic is rarely found with less than 1/2 Fae heritage, and never in anyone who has less than 1/4 Fae heritage. What are far more common, and can occur much further down the generational line, are Gifts - basically very specific magics. Sarah, for instance, within the story has a Gift with lighting - she can manipulate the lighting of the general area she's in. Very minor... but very useful when you're trying to take photos.

The other effect of the fae blood are netari. Basically, some Fae women have cocks instead of pussies, woo (world-wise, there are probably Fae men with pussies, but meh, that doesn't particularly interest me, so I'm not writing it), and they're fully fertile (well, if they want to be). Thus, occasionally a female descendant of a Fae ancestor will have a penis.

Random Pronunciation Stuff

Netari: neh-tah-ree

Kyrie: Kai-ree

Chiara: Ki-Aura

Sidhe: Shee-uh

Nyx: Nix

Credits and all that stuff: Thank you manta_ray for your editing and characters for the first three chapters; S, thank you for both your editing and for Kyrie

Chapter Notes

This one's pretty much all smut. A little chardev, but really just smut. More story will come later.

Chapter 01 (Sarah)

I smiled happily as I reached the house, setting down my camera bag to unlock the door. It wasn't a big house, but the fact that it was a house at all was a testament to how well Nyx's work paid -- my photography alone wouldn't be able to rent this and still have money left over for luxuries. The day had gone well, though, and as I stepped inside I cheerfully called out, "Nyx, I'm home! What're you up to?" There was no response, though, which worried me for a moment -- she had said she'd be home all day, after all -- but not for long, as I quickly heard the sound of running water and realized that she must be in the shower.

I walked into the living room, turning on my laptop and setting my camera to sync the photos from today's shoot -- today I'd shot people, mostly a quite attractive girl named Chiara in various attractive undergarments -- she was one of the models for next month's issue of Shadows and Lace, a popular magazine for sexy lingerie. Mmm, she was pretty... I thought. An engaging conversationalist, too -- I should talk more to her during our appointment the day after tomorrow. Maybe grab dinner with her. Just then, something interrupted my reverie. Was that a moan? When the sound was repeated, I glanced at the progress bar for the camera sync. It still had a ways to go, so I shrugged off the coat I'd worn to stave off the chill air outside and stood.

I trotted quickly off to the bathroom, shedding clothes as I went. First went the white button-down shirt, then the bra beneath it, then my pants and the panties beneath them. Nyx must be pleasuring herself in the shower, I reasoned, and I'd just love to step in there and take over for her. As I stepped into the bathroom, however, closing the door again behind me, I saw two silhouettes through the rippled shower glass -- one standing, perhaps leaning against the shower wall, and the other on its knees between the first one's legs. I frowned. Nyx didn't mention any visitors for today, I thought, stepping up to the shower door and opening it.

Inside I found a scene so sexy that I had to bite my lip to stifle a gasp. Nyx was leaning back against the wall of the shower, her pelvis thrust forward and her hands tangled in Nikki's hair, who was, if the sounds coming from the two of them were any indicator, eating her out with both impressive enthusiasm and skill.

Nyx, in her female form, stood at a shade under five ten, hairless save for the shoulder-length black hair failing to hide either of the obvious signs of her sidhe heritage -- her ears were clearly pointed, and her irises were green and blue, swirled together but never mixing, framing her catlike pupils. Her breasts weren't much larger than average for a human of her build, but they were perfectly formed, tipped with perfect pink nipples, each of them pierced with a silver stud. The hood of her clit, I knew, was pierced with a small silver ring, which I imagined Nikki was putting to good use. A tattoo in black ink ran from her left ankle to the base of her neck, all swirls and points, emphasizing her curves, drawing the eye across her best features. Her muscles were not clearly defined, instead merely hinting at the strength not quite apparent in her form -- like most fae and their close descendants, she possessed unearthly strength, little to do with her muscles.

Nikki's body I was just as familiar with -- even though she was obscured by her position, I knew exactly what she looked like. Very fit, her abs forming a hint of a six-pack, the muscles in her arms visible as she held Nyx's hips steady. Her breasts, just on the good side of overlarge, tipped with delightfully sensitive nipples, their areolas on the large side. Her waist, curving enticingly into her hips, her full butt begging to be groped, her clean-shaven pussy framed by her well-formed legs. Her wavy, almost frizzy red hair fell between her shoulder blades, the bottom five inches or so dyed black.

Neither of them noticed my entrance into the shower, so I stepped into the water, getting myself good and wet quickly as they continued. I grinned as I had an idea, soaping my index and middle fingers well, getting them slippery, then I stepped up next to Nyx, wrapping my left arm around her, kissing her deeply. She made a quiet sound of surprise, but returned the kiss passionately, continuing to whimper, moan, and thrust her hips as Nikki continued her attentions, As Nyx relaxed into the kiss, I slid my other arm around her, slipping my fingers between the cheeks of her ass, circling her anus, pressing my finger against it gently for a moment, allowing her to realize what was about to happen, before I slid both lubricated fingers into her backdoor, thrusting firmly, in time with her own thrusts forward.

This dual stimulation was too much for her to withstand for long, and less than a minute later she was crying out as she came, convulsing and tightening around my fingers, but we did not let up. No sooner did she finish her first orgasm than we brought her into her second, and then her third, only relenting as she finished cumming for a fourth time. When we released her, her legs wobbled for a moment before she steadied herself, smiling at us both and tugging Nikki to her feet. We shared a three-way kiss, which, as can be expected, was fun, but quite sloppy and messy.

"Nikki dropped by on an impulse," Nyx explained after we broke off the kiss.

"Mmm, looks like it was a good impulse to me," I replied, grinning. "Certainly a sexy one."

"Yes, yes it was," Nikki said, licking her lips, "But let's finish washing off, we're wasting hot water."

We agreed, going about the decidedly pleasant business of soaping each other off and washing each other's hair. Our hands strayed across each other, flicking nipples, rolling them between our fingers, tenderly massaging each other's scalps as we washed hair, brushing hands over pussies, tweaking clits. By the time we were done, we were all so twitching with lust that our pussies were almost dripping, and the instant we were all dry I spoke up. "I need you both. Right now."

Nyx grinned. "And I have the perfect idea for it. Living room!" she said excitedly, pushing us towards the living room. She began arranging us briskly as she got there, clearly in as much need as the rest of us, but managing to repress it enough to plan. She lay Nikki on her back on the carpet, a pillow beneath her hips to raise them, spreading her legs. I watched Nyx curiously, then bit my lip with anticipation as I saw that she had changed her form from female to netari, a cock and balls replacing her pussy. Her cock was fully hard, perhaps seven inches long, and thick enough to make me squirm with delight at the thought of her entering me.

She pushed me down gently onto my hands and knees, and knelt behind me. After a few slight adjustments, my mouth was directly above Nikki's sex, and Nyx's cock was pressed against the entrance to my own. I squirmed happily, trying to press into Nyx, but she held my hips in place firmly. "We all cum together, understand?" she said. We made whimpering noises of assent, and she slid her cock into me. At that cue, I began my work on Nikki's pussy, licking over it, flicking my tongue over her clit eagerly. As Nyx began to up the pace, I worked on Nikki with greater fervor, my back arching hard, Nikki's doing the same, her hands tightening, clawing at the carpet needfully.

The time until we came was a blur of pleasure, the taste of Nikki on my tongue, the fullness of Nyx inside me, and the ever-growing need for release. It was much the same for each of us, as we became lost in sensations, action and reaction, pleasuring and being pleasured. After some time the three of us came as one, Nyx filling me with her cum as I lapped up Nikki's, my tongue delving into her for as long as I could keep control. We came once, twice, a third time together, before finally disengaging each other from each other just long enough to collapse against each other on the couch, snuggling close before drifting off, exhausted from our exertions.

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