Nyx Ch. 02


Chapter Notes

Another chapter from Sarah's PoV. Currently planning on doing 1-3 with Sarah, 4-6 from Nyx, and 7-9 from Chiara (haven't planned farther ahead than that yet.

This one has more story than Chapter 1, and less smut, but don't worry, there's still some at the end.

Thanks to S and manta_ray for their characters and editing.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl belongs to... well, whoever it belongs to, but certainly not me.

Chapter 02 (Sarah)

I made a quiet happy sound as I awoke, but, conscious of the warmth of Nikki and Nyx against me, was careful not to move too abruptly. Looking around, I noticed Nikki stirring next to me. I smiled as an idea came to me, and kissed her tenderly as she awoke. She let her eyes drift shut again, kissing me back lovingly for a moment, then taking my bottom lip between hers and sucking gently. I whimpered and arched, eyes fluttering, as it sent tingles of pleasure shooting down to my clit. At that very moment, though, my stomach growled, quite audibly, and Nikki broke off the kiss, looking at me quizzically. I blushed slightly, "I haven't really eaten since eleven..." I mentioned by way of explanation, glancing at the clock. Seven o'clock? We slept longer than I expected...

"Well then, I suppose I should make some dinner. It is my turn, after all," Nyx said, catching us both by surprise.

"When did you wake up?" Nikki asked.

"Well, a little bit ago, but you two were so pretty and I didn't want to distract you..." Nyx replied, grinning over at the two of us. She yawned, stretching for several long moments, during which we happily admired her curves, as the shadows falling on them shifted while she arched. She stood up fluidly afterward, but before she could begin moving into the kitchen, Nikki spoke up, a bit timidly, "Actually, can I make dinner? I am taking advantage of your hospitality, after all..." she trailed off, accentuating her request with those adorable puppy-dog eyes she pulls out on occasion.

"Well, I'd like to- all right, you win, curse your puppy eyes!" Nyx said, smiling, "You know where everything is in the kitchen, right?"

"Yep!" Nikki replied happily, then took her own equally distracting stretch and then walked over to the kitchen, a bounce in her step. No sooner did she step through the doorway, though, then she poked her head back through, frowning. "Do you have a sleep shirt or something I can wear? I need something apron-like."

"I'll find you something," Nyx replied. "I was going to put on some clothes anyway - who knows when you'll need to answer the door? Sarah, do you want anything to wear?"

"No thanks," I said, smiling, "A blanket and some cuddles will keep me nice and warm."

"I'll be sure to be back soon for that, then!" she said, walking briskly off into the bedroom. I heard drawers opening.

"Are you sure you don't want some help making dinner?" I asked Nikki, a bit perplexed.

"Nope! I like making you two happy, and food is a great way to do that," she replied, smiling happily.

"Thank you very much for making dinner, then," I said, still a bit confused (not that this was a new confusion - she's been cooking whenever she gets the chance for years now, and just doesn't seem to get tired of it).

"Of cou-woah!" she cut herself off, catching an article of clothing Nyx tossed at her. As she unfolded it and put it on, I saw that it was one of my old sleep-shirts - I haven't worn clothes to sleep since I moved in with Nyx, but I didn't see any reason to get rid of the shirts. This one was black, with several pale blue hexagons over the chest, and the text "THE SHEEP MUST FLOW" written across them.

"Well, it doesn't fall very low... but all I really needed was some chest protection."

She was right - I'm a few inches shorter than she is, and her breasts are a bit bigger. This had the shirt tight across her breasts, and barely falling low enough to cover her pussy when it fell straight.

"Good view, though," I replied, grinning as she stretched again, the shirt lifting up more than enough to bare her sex to us.

"Mmm, definitely," Nyx agreed from next to me. If I wasn't so used to her doing that, I would have started - how does she move so quietly? As I was still registering that she was next to me, her arms wrapped around me, pulling me into her lap without effort. This brought me into direct contact with her clothes, which consisted of soft pajama bottoms and a plain black bra that, while it wasn't exactly public wear, would hardly be scandalous if she opened the door in it. "Aww, you got all covered up!" I said, mock-pouting and wriggling a hand beneath her pajama pants to brush over her now-soft cock. "But at least you didn't put on boxers or anything... wouldn't do to restrict access too much." I finished, sighing in satisfaction.

"Of course I didn't... you do wonderful things with that access," she replied, smiling and, after pulling a soft fuzzy green blanket over us both, wrapped her arms around me. I sighed happily, leaning into her.

"Mmm, I love it when you hold me..." I murmured to her, letting my eyes drift shut.

"Well, I love you in my arms, so at least it works out," she murmured back to me, her breath warm against my neck. We cuddled there for some time, with her hands caressing me lightly, and the occasional nibble or gentle suck at my neck or ears. I could feel her hardness against my butt as we did so, and smiled - while she was careful to keep the pace slow enough that it amounted to teasing more than anything, I was, of course, noticeably aroused from her attentions, and it was gratifying to know that she felt the same way. At one point she, quite deliberately, brushed her fingers over one of my nipples twice, at just the rate that gets me going, and, after a happy arch, I retaliated, stretching up to suck on the sensitive tip of her ears gently. She whimpered quietly, arching and hardening a bit more against me, then murmured. "Mmm, not fair... would be rude to start something while Nikki couldn't join in."

"You started it," I replied with a smirk. She gave me a pout, but, unable to argue that point, she restrained herself to less overt touches and kisses.

Moments later, Nikki poked her head out of the kitchen. "How hungry are you both?"

"Starving!" we chorused in unison, and all three of us giggled when the exclamation was accompanied by another growl from my stomach.

"All right then, food in two! One of you go grab the movie, it's in my bag by the door."

"All right, I will," I replied, and once Nyx released me I stood, trotting over to her stuff at the door. She had brought her jewelry-work with her, it seemed, as well as her backpack. I rooted through it quickly, at first finding only her laptop, a change of clothes, and a toothbrush. From these it was easy to surmise that she meant to spend the night, a prospect that had me smiling. She doesn't spend the night nearly often enough - there's not much better than a night drifting off to sleep with both her and Nyx in the bed. Except drifting off with them and more- "In front of the laptop, hon," I heard, Nikki's voice interrupting my reverie. I found a DVD case there, and tugged it out, revealing her copy of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.

"Oooh, well picked. It's been a while since I've seen this one," I said, turning on the TV and putting the DVD in the player. I picked up the remote and walked back to the couch, in front of which Nikki had set three fairly-full plates of stir-fry. We turned on the movie, with the volume down so we could talk, and eagerly began our dinner.

"Mmm, this is delicious! Thank you!" Nyx exclaimed, digging in with relish.

"Mmmhm," I agreed, doing the same. Nikki only blushed and smiled shyly at us in response, eating her food.

"It actually is," Nyx said, smiling and kissing Nikki on the cheek. Nikki blushed harder and picked at her food, then took the remote and started the actual movie, skipping over the opening. We watched it happily as we ate for a while, stacking our plates at the side of the couch when we finished, and snuggled together closely, shifting about to find a comfortable combination. After a minute or so, we ended up with me sitting on Nyx's left, leaning on her a bit, and Nikki sprawled across both of our laps happily. Our hands began to wander, as they often do, soft caresses and gropes being exchanged freely between us, though most of our attention remained on the film. This continued for a while until, toward the end of the movie, Nyx tweaked one of Nikki's nipples. She responded with a quiet whimper, but then twisted around, pouting up at Nyx. "Hey..."

"What?" Nyx responded, looking perfectly innocent.

"Trying to watch..." she continued, pouting.

"Alright," Nyx responded, smiling down at her. We all moderated our caresses after that, and finished the movie without further interruptions. We turned off the TV and relaxed on the couch for a bit longer, quite happily, before Nyx spoke. "So, any plans for your birthday, Nikki?"

"Well, I think I'm going to spend the day with Sienna, like most years on our birthday."

"Mmmm..." Nyx and I replied, clearly both distracted by the thought. Mmm... those two together are fucking sexy.

"Can you at least videotape it this time?" Nyx asked, grinning. "You've yet to let me observe the hot twin sex."

"Well... video would be pretty hard, since we don't tend to stay in one place... I mean, the entire house becomes fair game for fucking, after all." Nikki grinned, clearly enjoying our reactions to her description.

"I could videotape it!" I exclaimed as the idea came to me.

"Oooh... hmm. I'll have to talk to her about that, but it could be doable," she replied, "I'd like to get some porn of us as well, to be honest."

"Oooh, yeah... That would be sexy." Nyx agreed.

"So, Sarah, Nyx, anything interesting going on in the near future?" Nikki asked.

"Well, there is a sexy elf girl at work I've been flirting with," Nyx replied, "She does have a girlfriend, but seems open to me as well. Even joked about the possibility of a threesome... and I'm not convinced she was joking."

"Ooh, Erilith, right?" I asked, vaguely remembering Nyx mentioning her.

"Yeah." she answered.

"Youuu should show us what she looks like!" Nikki exclaimed, grinning down at Nyx.

"But then we'd all have to move so you could see..." Nyx pouted, but quickly changed her tune when Nikki broke out the puppy eyes, continuing to say "Oh all right, fine. Off off!" Nikki slid off of me and Nyx, kneeling on the ground and watching eagerly. I joined her, commenting, "Don't forget to strip first!"

She did not forget, standing and dropping her clothing to the ground quickly. She bit her lip, focusing, and shifting lights, much like an aurora, swiftly grew to cover her, hiding her from view, giving off no illumination and serving only to cover her. After several seconds, she seemed to shrink a bit, and then the lights dispersed. Standing in her place was a quite sexy elven girl. She wore her medium-brown hair in a braid down between her shoulder blades, revealing her pointed ears. Her skin was fairly pale, though still a touch more tan than mine, and her eyes were green swirled with brown, though they lacked the catlike pupil that Nyx generally had, a mark of her half-Sidhe heritage. Her breasts were not large, but excellently shaped. The thing that surprised both Nikki and me was that between her legs lay not a pussy, but a nicely formed and sized cock and balls.

"You didn't mention she was netari," Nikki said, licking her lips.

"How did you end up finding that out? You haven't mentioned fucking her yet," I added.

"Oh, it was that party in Faery all the fae and fae-blooded were invited to last week. We all went skinny-dipping," she said, clearly focusing on something else. A moment later, she sighed, releasing her focus, and her eyes reverted to their typical green-blue swirl around the cat pupil, "Ugh, suppressing the Tell is a pain."

"Mmm, she's pretty," I said, "Know what the girlfriend looks like?"

"Mmm, not well enough to shift into her. She should be on Facebook, though, let me check," she said, walking briskly over to her laptop in the other room and bringing it back, looking someone up on Facebook. After a minute or so, she grinned triumphantly, opening a photo and showing it to us, saying "This is her." She was standing on a rocky bluff somewhere, the ocean visible beneath and behind her. She seemed tall, though it was difficult to tell without another person nearby to compare to. Her hair was dark, long, very slightly wavy, and had been let loose to fall to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a greenish hazel, and she wore a trio of small, delicate hoop earrings in her left ear, but none in her right. She wore a light sea-green dress which billowed lightly in a faint breeze. It didn't fall much past mid-thigh on her, revealing slender, well-formed legs and bare feet. She was smiling contentedly at the camera (or more likely its holder), as the picture was taken.

"Oooh, she's pretty." I said.

"Yeah, good luck with that threesome!" Nikki added.

"Mmm, thank you!" Nyx replied, shifting back into her normal netari form.

"And for you?" Nikki asked me curiously.

"Well... there is this girl I've been taking lingerie shots of who I'd like to ask to dinner. Name of Chiara." I responded, walking over to pick up my own computer, skimming the photos until I found a particularly sexy set. They showed Chiara, both from the front and the back. Her dark brown hair was tousled, and she was wearing a sheer black lace top, tied together at her deliciously-shaped, though not precisely large, bust, but nowhere else, letting tantalizing glimpses of her skin through the center. The top ended shortly beneath her hips, where a sheer lace thong covered (but failed to conceal) her sex, and, of course, exposed her well-formed butt quite well.

Nyx let out a low wolf-whistle. "That," she said slowly, licking her lips, "is some very sexy lingerie on a very sexy girl."

"No kidding," Nikki added quietly.

"I know, right?" I said, grinning. "I get to shoot her again the day after tomorrow. Think I should ask her out?"

"Go for it!" Nyx said, "Think you just want some casual sex, friends with benefits, or she's potential dating material?"

"It's hard to say," I said after thinking for a moment, "I'd definitely do her, and I'm definitely interested in some dating," I paused, as my heart did that little fluttery thing it does when I think about someone I'm crushing on, then continued, "but I'm not sure how she feels about me back."

"Guess you'll have to ask, then. Can't hurt, can it?" Nikki said.

"No, suppose not," I said, smiling slightly, "Well, I'll ask her on a date when I see her again, then."

"How about you, Nyx? Interested in more than just a casual fuck with Erilith?" Nikki asked.

"I... hmm," she paused, taking a moment to clear her head and think things through - which was enough to answer the question for me.

"You're crushing hard on her, aren't you!" I accused, grinning. Our relationship was open; we were free to pursue whatever others we wanted. If I went after someone and stopped paying attention to Nyx, of course, we'd need to have some talks, but we had both been doing this long enough to know how to balance time with multiple lovers. The news that she was interested in someone else made me happy for her, rather than worried about being abandoned.

"I... yeah," Nyx said, blushing very lightly, "but... she's got that girlfriend, and I don't know how open their relationship is. So I'm trying not to get my hopes up."

"Well, good luck then," I said, stepping over to give her a firm hug, "don't see how she could not be interested in you."

"Thanks... uh.... Nikki! Any interesting news on your end?" Nyx said, blushing lightly and changing the subject quickly.

"Well... landlord raised the rent again, the bastard, it looks like I'll need to find a new apartment," she replied after thinking for a moment.

"Hmm... well... think we could fit a third person here, Sarah?" Nyx said, watching me hopefully.

"Good idea! Why don't you just move in with us, Nikki?" I said, grinning. Oh I hope she says yes.

"...really? You want me to live here?" she asked timidly.

"I don't see a problem with it - we get some extra income for the household, a sexy roommate we both love, and keep you from having to deal with any more landlords. Seems like a win all 'round to me. The bed is definitely big enough for three, too" Nyx said.

Nikki smiled shyly and looked up at us, "Thank you... I can do housework as well, if you want. Cooking and cleaning and the like..."

"That's not really necessary," Nyx said, smiling slightly, "but I wouldn't precisely object to fewer house chores to do."

"I won't complain either, but you're not obligated to do anything more than your fair share of the housework," I added

Nyx yawned quietly, covering her mouth. "Mmm think it's time for me to get some sleep, what with work tomorrow and all," she said, standing and stretching.

"Alright, love," I replied, smiling and looking her over appreciatively as she stretched before continuing to speak. "I'll probably join you in a couple hours - I'm not too sleepy yet."

"Same," Nikki added, "I'm still pretty awake."

"All right," Nyx replied, then bent down and kissed me tenderly on the lips. She's a fantastic kisser at the worst of times, and this was definitely one of her better kisses. Her lips met mine, warm and inviting and perfectly soft. Despite the fact that the kiss wasn't overtly passionate or demanding, I couldn't suppress the moan that slipped out, or the fluttering of my eyes. I shivered and my clit throbbed with need as she continued to kiss, wrapping her arms around me.

After what seemed like forever, Nyx broke the kiss, stepping over and doing the same to Nikki. It was damn sexy to watch, I must admit - Nikki began letting out quiet whimpers almost immediately, her back arched, and she did that little thing she does where she shifts so she can grind lightly on her heel. However, it did absolutely nothing to alleviate the need I felt, so I bit my lip, trying to resist the urge to play with myself right there. Before long, Nyx broke off that kiss as well, then stepped back from the two of us. "Feel free to join me once you two have... tired each other out," she said, smirking, and turned and walked away briskly, humming happily.

"Well, that wasn't-" I began saying when Nikki practically pounced on me, kissing me passionately. I forgot the rest of my complaint almost immediately, returning her kiss lustfully and wrapping my arms around her. There was cloth between us, I realized, tugging at it and almost tearing it before I finally realized that it was the shirt she was wearing.

Not in any sort of mood to wait around, I rolled to the side, putting her beneath me. This brought us both off of the bed, but neither of us minded - the floor was carpeted and soft anyway. I straddled her waist swiftly, tugging off her shirt roughly and throwing it somewhere. She started wriggling, trying to get back on top, but, rather liking the position I found myself in, I held her down by her upper arms and kissed her deeply, pressing my hips down firmly. I grinned down at my pinned prize, and bent down to lick and suck at her neck gently, eliciting only quiet gasps before I bit gently on the crook of her neck. Her eyes fluttered and she bit her lip at that, not quite succeeding at stifling her whimper, and arched her back for a moment.

Keeping her pinned, though she was struggling quite a bit less now, worked my way down to her breasts, teasing my way around her nipples until she was writhing with need, trying to press her nipples to my mouth. It was only once she let out a half-whimpered "Please..." that I took a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it lightly, watching as she arched prettily and satisfied moans issued from her mouth. I began alternating nipples, but was unable to focus for long - the aching need in my pussy was becoming impossible to ignore. I needed to cum, I needed it then, and so I stepped off her, tugging her up by her hair gently, but with undeniable firmness. I sat at the edge of the couch and pulled her mouth to me, leaving no doubt in her mind as to what I wanted. As she realized what I was doing, the pout left her face, replaced by a sort of almost-hunger, and she went to work enthusiastically.

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