tagIncest/TabooOak Street Beginnings

Oak Street Beginnings


At the corner of Oak and Maple Streets in the heart of America is a block of homes much like you might find anywhere else. The folks who live in these upper middle class homes are among the most respected in town. But, they have many secrets especially when it comes to their sex lives.

After writing a couple of chapters of the "Oak Street" series I thought it might be helpful to readers to give an overview of the neighborhood and a summary of its residents. The first part of this selection is intended to be a handy reference that readers can refer to while reading other chapters in case they get confused as to who is doing what to whom. Of course, the last part will have some good old fashioned illicit love making that you read these stories for.

The chapters don't have numbers like a lot of series do as they are in alphabetical order. The first chapter is "Oak Street Secrets" which is followed by "Oak Street Summer" and unless I fall off the face of the earth the series will conclude with the neighborhood Christmas party in "Oak Street Yuletide." I don't know how many chapters the series will have as I really want to explore the kinky ways of these people in this seemingly conservative block.

Other people may drop in from time to time or be added but the story revolves around seven households: The Allen's, The Goldman's, The Nelsons, the Olson's, The Petersons, the Rashid's, and my favorite sensual widow Inga Fiskin.

Where They Live:

Allen Family, 400 Maple Street around the corner from the Nelson's; their backyards are separated by only a privacy fence.

Nelson family lives at 101 Oak Street on the corner on the west side of the street.

Inga Fiskin lives at 105 Oak Street next door to the Nelson family also on the west side of the street.

Goldman family lives at 109 Oak Street next to Inga Fiskin also on the west side of the street.

Rashid family lives at 102 Oak Street on the east side of the street directly across the street from the Nelsons.

Olson family lives at 106 Oak Street on the east side of the street next door to the Rashid's and directly across the street from Inga Fiskin.

Peterson family lives at 110 Oak Street on the east side of the street next to the Olson's and directly across the street from the Goldman's.

The Families

The Allen Family consists of Ron and Judy Allen and their three kids. Their oldest son George is 23 and is living the single life in another state. Their daughter Gracie is 21 and still lives at home and at 38-24-36 is a cock slut who has no problem satisfying her desires. Paul is 18 and as our story opens is going out with Linda Goldman and just beginning to experience new sexual adventures.

Ron and Judy feel out of place on Maple Street so have been welcomed into the Oak Street social circle. They have never told any of the families on Oak Street that they are swingers but like most such secrets this one's days are numbered. Both of them sense that their neighbors ogle their perfect bodies but resist doing anything to ruin their friendships. Little did they know that the straight laced people of Oak Street would have loved to take both of them to bed.

The Nelson family is the family I would most like to spend the night with especially in bed with the twins. Maggie is the high school principal and her husband Roger is the school's football coach. Their twins Jerry and Janice have just graduated from high school and are having lots of sexual awakenings.

Inga Fiskin had been a nymphomaniac until her husband died a couple of years ago. She is sixty years old and did, in fact, compete in the Miss America pageant 40 years ago finishing in the top ten. The only signs of aging are a few gray hairs on her head and in her bush. Otherwise her 38D boobs are still as firm as they were when she was twenty and she has a slender waist leading to a nicely proportioned rump.

Peggy and John Goldman have only one child named Linda who is 18 years old. While Peggy is one of the hottest ladies in the neighborhood her D cup tits looked small next to her daughter's EE cups. Until this summer Peggy had been faithful to John but had just found out he had stepped out on her so she decided to have her own fun. She loved John and wouldn't leave him and it wasn't just the fact that he had the biggest cock she had ever seen at nine inches.

Ben Rashid adored his wife Betty but even though they had frequent sex there were some kinky things that Betty didn't always feel like doing. To satisfy his lustful ways Betty allowed him to look around for women that would fulfill his kinkier desires as long as he didn't ask questions about how she fulfilled her own deviant behaviors. Ben didn't know Betty was pregnant and was due to give birth around New Year's Eve. Betty was determined that the pregnancy would not keep her from her fetishes or fucking Ben every chance she got.

Mike and Sue Olson were proud of the kids Rex Age 18 and Patty age 19. Rex was one of the stars of the football team and was being offered a college scholarship. His sister Patty was already on scholarship to college as a volleyball player. Rex couldn't help but admire Patty's long slender legs and she couldn't help but gaze at his perfect six pack. Mike and Sue at times seemed out of place in this educated neighborhood as he was a supervisor at a nearby assembly plant and Sue had been a server at Hooters when they met. Mike was crude but Sue liked this about him as it could cause her cunt to tingle.

Tom and Bonnie Peterson had been the first of the families to move into the neighborhood and had raised both Tammy and Bill there. Tom was the local bank President and Bonnie was the high school guidance counselor. At six feet and 185 pound with strands of silver hair amongst the black Tom always had woman of all ages flirting with him. Bonnie was about ten years younger then Tom and was filled with sexual energy.

Their son Bill who was 20 years old was home for the summer from school and was about to make many discoveries both across the street and under his own roof. Tammy was of slight build and didn't have her 18th birthday until August. All of the guys thought of her as their perfect baby girl.

How it started

The first I heard of the lust among the families on Oak Street was when I heard the story of Janice and Jerry Nelson fucking each other. But, it seems there were a few events that preceded the twins encounter. It might be easier to understand why some things happen later on if you know about the early days of that spring in the seemingly normal neighborhood. It was a cool February evening when things first heated up.

Mike and Sue Olson had gone to bed early that evening which was very unusual for them. Rex didn't mind as he could watch whatever he wanted on television. But, he never made it into the living room to watch his favorite shows as when he was coming down the hall from using the bathroom he heard the familiar sounds of love making coming from his parent's room. He paused outside their door and listened.

Instinctively his hand found the bulge in his pants which he gently caressed. Then he noticed something unusual the door wasn't quite closed all of the way. Mike and Sue had been in such a hurry that they hadn't double checked to see that it was fully latched. Peering through the one inch crack Rex got an eyeful of his nude parents.

His mother's boobs were jiggling as she leaned over Mike giving his large cock a blow job. Rex pushed the door open another couple of inches confident that they wouldn't notice. Then the boy unzipped his pants and wrapped his fist around his manhood and began furiously pumping himself. He hoped to catch all of his cum in his hand so that he wouldn't get caught. His dad's moans grew louder as he was obviously about to cum.

His mother's slurping and sucking got faster and harder. Then Rex saw her gulping as she swallowed his father's spunk. Then, Rex was surprised when she lifted her face from Mike's member and continued to flog him spraying cum in her face and on her beautiful boobs. Letting go she demanded, "OK Mike it is my turn, bastard."

The lovers shifted position so that Rex got a full view of his mom's very bushy twat for the first time. The boy's flogging of his rod got harder as he bumped the door about halfway open. He saw his dad whisper something to his mom before taking a position between her legs. Sue seductively played with her tits as she ground her pelvis in Mike's face. Rex could hear his dad suck up the juices that flowed from Sue.

This was one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. Then out of the blue his mom kicked his dad in the back. Abruptly Mike got up and grabbed Rex's wrist before he had time to react. He pulled the boy next to the bed saying, "Rex if you want to watch you might as well have a front row seat. Stand here right next to the bed."

Rex mumbled something incoherent as his father resumed eating out his mom's cunt. Impressed by his large pecker his mom smiled up at him and said, "Rex go ahead and play with yourself it is perfectly natural. Mike our son has a big fucking cock. I think it might be bigger than yours."

"I know he is a real chip off of the old block," Mike responded slapping his son on the back as he looked up to see what Sue was talking about. Slowly Rex began playing with himself as his mom was putting on a show for him playing with her globes, licking her lips, and even blowing him a couple of kisses.

Sue was rubbing Mike's cum into her boobs and face. She could tell her son was totally blown away by what he was seeing but to her surprise she wanted him to do a lot more than play with himself. Gingerly she reached over and caressed Rex's thigh and whispered to him, "You can shoot your load on my boobies if you want to honey."

Rex's jaw dropped at this suggestion. Looking down at his father he noticed that Mike only seemed to be even more into what he was doing. Mike looked up at Rex and grinned as if telling his son to do what his mom told him to do. Excited Rex took a step forward and flogged himself even harder and grunted, "Oh god this is unbelievable."

Sue closed her eyes as she laid back in ecstasy. She was reveling at the thought of having two big cocks at her disposal. Opening her eyes again she noticed that her son's face was contorted obviously not far from cumming himself. She poured a river of honey into Mike's mouth as she came for the first time.

She just had to touch her son's manhood so without saying anything she reached up and knocked his hand away and wrapped her fist around his pecker. Rex wasn't sure what to do with his hands so just stood there awkwardly watching the unfolding scene. Sue raised her mouth to her son's cock and kissed the tip and called out, "Mike fuck me now."

To Rex's surprise as soon as she gave her husband the order she swallowed up the top half of her son's erection. She sucked him with a vacuum power like he had never felt before as she placed one of his hands on her big jugs. Now up on his knees Mike rammed his cock into Sue's cunt as her hips thrust up to meet him.

"Boy, your mom is quite a cock sucker isn't she? But, her blow job doesn't feel half as good as fucking her tight little cunt." The boy was in a near state of shock as his mom was now wildly mouth fucking him while he kneaded her tit flesh.

But, if that was shocking he was totally blown away when his dad reached over and played with his balls and then grabbed his face and planted a sexy kiss right in his mouth. He was so close to cumming that he just returned the kiss not wanting to do anything to stop the action his cock was receiving.

Mike's face turned bright red as he emptied his spunk into Sue's cunt. Hearing the loud grunt from his dad sent Rex over the edge and he began pouring his jism into his mother's mouth. As she had done with her husband's cock she pulled his pole out and made her son shoot his sticky juice all over her face and chest whispering, "Rex, would you like to fuck your mom?"

"Damn right I would," he quickly answered so turned on that he had no concern at that moment that this was incest. His father moved out of their way as Sue motioned for Rex to lay on the bed. In a flash Sue straddled her son's hips with his cum dripping from her tits.

"Ok son show me what you've got, mother fucker," she purred smiling as she pushed his big prick into her opening. Her son moaned loudly as her pussy gulped his entire member up. Meanwhile Mike had rejoined them and was kissing Sue and playing with Rex's cum that still covered her tits.

Here have a taste of your mom's pussy boy," Mike demanded turning away from Sue lightly placing his cock on Rex's mouth. Rex debated what to do for a second or two but decided to roll with the flow and parted his lips. He flicked his tongue across the base of his dad's cock liking what he tasted. Patiently Mike waited for Rex to take him into his mouth and reached over to his wife and caressed her body as she rode up and down on their son. Rex swallowed up half of his dad's prick as the muscles of his mom's cunt worked masterfully on his erection bringing him closer to cumming in his mom's cunt.

The sensations were overpowering for the boy as soon his dad's hot seed was pouring into his mouth as he shot a big load in his mom's snatch as she screamed out in total delight. Once they were finished with their son his mom sent him back to his room where he quickly fell asleep. Mike and Sue snuggled together glad to have a new sex partner that they would be able to share.

Early the next morning after playing around with her husband and sending him off to work Sue went to her son's room and saw him laying their fast asleep on his back. There was a tent in the covers where his cock stood at attention. Gently she pulled back the covers and found him laying there totally naked. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and began stroking up and down as his eyes blinked open as he spoke, "It wasn't a dream, and I really did that stuff last night."

Half laughing she responded, "No, Rex it wasn't a dream at all you are quite a mother fucker. I just came in to let you know you can fuck me anytime you want in any of my holes, and that goes for your dad as well. To answer your question both your dad and I are bisexual and love threesomes. So, anytime you are having trouble getting girls to put out just ask and my cunt is yours no matter when you want it.

Rex knew he was in heaven now as he gazed up at his mother in her silky short negligee and hot bikini panties still pumping his rod. He couldn't help but wonder for a second whether his sister, Patty, had fucked their parents or would be willing to fuck him. But his eyes quickly refocused on his sexy mom with incredible lust, "How about right now mom? I want to kiss your pussy; you didn't let me do that last night."

Sue felt a tingle of excitement in her twat. Giving her son's pecker an extra hard squeeze she climbed up beside him into a sixty nine position on his bed. Grabbing a hold of his big cock with both hands she ground her silky crotch in her son's face purring, "My cunt is all yours sweet Rex. Do a good job and you can fuck mommy."

She was teasing him, of course, but Rex certainly did not want to disappoint his mother. After all, he wanted to fuck around with her morning, noon, and night. He started off slowly caressing and kissing her crotch through the sensual garment. As he started to pull her panties down her slender thighs she lifted her hips allowing him to easily get the undies out of the way. Sue licked and sucked slowly on his cock as her son got her juices flowing with his passionate licking and nibbling at her twat.

In no time both lover's gushed their cum into each other's mouths. As soon as they erupted into each other's mouths Sue pulled her son on top of her. She crushed him against her chest smashing her tits while hungrily kissing him. Huskily she pleaded with her son, "Oh God, Rex Fuck me get that ever loving cock of yours inside of me."

Wanting to see the full glory of Sue's boobs her son pulled her nightie up exposing the natural beauty of her D cup melons. Helping her boy out Sue pulled the garment the rest of the way off before putting her arms around his neck. Rex was amazed that how suddenly his cock entered her honey pot as her cunt seemed to draw his cock in like a magnet. Mother and son were on fire as his prick sliced into her very hot cunt.

Her twat seemed even tighter than it had the night before as his pubic bone collided into hers. Pulling back he rammed hard back into the cunt he had emerged from as a baby 18 years ago. Sue diddled her clit and pinched Rex's nipples as he repeatedly pounded in and out. He yelled, "Shit, this is the best fuck I've ever had!"

Sue could feel her cunt muscles spasm at his furious assault and knew she would soak her son's cock with honey very soon. All she could do was hang on for the ride and squeeze the shit out of the invader in her cunt. To her surprise her son was able to hold off from cumming until she did and then poured a large load of sticky seed inside of her.

Sue was true to her word as over the next several months the parent's had sex with their son whenever he wanted to. Things seemed to come to a near stop when Patty came home from college. Rex didn't mind much though as he had now found Janice Nelson across the street.

Rex didn't know he figured big in another Oak street secret. It seems that Roger Nelson was trying to help him get a football scholarship to college. There was a problem with Rex's high school credentials as he didn't have enough high school credits for the bigger schools. So, Roger went to see Rex's counselor Bonnie Peterson.

"What do you expect me to do about this lazy jock? I told him a year ago that he would be a credit short for the schools that were recruiting him," the counselor said indignantly when the football coach came into her office. She had admired the coach's rugged features for a long time and had seen him give her a once over many times.

"I understand that Bonnie but I can't let that kid screw up the chance of a lifetime to get a first rate education. I'd do about anything if there is some kind of solution you can find to this problem." As Roger said this he found a bulge growing in his trousers as he couldn't keep his eyes off the counselor's tits.

Involuntarily Bonnie licked her lips as she noticed Roger's crotch and felt warmth in her twat. Slowly she sauntered around her desk and folded her arms under her boobs as she leaned against the front of the desk. Then without warning she reached under her skirt and pulled off her bright yellow bikini panties and laid them beside her and snapped seductively, "Well I may be able to work something out but it depends on how much this boy's college career means to you."

Roger almost ran out of the room. He wasn't exactly sure what this otherwise demure counselor was up to. The thought of what was to come was just too exciting for him so he stayed answering," It does mean a hell of a lot as he may really make something out of this chance."

"I see that bulge in your pants; so, for a down payment for all of my work you need to eat my pussy. Then, if I get things set up you will come in here weekly for a progress report and a fuck. Then, this summer you and I will combine for the first score of the year on the football field; take it or leave it."

"I'll take it, and I promise to do everything you say if the boy succeeds," the horny man replied. He would have done what she asked without this other stuff. Bonnie laid back on the desk with her skirt around her waist exposing her bare clean shaved cunt already glistening with her juices to him.

"Hurry up, we only have about five minutes until my next appointment," she pleaded. Walking over Roger gave her tits a tender squeeze before lowering himself to his knees. There was no time to waist so he feverishly licked up and down her slit then quickly found her little nub. Swirling his tongue across her clit in circles he soon had her pelvis humping his face. He felt the first gush of honey after only about two minutes and she came three more times before she was satisfied.

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