tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOak Street Summer

Oak Street Summer


Note: This is the second in a series of stories that take place on Oak Street. To enjoy this episode it is in no way necessary to read the first installment "Oak Street Secrets" in the incest section as this story is almost entirely independent of that one. But, my hope is that by the end of the series we will all get to know the neighbors very well before the neighborhood Christmas Party in the final episode.

Linda Goldman lived two doors down from the nelson's home with her parent's. She was Janice and Jerry's classmate and had just graduated from high school with them. Like Janice she was one of the sexiest girl's in school as she was 5'7" 140 pounds with brown hair and eyes. But, her tits and ass were so magnificent that guys usually didn't notice how gorgeous her eyes and hair were until they got to know her better.

Like Janice she had a large heart shaped ass but her boobs were the biggest in the entire neighborhood as she sported EE cups. She had a large red birthmark on her upper right ass cheek that looked like a giraffe. Directly across the street from the Goldman's lived the Peterson's and their 20 year old son Bill.

Bill had been two years ahead of Linda in school and many nights she had spent masturbating thinking of his hard body. She knew that he was home for the summer but also knew that he was out of reach as the six foot tall black haired hunk had a steady girlfriend. But, this fact didn't stop her from creaming her panties over him.

It was just after her mom told her that her dad had fucked Mrs. Fiskin that Linda's summer began taking interesting twists and turns. Her mom assured her that they would stay together. As she hugged her mom happy that her parents were not splitting up she swore that her mother ground her pelvis against her and groped her ass.

As Linda got ready for bed that night she thought about her mother's apparent sexual pass at her. She couldn't decide whether she wanted to find out if she was right or not. She had never done anything with another woman much less her mother. Now, if it were her father she would have kissed him right then and there. She had wanted her dad inside of her for as long as she could remember.

Standing in front of the window Linda played with her bra covered boobies while gazing out to the street thinking about having sex with her mom and dad. She never bothered pulling the shades or curtains shut. She had reasoned that it was a quiet street and no one would see her. The odds of someone seeing her from across the street were slim as she went to bed later than most people in the neighborhood.

Little did she know but Bill's bedroom window was directly across the street from hers. He could sit at his desk and peak out from mostly closed curtains and see everything she was doing. He couldn't believe his luck as even the foot of her double bed faced the window so he could see anything happening in that bed.

Tonight he thought he hit the jackpot as there she was facing him playing with her bra. Glancing down he noticed that tonight she was wearing his favorite panties; lemon yellow bikinis. Looking back at her chest he saw the bra straps coming down gradually revealing those huge orbs. He pulled his cock out of his undies and began stroking it as he watched the unfolding show less than 50 feet away.

His heart raced as Linda took a nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it. Her hands caressed and squeezed on her tits until she threw herself back on the bed. Quickly her hand traveled down to her cunt and feverishly fingered herself. Bill could see her tossing about the bed as she approached orgasm. He was disappointed as she never pulled off the panties as he wouldn't get to see her muff tonight.

Coming to her senses after cumming Linda quickly threw on her nightie as she was to meet her mother in the living room for a dish of ice cream. Since her dad was out playing cards she decided to, at least, find out if she were imagining what her mom was up to. As she ate dessert she asked, "Mom do you think that I am good looking?"

"Oh yes, Linda you just might be the sexiest lady in the entire neighborhood." Peggy Goldman wasn't fibbing the least little bit as she had felt temptation around her daughter. She would try everything she could not to act on it other than getting a few 'accidental' touches or gropes. She wondered why Linda was asking this now. "I know guys like big breasts. But, mom, I wonder if mine are just too big."

"For most guys there are no such thing as breast that are too big so I wouldn't worry about yours." Actually, Peggy had known several guys that were either intimidated or put off by large melons but doubted Linda would ever run into one of these guys until she were much older. Reassured Linda hugged her mother but this time Peggy resisted temptation and didn't try anything.

Linda went off to bed and was surprised that she was a little disappointed that her mom hadn't given the slightest hint of sexual interest. The next day Linda was laying in her front yard reading a book when Bill came over. This wasn't unusual at all as the youth would frequently visit each other.

They would frequently get together at the Nelson's pool when Jerry and Janice's parents were gone. But, Bill had never expressed any sort of sexual interest in her. She figured it was the two year age difference. He sat there beside her remembering what he had seen the night before and thought he had been crazy for never trying to get into her pants.

Actually he found Linda to be a very nice, sensible and intelligent girl. He hadn't been able to bring himself past the taboo barrier when he was a senior that guys might date juniors but never sophomores. Now she was dating other guys and he had a steady girlfriend. He guessed he would settle for admiring her body anyway he could.

"Hey Linda, do you want to play a little game?" He was staring at her ass in her tight fitting shorts causing his cock to stiffen slightly.

"What kind of game?"

"It is called 'I know you' and we play it at college."

"What do we do?"

"Well, I tell you something personal about yourself and you tell me if I am right or wrong and then you tell me something personal about myself, etc. and the first one to eleven points wins. Do you want to play?" The game sounded interesting and fun to Linda but it also made her a little nervous.

"Ok, I'll play you go first." Bill started off slowly and told her that her bedspread was covered with a flower design. Of course she told him that he was right. She got his bedspread right as well guessing it was a solid color probably blue. Then he told her that she used 'Secret' deodorant and she replied that he used 'Sure' and they both had two points. Bill was a little worried that she might be spying on him as well.

After doing a couple more innocent things about things like room décor Bill pulled out to a 5-4 lead. Linda was enjoying the game so far but wondered how he was able to guess so well. Bill was glad he had caught a glimpse of her getting dressed this morning and noticed she hadn't changed her underwear from last night so he said, "I bet you change your panties at night when you get ready for bed."

"You are right but then you had a 50-50 chance. I bet you change yours in the morning." Bill happily admitted she was right. But, more importantly was happy that he steered the game in a risqué direction.

"Next, I'll bet you are wearing yellow bikini panties."

"How the fuck did you guess that. Are they peaking out from the top of my shorts?"

"No, you just impress me as a yellow bikini panty kind of girl. That's another point for me; so how about my underwear?"

"I bet you are wearing white boxers," she said almost defiantly. She was wrong as Bill was wearing black briefs and was willing to prove it to her. The game was starting to make her uneasy and she was wondering if he had seen her half undressed sometime.

She was really spooked when he guessed she had a large birth mark of an animal on her body. He was careful not to say where on her body or what kind of animal it was. It spooked her because she had always kept her birth mark covered even when other kids were skinny dipping she left her swimsuit bottoms on.

Then he got seriously sexual with his next statement. Instantly Linda's face would turn beet red. He boldly asserted, "I bet you have a very thick well forested brown bush between your legs."

"Come on you had a pretty good chance at that one since the hair on my head is brown and there are only a few choices for the thickness down there. I bet your hair is kind of thin and scraggily!" Bill chuckled before admitting that she was exactly right. Then he bet that she sucked on her own boobs before and while she masturbated and she bet that he fingered his asshole and they were both right. Bill had won the game 11-9.

As they parted Linda was bothered and turned on by how well he read her. There was no way he could know this much about her without seeing it for himself. That night she went back to her bedroom and stared out the window. She looked directly across the street at the Peterson's house. She didn't know which room was Bill's or if his actually was on the other side of their house.

Maybe there was a dining room window he could look out of. She saw a couple of dim lights but no sign of movement. And there was absolutely no sign of anyone in the windows. She decided to have a little fun. The idea of being watched was turning her on. So, first she did a strip tease dancing sensually.

As the clothes flew off she peaked over at the window seeing if she could detect anyone watching. The more she danced and the less she had on the more turned on she got. She swung her hips wildly causing her breasts to bounce harder as she felt the juices build up in her nether regions.

She had kicked her shoes across the room leaving her in just her booties and the yellow panties when their came a knock at her door. Quickly she gathered her clothes into a pile so it wasn't obvious that she was throwing them around the room. She still didn't know if she were being watched from across the street as her mom turned the knob and walked in saying, I just came to tell you good night sweetie."

Peggy came in wearing a red nightie that came halfway down on her thighs with a narrow V-neck. It was pulled tight just under her breasts having the effect of lifting her boobs so that they were pointing straight forward. Linda whispered, "Mom, that is a gorgeous nightgown, it looks so good on you."

"Would you like to have it?" Peggy walked up to her daughter. From across the street Bill was beginning to get disappointed figuring his show for the night was over.

"Oh mom I'd love to have it, but it is too nice to give away."

"Here I have a black one like it, you take this one darling." As Peggy pulled the gown off Bill sat behind his desk and gasped for his breath and doubled his jerk off speed. Linda laid the gown on the bed and gave her mom a hug. The ladies ran their hands up and down each other's backs as they held one another.

"Thanks a lot mommy, it is so pretty." She hugged against her mother tighter. Then simultaneously their hands found each other's asses. Standing there they caressed each other's rear ends which progressed into squeezing and kneading. Linda felt her crotch getting wet.

"Honey, don't forget Paul is coming over to dinner tomorrow evening," Peggy whispered in her daughter's ear as she gave Linda's butt a little playful swat before breaking their embrace. Peggy wanted to do more but thought better of it. Linda had forgotten that her sometimes boyfriend, Paul, had been invited for the evening.

Linda didn't like him much anymore except in bed and was thinking about putting an end to it as he was more serious about things than she was and she didn't want to lead him on. But, she wouldn't break up before one last fuck. Linda was more captivated by her sexy mother at the moment.

As the older woman stepped out of the hug Linda felt a gush of juices flood her panties as she openly stared at her mom's boobs. There was a full minute of uneasy silence. Then Peggy grabbed the sides of the red panties that matched the gown and began pulling them down saying, "Linda here these go with the gown; now good night and sleep tight."

Linda took the underwear from her mother. It was easy to feel the wet spot in the crotch of her mom's panties. Now, she knew for sure her mom was just as turned on as she was. Sadly, her mom turned around and walked naked out the door with Linda's eyes following her large ass every step of the way.

"Goodnight pretty mommy," Linda called out to her. As the door closed lust ran all through her body. It was lust for Paul's body, lust for her mother, and as she faced the window again lustful thoughts hoping that she had a secret audience. She didn't care if half the neighborhood was watching as she resumed her strip.

Juggling her boobies in her hands she was smiling sensually for any possible secret admirers. Then Linda ran her fingers down her stomach and across her yellow panties. Lifting a leg onto the window ledge she took off a bootie and repeated the action with the other bootie. She turned her back to the window and shimmied out of her panties pushing her ass almost against the glass.

Swaying her hips brazenly she walked the few steps to the bed picking up her mom's panties. She turned back to the window wanting to put on a little show as the idea of flaunting her body was turning her on even more then her mom's sexy panties or sweet hug. Now Bill was trying to keep himself from cumming too soon.

He was having trouble controlling himself as he could see the top of her bush and she was now rubbing her mother's panties across her tits. Curiosity got the best of Linda as she lifted her mother's undies to her nose and inhaled deeply. She fell onto the bed right on top of the nightie her mom had just given her.

The silk of the nightie felt cool and sexy against her back. Dropping a hand to her twat she began fingering and playing with her hair and then ran her fingertips across her puffy lips. Gradually she opened herself wider and wider until her hard little nub was easily visible. However, Bill was far enough away that he couldn't quite make it out. As he kept playing with himself he muttered, "Come on Linda, finger that god damn cunt. Let me see you cum."

Linda was so turned on now that both of her hands were now playing with her honey pot. She used one to rub her erect clitty while her hand played in her tunnel. First, she stuck one finger in her cunt which was quickly joined by another until she was furiously finger fucking herself with three fingers as her other hand was a blur on her clit.

Her voyeur soon shot a massive amount of spunk all over his thighs and his desk. He could see Linda writhing around in her bed obviously in the throws of her own orgasm. As his cock deflated and he cleaned up he watched her do the same and put on her mother's nightie and panties. Then her light went out and they both went to sleep.

Bill met Linda the next day as she was putting a letter in the mailbox. He had a tent in his pants and devilish smile on his face. The horny girl waited for him to speak first as she wasn't sure what she should say. She found herself hoping that he had seen the show the night before. Then he spoke, "I'll bet you two things."

"Ok, smart ass, what are they?" Her tone was defiant but she had butterflies in the pit of her stomach as she spoke.

"First, I bet you changed into red panties last night. And second, I bet you slept in a sexy red nightie last night as well." He hadn't left much doubt now but she decided not to confront him directly but allow both of them to have a good time.

"So, Bill, which room is yours?" she asked.

"It is that one right there," he said pointing at the room directly across from hers.

"Well, my room is right there. You and I should get together sometime but not tonight as by 7:00 I plan to be fucking Paul for the last time." Bill wondered why she said it would be the last time but was more intrigued that she had told him when to spy on her. He would be in position by 6:45 for sure as this would be better than any porn movie.

The real surprise for Linda came about a half an hour before Paul was due to arrive. It was awkward for Peggy to ask her daughter but she couldn't help herself as Paul was such a hunk. Placing a hand overtly on Linda's ass she whispered, "I know you plan on fucking the hell out of Paul tonight and then dumping him."

"Yes mom that's right he is a great fuck but a lousy friend."

"Well then can I ask you a favor darling?" Absent mindedly she was now caressing her daughter's posterior.

"After you guys get started may I push open the door a crack and watch the action? I have always wanted to be a voyeur and whom better than my sexy daughter and Paul."

"Mom, I'll do you one better than that. Sure you can watch but when I leave the room after I finish dumping him you can go in and seduce him for yourself." Linda knew her mom wouldn't refuse this offer as she had admired the bulge in Paul's pants for far too long. The ladies hugged and Linda ran to get ready for the evening of exhibitionism while her mother finished cooking dinner.

Peggy openly flirted with the young man all of the way through the meal. She even reached over and brazenly squeezed his thigh as Linda looked on and just smiled. Paul was confused as Linda seemed very aloof while her mother seemed to radiate sex from every pore of her body. When the plates were empty Peggy said, "You two run along and have fun and I'll take care of this mess."

Hurriedly Peggy cleared the dishes from the table and threw them in the sink as she watched her daughter's massive ass move down the hallway. When they got to the bedroom Linda left the lights on and made sure the door didn't latch shut to make it easier for her mother to spy on them. She stroked his manhood through his trousers and panted, "I want you to fill every one of my holes and maybe some others besides."

He paid no attention to her words just her actions. Instantly he began ravaging her body as he pushed her onto her bed. Bill was glad he took his perch early as it was not quite 7:00 yet. Peggy heard the bed springs protest and slammed the bowls of food into the refrigerator. Excitedly Linda pulled Paul's shirt off over his head as his nimble fingers undid her silky blouse.

As Peggy raced down the hall she paused just long enough in her room to grab her black nightie that matched the red one she had given her daughter. Once she was sure that Paul wouldn't hear the door creak she pushed it open just wide enough to see Paul unhook the latch on the front of Linda's bra.

Bill and Peggy both gasped as they watched Linda flip Paul onto his back and rip his pants and underwear off. Peggy drooled at the sight of his eight inch cock. As Linda shed her clothing her mother and Bill followed suit. The voyeurs were now frantically playing with themselves not believing the show they were being treated to.

The two naked bodies were rolling around on the bed enjoying a wild sixty nine. Peggy had the advantage over Bill in that she could hear the slurping sounds coming from the lover's mouths. As Linda got on top Paul cried out, "Oh fuck you are the best cock sucker I have ever had!"

"Shut up and shoot your shit all over my boobies," she replied in her most sensual voice. Rising up onto her elbows she positioned her self to receive his first shot as she ran her hand up and down his cock to finish. Getting up also had the added advantage of pushing her cunt harder against her hungry lover's face. Soon everyone but Paul could see stream after stream of jism hit Linda's enormous jugs.

Next, the girl swirled around on Paul's body and shoved his big prick deep into her snatch. She rode him hard as if trying to tame a wild horse. Paul was clearly overwhelmed by the fury of her love making but obviously enjoying it. Linda couldn't believe how hot she was knowing that her mom was watching and hoping that Bill and maybe someone else was watching too.

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