Oak Street Sunrise


Meanwhile, the phone rang at the Nelson house waking the snoozing family it was Inga. She asked Maggie if Jerry could come bye to get some books that her husband had planned on giving him before he had died as Jerry had expressed an extreme interest in them. Maggie told her son to head over to the Fiskin house after he finished licking up her cunt. She had to put a stop to this as she had another appointment.

Frowning the family got out of bed and got dressed. Jerry was the first out the door as he would get over and back from the Fiskin's as fast as he could and maybe someone would be home when he got back to play with. As he approached Inga's door he noticed his mom come out and wondered why she headed straight across the street to the Rashid's house but just shrugged his shoulders and rang the bell.

This left Janice and Roger alone in the house. But, Roger made some excuse about a coaches meeting and waltzed out the door himself. Now Janice was all alone and horny as ever. Janice called her boyfriend, Rex Olson, to come over. He lived across the street in the house between the Rashid's and Peterson's. Her cunt on fire she dialed Rex's number and as soon as she was sure it was him she barked," Get over here right now and give me what I need."

Rex didn't even answer Janice as he slammed down the phone and ran across the street almost getting run over by Mr. Nelson's car as he left. Janice no more than opened the door before the tall young man with Scandinavian features was in her arms and she was unzipping his trousers. She had never thought of herself as a cock slut before this moment as she yanked his seven inch tool out and began swallowing all of it that she could cram into her mouth. He yelped, "Oh shit, Janice what's come over you?"

"Oh fuck I don't know but I want this gorgeous cock of yours to fill up every hole that I have!" She yanked her hunky mate to the floor and resumed vacuuming his member better than she had ever done before. Soon all of their clothes were off and he was lying on his back while she fucked the hell out of him.

Then not giving Rex Time to recover she handed him the lube which confused the lad at first. But, soon he got the idea and was giving her rump it's second fucking of the morning. They completed their wild time together in a slow 69 licking off all the juices of the prior activities. Rex didn't know what had come over her but he liked it.

Meanwhile Janice's dad did indeed go to the school but not for any meeting; at least, not with the coaches. Instead, Bill Peterson's mother was anxiously waiting for him at the fifty yard line and told him, "I thought you had forgotten about me."

"Now, Bonnie, how could I forget that I promised you the first score on this football field this year? God, you are sure one hot sexy bitch for a guidance counselor." Roger couldn't believe he was about to fuck in broad daylight in the middle of the football field. At least no one could see in from the street but another coach, teacher, or even player might come by and catch them. Bonnie loves the danger. She thrilled at the idea that being caught was a real possibility.

Roger was glad this morning's session with his kids had been brief and that he had only cum the one time in Janice's bowels. Fear gripped his body so he frantically ripped off his clothing so he could get this over with as quickly as possible. No doubt he would enjoy taking Bonnie Peterson but the sooner they did it the better.

However the 40 year old counselor had different ideas as she really wanted to have fun. She licked her lips when she saw her neighbor's hard pole. Just as he reached for her she twirled away just out of reach laughing. Then dancing all around him she slowly removed each article of clothing until she was down to just her nylon stockings.

Roger couldn't believe this normally fair skinned vixen was tanned over every inch of her body including her shaved pubic mound. Now nude she sauntered sensually over to him liking the feel of the manicured grass beneath her feet. Putting her arms around his neck she cooed, "Take it easy big boy; I am sure we have a couple of hours all alone out here. I want to roll in the grass as you fill me up completely."

Then Bonnie got into position like a football center right on the 50 yard line waiting for her lover. Just as Roger put his hands on her butt she arched her back and promptly took off running down the sideline. As she took off she yelled, "Hike, now catch me if you can before I get a touchdown!"

Roger was a bit surprised at her sudden run down the field and it took him a couple of seconds to regroup. As he ran after her his hard cock was flopping in the air hitting his stomach and thighs as he ran. Finally he caught up to her right at the goal line tackling her to the ground with her large ass cheeks right in his face. He loved Bonnie's ass and pulled her cheeks apart and stuck his tongue deep into her crack licking all over it.

It wasn't long before Bonnie rolled over and got him into a sixty nine and just as she had wanted they were soon rolling all over the end zone licking one another's genitals. If someone had walked in to the stadium right now there would be no way out of the situation as their clothes were over fifty yards away. But, Roger was now so into eating Bonnie's delicious honey that he had forgotten where they were.

Feeling her impending orgasm Bonnie rolled Roger onto his back and ground her cunt hard against his face. With in a minute she moaned loud as her first orgasm ripped through her body. She could feel Roger's dick twitch ready to explode in her mouth so she quit sucking him as she wanted every drop in her twat.

After smearing her juices from her second orgasm in his face she swirled around and mounted his stiff pole. She had no more than mounted him when Roger let loose his first mighty shot of spunk into her hungry pussy. She rode him harder as he squeezed and tortured her tits. Bonnie moaned loudly, "Oh fucking god I wish the stands were full of people watching us score. God, I want to fuck you during halftime sometime."

The image of them fucking as the marching band took the field was enough to drive Roger over the edge and cause him to deposit the remainder of his seed inside the counselor. As his father's limp cock fell out of Bonnie's twat Jerry was let into Inga's home. He was startled when she answered the door wearing only the red panties with a soaking wet crotch from her previous activity with Paul.

"Haven't you ever seen a woman in her undies before?" Inga asked this question so nonchalantly that it only confused Jerry more. He didn't know whether to run away or fall into her arms. He was indeed turned on by the beautiful vision in front of him but she was one of his mom's friends.

"Yes, I've seen a woman in nothing but panties before but wasn't expecting you to answer the door like this Mrs. Fiskin." He noticed her looking at the bulge in his pants.

"Well, Jerry, it saves a lot of time when you are about to fuck someone don't you agree?"

"Yes, I guess I agree with that Mrs. Fiskin." He still didn't move AS HE WAS not absolutely SURE she meant she was wanting to fuck him.

"Well then, what are you waiting for? Get those clothes off and fuck me right here on the floor." Inga took a spot on the floor and laid down a few feet away from the boy. This time she decided to remove her panties and as she watched Jerry strip she wriggled out of the wet undies. He was fascinated by her brown and gray bush.

Jerry's heart was beating like a kettle drum as he stared at the big boobed old lady. He stripped as quickly as he could before she had a chance to change her mind. Falling to his knees between her now wide spread legs he whispered, "My god, Mrs. Fiskin, I can't believe how sexy you are."

"It's Inga from now on or you can't have my cunt. Why can't you believe that I am sexy, is it because I am an old lady?"

"No, my God, no, it is just that I haven't seen very many women in my whole life as sexy as you are with your big boobies and hairy bush." Jerry couldn't believe he actually told her about her pussy and tits and gulped loudly after he said it. He needn't have worried about saying the wrong thing though as Inga was flattered by his blunt talk.

"Good catch young man; just for that nice compliment why don't you get down here and kiss my pussy for me?" She lifted her pussy toward his face. Frozen for just a second he admired her matted hair and glistening pink lips that appeared slightly swollen. He placed his elbows just in front of her welcoming tunnel of love and began teasing it with his fingers as he flicked her cunt lips with his tongue.

As Inga put her hands in his hair he began rhythmically working over the surface of her lips and bush. Finally, she felt his electric tongue hit her swollen clit and she pulled him tighter to her. Soon her legs were wrapped around his back as her pelvis was bouncing roughly up and down against the floor. Slurping away Jerry whispered, "Your sweet little pussy tastes fucking great!"

His partner smiled to herself as little did the lad know but he was also eating Paul's cum from her hot box. Inga came several times as the boy kissed and played with her but an overwhelming desire for more cock in her cunt was taking over all of her thoughts. Yanking hard on his hair she yelled at him, "I need cock, give me your fucking cock right now. Come on and fill me up with your damn cock meat you sweet cunt lapping mother fucker!"

Scrambling up her body to relieve the pain from having his hair nearly pulled out of the top of his head Jerry was eager to comply with her demands. He had never had a partner curse quite like this before and it made him hornier than ever. As soon as they were face to face Inga grabbed his erection and gave it a yank.

She was surprised at how well endowed these young studs were. After flicking his pee hole against her clit a few times she dragged his pole to her entrance. Jerry felt the heat rise from her tight tunnel and pushed his member hard and deep into her cunt. Her muscles rhythmically contracted around his manhood with each thrust.

It didn't take long for Inga to milk every drop of spunk from Jerry's cock as she

Masterfully worked his pole. Each thrust was more erotic than the one before and Jerry couldn't hold back his orgasm AS soon HE released HIS JISM into the old lady's womb. He was amazed at how soon she had taken all he had to offer as his prick LIMPLY fell out of her DRIPPING HOLE.

Inga wanted to call another guy over as she still wanted another cock but realized she didn't have time as she had some appointments she just couldn't miss. In the few minutes she had left she let Jerry make out with her including sucking on her tits. As he sucked on her wonderful globes a vision of his mom heading over to the Rashid's house came back to him. He pushed the annoying thought from his mind and sucked harder.

Jerry would have been surprised if he had been able to look in on his mother. When Ben Rashid saw that it was Maggie at the door he said nothing and led her to the bedroom where they both kicked off their shoes. Next, still without speaking they removed their pants and underwear. Quickly Maggie laid face down in the middle of the king size bed

Ben grabbed her slender long feet in his hands and began caressing them before licking his tongue across the arch He inhaled deeply the sweet aroma of her feet and then sucked first one big toe and then the other into his mouth. Maggie complained, "Ben, that is enough foreplay; get down to business."

Obediently Ben climbed up beside her as she rolled onto her side and he began peppering her ass with light kisses. In a flash her feet began toying lightly with his nuts and prick. It seemed Ben really loved having sex with a woman's feet and cumming all over them and Maggie loved to have her ass eaten.

While both of their spouses love sex it seemed they didn't get enough of this activity from their spouses. So, Ben and Maggie made a deal just to let Ben fuck Maggie's feet while she got an ass kissing from him. Maggie didn't know it but Ben had similar deals with other women in the neighborhood. As Ben's kissing grew more intense so did Maggie's foot play. She used one foot to toy with Ben's balls as the other was pumping on his cock. His tongue was now gliding up and down her crack.

As his tongue reached her puckering hole she grabbed his cock between her feet and began wildly jacking it off. After a few rough strokes she would stop and play with it making it swirl around in circles as he now had stuck his tongue halfway into her bowels. He was a master ass kisser and in no time she had cum for the first time.

His moaning was getting louder letting her know that he wasn't far away. As her pussy gushed for the second time Ben began depositing a large load of spunk onto her feet. Soon he was grunting in ecstasy as he totally covered her feet with his sticky solution as Maggie made sure to spread it all over both feet.

Ben only laid back for a second to recover as the finishing touch was still left. Sitting up beside her he gazed down and saw that she was still catching her breath from cumming herself. But, Maggie knew just what to do as she lifted her feet up so that Ben could massage his cum all over them and into her skin. Neither of them knew why they did this other than it felt extra kinky.

Maggie had another kinky idea on her mind this morning. As she caught her breath she debated whether to ask Ben to help her fulfill another fantasy. She could have Jerry help her out but she wanted some one older and more experienced. Taking a deep breath she asked, "Ben, Roger and I discussed it and he wants to fuck one of my holes while another guy fucks the other hole. Are you game?"

"I guess so, but there is something you have to help me get first," he answered still rubbing his sticky stuff into her feet.

"And just what is that??" She knew there would be a price as Ben loved his wife too much to make outside sex anything more than a game of give and take.

"If you arrange for that Linda Goldman girl to let me fuck her monster titties than I'll fuck any of your holes that doesn't have your husband's cock already in it." Maggie just slyly smiled at him and proceeded to get dressed. She didn't really know how she would do it but Linda's tits would soon be covered with Ben's cum.

At that very moment Linda was at Bill Peterson's house playing her own games. Now that she was free of Paul she had decided to have new sexual adventures and would be up for just about anything which explains why she had been so easy for her mother to seduce earlier in the morning. She had the feeling that Bill was Mr. Right but before she committed her life to him she was suddenly determined to have every sexual experience possible and wouldn't say no to any chance with someone or to try something new.

The new lovers scurried off to Bill's room and quickly ripped one another's clothes off. For the next half an hour their love making was the usual routine sexy activity. Their passion growing with each kiss and caress. Then Bill blew her away with a question she hadn't expected so soon, "Oh Linda you're wonderful; there is something I have always wanted to do but my old girlfriend wouldn't do it. Can I fuck you up your sexy ass?"

Normally, Linda would have been a bit offended that he was using his old girlfriend's prudishness to get into her bowels. But, her desire to try a new experience outweighed her concern as being fucked up her butt was at the top of the list of things she wanted to try. She figured Bill's mammoth cock would be a real test of whether butt fucking was for her or not so she simply replied, well; do you have something to lube us up with?"

As if on cue Bill produced a tube of lubricant explaining he had found it in his parent's bathroom. Suddenly Linda felt a bit nervous as part of her had figured that Bill wouldn't have the lube. But, she also felt a tingle in her pussy as she wiggled her big ass in Bill's face. He couldn't believe how perfect her twin pillows were not a blemish on them.

They were split by a deep crack with a few tufts of peach fuzz leading down to her tight brown rosebud. He just had to kiss that wonderful ass before taking her anal virginity. Moans of pleasure emitted from Linda as the boy expertly covered her butt with kisses and jabbed a finger just inside her puckering hole. She jumped when suddenly she felt a cold sensation around her little hole.

Bill had never done anything like this before but had seen it done in dirty movies. Besides it made sense that if you were going to stick something big into a little hole you would have to grease up both the receptacle and the pole that was going into it very thoroughly. Just knowing that he was lubing her made her tighten up her ass.

She was relieved when he easily stuck one finger all of the way into her depths. Maybe, it would be no big deal having his cock inside of her butt after all. As soon as she thought this Bill pulled out the finger and replaced it with two fingers that were absolutely caked with the lube. Briefly he thought about just finger fucking her butt as his fingers sure felt great back there in her tight cavity.

But, he knew he might never get this chance again so squeezing a little lube at her shit hole he jabbed another finger way up inside of her. This time Linda winced in pain and gritted her teeth. Next, she felt his soft thighs against her rump and knew he was about ready. Feverishly Bill squirted more lube all over his throbbing cock and then gently pressed it against her rectal opening.

Linda was clutching hard at the sheets as she felt the weapon invade her brown hole. She took deep breaths as if she was in child birth class as he sunk deeper and deeper into her shitty depths. It didn't hurt near as much as some of her friends said it would. In fact, only the initial push inside hurt her at all. Otherwise, she loved the feel of the enormous feeling cock in her ass hole.

Soon he was slowly moving in and out of her ass. Both of them enjoying the sensations more and more with each stroke of his cock. Linda dropped her shoulders to the bed and started frigging her clit. She pushed back against each stroke Bill made as his strokes got much harder and faster until they both erupted in a massive orgasm.

Happy with his accomplishment Bill rolled onto his back beside her. He was surprised that as he laid there trying to catch his breath Linda was suddenly on top of him aiming his nasty prick for her cunt. Expertly she swallowed up his penis inside her pussy and proceeded to ride his pole hard.

Her tits bounced wildly as she rode him. Still out of breath all Bill could do was lay there and lightly caress her thighs as he watched in amazement each bounce of those massive globes. As Linda approached her climax she called out, "Oh fuck Bill, we can't forget about my other hole."

"Crap, this is the sexiest thing I've ever done. I'm gonna cum again!" Just then he sprayed the insides of her pussy while Linda moaned loudly shuddering through her own magical orgasm. This time she laid down beside him totally spent herself. He looked sweetly into her eyes and told her that they would need to get dressed as his mother could be back home from the school anytime and he wasn't sure where his little sister, Tammy, was.

Not wanting Mrs. Peterson to catch her like this with her son Linda struggled out of Bill's bed and got dressed. Besides Linda remembered some chores she had to do before her own mother came home from where ever she was spending her time.

As Linda came out of the Peterson's house she saw Mrs. Nelson coming out of the Rashid's house. Mrs. Nelson waved at her and motioned her to meet her. She didn't know what Jerry and Janice's mom wanted with her but skipped right over to the neighbor lady. If the afternoon and evening were half as eventful as the morning had been it would be the best sexual day of her life.

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