tagIncest/TabooOak Street Sunset

Oak Street Sunset


This is the continuing saga of the families of Oak Street. To all outward appearances the families are typical conservative upper middle class households but what goes on behind closed doors would shock the rest of the neighborhood. For background on our seven lust-filled families check out "Oak Street Beginnings" and the other three prior chapters of this series which will conclude with the neighbors Christmas party in a future chapter. (Chapters in this series are in alphabetical order.)

As Linda Goldman approached her Maggie Nelson was still salivating at the idea of having a double penetration experience with her neighbor, Ben Rashid, and her husband, Roger. But, in order to get Ben to agree to this she had to agree to somehow deliver Linda Goldman to Ben so that he could fuck the block's biggest pair of titties.

She didn't know how she would convince the voluptuous 18 year old to go over to the Rashid's house and take off her blouse and bra so that the neighbor could fuck her deep cleavage. Maggie was a bit desperate to have two cocks inside of her at the same time so she would play it by ear and try to work fast.

Linda's boobs were bouncing in her bra as she was practically skipping over to the older lady. She hadn't felt this good in her whole life as in the last day she had fucked two different guys and had her first lesbian experience with her own mother. But, the thing she was happiest about was that she was falling in love with Bill. Even with all of that, however, she was still super horny and was determined to continue experiencing new sexual adventures. Somehow even Maggie looked different to her today.

Hi there, Linda, so did you have a good visit with Tammy Peterson this morning?" It was a lame question but a good way to get information from the sexy young lady who now stood in front of her. For some reason she was surprised that she was getting horny just looking over the girl. She thought maybe the funnest and easiest way to convince her to go over to Ben's might be to seduce her.

"No, actually it was Bill I was visiting Mrs. Nelson.," Linda happily responded.

"I thought he was with someone else and you were with that Paul Allen boy." Maggie was suddenly very interested in Linda's life as she detected a great new piece of juicy information and wanted to hear more.

Oh, we broke up with them last night," Linda responded with the excitement obvious in her voice. Maggie smiled at Linda's enthusiasm.

"So what is better about Bill than Paul? Don't be shy I love hearing about this kind of stuff, it is so neat. Come on how about taking a walk and bullshitting with the old neighbor lady who has nothing better to do; humor me, please." Without waiting for an answer Maggie began strolling toward the large wooded park. Respectful of the older woman Linda dutifully followed her.

At first Linda gave Maggie the standard answers that Bill was more fun to be with, that he had a better personality, and that he was good looking. Slightly aroused about the affairs of the block's young people Maggie kept prodding her until Linda admitted, "Ok, Mrs. Nelson you are right Bill is sexier than Paul is; he is so handsome."

"You can call me Maggie when we are having girl talk. So, what is the sexiest thing about your new boyfriend, be truthful?"

"To me it is his dreamy eyes and maybe his muscle that make him so sexy."

"Bullshit, Linda, you are talking to another woman you couldn't care less about the boy's eyes or you wouldn't be so happy this morning. So what is it; his big cock, his little ass or the way he eats cunt or something else?" Linda's face turned crimson red as they had just entered the woods together.

Linda was shocked at Maggie's gutter level speech and a bit turned on by it. A shiver ran up Linda's spine when the old woman put a hand on her shoulder in an effort to encourage the girl to spill the juicy details of her sex life. Linda stammered out, "Maggie, I don't know whether I should tell you that kind of personal stuff as you are one of my parent's friends and well you know."

"All I know is that you are a woman now, and quite a woman at that. Every guy from age 18 to 90, and many of the women, want to play with those tits of yours. So humor me and give me the dirty details about why Bill is so great in the sack." Maggie was now caressing the still embarrassed girl's shoulder and feeling a small tingle in the pit of her stomach.

"Truthfully, the first thing is that he likes more than just my breasts. Even more than that his big hard cock feels so good inside of me. Last night when he fucked me from behind while I was bent over his desk I came for the first time on his second stroke. And fuck, I really love how his balls slap against my pussy when he sticks that big prick up my ass." she shuddered as she thought about his cock in her ass.

Their chests were nearly touching as Maggie listened intently to the girl. She was doing everything she could not to reach out and squeeze those ripe melons of Linda's. This time when Maggie spoke there was a raspiness in her voice, "God, Bill sounds like a great fuck. My pussy is getting wet just hearing about it. Have you ever had Bill or some other guy fuck you between those big boobies of yours."

"No, Maggie I never thought of trying that," Linda responded almost childlike. It was if she couldn't picture a cock between her breasts. Linda was now leaning against a large tree as Maggie took her hand and placed it just above the young lady's breasts at the very center point between her shoulders and began tracing a line down her chest.

"Guys really get off on it; in fact, I know one guy who would really love to fuck you between the tits. Imagine a big cock lying right here between your boobs then as he pushes your big boobs together the guy glides his cock up and down like this. Slowly his cock slides in a sweet rhythm up and down over and over again sending electric shocks down to your hot cunt; imagine it Linda." As she spoke Maggie ran her finger up and down between the girl's jugs. As she continued she added another finger and another until she was using all four fingers to really fuck Linda's cleavage.

Getting very worked up Maggie could resist temptation no longer and slid her hand from between Linda's massive mounds and latched onto one of the big orbs. Realizing what Maggie was doing Linda pushed the older lady's hand away and tried to spin away. Quickly Maggie grabbed the girl's waist and roughly pulled her toward her body. Screeching Linda yelped, "No, Mrs. Nelson; what do you think you are doing?"

"Well young lady, I'm going to take of that blouse and bra and get a good look at those boobs of yours and then I am going to play with them and kiss them before eating your hot little cunt. I don't want any arguments."

But, but, someone could catch us besides I'm not a lesbian, Linda retorted. Then she remembered her promise to herself to try new sexual adventures and having lesbian sex in the middle of the wooded park would certainly classify as a new experience.

I'm not a lesbian either. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the company of another woman from time to time. And no one will catch us I promise; now shut that cute little mouth and give me your fucking body." Linda still wasn't quite ready to give in completely and stood there rigid as Maggie tried to pull her tightly against her.

The whole thing still made her nervous. Maggie cupped and squeezed the girl's big ass cheeks as she jabbed her tongue into her resistant mouth. A couple of minutes of persistent kissing finally paid off as Linda started timidly returning the neighbor lady's kiss. Tenderly Linda placed her hands on Maggie's shoulders which was the cue for Maggie to pull Linda's shirt off revealing the girl's bra.

Hungrily Maggie leaned down and sucked and squeezed on Linda's boobs through the bra. She sucked hard drawing out the various tastes of the girl that had penetrated the soft cloth of the garment. Linda was now clearly beginning to enjoy the attention Maggie was giving her tits as she reached out and gently caressed the older lady's titties.

Maggie just had to see the girl's giant jugs so she reached behind her and unfastened the bra. Linda's boobs were almost too big for the double E bra as Maggie had to peel the material from Linda's skin. Maggie gasped in ecstasy at the vision before her and quickly sucked one of the sweet nipples into her mouth.

Maggie worked from tit to tit driving Linda crazy. Before long Linda was fully into the lust as she virtually ripped off Maggie's clothing Soon the ladies fell to the ground in a heap caressing and grabbing each other kissing whatever piece of skin that was in front of their mouths. Maggie figured that she would have trouble convincing her younger partner to eat her pussy so she was shocked when Linda pulled her into the sixty nine position.

As Linda nibbled and sucked on the older lady's cunt Maggie couldn't help but wonder if Linda had prior experience as she was doing a fantastic job. It was good that no one else was within ear shot as between kisses and licks both women were moaning in loud uncontrollable lust. Soon they were emptying their honey into each other's mouths as they came again and again. In the afterglow Maggie cuddled up against Linda. Smiling at the girl she gently caressed and stroked the biggest pair of boobs she had ever touched. Then giving her a peck on the cheek whispered, "I didn't bring you out here just to play with you. I am curious about something. What is your weirdest or wildest sexual fantasy?"

"What do you mean, Maggie?" Linda wanted to be sure of what she was being asked before she said something that would embarrass her.

"What is the kinkiest thing that you think you would like to have happen to you. For me I love having my ass eaten without having to do anything else with the guy. But, my ultimate thing is to have two guys fill both my asshole and cunt at the same time." After Maggie told her that Linda was confident that her simple desire wasn't even in the same league so she told the older woman all of the details.

"Is that too weird or kinky?" she asked as Maggie just smiled at her shaking her head that it wasn't too far out. Maggie took the younger girl's hand in hers as it was time to make the proposition that would hopefully result in her own kinky desires coming to life.

"Well, suppose I told you that what you wish for might happen this very day. But, you will have to let a handsome guy fuck you in the titties. It is a little game some of us play are you interested in joining in our fantasy trading?" Maggie waited expectedly for the answer.

"Who is the guy? Is this for real?" Being young Linda was scared of what she might be getting into.

"It is certainly for real but I won't tell you who the guy is until you promise that you are in on it. I didn't tell you the best part. You can make the same trade as many times as you want. You just ring the guy's doorbell and if his wife isn't home the fun will begin right away. If you go there for something else after the first time you just say the safety word, 'wiener.' And nothing will happen. Are you in or out?"

The silence was too much for Maggie as she bit her lips trying to contain herself. Meanwhile, Linda sat there thinking of all of the pros and cons. She concluded that there were many reasons to go ahead with it. She thought over all of the men in the neighborhood. All of them actually seemed pretty sexy. Then it hit her, what if it was Bill's dad? For some reason her twat seemed to get wetter at this thought and she told Mrs. Nelson, "Fuck yes I'm in; now what do we do?"

"We first kiss on it and then I'll call Ben Rashid and make the arrangements for your first visit with him. Have fun this afternoon and call me at about 5:30 and I'll tell you when to go over there." Maggie leaned over to Linda and the two exchanged a long sensual kiss. The girl was happy that it was Mr. Rashid that would be fulfilling her fantasy.

With her mission completed Maggie Nelson got up and put back on her clothes and Linda followed suit. The two held hands and exchanged small talk until they came out of the woods and headed to their respective homes

"Get your clothes off and meet me in my room; I need some cock. I'll be there in a minute after I make a quick phone call," Maggie called out to Jerry, her son, as she walked in the door. Jerry hoped he had enough stamina for his mom after fucking Inga Fiskin just a little earlier but wasn't about to tell his goddess of a mother he couldn't get it up. Maggie called Ben and quickly arranged his meeting for 7:00 that night with Linda.

As she walked into her bedroom and took off her clothes Maggie was beginning to think that clothing was nothing but a pain in the ass as it was in the way of getting down to business. Her son was already lying naked on the bed. His ass seemed to shine in the sunlight. Eagerly she walked over to him and gave his skinny rump a swat.

He started to roll over but his mother stopped him. Pushing his legs apart she climbed between them and planted gentle kisses on his little ass cheeks. Working her mouth to his anus she was soon tonguing out his bowels while squeezing his lemon drop balls. The sensation was new to Jerry as his mom tongue fucked his ass and he soon found himself getting turned on. Maybe he would have enough left, after all, to cum inside of her.

Lust had taken over his mom's body as thoughts of what had happened so far that day ran through her head along with being able to tell Roger that Ben Rashid would fulfill their fantasy late that very night. She was in heat and needed cock meat right then to hold her over for the main event. Moving onto her back she held her hands out for her son and promptly pulled him inside of her, "Fuck me, fuck me hard Jerry."

Excitedly he began ramming his mother's twat harder than he had ever fucked anyone in his life. He had always wanted to hear a girl beg for it hard and was determined not to disappoint his mother's desires. He thrust into her wildly growling, "You mean like this mom? Oh God, of fuck, you are a hot slut, aren't you?"

"Oh shit, you bet your ass I am; I love a good piece of cock!" Maggie's fingers were digging into his back. Jerry's wild thrusting continued. In no time at all he shot a creamy load into her tunnel as her juices flowed from her opening. Giving him a peck on the cheek she told him to leave so she could take a nap. As he got up his mom rolled over and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Bob Peterson was having a busy day at the bank as Inga Fiskin came in at 1:00 to take out a loan on her house as she decided to do some remodeling. He said there would be no problem as her credit was good. But, Inga had a fit when he told her the interest rate. She wasn't going to pay some ridiculous rate and she demanded Bob figure out a reasonable alternative. Just then she noticed something different about him.

He seemed to be uneasy in his chair. Looking down at his lap she saw the problem his cock was demanding its freedom. It seemed her aggressive talk was turning him on. Perhaps there was a part of him that liked being dominated by a woman. She decided to test her theory out and walked up to within a couple of feet from him leaning over the banker, tits dangling, demanding, "If you want my business you had better lower the fucking rate."

"I think that is about as low as we can go Inga," Bob replied in a whisper. Swooping down she grabbed the man's hand and briskly swept it up behind his back as her tits brushed hard against his face. She made sure to pull his arm up until he was in some pain.

"That is bullshit you mother fucker; I know some of the rates you gave just last week were two points lower. So you can lower your offer by three points or I'll break this arm or smother you with my boobs or both. Or, you can agree and maybe I'll let you kiss my boobs instead. So what is it going to be, fun or pain?"

For good measure she pulled his arm just a little tighter as she waited for his response. Returning her gaze to his crotch she saw he was just as excited as ever. She was happy she had read him right as she didn't want to go to the only other bank in town. The horny man couldn't resist and gave in, "Ok, ok you win I want to keep my fucking arm."

"That is more like it. Just for that maybe I'll sweeten the payments from time to time but only when I say so. Do you understand my horny friend?" She released his captive hand and started running her fingers through his hair. Sensually she rubbed her clothed boobs in his face to let him know she was happy with the deal they had just reached.

"I understand, Inga," Bob was confused as a minute earlier he thought this woman was going to break his arm but now she was almost sweetly coming on to him. He knew eyebrows would be raised over the transaction but also knew Inga would have no trouble repaying the note. Besides the bonus she was now offering was too great to pass up.

"Good, then let's play. Let's start by you taking off my blouse and bra while I free that stiff snake from your trousers. It has wanted out of its nest since I got here." Inga couldn't believe how fast her garments were off of her as Bob had somehow taken them off gently. There was no ripping of the cloth or pulling or tugging. As his mouth encircled one of her nipples she freed his manhood.

As Bob kissed from tit to tit Inga tortured his pecker. She twisted it like the screw top on a bottle as she tried to bend the rigid pole in half. Her partner let out a loud grunt of painful pleasure. Taking a cue from her rough play he sunk his teeth into her tit flesh. He moaned hoarsely, "Oh fuck you god damn mother fucking bitch yank it hard and fuck the holy shit out of it, oh God!"

"Oh shit, you like it a bit rough do you mother fucker then torture my titties; but no bruises. Oh fuck yes, suck and squeeze the holy shit out of them; oh I want you, you fucking bastard. I need your cock!" Inga was pumping his cock hard nearly lifting Bob out of the chair with each upward stroke. Bob was devouring her jugs like a maniac in extreme heat. The pair wouldn't have noticed anything outside of their pleasure.

"God damn it bitch fuck me!"

"What the hell are you waiting for my cunt is right in front of you? Take off my panties and get this cock of yours inside of my fucking twat." Inga pulled her boobs away from the banker's mouth and threw herself back on the desk. She shoved much of his paperwork onto the floor as she lifted up her skirt revealing her silky panties to the crazed man. In a heartbeat he had shed his clothes and yanked off the undies.

This was not making love. It was pure fucking, hard and strong as both bodies rammed together. Their hips crashed together with every stroke, harder and stronger. Sweat was pouring from their brows as they tried, in vain, to catch their breath.

Inga wrapped her legs firmly around Bob's skinny ass making sure he could go nowhere before she was done with him. Bob held onto her boobs as if they were handles squeezing and pulling on them determined to make her cum hard and strong. With mutual loud grunts they both exploded in a terrific orgasm as Bob shot his seed deep inside of her.

His limp dick fell out of her as she came for the last time. Bob slumped back in his chair as Inga got up and gave him a kiss. Then she picked the loan papers up from the floor and signed them before casually getting dressed. She reassured him she would be back before long to give him another special bonus.

In the real estate office two doors down from the bank Linda Goldman had gone to visit her father with only one mission. After all of the excitement of the last two days she decided to get the one thing she had wanted more than any other. Sure, she was in love with Bill and knew she would have fun with Mr. Rashid but things wouldn't be complete without seeing if her dad was interested or if she could seduce him. She just had to know today one way or another.

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