Oak Street Sunset


John was surprised when his daughter walked through the door of the small office. She had hardly ever come to his office unless ordered to do so which is exactly how he liked it. After all, he needed to maintain a professional atmosphere and that would be hard to do with his child hanging around. As he looked up at Linda it hit him that this was no child standing in front of him but a beautiful young lady.

John gulped when he looked closer at her and noticed that she had the top three buttons of her summer blouse unbuttoned resulting in her presenting him with a cock hardening view of her ample cleavage. It didn't matter that this was his daughter any man shown the EE cleavage couldn't help but get an erection. And, to top it all off her short skirt was barely covering her crotch showing off her long tanned sexy legs.

If only this wasn't Linda he would be tempted to make a pass. But, it was his daughter and he knew he should scold her for being out in public like this and especially in his office. He couldn't bring himself to get down on her as he was enjoying the view too much. So instead he simply asked, "Linda, what brings you around today."

"Well, daddy, I was bored and wondered if we could hang out together for awhile or if I could help you with something." Her father briefly thought that he knew exactly what she could help him with but quickly dismissed that incestuous thought from his mind. Linda had no idea how she was going to get inside her dad's pants and even being there had made her a bit nervous. As she took a seat one of her boobs pushed halfway out of the blouse; quickly she pushed it back in place. "Well, sweetheart, it is a slow day around here but I think we can find something to occupy your time." He shifted uneasily in his chair. It was then she noticed the huge bulge in his pants and reflexively licked her lips. John noticed her observation and got nervous himself. Now sexual tension filled the room.

"My goodness, daddy you certainly handsome. I know I'm not supposed to notice how good looking you are but it is true. All the girls in town love to look at you."

"Thanks honey and since we are exchanging compliments I'll tell you that I think that you are one of the prettiest woman in the whole town." He used the word 'woman' intentionally as he knew that she would be flattered that he considered her a woman. If he didn't send her off to do something he would have to run out of the room himself and give his pecker some freedom from the restraint of his trousers. But, he wouldn't get the chance as Linda decided to use the direct approach as it was obvious that her dad was turned on.

"Thank you daddy; I've got to kiss you for being so sweet." She jumped out of her chair and quickly slid onto his lap feeling his rock hard cock under her ass. Then she threw her arms around his neck and timidly kissed him on the lips. After pausing only for a second she leaned in again and pushed her tongue against his mouth forcing it just inside his lips.

Stunned by her advance John didn't know what to do. As the tip of her tongue hit his teeth he reached to grab her arm and pull her off of his lap. But, instead, his hand had landed squarely on her tit. It was as if it was frozen there. He just could not seem to pry it from her huge meaty boob. It didn't help that she was squirming against his cock or that she was working her insistent tongue between his teeth.

It seemed the more he tried to pull his hand free or move his mouth away from her the more his body defied him. His hand seemed to be holding on tighter to her swollen melon. But his own tongue really betrayed him as his lips cooperated by separating and allowing his tongue to reach out and meet her probing snake.

To make matters even worse he realized that his other hand somehow had fallen down to her plump ass and was cupping one of her cheeks. Their kiss grew in hunger and passion and soon John was squeezing his daughter's massive titties. When Linda broke the kiss John finally was able to speak, "Oh Linda you are so fucking sexy darling but we really can't be doing this; you are gorgeous and hot but are my daughter."

The was only one flaw in his protest, he hadn't made a move to stop the encounter. In fact, his hands were still kneading her ass and boob. He was so turned on that he was worried that he would cum in his pants. She looked her father deeply in the eyes and whispered, "Oh daddy you are saying one thing but doing another. Come make love to me, your cock is twitching underneath me and I want it inside of me."

Their mouth's met again in hungry passion. Tongues danced together as passion grew ever stronger. Neither of them could figure out how they ended up on the floor side by side. But, John quickly unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it and her bra aside.

As he savaged her chest with kisses he was amazed at how nimble fingered she was as his pecker was free of all restraint in just moments. Expertly she stroked his member and fondled his balls in her hand. Her dad proclaimed excitedly, Oh God you are fucking sexy. I don't care if I go to hell I want to fuck you! Shit, suck my dick before I explode!"

"Oh fuck daddy this is the biggest cock I've ever seen Fuck yes, I'll suck the bastard." Linda got into sixty nine position and swirled her tongue around his piss hole before taking the whole head into her mouth. He was amazed at her expertise's she worked his large member into his mouth. The aroma of her womanhood, that was not even a foot away from his nose, began to fill his head.

Her lap could not be ignored any longer so quickly but gently he pulled off her skirt and panties. Linda lifted her top leg up so that her foot was flat on the floor by her other knee Having the effect of showing her dad every bit of her hot treasures. The invitation seemed too good to be ignored to John as he reached over and caressed around the area as his tongue explored her cunt lips driving the girl nuts with passion.

Once his tongue began snaking its way around her cunt the girl clamped her thighs around his head holding him as if in a vice. Wrapping her arms around his ass she yanked John over until he was on top of her with his big erection poking straight down into her mouth with her thighs still firmly planted around her daddy's head. Within seconds John was fucking the girl's mouth as she sucked harder and harder on his member while she came several times as he lapped up her ever flowing juices.

Sensing her partner was about to blow his load in her throat Linda pushed him off of her as she wanted his cum in her twat. Before John had a chance to object Linda had captured his throbbing member in her cunt. In a flash all John could see were her bouncing boobs as her cunt tightly surrounded his pecker. Their hips smacked together as her boobs slapped against one another. He was fascinated by the sway of her tits as they crashed together. He just had to play with them some more and shortly after he began squeezing on the massive orbs he could feel his balls tighten as Linda called, "Come on daddy, cum inside of my juicy cunt; come on and fill up your fucking little girl."

"Oh yes baby, I'm cumming," John responded with a grunt. He no more than uttered the words before he shot two massive loads of his jism into his only child's twat while she shuddered in her own mighty climax. Linda didn't bother cleaning up her twat as she loved the feel of all of that cream down there. She just kissed her dad, got dressed and left him still laying there nude.

It seemed that everyone on Oak Street was looking forward to the evening ahead but no one more than Linda was looking forward to meeting with Ben Rashid. Promptly at 5:30 she called Maggie and was told to go over to the Rashid's at exactly 7:00. Little did Linda know that as Maggie whispered the time to her that Roger was eating out Maggie's cunt having caught her cooking dinner nude. Roger had taken her and thrown her on to the dining table and helped himself to her appetizer. Seeing their parents Jerry grabbed his sister, Janice, by the waist and pushed her on to the table beside her mom and enjoyed his own succulent snack before they ate dinner.

It took every ounce of self control for Linda not to play with herself while she waited the excruciating hour and a half to knock on the neighbor's door. Once his wife left for the evening Ben prepared for his visit from the minx across the street. Finally he would not only get to see her watermelon sized globes in the flesh but would, hopefully, be able to fuck them if she didn't back out on him.

Fulfilling Linda's fantasy was a small price to pay for the joy of fucking her sweet titties. At 6:55 Linda couldn't take it anymore and walked slowly to the Rashid house. Butterflies had gathered in the girl's stomach as her nerves started to get the best of her. Sighing deeply she walked up the sidewalk and timidly reached for the doorbell.

The door swung open and Ben just stood still as Linda walked just inside the door. Neither of them said a word. Ben was waiting a few seconds to give Linda a chance to say the safety word or turn tail and run away. Satisfied that she would stay for their little game he closed the door behind her.

Ben wanted to rip her blouse and bra off and forget their deal and get right into suckling on her boobs but resisted the temptation. Instead, he grabbed her by the wrist and twisted it behind her back. Linda was surprised at how rough it felt and squealed out. He seemed almost angry Ben pulled her toward him. Unceremoniously he yanked her skirt off exposing her pastel yellow silky panties.

With her arm still pulled tightly against her back he grabbed the waistband of the underwear and pulled them up toward her head, first one side and then the other until they were cutting deeply into her crotch and ass crack. Grabbing a piece of ribbon out of his pocket he tied it around both of her wrists behind her back. They were tied together as if she had on handcuffs. The ribbon was thin enough that she could have easily broken free; after all, it was a game.

That done, Ben fell to his knees and began fondling her ass roughly as he kissed it through the underwear. He could already smell her twat juices. Linda was excited as she had always wanted someone to totally ignore her prominent tits and just play with and eat her lower half. She enjoyed things a bit rough but Ben was being rougher than she expected as he bit hard into her rump.

Then he swirled the girl around and gave her front side the same treatment through the panties. Her giant tits almost hit him in the head and he summoned up all of his self control as he knew the deal would be off if he touched any part of her orbs. Suddenly, he grabbed one of her long legs just below the knee and yanked the leg out from under her causing her to fall back onto the floor.

His prey laid there writhing on the floor as the man threw her sandals aside then roughly tore her panties down her legs. He wrapped the panties around her wrists covering the ribbon. Then shoving his knees between her legs dove into her rump. This was not making love; it was pure animalistic barbarian lust.

Savagely he kneaded her ass as he worked his mouth and teeth all over her cheeks. Ben was really getting into this young girl's big ass as he ripped the cheeks apart and furiously began tonguing her crack and asshole. Linda hadn't wanted to let Ben know so soon how much she was enjoying the experience of his brazen attack but couldn't help herself as moans of delight escaped her throat. By the time Ben had slid his second finger up her bowels she had already cum twice hard. She came yet again when the man snuck a finger deep up her cunt. Yet again, her cunt was on fire and she needed to pacify her yearning down there and called out, "My pussy, oh fuck eat my fucking pussy; shit suck my clit!"

Not responding Ben carried out his role of anonymous crotch lover and got up onto his knees. Then getting into careful position the strong brute grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her off of the floor. She was now hanging upside down with her face at the zipper to his trousers. Leaning with his side against a wall for added support Ben lifted the girl's crotch to his face as she draped her legs over his shoulders.

There it was inches from his wide open eyes a virtually perfect slash. Scanning over the scene he got quite an eyeful including her excited clit and both of her holes. Her cunt lips were slightly swollen and bright pink. With his arms wrapped around her back and blood rushing to her head Ben slashed his tongue across the entire length of that wonderful gash several times collecting those tasty juices.

Afraid she was going to fall Linda wrapped her own hands around his ass nuzzling her head against his obvious erection. Just then she felt him go to work on her hot turgid joy button. He was making her crazy as he licked for awhile and then sucked and nibbled on it some. Just as he felt her ready to cum he would leave her clit and swipe his tongue across her gash again.

After several minutes Linda was beginning to get heavy so Ben decided to let her climb to a full blown orgasm. Feverishly he licked and sucked her button until she screamed in ecstasy. But, he didn't stop there as after drinking a bit more of her honey he brought her off one more time even harder.

Gently Ben let Linda slide to the floor with her fantasy fulfilled. He handed her sandals and skirt. Turning her back to him he pulled off the panties and ribbon from her wrist. Fulfilling the last of her wishes he used the undies to wipe off her cunt and ass and shoved them in his pocket and walked away.

As she put back on her skirt and straightened herself up she figured that Mr. Rashid had gone to his bedroom as that was where she was to make his fantasy come to life. What Ben had done wasn't exactly what Linda had imagined but had somehow turned out to be better. After taking a minute to catch her breath Linda began looking for the master bedroom. It didn't take long as she soon found him sitting on the edge of his bed.

Ben stood up when he saw her walk into the room. Putting their arms around each other they kissed soulfully. But, within seconds Ben had cupped the girl's breasts and she had her hands on his zipper. As his zipper came down he quickly unbuttoned the girl's blouse and discarded it onto the floor.

Linda pushed his boxers and pants to the floor as she felt the air conditioning hit her breasts causing her nipples to stand up erect. She briefly let Ben lean down and gently kiss each of her globes as he lovingly fondled them before she went down to her knees in front of him. Taking his balls in her hand she toyed with them as she slid his cock into her warm mouth. In seconds she was deep throating his large member.

Reluctantly however, she pulled his stiff rod from her mouth now that it was thoroughly coated with her saliva and ran his piss hole against her boobies. Delicately she caressed her tits with his poker. Her touch was so light that it sent shivers up Ben's spine. Ben was about to lose control when the girl took his wet cock and placed it between her boobs, letting it rest deep in the cavern between her mammoth jugs.

Then grabbing one of her tits in each hand she smashed them together against his pulsating pecker and rubbed them up and down against it. As she lifted one tit up she pushed the other down and so on. Ben gasped in total joy at the feel of her soft hot skin rubbing against his manhood. He had never felt anything quite like this.

Every few strokes Linda leaned down and sucked on his cock so that her saliva would allow his meat to stroke through her cleavage easier. Once she really had the older man moaning heavily Linda got up and laid on her back on the bed cooing, "Hey, come over here and fuck my damn titties and cum all over me with that big cock of yours."

Stepping out of his boxers and trousers that were around his ankles Ben scurried onto the bed and hurriedly straddled the girl's stomach. All that mattered to him was that pair of EE cup tits that were waiting for him. Thoughts of fucking her hot twat didn't even cross his mind as her tits had been filling his thoughts for months especially every time he saw her walk by his house.

As Ben edged himself into better position Linda smiled broadly up at him. As his cock fell into her deep valley his thighs began pushing the massive meaty globes together. Once his cock lay deep in between her globes Linda pushed her boobs hard against his monster prick. Ben wasted no time and began ramming his cock like a piston on her chest. With each upstroke his little soft head would poke out hitting the girl in the chin.

Quickly she repositioned herself so that with each stroke she could lick the beautiful member. Faster and harder Ben fucked her boobs. To her surprise Linda was thoroughly enjoying this as his pecker felt real nice sliding in out of her cleavage. She also enjoyed the pleasure she was bringing to her partner as his moaning was growing and growing in intensity as he muttered, "Oh shit I'm gonna cum."

With just a few more hard strokes Ben released a thick string of his jism between the globes coating her cleavage with his sticky seed. Grabbing a hold of his erupting cock Linda stroked him as she aimed his nozzle at both of her jugs as jet after jet of the sticky stuff coated her chest.

The man seemed to have a lot of his nectar to give so Linda aimed him at her face as one shot hit her nose and another hit her just above her eyes She opened her mouth just in time to catch a thick glob on her tongue. Ben couldn't believe how much spunk the girl was milking from him. Feeling sluttie Linda called out, "Oh fuck, I'm a cum slut, give me that stuff, cum all over me, it feels so sexy. Give me all of your fucking cum, bastard."

This wasn't part of Ben's fantasy but he was loving it. Jet after jet poured out of his cock as the girl was now aiming him at her mouth. But, as she swallowed a load she would aim him at her hair, chest, or face. Soon she looked like a true cum slut as her entire upper body was coated in his cum. Ben moaned, "God damn it, you are a fucking slut. I don't believe it, shit. I haven't cum like this in forever.

After unloading at least ten shots of his seed all over the girl Ben's pecker started to give out on him and gradually turned limp. Amazingly, even as it lost its hardness more of the spunk dribbled out. Ben stood up beside the bed and admired what his cock had done to the girl and watched as she licked his seed from her chest and face.

As he slipped back on his underwear and trousers he offered her the shower. But, instead she just took a washcloth and wiped the residue from her face and hair. She loved the feel of the drying cum on her chest and decided to leave it there. She was surprised when she had put back on her bra that Ben came up behind her and handed her back her panties.

When she took the garment from him he took advantage of the opportunity to cup her tits through her bra. He had always thought there was something special about the feel of boobs through a bra. He certainly wouldn't let a pair jugs this big leave without at least groping them for a minute or two.

She loved his touch and did nothing to stop him. Ben he noticed that time was passing quickly and he had to rest up for his late evening adventures with Maggie and Roger. So, he gave Linda a swat on the ass and watched her put on her blouse before escorting her to the front door.

Ben knew that Betty wouldn't be home until after midnight as she had gone over to the Allen's to sell lingerie through one of those lingerie party companies. The party's only lasted about two hours but usually Betty turned on someone so much at the party that not only would she have great sales but she would end up in bed with someone from the party showing them her kinky side.

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