Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02


Knowing that she was enjoying this I started to suck on her half hard member till it was fully hard and throbbing slightly. What really surprised me about Julie crotch was that it was totally devoid of hair. Not a speck of hair could be seen. This made her skin feel soft to the touch and her nut sack felt like I was touching velvet.

I was surprised on how much her penis had grown in my mouth now it was at least six and a half or seven inches long and an inch and a half thick. The head of her dick felt bigger then my own, though I never had it in my mouth. Her dick filled my mouth easily and it tasted so good. It had her scent, a flowery scent that reminded me of springtime.

I continued to suck her dick trying to make cum in my mouth. I wanted Julie to cum from this. After all times I came in her mouth I wanted her to cum in mine.

Julie must have wanted the same thing as her hips started moving and I felt her fingers in my hair. Her fingers just caressed my hair as if she was making sure I was really there. But soon she started to push on my head as her hips started to move in time with the up and down movement of my lips.

I continued to caress her balls and the sac they were in, but soon I felt them starting to move on their own. Julie 's hips started to pick up speed and her moaning became faster. Her moaning soon changed to squeals as she started to play with her tits and she pulled on her nipples. When her squealing became almost frantic she screamed, "Almost there baby I'm almost there. God I can't believe you're sucking me."

I felt Julie's dick become bigger and the head swell in size. Also I felt her balls pull up and her scrotum became tight. Julie arched her back and moaned like a wounded bull as I felt the first load of hot cum squirt out of the head of her dick. Instinctively I took her dick in my hand and started to stroke her shaft to pump more of her hot cum into my mouth.

Surprisingly her cum tasted different than mine did there was no bitterness to it like mine, and it was so silky smooth. It was so hot I thought it was going to scorch my tongue.

Julie kept squirting load after creamy load into my mouth and before I could think my mouth was full of cock and cum. At first I didn't know what to do but instinctively I swallowed to make room for more of her cum.

Julie was beside herself with emotion. Her whole body seemed to shake and she whimpered like she was in severe pain. She spoke strangely and mostly in Spanish. What she was saying I had no idea though I was sure I would like it if I understood.

When Julie's dick stopped cuming and it started to soften I sucked it clean then released it from my mouth. I licked her balls a little, as they were now back down in her velvety smooth sack, before I felt Julie's hand on my head once more. This time she was trying to coax me up to lie next to her.

I slid up the bed and took her in my arms her mouth was on mine in an instant. Her tongue went into my mouth as if searching for something. When she didn't find what she was looking for she pulled her mouth from mine and said, "You pig you didn't even save me a drop." She acted mad but I could tell she wasn't.

In my defense I said, "I'm sorry it was my first time. I didn't know what to do so I swallowed it to make room for more. Next time I swear I'll save you some."

Julie smiled when I said next time before she said, "Well you better I always save you some when it's my turn and speaking about my turn. I think it's my turn now."

Julie went to go down on me, but I stopped her and said. "No it's still my turn. You had lots of turns before so it's still, my turn."

Julie knew what was going to happen next and she looked slightly frighten and said, "You are going to be gentle aren't you. I've never been with a man before. You'll be my first lover."

"I'll be as gentle with you as you were with me. I'll be very careful. The last thing I want to do is hurt you," I told her reassuringly.

We kissed for a few minutes and when I saw that Julie was comfortable and aroused I started working my way back down her body. When I got down to her crotch I sucked on her dick once more just to breathe some life back into it. When I had her hard again I started licking her balls 'til her sac became nice and loose. Then I went further back as I pushed Julie's legs up so I could get my tongue between the cheeks of her ass.

Julie pulled her legs close to her chest to give me access to her lovely hole. I worked my tongue all over her cheeks and the crack leaving as much moisture as I could. When I sank my tongue into her crack Julie sighed, a sigh of contentment.

I licked her crack getting closer to her little brown hole on every pass. When I touched her hole for the first time Julie squealed and said, "Oh god baby that feels wonderful. Do it some more lick my pussy lick my pussy good."

I did my best to lick her pussy as good if not better then I had ever licked a pussy before in my life. Julie was moaning in no time and her hips were moving up and down to get better contact from my tongue.

I licked her for a long time and my tongue was starting to get tried when I heard her say in her sweet sultry voice, "Do me now baby slide your cock in me now lover."

When I looked up I saw that Julie had the bottle of lubricant in her hand and she was handing it down to me. I took the bottle and after getting in a kneeling position I dribbled some of the lube directly on her hole. Her hole looked so small and I couldn't see how I was going to get my cock in her.

Using first one finger I started working the lube into her tiny hole. Julie seemed to love it as she moaned sweetly when my finger slid into her. I watched, as it seemed her hole grabbed at my finger each time I tried to pull it out.

When I slid in a second finger that was well lubed I saw Julie's face grimace but she quickly sighed and said, "That's it love stretch me out for you. Stretch me out so I can take your cock."

I finger fucked her pussy, as she called it with two fingers for a few minutes then Julie asked for a third finger. When I slid in the third there was no grimace this time, but I did notice that her dick was rock hard and there was a string of precum that dripped off the end and onto her satin corset.

I continued to finger fucked her for a few more minutes before she said almost desperately, "Oh baby please give me your cock I need it so bad. Fuck me baby fuck me lover."

What could I say I could never refuse a woman anything? Before I pulled my fingers free I leaned up and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. As I slide my fingers out I pushed the head of my cock into her before her hole had a chance to close. I looked at Julie's face to see if she was in pain but there was only an angelic smile on her face.

When I asked if she was all right she said as if she was far away, "Oh god yes I'm finally a women. I'm finally being fucked like a woman. Give me more Ted give me more of your wonderful cock."

When I looked down at my cock as it sat just inside the opening of Julie's pussy, my eye happened to catch her dick. I realized that some time soon that dick was going to do the same thing to me. With that in mind I slowly, painfully slowly eased another inch or two into Julie. All she did was moan and ask for more.

I gave her more and in a few minutes she had all I could give her. She didn't let me rest as she said, "Fuck me Ted fuck me good."

I started by pulling out a little over half way and I slowly pushed that back into her. Julie simple moaned and said, "Oh god yes just like that baby fuck me just like that."

As I fucked her I looked for any sign that I was hurting her, but Julie only had a smile on her face as she asked to be fucked more. Before long I was pulling all the way out till just the head of my cock was still inside her and then I slid the entire length back into her. Julie loved that and begged for more of the same.

While I was fucking her I looked down and saw her dick still rock solid and dripping precum like a faucet. I took her cock in my right hand and at first I slowly started to stroke it. Soon my stroking matched the speed of my thrusting that I was fucking Julie with. This was something Julie didn't expect and in seconds she was a gibbering fool as she tried to tell me to fuck her faster and deeper but it all came out of her mouth as nonsense.

Julie started to scream that she was going to cum and I felt that was a good thing because I was very close too. I thought I could last longer but Julie's hole was clasping at my shaft like a vice every time I slid out of her.

When Julie's face scrunched up like she was in severe pain I was going to pull out but the next second her dick started to throb like it had it's own heart beat and her ass gripped my cock so tight it sucked the cum right out of me. Julie's cock also started to cum as she squealed like a banshee.

Her cock pumped load after load of cum onto her tits and her tummy as my cock pumped load after load of cum deep in her ass. Julie was squealing and cussing as her orgasm burned through her. I made enough noise though I'm sure Julie didn't even notice.

When Julie's orgasm subsided she let her legs go so that they fell to my sides and for a brief moment I thought she had passed out. But she was only barely conscious as I heard her mumble something about never knowing. When my cock had softened and it had slid out of Julie I virtually crashed on to the bed next to Julie. We both lay panting trying to get our breath back as our heartbeats returned to normal.

When she could breath fairly normally she rolled over and I took her in my arms. Julie kissed me on the cheek before resting her head on my shoulder and said, "God that was wonderful. I never knew it could be that wonderful. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"I loved it and if I could I would start again right now. But I think I need to wash up first," I told her as I remember where my cock had been.

Julie kissed my shoulder before saying, "If you're worried about anything nasty. I douched really well before you came home. But speaking about cleaning up, I definitely need to wash up or I'll be dripping all over the bed shortly. I'll get a washcloth to clean you up with then I'll clean myself. I should get this corset clean before the cum stains it."

"Do you really have to take it off," I asked rather sadly.

Julie leaned back so I could see her in it and asked, "Do you really like it on me? I bought it the day you went back to New York. I was looking for something that would turn your head so I went to the lingerie store. I asked the girl what I could buy to melt a man's heart. She told me that this would turn a man's brain to mush which was just as good."

"She was obviously right because I couldn't think of anything when I first saw it. Do you have another one you could but on?" I eagerly asked.

Julie saw I was kidding but she said, "No I only own the one. As you may have noticed it's not really my style. But to tell the truth I really like the way it makes me look. I mean it really shapes me so I look more feminine. Maybe I'll get a few more to wear to work and of cause in bed with you. I mean if you liked what we just did?"

"If you want an answer just tried to stop me the next time. I can't believe I enjoyed it so much it's like a whole New World open up for me," I told her and meant every word.

"I feel the same way to, but next time I get to do something too. But for right now I'm starving. I hope you brought something I can eat or at least cook."

"Me too but let's take a shower together first," I told her.

Julie agreed and we were soon in the shower. I washed every part of her body I could, which Julie loved to no end. When I was done Julie washed me up as well as I had done her.

After our shower we went back into the bedroom where Julie put on a pair of panties making sure to tuck back her penis before putting on a very short satin robe. When I saw her tucking back her penis I said, "You know you don't have to do that anymore."

"Yes I do I don't feel right if it's not tucked back," she told me as she started to dry and brush out her hair.

After putting on a pair of boxers I went out to the kitchen and started putting away the groceries that I hadn't put away earlier. Julie came out right behind me and went through everything I had bought.

After she started something for dinner she came and sat on my lap before asking, "You are going to go shopping again aren't you?"

"Well sure in a week or so this will be enough to last that long," I told her as I pulled her close.

"Honey this isn't enough to last a bird a week. Besides you didn't buy any spices or any staples. All you bought was enough cold cuts to last a week."

I laughed and said, "Well that's what I normally eat when I eat at home. When I was working on the street I either went to a restaurant to eat, or had something bought in so I could continue to work."

Julie looked surprised by that and asked, "How late did you work?"

"Sometimes I worked to ten at night but most times it was eleven or twelve."

"My god what about weekends did you relax then?" Julie asked.

"Well no not really I would go into work till six or so then I would go home and pour over the weeks newspaper to see if I miss anything."

"Did you do this only after you were divorced," Julie asked astonished.

"No that's what led to the divorce. My ex said when she married me she expected me to come home once in a while," I told Julie.

"Well no wonder she left you and then you got sick so you were suppose to relax and get well. But now you're doing it all over again aren't you. I've seen the security guard's logbook. It says you didn't come back till eleven or twelve almost every night. I know that some of those nights you were out with me dancing, but most of them you weren't. You were here working weren't you." While Julie told me this I could tell she was upset.

But I was upset to. I felt that she had been spying on me. I said, "What, do you have the guards spying on me?"

Julie looked flustered that I would ask this but she also looked embarrassed. "No they report on all the cars that drive on to the campus, especially during the summer when the students are all gone. It's my job to review the logs. I just happen to notice when you came back."

"So you were checking up on me weren't you?" I asked knowing she had.

"Just a little I mean I may have stopped seeing you that doesn't mean I stopped caring about you." She told me as she looked at her lap. She then went to check what she was making and said, "Seriously Ted you can't work so hard anymore. The Dean told me that you were a very sick man and your doctor said you needed to relax and have some fun. You can't keep working so hard."

I knew she was right so I said, "You're right but I wanted to get this house done by the time school started. I wanted someplace I could call my own. After you stopped seeing me I had nothing else to occupy my time."

Julie brought over two plates of food, placed one in front of me before taking the seat next to me with the other. Once she was seated she said, "I guess I have to come here every night just so I can baby sit you. I mean someone has to make sure you don't work yourself to death."

I though about this for a moment or two before I said, "No it's either you move in or we date like normal people. That means I come and pick you up."

Julie looked serious for a moment and said, "You know that's the second time you asked me to move in: once more and I'll pack my bags. Just be sure that what you want. If I move in I'll want some say in how this house is renovated."

I smiled because I got what I wanted. "Then move in and make the changes."

Julie smiled and said, "Okay first things first. Tomorrow we go back to that furniture store where you bought the bedroom set and I buy the make up table that goes with the set. After that we get a satellite dish system and a TV. After that we go to the lingerie store and I buy a few more corsets then it's on to the grocery store."

"Well so far I don't hear anything I don't like," I told her as I finished my dinner.

Julie finished hers as well. She took my hand and told me we were going outside. Once out back we sat on the bench that was part of the wall to the house and Julie said, "I don't know how you feel about it but ever since I first saw this place I imagine it with a pool out here. Something that looks like it belongs out in the desert. And also it has to have an eight-foot wall around it so no one can see in. I wouldn't want anyone to see what I'm hiding when we sunbathe in the nude."

I looked out over the back yard and said, "I can see it. Tomorrow I'll see if I can rent a back hoe and get started on the hole."

I said this in jest, but Julie jabbed me in my side and said, "No we get a contractor to do it. If you can't afford it then we'll wait. From now on all you can do is putter around the house until your doctor says you're well. I'm serious, Ted, I don't want to lose you."

I saw that she was really worried about me so I said, "I was just joking about the pool but I swear I'll relax more and get better."

Julie kissed me hard before saying, "Let's go back to the bedroom I have a strong urge to make love to you right now." Who was I to refuse?

A few minutes later I was once more nude and Julie was kissing her way down my body. When she started to kiss my pelvis she asked, "I know this may sound strange but can I make one small change here?"

"Well I need to know what it is you want. I don't want to promise something that may hurt," I told her not knowing what she wanted.

Julie giggled and said, "Its really not that big a deal but you've seen my boy clit and you seen that I don't have any hair there. I was hoping I could at least cut your pubic hair back so it doesn't tickle my nose all the time."

I thought about it, I remembered how soft hers felt and I couldn't see any reason why I needed mine. And in this heat it might even help not having it. So I said, "Sure you can remove it like yours if you want."

Julie seemed generally excited by this as she said, "Really I can? Well I wouldn't remove yours the way I remove mine not at first. I wax mine off. With your longer hair it will hurt too much. Waxing stops it from coming back so soon."

With that said Julie took the head of my cock into her mouth and started sucking. The excitement she felt at the thought of removing my pubic hair translated into a blowjob like no other that she had given me. When she went down on my cock I felt her throat muscles open and she sucked me to the root. I even felt her throat muscles massage the head of my cock before she had to with draw.

It wasn't long after she started sucking my cock when I felt her finger at my back door. Her finger slid into me and at the same time my legs came up to give her better access. It was still an amazing feeling to have her fucking my asshole while her mouth was sucking my cock.

When I was close to cuming Julie pulled off my cock and pushed my legs up to my chest. I instinctively held them there so Julie had use of both her hands. I felt her spread my cheeks as her tongue made a slow descent into the crack. When I felt her tongue make contact with my ass hole I just about squealed like Julie had done.

Julie's tongue swirled around my hole as if she was trying to trace patterns on it. Her tongue swirled poked and licked at my hole for a few minutes before I felt her tongue slid into my hole. She then started to fuck my hole with her tongue as her hand came around and started jerking off my cock.

In a very short time I was on the edge of orgasm but Julie sensed it too and her hand released my cock as her tongue left my hole. I open my eyes and saw Julie kneeling between my legs. In her hand she was holding the bottle of lube and it was upside down as she pour a generous amount on my hole.

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