Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02


I felt Julie's two finger slide into me as she worked the lube into my ass. When her fingers had a nice rhythm going she asked, "Honey don't you like what I'm doing to you. Don't you find this at all pleasurable?"

"Of course I do I love what your doing," I told her.

"Then say so sweetheart. I don't know what you find pleasurable if you don't tell me. Now do you like what I'm doing?"

Julie's fingers started fucking my ass hard and she spread her fingers apart as if to make them feel bigger. I couldn't help myself as I cried, "Oh god yes I love it like that, deeper Julie deeper."

"That's it bitch tell me what you want. I want to hear my bitch scream like girl," Julie told me with a wicked smile.

I wasn't sure if she was playing a game or if she really meant it but at that point I really didn't care as she slid a third finger into me and the pleasure was so intense. I barely said, "Oh yes, yes, yes fuck my ass fuck me good."

I felt Julie shiver as she said, "No bitch you don't have a ass now you have a man pussy. You have a man pussy that's getting ready for my T-girl dick."

I didn't care what she called it by this time because what she was doing felt too good to stop and my ass was begging for her dick. So I cried, "Oh please Julie give me your T-girl dick put it in my man pussy and fuck like a girl."

I felt Julie shiver again before I felt her fingers leave my ass and a heartbeat later I felt the head of her dick slide into me. This time there was no pain. There was only the joy of being fucked by Julie.

Julie stopped when she was just inside my hole but I wanted more. "Please Julie give me more of you t-girl dick please give me more."

"You want more bitch I'll give you more," Julie squealed. And I felt another inch slide into me.

I had to ask for more each time Julie stopped but as soon as I asked Julie slid in a little more. I knew what she was doing. She didn't want to give too much if I wasnn't ready for it, so I had to ask. I asked all right and I begged and pleaded. Finally I felt Julie's thighs touch my cheeks and I knew I had it all.

As soon as I felt her thighs on my cheeks I cried out, "Fuck me Julie fuck me please.

Julie didn't say a word, she just back out a little and slid it back into me. I moaned deeply at that and begged for more. Julie started a slow thrust at first and she would only back out a few inches before feeding me once again. This lasted a minute or two before she started taking more out and shoving it back in.

By the time I was delirious with the pleasure from her dick Julie was pounding my ass for all she was worth. God I never felt anything this intense and I begged for more. Julie was calling me a slut and a whore. She told me I was acting like a bitch in heat and I didn't care.

When she grabbed my cock and started beating me off I knew the end was near. God I didn't want it to end I didn't want to cum and end this pleasure I was feeling. But my orgasm was right there; it was so close I could almost taste it. I could feel it in my legs and Julie screamed that she was cuming. When I felt the first splashed of hot cum sear my insides my own orgasm ripped through me like a run away high-speed locomotive. I don't know what was happening but all of a sudden I was being splashed by something warm and wet. I only vaguely realized it was my own cum squirting out of my cock and all over my chest.

Julie fell on top of me as her boy clit continued to throb deep inside me. She kissed every inch of my chest she could reach with out moving her head. Between kisses she panted for breath as I felt her cock start to soften inside me.

Mean while my legs had fallen so that they were now spread out on each side of Julie. My breathing was also labored and I could barely open my eyes. At the time it seemed like every nerve ending in my body was tingling. I never knew sex could be this good.

When Julie's cock had softened to a point where it fell out Julie knelt up and looked down at her cock. With a gasp of disgust she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. Not knowing what had happened, I followed close behind though I did little more then stagger.

When I walked into the bathroom I found Julie was all ready in the shower. Since we had showered together earlier I slipped in along side her. Julie was washing her cock off vigorously so I asked what was wrong.

Julie shook her head and said, "Nothing love I should have realized that it would happen. It just grossed me out that's all." I didn't know what she was talking about so Julie said, "It's just that you weren't as clean inside as I was. I had some nasty stuff on my clit and it grossed me out. Next time I won't look I just hurry to the shower. That's if you will let me make love to you again?"

I took Julie's wet body in my arms and said, "Of cause I want you to make love to me again. I never knew it could feel so wonderful. But I don't want you jumping out of bed like that again. You may have to teach me how you clean yourself so I can do the same."

Julie hugged me tight before saying, "I love you so much and I so happy that you want to be my lover. I can't tell you how many times I thought about us together as lovers."

I kissed the top of Julie's head before saying, "I've thought about us together often too. I just never imagine you'd be calling me a slut and a whore though."

Julie laughed and said, "Sorry about that I guess I saw to many t-girl movies. It just came out. I try not to call you that anymore."

"It's okay, I didn't mind it. In fact I felt like a slut while you were fucking me. I just don't want you calling me that in front of my students," I told her as held each other.

Julie kissed me before saying, "I would never do that and speaking of school. No one knows what I am and I would really like to keep it that way. Well the Dean and his wife Lacey knows and the school doctor knows but no one else knows." I told Julie I would keep her secret before we dried off and went to bed.

Julie and I went to bed that night in each other's arms. During the night I woke several times and each time Julie was still in my arms with her head on my chest. I also dreamed of Julie and I having wonderful sex together. The night was filled with sexy dreams.

I woke up to find Julie sitting on the bed already dressed in a pair of shorts and a cut off tee shirt. What woke me were her feather light strokes on my face with her hand. When she saw I was looking at her Julie smiled and said, "I'm sorry to wake you my love but it's already past eleven."

I was surprised that I slept this late as I'm always up early. After getting out of bed I went into the bathroom to relieve my full bladder. Julie followed me in and started filling a rubber bag with a long tube attached to it.

Once my bladder was empty and the rubber bag was filled Julie said. "Now my love bend over the counter so I can give you a cleansing enema. This way you'll be as clean as my boy pussy is when you make love to me."

I bent over the counter as she had asked. I received a treat as I felt Julie's fingers rub lubricant on my asshole. This was definitely a nice thing to wake up to. After a few short minutes of finger fucking Julie withdrew her fingers and slid in the nozzle that was attached to the enema bag. After hearing a click I felt the warm soapy water enter my rectum. When it first started, it felt wonderful and something I could enjoy on a regular basis. That was until I became full and I started feeling cramps in my stomach.

I told Julie that I was full but she said, "No my love you only have about half of the solution in you we have to wait till you have almost all of it. Just think my love people in California pay to have this done to them. I'm told that it's quite healthy and it's great for your waist line."

I don't know where she heard that from but I wasn't going to complain if she did this all the time. It took another ten minutes for the bag to empty and after I voided myself I was told I needed at least one more. I wound up have two more till the liquid that came out of me was as clean as what went into me. Then I received one more that was pure water to rinse me out.

When I thought I was done and I could finally shower Julie took out a blue and white bottle from a bag. As she was smearing it all over my pubic area she said. "This my love is hair remover. You did say I could remove all the hair from down here if I wanted." Once front and back was completely coated with the hair remover and Julie had washed her hands she set a timer for fifteen minutes before saying. "When the timer goes off you can shower this off but not before. Meanwhile I'll start your breakfast."

For the first five minutes I didn't noticed anything then I started to itch. After ten minutes it started to itch really badly, and by the time the buzzer went off I was bouncing from one foot to the next to take my mind off the itching. I never felt so relieved as when the water started washing away the remover. But it didn't wash all of it away and I had to rub it off with a washcloth to get it all off of me. By the time my shower was over my pelvis and my backside was completely devoid of hair. It wasn't until I started to dry off that I noticed how naked I felt.

When I walked into the bedroom to dress Julie came into the bedroom from the kitchen. She walked over and pulled away the towel I had wrapped around my waist and with out a word she sunk to her knees and started licking my cock.

After a few seconds of this I was on my back on the bed and Julie was between my legs sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I really wasn't sure if it was the hairlessness of my crotch or that Julie sucked better then she ever had, but within minutes I was on the verge of orgasm and nothing was going to stop it.

When I came I came hard as I held Julie's head. When I started grunting and I cried that I was cuming Julie pushed two moist fingers into my ass and finger fucked me hard and fast as I filled her mouth with cum.

Once my balls were completely empty Julie pulled off my cock and slide into my arms. We kissed deeply and we shared the thick cum that I had pumped into her mouth. We swapped saliva mixed cum from one mouth to the other till the snowball was so big we had to swallow or lose it.

After swallowing we kissed once more before Julie said, "Yes I definitely like your cock better with out all that hair to get in the way. Now that we had our little treat it's time we eat breakfast. You get dressed while I get breakfast on the table."

After I got dressed and saw the spread that Julie put on for breakfast I was surprised that she was able to cook all this with the meager food I had picked up the night before. That was until I learned that Julie had woken up early and went grocery shopping with out me. That was also when she picked up the hair remover and a second enema bag for me.

After breakfast Julie and I clean up the dishes then left for the furniture store. We bought the make up table that she wanted plus we also bought two huge recliners for watching television in the bedroom. Julie figured if I was watching TV I was relaxing and that was good for me. Though I don't know why we bought two recliners seeing every time we watched television together Julie would always climb into the chair I was sitting on so she could sit with me. I of course never complained.

After the furniture store we went to the electronics store where we started looking at the twenty five inch TVs but in the end we bought a sixty inch wide screen. We also bought a DVD player and a surround sound system. We got a satellite system that could be used in two rooms. We figured once the other rooms were done, we might want to move the big TV in to another room and keep a smaller TV in the bedroom.

While we were there Julie talked me into a stainless steel barbecue for outside. I never was much on cooking and barbecuing was something I never did. But Julie told me I was the man I would have to learn seeing the man was the one that barbecued. I had a feeling it was a way to get me to cook some of the meals.

Since they had to deliver the TV any way I had them deliver the barbecue as well as it wouldn't fit too well in my truck with the make up table and the two recliners. After the electronics store we went to the lingerie shop that Julie had picked up the corset in.

It didn't take us long to spend over two thousand dollars at the lingerie store as I bought everything I thought would Julie would look good in. While I was looking around the store Julie and the sales girl went off to a separate corner and started picking out clothes. It wasn't until later that I found out what they were picking out was for me. I was now the owner of ten pairs of satin male boxers as well as ten pair of satin bikini briefs that both girls swore were designed for men. They looked like panties but they had a pouch in front to hold my package. They also had an opening like normal briefs so I could pull my cock out to pee.

After leaving the lingerie store we passed a dress store that had what was called club wear. In the window was a short red lame' dress that I thought Julie would look fetching in. When I suggested that she try it on she argued that it was too expensive and she couldn't afford it. Of course I wasn't about to let her pay for it, as I wouldn't let her pay for the lingerie we had just bought, but Julie had to argue about every dime I spent on her.

It took some coaxing but in the end I got her into the shop where she tried on the dress. Once I saw it fit I told the sales girl to ring it up along with a pair of red stiletto heeled pumps the sales girl and Julie said would look perfect with them. Julie of course told me I shouldn't buy it but I did anyway, as she looked fantastic in it.

All the way home she complained that I had spent too much on her and I had to stop spoiling her. I told her I would but I didn't swear to it and I wasn't going to stop anyway. If I saw something I though she would look good in I would buy it.

When we got back to the house Julie and I moved the recliners into the bedroom as well as the makeup table. After putting her new clothes away Julie asked what I would like for dinner.

"How about we go out to Mama's for dinner and then to the club for some dancing. You could wear your new dress," I told her as I pulled her into my arms.

Julie frowned because she loved to dance but she also knew I was supposed to relax. Finally she said, "Ted you really need to relax we've been on the go all day. We can go out to eat but we really should come home afterward."

I knew she wanted to go but she was thinking of me so I said, "Love. Let's go out to dinner then to the club. We don't need to dance every dance but we could dance a few. Tomorrow I swear I'll relax all day as well as Tuesday. And if you insist I'll relax on Wednesday as well."

I could see the conflict in Julie's eyes as she debated with herself. Finally she said, "If you promise to relax the next two days except for when we go see a pool contractor then we can go. But we'll only dance two songs and sit for two."

"Great I promise. Now can I get you to wear that dress I just bought you?" I asked.

Julie smiled and said. "Of cause my love seeing all my dressy dresses are still at my place. Let's go shower and get ready it's already eight o'clock."

We did shower quickly until I sunk to my knees and took her boy clit into my mouth. At first Julie tried to stop me but with in seconds she was holding my head as she fucked my mouth. Though I enjoyed being the one in control last night I really enjoyed what we were doing. Julie used her hips in a back and forth motion to guided her clit in and out of my mouth.

Julie was quite content to fuck my mouth in slow shallow thrusts until she came closer to orgasm. The closer she got the harder were her thrusts as well as deeper. For a while she would stop just short of my throat but in her frenzy she pushed the head of his clit into my throat. At first I

started to gag and my stomach started to wrench to where I thought I was going to vomit. Thankfully Julie pulled out but my reprieve was only short lived. On the next in thrust Julie pushed back into my throat. Though I gagged once more it wasn't as bad as the first time. Also my stomach didn't wrench as bad as the first time.

Julie pulled out once more and after I caught my breath she pushed back into my throat. This time I knew what to expect and surprisingly it wasn't that bad. The deep moan that Julie moaned was worth the discomfort. I could even feel her legs tremble as she fucked my mouth and throat.

She also said, "Oh baby you mouth feel wonderful. Suck me baby and let me fuck your throat."

Once she saw I was okay with her thrusting into my throat she picked up speed as I sealed my lips around her boy clit. I griped on to her clit with my lips and held still as she fuck my throat and mouth with abandon. I knew she couldn't keep up the pace as precum was pouring out of her clit like a leaky hose.

Julie started to whimper and her legs shook. She then started to groan as if in pain till the groans became grunts. On each grunt a fresh glop of hot cum would land on my tongue. I tried to hold it all in my mouth but in the end it was too much so I had to swallow some to make room for more. Twice Julie filled my mouth to almost over flowing but I was able to swallow enough to keep it from overflowing my lips and I still managed to save some so we could share it.

As soon as Julie stopped cuming she dropped to her knees and we kissed. We shared the cum load between us till the ball was too big and we swallowed some. We continued to snow ball each other till the ball was once more threating to over flow our lips.

When we swallowed this time our mouths were empty so Julie pulled away and said as she hugged me to her, "I'm sorry if I hurt you put I could help myself. Your throat felt so good on my boy clit I couldn't stop. Next time push me away."

I kissed her on the cheek and said, "It's okay I enjoyed it. At first I didn't know what to do but after a while I got the hang of it and I loved it. I really like the sweet moans you made each time you entered my throat."

Julie kissed me once more before I said, "Come we had better get dressed or Mama will close the kitchen and we won't get anything to eat."

I pulled Julie up to her feet before she said, "What about you? You need some loving too."

As I shut off the shower I said, "After we come home I'll take care of both of us but now we need to get dressed." Julie wasn't too happy with that but she also knew I was right.

It didn't take me long to get dressed as all I had to put on was a pair of my new satin briefs my slacks and a shirt as well as socks and shoes. Julie by far had more to wear then I did and it took her three times as long. First she put on a blood red bustier with skin tone stockings and panties to match the bustier. Then she put on her make up, this seem to take forever as did her hair. But when it was done she looked radiant. It was times like these that I found it hard to believe she was once a boy. The dress, we had just bought, looked even better on her now then it did in the store. Julie told me it was the undergarments that made it look even better. I had to believe her as she knew more then I did about such things.

Once Julie had on the dress and her heels she tried to look at herself in the mirror that was attached to her make up table. It really wasn't that big and she couldn't see herself well but what she could see she definitely liked. She came over to me threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek before saying, "Thank you Ted I love this dress. I'm so happy you bought it for me."

By this point I felt like a million bucks from that moment on I only wanted to make Julie happy. I hugged her tight and said, "Before I tear this dress to ribbons I suggest that we get going."

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