tagNovels and NovellasOasis Pool Club Ep. 01 Pt. 1

Oasis Pool Club Ep. 01 Pt. 1


It was hot that summer -- the hottest in recent memory. The intense heat, however, was not why the Oasis Pool Club was so popular. At a glance, the pool club was like any other: a nice clean pool, a sauna and massage rooms, and a relaxed atmosphere. Look a bit closer though and some things may see slightly off: the lifeguards were all females between the ages of 18 and 26. They all wore skimpy bikinis instead of the standard lifeguard one-piece. The members were all middle aged men. The pool was completely deserted almost all of the time. Look even closer: all of the dirty towels going into the laundry were dry and crusty. The showers had mirrors in the stalls. If you moved the generic framed artwork hung at about waist height in the bathroom stalls, there were 3" round holes in the walls with stains around them.

In truth, this was not your average posh pool club. The members paid upwards of $10,000 per season pass for an all-you-can-fuck buffet. The men used the one-way mirrors in the showers to watch the lifeguards get naked. They used the bathroom gloryholes to have their cocks sucked and fucked by the lifeguards. They could get happy endings from the resident masseuse. Moans, grunts, and the slapping sound of flesh on flesh echoed off the walls of the coed sauna. There was even the occasional orgy there. Towels were used to wipe sperm from sticky faces, tits, pussies, and asses. The lifeguards were fed morning after pills each day to counter constant, multiple creampies. The girls didn't mind -- one month of lifeguarding in the prime season could fund a full year of tuition or a brand new car.

But, like all good things, the Oasis Pool Club was coming to an end. The Mayor, Vivian Johnson, had started a campaign against the club. There were tax errors and health code violations that she intended to use to close down the pool. Her final visit was scheduled for next week, which would be followed by a press conference where she would announce the pool's closing. They probably would be closed before their annual 4th of July blowout staff party.

Diane Dickson, the club's owner, sat at her desk frowning over copies of her old tax records. In the club's early days, she couldn't afford a tax professional and had done everything herself. Her inexperience in those first years had led to errors.

Diane had always been attractive and had caught the eye of men since her figure developed in middle school. She was blessed with good looks: slightly mousey with petite features, bright blue eyes, and a 1000-watt smile that could electrify a room. She kept her jet black hair long and wavy and her hair care routine ensured it was always fluffy and shiny. Her juicy, full lips matched her shapely body: double-D tits, a slim waist, and a huge but firm, round ass.

She had opened the pool out of college over ten years ago and had built up quite an impressive business "lifeguarding" herself with the help of some friends here and there. Back then, with a trust-fund and a killer body, she opened the pool with a handful of members. Her intelligence and business degree on top of years of hard work had earned her a pile of money and a comfortable lifestyle, all by the age of 38. Now, the Mayor was threatening all of that.

Diane was still smoking hot -- more of a MILF now, although her body showed little signs of aging. Her massive breasts did not possess an ounce of sag and her tummy was just as flat as ever. Diane was wearing a deep V-neck shirt that accentuated her bulging cleavage. She took off her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose. As she puts the glasses back on, there was a knock at her office door.

"Come in!" she said.

Matt turned the knob and pushed the door open. He was tall and young with a slight belly, but powerful arms and chest. He had answered a "Help Wanted: Lifeguard" ad on craigslist. Having just his junior year in college, he was looking for a summer job. Matt was hoping to score a gig where he could spend his summer ogling MILFs poolside. Now, opening the door marked "Office", he was met by a very attractive older woman. Despite her demure appearance, she might be the hottest woman he has ever met.

He shuffled forward nervously, resume in hand.

Diane spoke first. "Hi, you must be Matt. We spoke on the phone, I'm Diane," she said smiling and extending her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Ma'am. I brought my resume," he shook her hand firmly, gaining confidence in her warm smile and inviting eyes.

"Please have a seat, Matt -- and please don't call me Ma'am," she laughed breezily, taking the resume. "Everyone here calls me Miss Dee."

"Ok, thanks Miss Dee." Matt sat and tried not to look directly into Diane's deep, inviting cleavage. Smiling and maintaining eye contact, Matt could feel his cock stirring with arousal. He was wearing a t-shirt and board shorts, as a swim test is customary in lifeguard interviews.

Diane noticed a slight lurch in Matt's crotch, but ignored it, and went on scanning his resume. "Let's see... CPR and first response certification, mmm hmm... 3 years experience, ok..." she read aloud.

Matt's mind wandered. He watched her thick, red lips, not listening to her words. They are so shiny, I wonder how those lips would feel wrapped around my-

Another abrupt knock at the door.

"Yes," Diane answered. Matt heard the door open.

"Hi Miss Dee, you wanted to see me?" a chirpy female voice said from behind him.

Matt turned to face her. Standing in the doorway was a tall, leggy blonde in a tiny white bikini. Her perky, round breasts were barely covered by the tiny triangles of her top. There was a red plus over one side of the top. She smiled with her hands on her slim waist and, as she tilted her head, her ponytail fell to one side. Her tan skin and cute face reminded Matt of the girl next door.

"Brittney, I want you to meet Matt," Diane said, rising. "Matt, Britt here is our head lifeguard."

Brittney stepped into the office beaming at him. He half-stood to hide his erection and met her grip with his. Matt's cock responded to this gorgeous, mostly naked coed. She looks to be about 18 and he liked what he saw. The textured fabric of his board shorts rubbing against the naked head of his dick wasn't helping.

"Nice to meet you, Matt -- you don't hafta stand," Brittney said. Matt gratefully returned to his chair.

"Ooops, I guess you are adjusting to the AC in here," he said, staring shamelessly at her nipples poking at the thin white fabric.

"Oh, my nipples are always like that," she said as she playfully squeezed his shoulder.

"Britt, I am interviewing Matt here for our new lifeguard. Would you mind showing him around?"

"No problem!" she chirped. "Come on, Matt," she grabbed his hand and led him out of the door. Looking back, he caught a fleeting glimpse of Diane as he walks out. She seemed to be looking at his crotch and smiling. Looking down, Matt noticed his blatant erection bounce with each step.

Brittney saw him and said, "I guess you are adjusting to the scenery in here." They locked eyes, then she descended the stairs ahead of him.

He watched her ass jiggle with each step. "Oh, so you noticed?"

She half paused and smiled back at him. His bulge was at eye level to her on the steps. "You'll put someone's eye out with that thing!" She bounded down the rest of the steps, continuing down the hall.

Matt followed. "What can I say, I really like your suit."

In the hall, there were two doors -- one with a bikini stencil and one with shorts.

"Ok, silly Mr. Matt. These are the locker rooms. You aren't allowed on my side and I'm not on yours, so head on in, take a look around, and meet me by the showers." She winked at him and pushed through the door marked with a bikini, disappearing.

Matt entered the men's room. He looked around as he strolled through. There were a few dingy stalls and sinks, then a locker room/changing area with benches. Finally, he came upon four shower stalls in a row. They shared a common partial wall with the mirror image women's showers on the other side. The partial wall allowed you to see the person's head and legs in the adjacent showers, but blocked their mid-sections. On the shared walls, Matt saw what look like mirrors in each stall, except instead of the reflected image, he could see right through into the women's side.

Suddenly, a shower came on at the end of the row. He looked to the end and saw Brittney smiling and waving to him.

"Its just so hot today, I need to cool off," she said. As Matt approached, he watched her undo the ponytail and shake out her long, honey-colored hair. He stepped into the stall across from her as she dipped her head into the spray. Water cascaded down her body and he watched it soak her tiny white bikini through the one-way mirror. Every contour of Brittney's body was visible through her wet, transparent suit.

"I like these mirrors," he said, making no attempt to hide the fact that he is staring at her body.

"Can you help me with this?" Britt said, turning her back to him and collecting her hair over her shoulder.

Matt stepped to the wall and looked at the back of her bikini top tied in a neat bow. "You want me to untie this?"

She giggled. "Of course, silly. I can't reach."

He shrugged, then reached over the wall and tugged on the string. The fabric pulled with the weight of her tits, then relaxed as her round C-cups bounced free.

"Thanks, now back to your side, silly boy -- no peeking!" She wagged a finger at him and he stepped back.

She lifted her top over her head and turned to face him. Brittney was standing in the shower topless letting the water run down her chest as she passed her fingers through her hair. Matt could see her head and shoulders over the wall. He lowered his gaze and could clearly see her heavy, dewdrop-shaped tits through the mirror. They were tanned light brown with pale triangles over her nipples where her top left tan lines.

Ogling her young breasts and her pretty pink nipples, he thought, "She must know I can see her..." One hand involuntarily dropped to feel his dick over his shorts. He had formed an obvious tent.

"What about you, aren't you gonna cool off?" she asked coyly.

"Nope, I'm good," he said, squeezing his shaft through his shorts. He could feel it throbbing as he watched her turn back and forth in the spray. Her perky boobs jiggled slightly and water dripped from the bubble-gum-colored tips. Her hands came up her ribcage and she squeezed her ample tits together. Water pooled in her naked cleavage, then plopped out.

"Oh come on, you must be getting hot," she held her tits and batted her eyelids.

"Damn, Britt, you are so fuckin sexy!" he said, practically drooling. She stepped toward him, resting her elbows on the wall. Her young boobs pressed against the mirror. Matt watched as they flatten, becoming bigger and rounder.

She giggled at him. "Matt, do you have another stiffy?"

He realized she was looking in his stall. "Well, yea. Watching you has got me rock hard..." he said, practically whispering now.

Brittney's eyes dropped, followed by her jaw. "Holy shit... look at the size of that thing..." She was staring straight at his bulge, which he was gripping. "I thought it looked big before but, wow..."

Before Matt realized what was happening, Brittney dropped to her knees and crawled under the wall into his stall. Crouching below him, she placed both hands on his waistband and curled her fingers inside. Her eyes rose to look up at him.

"Brittney, are you sure you should-" in mid-sentence, she pulled hard and his shorts dropped, bunching at his feet.

Brittney's eyes widened and both hands covered her mouth as she sat back on her haunches. Bobbing inches from her face, Matt's massive tool jutted out at her. She looked up at him, then back down at his plum-sized head. It seemed to be looking back at her through its one eye.

"I... I..." she stammered, transfixed. Under her breath, she muttered, "Wait til Miss Dee sees this one..."

"What was that?" Matt fired back quickly.

"Oh, nothing-its just so big," she said flatly as she wrapped both hands around his shaft.

He closed his eyes, sighing as she gripped him. He could feel more blood rushing into his dick head as it swelled toward her gaping mouth. "Do you like my cock, Britt?"

She felt his thick shaft throb in her hands. They looked so tiny wrapped around his girth. Brittney could feel his pulse in a puffy blue vein running along the top of his length. "Wow, Matt. I can barely put my hands around it." Her eyes rose to meet his. "Your dick is really big," she said, almost chuckling. She started sliding her wet hands back and forth, getting his shaft wet and shiny.

"God Brit, that feels amazing." Opening his eyes, he looked down at the gorgeous blond kneeling below him, gently stroking along his length.

"I'm going to try to suck it," she again made eye contact.

Matt nodded, placing one hand on her head encouragingly.

Brittney opened her jaws as wide as she could and sunk his firm, soft head past her lips onto her tongue. Matt moaned softly. Brittney stared straight ahead and breathed through her nose as she shifted her head forward. More dick slid into her mouth. Her lips stretched to accommodate his width.

She continued to slowly stroke her hands back and forth. In rhythm with them, she slid her mouth back and forth. When her hands moved toward his tip, she leaned forward. Her hands met her lips about half way. Brittney paused with 6 inches of Matt's wide 15 inch tool buried in her mouth, straining.

"CCCCKKKK!!!" she sputtered, saliva spraying onto his shaft. Her mouth retreated as she catches her breath.

"Wheeew, Brit. You are a really great cocksucker!" he said, a bit louder than he meant to. He realized suddenly they are in a very open room.

Brittney spat harshly on her palms, then gripped his shaft again. Matt looked down as she stuck out her tongue and slapped his large head against it, making a wet sound. This made Matt moan.

He reached behind her head and lifted, gripping her blonde mane. At the same time, he shifted his hips forward. His large, cherry colored head parted her lips, then stretched them wide with his meaty shaft. This started Brittney in a rhythm.

"Mmmm," Matt sighed as she takes over.

Stroking his length in rhythm with her mouth, she continued, making eye contact and batting her eyelids.

The men's room door burst open and Matt froze, although Brittney didn't miss a beat. She continued working back and forth on his stiff dick.

A man in a bathing suit casually strode toward him. Matt knew he must see that someone is crouching in the stall with him.

The man waved and smiled knowingly. All Matt could do is nod awkwardly. The sounds of Brittney's slurps echoed on the walls as the man passed out of sight. Matt turned to look back down at her.

The young lifeguard was intently focused on servicing his sizeable cock. She pumped both hands in time with her bobbing head, back and forth. Then she began to hum happily with her eyes turned up to him. Brittney seemed to know exactly how to perform a blowjob and worked him right up to a climax quickly. Her enthusiasm and focus heightened his pleasure.

"Britt, I've been turned on all afternoon. I have a big load and I REEALLY need to cum." His eyes locked onto hers. "Once I start cumming, I need to you keep stroking, no matter what. Can you do that for me?"

She nodded without breaking her downstroke. Matt settled back on his heels, relaxing. He looked down at her pretty blonde hair and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue on the bottom of his head. He could even feel his vein throbbing against the top of her mouth as the tip of his dick almost completely filled her mouth. Matt watched her hands pump his shaft toward her stretched, eager lips.

"Mmmm, that's it..." he sighed. His balls tightened as they bounced against her wrist. He placed his hand on her shoulder for balance. She looked up at him. "Are you ready?" he asked. He felt a gush of precum leave his tip.

She leaned forward and nodded as he gushes. It caught her by surprise, right in the back of her mouth. She recoiled from the force, then gagged from the taste as his precum trickles onto her tongue.

"GGGGGHHHH!!" she coughed, still stroking with a tight grip.

"I'm going to cum," he said flatly. Matt's cock began to twitch. His head swelled in her mouth as she recoiled from gagging and her lips backed off his tip.

The first stream fired out thick and fast - it splattered onto Britt's face and over her right eye, hanging thickly in the eyelash. Her grip slipped off of his shaft. Matt quickly grabbed his shaft and strokes it purposefully. As Brittney caught her breath, he pumped out one... two... three more wide white strands across her face.

"Uh... uhhhh.... Uhh..." he grunted raggedly with each jet.

She recovered, putting both hands by his one. She gripped his pulsing cock hard and drove her mouth over his head. They pumped his shaft in unison.

Brittney tasted another surge, then another. She giggled open-mouthed as Matt finished cumming, covering her tongue.

Matt had to laugh. Looking down, he saw a mess of a teenage blonde. Her tits were out and she was kneeling in a dirty shower with a thick cock buried in her lips and thick strings of cum lining her face. She blinked up at him through cum-heavy eyelashes. He shuddered and spurted his final jet into her mouth.

"Aaaahhhh..." Matt sighed.

She moved her head back, letting his cock head slip from her mouth. "Nnnnggghhh" she moaned, sticking out her tongue.

Looking down, Matt saw his white sperm pooled on her tongue. Brittney closed her mouth, then closed her eyes and swallowed loudly.

She opened her eyes and mouth, showing him a clean tongue. Matt leaned forward and wiped his head on her tongue. "Aaaaahhhhh... ha ha ha he he he" she kissed his head. "Wow." Brittney shifted back to sit on her heels. "Look at all this cum! You weren't kidding about the size of your load." She looked exasperated as she wiped her eyes.

Matt watched a blob of jizz hanging from her chin. It swayed as she spoke, then dropped onto her chest, oozing between her perky tits.

"Britt, I gotta say, you worked it out of me. I mean, I was horny after meeting Miss Dee, but you really suck cock like a champ." Brittney pulled his shorts up and he tucked his dick inside.

"You caught me by surprise, Matt." She ducked back over to her side and putsher face into the shower stream as she stood. "That first shot hit the back of my mouth and I lost it. I mean I like the taste of cum, but yours was such a strong shot and really thick texture." She wiped his spunk from her face and chest. "Sorry I lost my grip."

"Brit, you blew me really hard. I could tell you were really into it. Don't be sorry for that performance -- I don't always cum quite that much volume. You should be proud of that." Matt continued watching her.

"Thanks." She smiled and pulled her bikini top back on.

Matt reached across and tied it obligingly. Even covered, the wet white fabric left her young breasts mostly visible. He could clearly make out her hard nipples through the top.

She pulled her wet hair back into a ponytail and tied it. "Are you ready to see the rest?" she chimed, turning off the shower.

Matt nodded and they headed out of the open-air exit to the pool area.

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