tagNovels and NovellasOasis Pool Club Ep. 01 Pt. 2

Oasis Pool Club Ep. 01 Pt. 2


Matt follows a tall blonde along the side of a large pool. Brittney is the head lifeguard and she is giving him a quick tour of the Oasis Pool Club as part of his interview. He is here in response to an ad for a new lifeguard. Matt watches Brittney's tanned ass in the tiny white bikini bottoms. It jiggles playfully with each bounding step.

Brittney explains the ins and outs of working at the pool club. She shows him around the pool, but Matt is distracted by her body and the other lifeguards. He mostly tunes her out as he focuses on two more sexy lifeguards lounging in equally skimpy suits.

"Do you have any male lifeguards?" he asks staring at a short brunette lifeguard with a juicy ass hanging out of her tiny bottoms. It shows no sign of sag or cellulite. Despite recently ejaculating, he can feel his loins stir.

Brittney giggles. "You'd be our first."

Matt makes a mental note of this despite the distracting conditions and dazzling sunlight.

They walk past the pool to a one-storey building with two doors -- one marked SAUNA and the other SPA.

"Here is our coed sauna and on this side, we have a spa!" her voice rises with a wave of her hand.

"No shit," Matt thinks to himself, but he just smiles at her. The SPA door bursts open and the man Matt saw in the locker room emerges. He hurries past them red-faced.

Brittney catches the door and they enter.

The spa area is an oriental themed open room with scented candles and a large massage table. A small, very attractive young Asian woman is wiping her hands on a towel. They are covered in what looks like a thick white lotion. She tosses the towel into the hamper and turns to them.

"Brittney, so nice to see you," she speaks with a calm voice.

"Hiii Lin. Lin" -pause- "this is our new friend" -pause- "Matt". She gestures to Matt. Brittney seems to think that Lin doesn't understand English very well.

Matt smiles and steps toward her. "Nice to meet you Lin."

Lin shakes his hand. He is a bit struck by how tiny her hand is, but also very strong. She is short and petite with dark skin. The robe she wears covers most of her, but her skin looks so soft, it almost glows. Her wide, almond shaped dark eyes are sharp but welcoming. She has long, dark hair that flows around her cute face and is tied back in an intricate braid. She smiles at him effortlessly.

"Hello Matt. Miss Dee tells me you are interested in job." She speaks and moves with a soft confidence.

"Uh, yes. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I came for the interview, but everyone has been so nice." He rocks on his heels and swings his arms somewhat awkwardly.

"Well, I'll leave Lin here to show you around," Brittney says, turning toward the door. She opens it, "Bye!" She swings out and it clangs shut.

"Matt, Miss Dee ask me to give you deep tissue massage. She say it help you relax for final part of interview. Please put on towel." Lin gestures toward a folding screen.

"You want to give me a massage?" Matt is dumfounded.

She gestures again, smiling. He pads over to the screen and slides it flat. He drops his pants and peels off his shirt. Something about the atmosphere in the room has made his dangling cock start to tingle. He kicks off his flip flops and wraps up in the towel. Then he slides the screen back.

Lin is bent over lighting a candle. Matt can see right up her very short robe. Her dark skin is lighter under her legs. He can see the folds of her tiny pink labia and the soft curve of her ass. It is all flawless. Lin rises, blowing on a match.

"Please." She gestures toward the table.

Matt hops on and lays back.

"Please lie on stomach." She instructs.

He spins, putting his face into the U-shaped pillow. Lin shuffles around him and he hears her squishing lotion into her hands. Then she starts to work on his shoulders. Lin's hands are strong and knowledgeable. Matt feels her working his shoulder muscles and moving her way down his back. She rubs down each arm, then stands by his legs.

She shuffles the towel up to access the back of his thighs. Matt can feel a slight breeze against the bottom of his cock head as he lies on his stomach. He realizes it must be exposed, but he is so relaxed, he doesn't even care.

Lin's expert hands start at his feet and work their way up each leg. Matt tries to relax, but now he is becoming aroused. He can feel his face flush as his cock stirs. Soon he will be unable to lie on his stomach.

She reaches the top of his thighs. Without Matt noticing, she unties the towel. He feels air on his bare ass as she slides it off. Lin's fingers begin to knead his ass. He sits up slightly.

"Full body," she says firmly and he relaxes. Occasionally, he thinks he can feel her fingertips lightly graze the bottom of his ball sack.

As she rubs his bare ass, his cock starts to press flat against the table. Her motions cause him to rock back and forth very slightly but just enough to stimulate the skin on his head. Matt's dick responds, growing.

"Ok, roll ova please." Lin says suddenly. She turns to squirt more lotion on her hands.

Matt rolls on the table, trying to keep the towel on. As he settles, his turgid member flops over the towel onto his stomach. It makes a heavy, fleshy sound. Lin gently lays another towel across to cover him. She seems to be used to this situation.

Her slick hands rub his chest and arms. Without realizing, he closes his eyes at some point. Lin moves onto his face and works down his neck and chest.

Matt feels warm flesh brush up against his face. Opening his eyes, he sees Lin's soft, small tits dangling upside down over his face. She slides further down, near his semi rigid member. Her warm skin presses into his face.

Lin moves back up, walking around to his legs. He can see she has taken the robe off and her body is amazing. Small, but in tight proportion, her B-cup breasts are topped with dark nipples. They are accentuated by her dark hair.

"Relax please," she instructs.

Matt lies back and she starts on his legs. She moves her way up and again, this causes his cock to stir. It is pumping and rising under the towel. Lin doesn't seem to notice and continues massaging her way up his thighs. At one point, his dick lurches to a 45 degree angle off his body. Lin's supple hands are just inches away from his shaft, working his upper thigh.

Finally, the towel slides off his bobbing cock. Lin looks at it, then back to Matt. His manhood is bigger than her forearm.

She calmly turns toward the lotion dispenser and watching her naked body, Matt realizes for the first time that the lotion is clear. That white lotion from before must have been...

"This very common during massage." She wrings her hands together, approaching him between his legs. Lin reaches down and pulls a pin on the table. The special massage table separates between his oily legs. Matt's legs spread with the table and she stands between them. He feels his balls fall and dangle as his legs are spread. "If you need release, you get happy ending, ok?" Her fingers gently brush his dangling sack.

Matt lifts his head to look at Lin. She is naked in between his legs. Her skin seems to radiate and her eyes draw him in. He nods, then watches her wrap both hands around his circumcised cock. She laces her fingers together to hold his width.

At her touch, his erection swells. It reaches its full height as she begins to stroke the skin behind his large, round head.

Matt's breathing increases slightly. He watches her work her way to the base of his cock, coating his skin with lotion. Her hands are firm with their strokes. They feel like a slippery ring wrapped around his shaft that is just a little too small for his full circumference. This creates an urge for Matt to thrust his cock into her hands with each downstroke. She squeezes his cock at the base with her hands deep in his pubic hair. The tip of his dick is near her face and he feels an urge to push his head even further. Somehow his body feels almost out of his control as she massages his cock.

Lin uses her whole body to work her hands. Up and down, up and down, his cock skin now shining with a wet sheen. Each time she reaches the base and squeezes, they lock eyes and he pushes.

Lin has never seen a cock head swell like his. It looks like a sponge soaking up water and is a deep purple color. She knows the signs for when men would erupt. Matt is putty in her hands. She drops one of her hands to cup his balls. This is one of her barometers to climax. His testicles would start to twitch when the man was starting to cum. They were tight, but not twitching. Matt is right on the edge.

Lin's hands both grip the base of his cock. Matt puts his head back as she squeezes. He grips the towel, feeling his cock swell. It's a great feeling -- he wants to cum. Lin continues to squeeze with one hand, but moves the other to his purple plum of a head. She starts to squeeze and stroke directly on his head. It slips easily through her strong, soft hand. Lin looks down just in time to see his balls start to jerk and twitch.

Matt's eyes roll back in his head as he starts to spurt. Lin's hands stroke up and down, one on the shaft, one on the head. Cum surges through her fingers, spewing into the air. His bursts come faster than with Brittney, flying almost straight up, then falling. The jets fall wet and fast on her hands and his cock, stomach, and chest. The towel there quickly becomes doused. Sperm flies and splats wetly as Lin continues to work his head. The only sounds are Matt's breathing, her wet hands on his prick, and the splatter of semen.

The geyser subsides as Matt's tense cock relaxes. Finally, Lin slows her hand movements, then stops. Matt's semen oozes from his tip as her gentle grip squeezes the last glob out like she is squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

"Ok, Mister Matt -- very happy ending, yes?" Lin giggles as she slowly unwraps her sticky hands from Matt's shaft.

He lifts his head to watch her sexy little naked body. When she lets go of his turgid member, it flops over into the puddle of jizz collected on the towel across his stomach.

"Ugghh, yes, Lin, thank you. That was a great massage." Matt sighs, his breathing returning to normal.

Lin steps back in between his legs with a fresh towel and lifts his weighty cock. She cleans it gently, then wipes the splatter from his legs and chest. He notices that she rubs his balls while cleaning him -- leaving Matt with a very pleasant feeling.

"Yes, Mister Matt. Now you go to talk to Miss Dee." She smiles at him and pats his balls softly before collecting all the soiled towels. She turns from him to dispose of the mess. He lays naked for a second, watching her perfect, olive-colored ass. He notices she cleans herself last, wiping sperm from her hands and arms.

At last, he puts himself into motion. Matt rises and dresses as Lin cleans the table. He notices her stealing glances here and there at his flaccid cock dangling between his legs before he finally steps into his shorts.

Lin smiles sweetly at him, then bows. Matt isn't sure how to respond, so he bows. "Thank you, Lin -- you have very skilled hands." He then exits the spa.

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