tagNovels and NovellasOasis Pool Club Ep. 02 Pt. 2

Oasis Pool Club Ep. 02 Pt. 2


With his libido somewhat sated for the moment, Matt heads to his lifeguard chair. He posts up on the chair for the rest of the day, keeping his eyes on the poolside activities. Throughout the day, he watches a steady stream of professionals come to the Oasis Pool Club. Brittney, Samantha, and the other lifeguards spend about half of their time inside the locker rooms or the sauna with the members. The other half, they lounge around the pool sunbathing. Matt enjoys watching them lay out in the intense summer sun, usually working up a nice sweat while tanning. All the girls are attractive in their own ways and seem to enjoy each other's company.

On occasion, the members venture out to the pool to swim or cool off. When they do, one or two of the girls usually get into the pool with them. Matt watches as Sam and another brunette lifeguard flirt with an older member with grey hair in the pool. The man playfully pulls down Sam's top, exposing her bouncing breasts. Sam laughs it off, letting him (and Matt) get an eyeful before putting her top back into place.

Then, the other lifeguard takes a deep breath and sinks below the surface. From Matt's vantage point, he can see her crouching on the bottom of the pool near the man's waist. The man looks to be concentrating as Sam continues flirting with him. She strokes his hair and touches his chest while his hands rest on the submerged brunette's head.

She is sucking him off under water... Matt realizes.

Before the first girl comes up, Sam sucks in a huge gulp of air and slides in. The other girl emerges, taking her turn flirting with the older guy. This pattern repeats a few times until the man begins moaning loudly. Sam is the one under water at the time.

"Ooohhh..." he groans.

Matt can hear the other girl encouraging the man. "Oh yes, fill her mouth, Stan."

The man jerks in the water, splashing. He grunts, "Uh, Uh, Uh!" Sam is still submerged.

"Mmmm, oh yeah. Wooowww!" The brunette giggles, absently stroking his chest. "Feed that slut. That's fucking hot..." Her voice is slightly nasal and it reminds Matt of how the girls talk in porn.

The man with grey hair slowly stops splashing as he mumbles something, then Sam comes up, wiping her eyes as the water drips from her face.

She smiles playfully. "Stan, I thought we agreed you would cut back on garlic -- your cum tastes terrible!" Sam cocks her head to the side, speaking in her signature southern accent.

Matt can't help remembering that she swallowed his own ejaculate earlier that day. I wonder how she liked the taste of my cum...

At Sam's complaint, Stan shrugs. "Wife made garlic bread, what can I say?" He chuckles, then fiddles with his suit, presumably putting his freshly sucked dick back in his trunks. Then he starts moving out of the pool.

The girls follow him while engaging in small talk. They part with a few pleasantries, leaving Matt wondering what kind of pool club he is working for.

As the sun peaks, then slowly makes its way down in the late afternoon, the humidity of the day breaks. The posted closing time, 5pm, rolls around and Matt hops down from his lifeguard chair. Brittney, the tall blonde head lifeguard is lying face down with her top untied. The tiny strings dangle off the chair on either side. Matt knows she has been lying there for a while, so he figures she must have dozed off.

He carefully sneaks over to her chair and ties the strings around the chair beneath her. He double checks the knot, making sure it is secured, then sits cross-legged on the pool deck near her head. Matt puts his lifeguard whistle to his lips and blows hard.


Brittney sits bolt upright even though her eyes are still shut. In one quick move, she parts her legs and pushes herself up, letting each leg dangle on either side of the chair. Her honey-blonde hair is held up in two tight ponytails high on her head.

Matt smiles wide as she wipes the sleep from her eyes. She has perfect young tits: heavy but perky. They curve up toward him, just an arm's length away. Matt loves how her bikini has left a pale triangle of untanned skin around each puffy nipple. He tries to make a mental image of her bare C-cups, watching as they jiggle when she rubs her eyes.

She blinks her eyes open, dazed. Her hands instinctively close over her naked breast when the realization that she is topless hits her. Britt's eyes open wide.

"Matt!" She feigns embarrassment, her blue eyes blazing.

"What?" He says innocently. "You have been in the sun for a while; I didn't want you to burn!"

"Where is my..." Britt looks down to see her inside out bikini top. She reaches down to grab it, but it is stuck, still tied. Leaning over, her hands both drop to pull on the tiny piece of fabric. Matt's knots hold. Her tits dangle and jiggle more now with her frantic motions.

Matt continues watching with an amused look on his face. For a moment, Britt looks the part of a ditzy, helpless blonde. Matt finds this very arousing. His penis stirs in his trunks. Finally, Britt finds the knots securing her top and she slinks back.

"You tied it down to the chair..." She wags a finger at him. "...very, very naughty, Mr. Matt."

Behind Matt, Britt sees Samantha walk out of the shower area. She is wiping her hands on a towel and tosses it into a laundry bin.

Sam, seeing Britt topless, makes her way toward them. "Is Matt being ornery?"

Matt hears her sexy southern accent and turns, still seated. Sam is barefoot, wearing the standard issue white bikini with a red plus on one breast. He is amazed at how voluptuous she looks, walking toward them with purpose. Her tits and ass threaten to burst out of the bikini with each step.

"Yes, he tricked me into taking off my top!" She is still working at the knots.

"Hey, in fairness, you took it off yourself..." Matt smirks, turning back to the topless blonde.

"Well, Britt, what do you say we teach our newest lifeguard a lesson?" Sam asks, striking the familiar hands-on-hips pose.

Britt's baby blues light up. "I think that's a great idea!" She gives up on the knots, sitting up straight.

Samantha and Brittney smile at each other.

"Ok, you little prankster," Sam steps next to him, "you're comin with us." She crouches briefly to take his hand, then pulls him with her.

Matt just can't seem to pull his gaze from the Britt's bare chest. He lets Sam lead him to the door marked "Sauna". Brittney follows, barefoot and topless.

Inside, the water in the Jacuzzi bubbles and the air is steamy. Sam wastes no time, untying her snug top and tossing it into a corner. She slides into the hot water with her back to Matt. Britt slips past him to join Samantha.

At this point, Matt finds himself noticeably aroused. His drooping penis is now slowly rising against the fabric of his trunks. He steps up to the edge of the tub, looking down at the two hot, topless girls in the water.

"As a punishment for tricking Britt and also for pushing me into the pool, you hafta watch us make out." She puts her hands on Britt's shoulders and they square up to eachother. "No touching, you bad boy."

Matt holds his hands up in the air. "Ok, ok, punish me if you must..." He tries not to crack a smile, watching eagerly.

There is a familiarity in the girls' eyes and he comes to understand that this is not the first time they have touched eachother. They move close. He is seeing Sam's topless for the first time. Pound-for-pound, her tits are just slightly bigger than Britt's large C's. But, on Sam's smaller frame, they look enormous. He watches her tan skin shine wetly in the warm water.

Samantha's ample breasts bob in the water and seem to float. Her broad, brown nipples are bigger than Brit's. Just below the surface, Matt can see they are both pierced.

Brittney's tits, on the other hand, sit almost completely out of the water since she is taller. They are perkier and only the bottom curves dip into the bubbling surface. Her nipples stick out, pink against the milky white of the untanned area around them.

Holding eachother, their lips pucker and they begin to kiss. Britt holds Sam's face gently as the tender smooch builds. Sam sits up and both girls part their lips as their tongues become involved. Her prominent pierced nipples graze against Brit's pokey pink ones. The water isn't the only thing generating steam.

Sam notices movement out of the corner of her eye. Matt is intently watching them and squeezing his girthy cock over his shorts.

"Ah ah ah..." she chides, reaching over to smack his wrist. "I said no touchin..."

Britt also turns toward Matt. "Did you know he has a huge cock?" Her eyes drop to his growing bulge.

Sam looks up at him, nodding. "It's bigger 'n my arm..." Her glossy pink lips stretch into a smile as her eyes also drop to his crotch.

Matt watches both girls staring at him. He can feel his prick swelling in his shorts, trying to pop out. "Both of you girls are great cock suckers. If you won't let me touch myself, maybe one of you could get some more practice..."

At this, they both look up at him.

"I'm still mad at you for tricking me," Brit says.

"You're in the doghouse, mister," Sam adds.

The girls turn back to each other, ignoring Matt for the time being. Britt stands and steps over Sam to straddle her. Matt watches the water drip off her slender body.

Britt puts her hands on Samantha's shoulders. They smile at each other, then Sam reaches up and unties the bows on either side of Brittney's hips. She removes Brit's bikini bottom and starts kissing her flat stomach.

Matt is just on the other side of the Jacuzzi, watching. Sam is facing him with her wet tits floating in the bubbling hot water. Britt is straddling her, facing away from Matt. He can see Sam's large breasts between Brittney's legs. Moving his eyes up, he sees Brit's shaved mound. Her pink labia are pronounced, peeking out invitingly. Her pussy looks smooth and soft.

Matt also checks out her bare ass. Britt has a large tattoo across her lower back, directly above her butt. It depicts a heart with wings and Matt thinks it nicely accentuates her curves. Britt's ass is just as tanned as the rest of her body with very thin lines where her thong bikini bottoms have left a tan-line.

"Being topless at the pool got me all horny," Brittney faux-whines to Sam. Her hands are still on Sam's shoulders.

From Matt's perspective, he can see Samantha gently groping Britt's tits. Sam's fingers curl around the outside curves of Britt's boobs.

"Is that right?" Sam asks. She looks past Britt at Matt as she drops one hand from massaging Britt's breast to the mound between Britt's legs. "Oooh, you are horny, sweetheart. You're wetter'n an otter's pocket..."

Sam slips her index and middle fingers between Britt's swollen pussy lips, then sinks them in slowly. This causes Brittney to sigh, arching her back slightly. Matt gets a perfect view of her tight anus when her cheeks part. Staring straight down the hole, he watches it pucker.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me..." Matt murmurs. He is fully aroused and his swelling cock is almost painfully restrained. He grips the side of the tub, desperate for relief.

Sam pumps her fingers steadily in and out of Britt's cunt while the sexy young blonde pants lustily. Brittney moans, "Unnn..."

"Oh honey, you need some dick," Sam observes, now looking seductively up at her naked coworker.

Brittney pouts. "I really need my little pussy stuffed." She turns back to Matt, reaching a dripping wet hand to his crotch.

Matt excitedly moves the tie of his shorts to within her reach. Brittney continues to grind her hips against Sam's hand and probing fingers, but quickly tugs his knot loose. While making eye contact, Britt plunges her hand into Matt's shorts, gripping his stiff member. He helps her, pushing the waist band down as she frees his dick.

Matt can't help but sigh in relief when his rock-hard prick springs out.

Samantha, sitting in the water below Britt, looks up at Matt between Britt's legs, which are spread about shoulder width. Her fingers continue working between Britt's slick cunt lips. Sam's other hand reaches up through Britt's spread thighs to find Matt's wide cock shaft. Her fingers close around it near the head, not quite touching across his broad girth.

Matt swallows hard, feeling both girls holding his dick -- Britt's hand at the base and Sam's near the tip. He steps out of his shorts, standing against the side of the tub. The head of his tool brushes against Sam's fingers, still jammed inside Britt.

Britt makes eye contact with Matt. "Are you gonna just stand there, or are you gonna fuck me?"

"Get ready, Britt." Matt says, taking ahold of Britt's hips with each hand.

"Wait..." Sam says, almost inaudibly.

She slips her fingers out of Britt's tight snatch and sits up, pressing the top of her head into Britt's flat stomach. Without another word, she pulls Matt's throbbing member down, below Britt's hungry pussy and takes him into her mouth.

Matt's eyes flash open wide. "Fuckkk..."

Sam instantly tastes Matt's leaking precum as she plunges her mouth down his shaft. Her tongue glides along the bottom, taking about half his length in one motion.

"Aw, no fair!" Britt whines, pulling up on the base of Matt's cock playfully.

Sam feels Britt trying to tug Matt out of her mouth. She sucks on the large flesh tube like a straw, creating suction as she slides back. Sam's lips leave Matt's head with a loud POP. Due to the stiffness of Matt's erection, it slaps wetly against Britt's clit when it leaves Sam's mouth. With her vantage point from below, Sam easily lines up Matt's broad cock head with Brittney's puffy, slick pussy lips.

Matt, feeling Britt's warm opening against his tip, shifts his hips forward while pulling her hips back. Her wet hole offers no resistance, allowing his tapered head to easily slip through her labia and into her pussy. He penetrates the young blonde's craving cunt.

Both Britt and Matt simultaneously groan. Matt barrels further into Britt. She grabs the far side of the tub to brace herself and lets her head drop down as she adjusts to his girth stretching her hole.

"Oh god, it feels even bigger than it looks." She says to no one in particular.

Matt keeps penetrating Brittney, eliciting a high pitch chirp from her every few seconds until he has installed his full length inside her. He feels the walls of her pussy alternately stretching, then becoming tight.

"Mmm, that's a good little cunt. You took it all, Britt." He slaps her ass smartly, then returns his grip to her hip. "Great job."

Samantha giggles audibly over the frothy, bubbling water. She adjusts to sit flat on the bottom of the Jacuzzi tub. Her hand still holds Matt's cock near the base while he holds it deep inside Brittney. Sam reaches up to Britt's hanging breast and squeezes. The brunette is becoming extremely aroused watching Matt's huge dick enter her friend.

"Damn, Miss Britt, that's a lot of dick, hon..." Sam looks up at Brittney's downturned face.

Britt's ponytails dangle on either side of her face. Her eyes stare distantly beyond the hot tub and are opened wide with shock. She looks glazed over, like she is watching a fireworks display.

Matt pushes his hips forward, pinching Sam's hand between his abdomen and Britt's cunt lips. He feels Sam's hand leave his shaft, then wrap around his balls. He can't even see Sam, but he enjoys her warm touch.

"Now, are you ready to get fucked, Brit?" He asks, looking down at her bare ass in his lap. Matt squeezes his hands into her hips and ass, spreading her cheeks slightly. He gazes at the tight balloon knot in the middle. It no longer looks puckered.

In response, Britt murmurs a distant "Uh huh". She seems to be off in her own world.

Sam has to laugh at her friend's desperate state. Britt is in some sort of cock trance, perhaps having an out-of-body experience. Sam looks into Britt's face.

"Are you okay, sugar?" Sam asks sweetly.

Britt doesn't seem to see Sam, but manages to nod absently with her mouth gaping open.

Matt begins to pull back, then strokes forward, sawing his massive cock in and out of Britt slowly.

"Mmmm, yesssss..." he hisses, starting to fuck her. "Sam, I've wanted to fuck Brittney since I saw her, so I'm gonna give it to her good. Can you just keep ahold of my balls so they don't smack the side of the tub?"

"Sure thing, sweetheart." Sam stops groping Britt's tit. She holds Matt's balls with one hand and now moves the other to find Britt's swollen clit. She rubs the nub in time with Matt's slow fucking. "Go ahead and fuck her brains out."

Matt smiles and picks up the pace. He jams his cock deep inside her, then pulls his full length back.

"Ugnhh!" Matt grunts, impaling her deeply. He starts in a rhythm, feeling the hard bump of her cervix against his flaring cock head with each stroke.

Every time he pokes her cervix, she shudders and emits the same high-pitched sound, a cross between a squeal and a chirp. As his pace builds, her voice increases in volume. The noise is completely involuntary.

"Nice, give it to her good, Matt." Sam encourages. "Pound that pussy." She keeps a loose grip on Matt's nuts and is rubbing Britt's clit furiously to match Matt's pace.

Now Matt is grunting with each thrust and Britt's intermittent chirps are starting to blend into one continuous moan, broken only for her to inhale. Her pitch is low as he pulls back, then goes very high and gets loud as he plunges forward.

Sam, watching, knows Brittney is building to a monstrous climax. "She is about to come, Matt. Pull her hair."

Britt's pussy starts to quiver. She knows she is standing in a hot tub at the Oasis Pool Club, getting fucked doggystyle by her coworker, but the only thing Brittney can perceive is the massive piece of man meat mercilessly assaulting her cunt and the exhilarating stimulation of her clit. Now she feels the orgasm building deep inside her stomach.

Matt, fucking her hard, lets go of Brittney's hips and wraps his hands in each of her ponytails respectively without breaking his pace. He grips her blonde hair as he pulls back, then pulls her head up and back as he thrusts forward.

"Fuck yes, you sexy bitch."

Britt is dimly aware that her hair is being pulled. She doesn't resist, allowing her field of vision to rotate upward. Abruptly, the ceiling comes into view just as the cock inside her plows deeper than ever before, filling her completely. It catches her off guard and she sucks in a huge breath. Her orgasm crashes over her, filling her vision with a bright explosion. She starts coming and screaming at the same time.

Samantha presses firmly against Britt's clit, watching the dick fill her. Brittney's pussy erupts at the same time she screams.


A wide spray squirts out, showering Sam in Brittney's cunt juice.

"Ahh!" Sam laughs, struggling to keep her hands on Matt and Britt's genitals.

Britt pushes fully into her climax, feeling herself squirt. She knows Sam is between her legs, but Britt's orgasm is too strong; it feels too good. She continues pushing, drenching Sam with warm gushes.

Matt has to focus not to blow his own load as Britt's pussy bares down around him. Now he feels warm wetness spray his upper thigh.

"Holy shit..." He pauses, feeling several bursts of wetness.

Finally, Britt seems to come back to earth. She is staring up at the ceiling with her head yanked back by her hair at an almost painful angle. Well, maybe it would be painful if she hadn't just had the most intense orgasm of her life.

"Oh my god, Jesus Christ, Matt..." Her gaze is still up at the ceiling. She giggles. "Are you okay, Sam?"

Sam giggles too. "Yes, Ms. Britt." She sinks into the water to rinse briefly, then rises into Britt's view. "You are like a supersoaker, you bitch!" Sam says playfully.

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