tagNovels and NovellasOasis Pool Club Ep. 06 Pt. 01

Oasis Pool Club Ep. 06 Pt. 01


Matt steps out of his car.

-- SLAM --

Oops. He hadn't meant to slam his car door, but he was feeling nervous all of a sudden. Checking his phone, he verifies that he is at the right address. Diane's message says 301 Hardwood Lane. The numbers on the door say 301. This is the right place.

Matt walks toward his boss's house. When he first pulled up, he was surprised by how big and nice the house was. Now, as he thinks about it, the affluent neighborhood, the massive stone house, the huge pool in the back -- it all makes sense. Diane had been making money hand over fist for years as the owner of the Oasis Pool Club. It HAD to be expensive to be a member, considering what the men were paying for.

Why do I feel nervous? Matt wonders. She invited me! It was probably because Diane was so hot -- older and richer than Matt and, he felt, clearly way out of his league.

Matt starts up the pathway to the front door. The yard is neatly cut and well-groomed. The sunlight is still bright in the early evening, but the heat of the day is breaking now that the sun is on its way down.

He is also probably nervous because Matt knows why he is here and its not just dinner. He is here to try out Lin's cumcoction. Diane wants Matt to use it on the mayor to save her pool club, but she wants him to test it first. The first full field test so to speak. In order to run the full test, Matt would need to put his sperm in Diane's stomach, pussy and ass. Not just a little either, three full loads. Lin was very specific. And it has to come straight from his dick, so he couldn't just bring a sperm sample. This was the only way...

The path gives way to the stairs leading to the front door. Matt takes the stairs in one step and approaches the door. He peers through a window as he rings the bell --DING DOONNNG-- but doesn't see anyone inside the open entryway.

There is a buzz followed by a loud click as the door unlocks. Matt turns the knob and steps into Diane's house, letting the door swing closed behind him.

He is immediately struck by the pleasant scent of the house. Somehow, the potpourri aroma reminds him of Diane: sweet, somewhat floral, but with strong erotic undertones. Matt has a fleeting memory of this same smell in her hair during the interview blowjob she performed on him in her office. His cock stirs in his khakis. All from just the smell?

"Come on in, Matt." Diane's voice floats in from an interior room. "I was hoping you would join me for a drink."

Matt heads in the direction of her voice.

Diane is sitting in an overstuffed lounge chair with her legs crossed, sipping a glass of wine. As Matt enters the room, she stands.

Diane looks amazing. She is wearing a short, tight, black cocktail dress that hugs every curve. Her wavy black hair falls around her bare shoulders, shining in the sunlight streaming through the large windows. Diane's glasses are gone and her bright blue eyes sparkle at him. She smiles brilliantly and he takes notice of her full, shiny red lips before dropping his gaze to her cleavage. Again, his member shifts in his pants. Matt feels her electric sexiness as he stares into the plunging v-neck of her dress. Her pale, soft tits jiggle slightly with each approaching step. The thin triangles of the dress covering her breasts appear to be on the verge of bursting open while they try to contain her ample double D's. Matt does a slight double take when he realizes her nipples are partially visible, peeking just past the edge of the fabric. Her protruding nipple tips poke out at an almost comical angle from each other. She is clearly not wearing a bra.

With his eyes locked on her chest, Matt manages to say, "Miss Dee, wow... You look stunning..."

She reaches him and pulls him close for a warm embrace. "Well, aren't you sweet -- thank you. I'm so glad you are joining me tonight, Matt."

He can feel her large breasts squish against him as they hug. Their bodies press together and he is overwhelmed by the strong, sexy smell of her hair. Now his blood is really pumping. He feels his budding erection poke against her lower torso.

Diane feels the weight and hardness of his cock press against her during the hug. She holds back a gasp and feels her face flush as she is reminded of his substantial size.

"It's my pleasure Miss Dee," Matt says as they squeeze, then separate.

Diane plants a juicy kiss on his cheek and turns back toward her chair. "I have opened a beer for you, I hope you don't mind."

Matt lets his gaze linger on her ass. The dress is just barely long enough to cover the bottom curve of her cheeks, which gently jiggle with each step of her high heels. Damn...

She smiles, feeling his eyes on her. At her chair, she turns and bends slightly at the knees as she sits. "Please, have a seat."

There is a comfy-looking love seat next to a table with an open beer that looks cold and delicious. Matt puts it to his lips, taking a healthy mouthful, then plops down in the middle of the love seat.

Matt gulps. "Thanks." The beer washes down into his stomach tasting cool and frothy. Then there is another taste... Something not usually in beer, but still familiar... The cumcoction!

Diane watches, smiling. "I thought I'd save you a step..." She holds up the empty vial. "Now, bottoms up!" Holding her wine glass, she offers an air toast to Matt.

He tilts the bottom of his beer bottle toward her and they both drink.

Diane swallows the wine down. She feels a tiny bit light headed, but in that good way wine makes you feel when you're drinking on an empty stomach. She watches the liquid level in Matt's bottle diminish until he drains the last swig.

-- GULP -- "Aahhhhhh." Matt stifles a belch and exhales. He sets the empty bottle on the table.

"Good boy!" She smiles at him, then clears her throat to get down to business. "Now, we both know why you are here. It seems that our plan is coming together, right?"

Matt nods. "Yes -- I have an in to the mayor's office. Veronica came to see me earlier today. I used the cumcoction, then fucked her silly!" Matt chuckles. "She was so out of her mind that the stuck up bitch even fucked one of the club members through the gloryhole."

To his surprise, a knowing look crosses Diane's face. "Yes, some of the girls told me they saw her leaving with cum on her face and some running down her leg. They also mentioned that one of their regular customers was not around today. Let me ask you something, did you get a good look at the dick poking through the gloryhole?"

"Um, yea, I mean -- I saw her suck it and put it in her pussy."

"Was there anything unusual about it?" she asks.

Matt again nods. "It was crooked, like really crooked."

"Matt, all the girls at the pool know that dick. The one with the mean right hook? That's TED JOHNSON, Vivian's husband!"

Matt's jaw drops. "Her dad?"

Now Diane nods.

"Holy shit..." Matt's thoughts drift away as he realizes the implications. "He blew his load in her pussy..." His eyes focus back on Diane's pretty face.

They share a smile.

"Matt, what's done is done. The important part is you were able to control her long enough to get her out of the pool club without reporting anything AND she invited you to the mayor's office for lunch tomorrow. Vivian's press conference is tomorrow afternoon."

She pours herself another glass of wine. It is dark red in the sparkling clear glass.

"Lin told me that the compound in the cumcoction works better on weak-minded people, especially the young. Veronica is more susceptible to your control since her mind apparently wasn't really dead-set against what you willed her into doing. How much cum did you put inside her?"

"I accidentally shot some precum into her throat at first. I think that's what got her to fuck the guy at the, er, her dad. After that, I put a full load in her belly. It was a good one, too, felt like I shot like a gallon in there."

"Great, Matt. But you will need to complete the full process on Vivian to make sure it works." Diane locks eyes with him. Her expression turns serious. "That means you need to perform a full practice run on me. Three full loads, one in my pussy, one in my ass, and one in my stomach. If it works on me, it should work on her. I will do my best to resist whatever you try to will me to do, so try to think of something that I would NEVER want to do under normal circumstances. Do you think you can do that?"

He feels the compound swirling through his body, making its way to his balls. Its either the cumcoction or all this talk of fucking a very hot woman, but he is becoming extremely aroused. His partial erection is closer to a full rager at this point, straining against his khakis.

"Uhhh, yea -- sure I can."

Diane stands and approaches him on the loveseat. "Of course, I am here to help you..." Her hands move to the top of her dress. She hooks her fingers into the top of her dress and simply pulls it down. The elastic stretches, exposing her full, bare breasts. Once they are out, she releases the elastic and it tightens around her ribcage below her mounds.

Holy shit... Look at the size of those tits... I mean, I've seen them before, but damn!

Matt realizes that he will never get tired of looking Diane's massive jugs. They really are impressive. Heavy and round, they sit high on her chest and bulge out away from her body. The skin of her soft, huge tits is pale and milky and smooth aside from the rose-colored nipples. She is walking toward him, her unrestrained mounds bouncing at each step. As she gets closer, they loom heavily above him. He is unaware that his jaw has dropped open.

Diane steps up to him. She stops, standing between his legs, practically placing her monumental boobs on Matt's forehead. Her eyes watch him staring at her chest. Matt's eyes rise to meet hers. He can barely see around the mountains of her tits.

She fondly runs one hand through his hair. With the other, she holds the broad curve of the bottom of her left tit.

Matt sits up to eye level with her chest. She seems to be encouraging him, so he places his open mouth over her large, hard nipple and sucks.

"Mmm..." Diane moans, letting her head fall back.

Matt reaches up and grabs the outside of both tits. He continues to tongue her left nipple, squeezing her jugs together.

"Ooohhh..." she purrs.

Matt's mouth moves to her right nipple. He teases it lightly before sucking it into his mouth. Looking up at her, he tests her by biting her soft titflesh gently. She presses her ample flesh into his face, squishing her breast around him.

As Diane stands between Matt's legs, she can feel his prick throbbing against her knee. She can actually feel heat coming from his swelling shaft on her bare leg. Diane gently pulls his head off her nipple by his hair. Matt looks up at her like someone took away his favorite toy.

She smiles as she crouches between his legs. "Let's see if you cock is as big as I remember." Her hands reach for the button.

Matt watches her settle between his legs as a smile spreads on his face. Her forearm presses against the long shaft of his cock, still restrained in his pants. If he was not fully erect before, he would be as soon as his dick is free.

Diane has his pants open and she grabs the waist on each side of his hips. Their eyes meet as she pulls and Matt wriggles to help her. As soon as the waistband clears his dick head, Matt's full erection pops up. It smacks Diane in the chin with a soft --whap--

They both laugh. As Diane recoils, she takes ahold of Matt's jutting tool by the base. She sits back on her heels to look at it.

"Wow..." her mouth gapes. She looks at his pole, then at him open mouthed. Matt loves how her fat red lips shine. "I mean, look at this thing!"

He has to chuckle at this scene. His boss is crouched between his legs, huge tits out, holding the base of his dick. He is fully aroused and his flesh pole towers over her.

"Don't be afraid, he's friendly."

Diane sits up and pulls his plum-sized dickhead down to her mouth. She has one hand on the base and one on his tip. "Jesus, Matt..." She lowers her face and runs her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. As her wet tongue slides along his length, she can feel every veiny bump and knot. When she reaches his head, she lifts her mouth and pulls the tip down as she opens her crimson lips wide. She makes eye contact and takes his large cock head into her mouth.

Matt sighs, feeling her soft, warm mouth.

She wraps both hands around his shaft and begins to suck him, working about six or eight inches of his tool. Diane is a skilled cocksucker and after a few strokes, she works him deeper. She knows wetness is key, so she makes sure to get his dick coated with her saliva. She moans softly as she moves up and down.

Matt is loving every second of this blowjob. He keeps eye contact, watching her deep blue eyes. Her mouth and hands work over about half his length now, but what makes her such a good cocksucker is her lips. She has what Matt considers Dick Sucking Lips. They are fat and soft and stretched wide around his width. Matt is surprised she can stretch around his coke-can diameter. He loves the way, as she pulls back toward his head, he can see the little pink inside part of her lips as she drags them back and forth over his darker dick skin.

Diane is enjoying herself too. She has handled many dicks in her day, but she still feels excited by the challenge of such a large prick. When she first opened the Oasis, her sexual prowess was the main draw for customers. Not only was she smoking hot with a huge set of hooters, Diane took pride in really being a blowjob expert. She learned how to get a guy to the edge and her speciality move was the deepthroat. She knows how to stuff her throat full without gagging. Her deepthroat usually earned her a stomach-full of spunk. Or some guys liked to pull out after she throated them and finish on her face. Either way, the line of men waiting to be serviced by Miss Dee stretched around the block.

Now, Diane is struggling with Matt's oversized cock. She is drastically out of practice, having retired from "lifeguarding" years ago and her signature move, the deepthroat, presents a real challenge due to his size. She has no doubt that it's possible -- the human body is capable of amazing things. When she was sucking multiple dicks in a given day, she would have his balls on her chin in no time. Given Diane's relatively rare performance of fellatio coupled with the sheer size of Matt's manhood gave her pause.

"Its just like riding a bike," Daine thinks as she is literally staring down the barrel of Matt's dick. There is about six more inches for her to work into her already stuffed-full mouth, but she is building a rhythm. She repeats her old blowjob mantra in her brain, "Just breathe and keep working it deeper and wetter..."

Matt sits on the couch, relaxed. His hands rest on each of his thighs while Diane's head bobs in his lap. Her soft hair brushes against his bare legs. Matt can also feel Diane's erect nipples poke against his skin as her huge tits dangle below her. He loves how enthusiastically she works. She drives her mouth up and down his shaft with a determined intensity, working him deeper and deeper. His massive tool slips easily into her relaxed throat. At this pace, she will soon be stuffing his entire cock down her throat. She is blowing me like she has something to prove...

Suddenly, movement at the large window draws Matt's eye. He turns to see a teenage boy not much younger than himself. The boy is holding a pool skimmer with one hand and rubbing his crotch with the other. Matt realizes that he is involved in a pretty erotic scene: a younger man receiving a blowjob from an extremely hot older woman with her dress pulled down to show off her huge rack. There is an awkward moment when the pool boy's eyes meet Matt's. The pool boy quickly shuffles away once he is spotted.

Meanwhile, Diane's head continues to bob in Matt's lap, working toward a full deepthroat. She slides her mouth up, then lunges down along his stiff pole. It pokes down her throat and she continues driving. As her eyes tear up, she feels something that she hasn't felt in years, her gag reflex. The huge member jammed down her throat causes her stomach to lurch suddenly and without warning. She had gagged on Matt's cock during his interview, but this was different. Before, it was sort of superficial -- the gagging brought up saliva to coat his shaft with. This reflex he triggers is deeper and the huge member in her throat causes her stomach to turn. If she doesn't pull back, Diane realizes that she might lose her lunch all over Matt's cock. Perhaps after dinner, her stomach will be stronger. Her quivering lips are only a few inches from his base, but she reluctantly pulls up. When she swallows, she tastes a hint of stomach acid.

"Whew, Miss Dee..." Matt sighs as he watches her stand, sliding her mouth off of his rod.

Diane rises, flashing her gorgeous smile at him. Inside, she feels a dim disappointment at her inability to fully deepthroat him, but she tells herself not to get hung up on it and that she has all night with him. "I see your encounter with Veronica did not take any of the lead out of your pencil." She reaches out a small hand. "Can you help me up?"

Matt takes her hand and Diane carefully steps out of her heels and onto the loveseat cushion one foot at a time, straddling him. He looks up at her standing over him with his forehead slightly wrinkled as he tries to figure out what she is doing.

Still smiling, Diane shimmies her hips back and forth, hiking up her dress. Matt's eyes move down her body, watching her tits jiggle, then stopping on her now exposed pussy. It is about six inches from his nose. It is completely bare and glistening with moisture. She is so wet that the insides of her thighs are sticky. He is seeing her cunt for the first time and takes a minute to appreciate her up close. Diane's smooth pussy looks swollen, but the lips are tight and slightly pulled back, revealing her prominent clit.

What was once a sexy cocktail dress is now bunched around Diane's torso. Her huge, pale tits hang out of the top and her ass and pussy are exposed below. Her wavy black hair hangs down her shoulders and back.

"Ok," she instructs from above, "hold your cock straight up between my legs." Diane grips Matt's shoulders as she begins to squat over him. "I can't keep my balance and hold it." She lowers her hips, seeking his tip with her cock-seeking cunt.

Matt reaches down between his legs and grips the base of his cock, turning it to aim vertically. As it arcs up, his wide dick head swipes against her slippery labia and lodges between them against her clit.

Diane moans loudly. She bucks her clit against his stiffness several times before shifting her hips forward. Rubbing her clit this way against him is like scratching an itch that has been nagging her for weeks. This also coats his dick head with her slick wetness.

When Diane shifts forward, Matt feels the opening of her tight, wet hole on the tip of his dick. He feels like he can pop his head in by flexing his hips.

He looks up at her, "I've never fucked my boss before..." Matt's large hands rise and close tightly around her abundant tits.

Diane squeezes his strong shoulders and drops her hips slightly. Matt's bulbous head pops into her cunt. It feels like a small fist inside her. She swallows hard, holding his dick head with her kegel muscles.

"Matt, you are my first male hire, so I can honestly say I've never had an employee's dick inside me before." She lets her pussy slide down, impaling herself. Her head rolls back and her eyes close as his hard dick fills her cunt.



They moan simultaneously as he slips easily into her warm wetness.

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