The slant of the sunbeams coming through the window let me know that it was late. The morning was almost over, and I was still in bed. "Glorious!" I thought, as I rolled over and laid my head on my husband's pillow for a change of scenery. Even though his weekend trip with the "boys" had left me all alone for the weekend, it also left me the freedom to luxuriate in bed all Saturday morning. I slid my left hand over my stomach and let it rest in the mound of soft, light-brown hair. My fingers spread the folds of dusky skin and sought out the little bud there that had brought me pleasure once that morning already. Masturbation and napping, followed by more masturbation and more napping, is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, not to mention a damn fine way to waste a Saturday morning.

As I lazily made circles around my clitoris, pausing from time to time to dip a finger into my wet opening for lubrication, I allowed my mind to wander. I used my other hand to spread my shoulder-length auburn hair over the pillow under my head, and I thought of all those nasty fantasies that I would never get the chance to fulfill. My romance with Andrew had been a whirlwind. There I was, single and perfectly content, when Mr. Right had to come along screw it all up! Don't get me wrong, I love my husband with all my heart, and the year-and-a-half we have been married has been wonderful, but sometimes I want to put it all on hold and go sow a few more oats of the wild variety. So as I touched myself, I fantasized about giving my body to a handsome stranger- no, several handsome strangers. I quickened my strokes, drawing little circles all around my clit and started to rotate my hips, rising and falling with my own rhythm. I could almost feel the sensation of being filled up with my imaginary lover's cock. I could almost smell, taste, hear our lovemaking. My breath came more quickly as my body shuddered with orgasm. I plunged a finger into the honey that was dripping from my pussy, and brought it to my lips before hitting the shower. "Ah well, time to try to turn this day into something at least partially productive."


I spent the rest of the day on housework and errands, so when Alyssa called with an invitation to go out dancing I accepted without hesitation. A quick shower, a little primping, and three outfit changes later, I was on my way to meet her at The Aquifer, a cute little salsa club a few towns away. The bouncy, blonde Alyssa, one of my still-single friends, was in a hurry to get to the club, so when we arrived the band was still setting up and people were just filtering in. She wanted to pick the best spot to see and be seen, so we stationed ourselves at the end of the bar, close to the dance floor, and with a good view of the door. As we waited for our drinks, a sour-apple martini for me and a mojito for her, I remembered how much fun it had been meeting men in clubs like this. In fact Andrew and I had once been strangers sharing a friendly dance. Salsa dancing has always turned me on, whether watching it, or doing it. I think it has something to do with how assertive and forceful the man's part is. I love the way he commands his partner, sending her careening across the floor one moment and then pulling her in close the next.

A few martinis later, the place was really filling up. I watched Alyssa as "Salsa Pete" spun her around the floor. Pete was pushing eighty, but he could still wear out all the girls on the dance floor. "Excuse me, Miss, do you dance salsa?" a voice over my shoulder startled me.

"I haven't danced in a while," I answered, shyly.

"Good then, because I'm also out of practice. This will be a good brush-up for the both of us." As he took my hand I realized it would be foolish to protest and so I followed this handsome young man onto the floor. He must have been a good six or seven years younger than I, and was in amazing shape. I could feel his well-toned arm and shoulder through his red button-up shirt as we assumed "the position." He was of an average height, with dark brown hair, and the deepest, darkest eyes I had ever seen. He flashed a smile as we began the meringue. We fell into the quick, two-beat pattern easily with our feet and hips. I hadn't forgotten after all. We lost ourselves to the rhythms, and he led me around the floor, now raising my hand to signal me to turn, and now a hand on my back to pull me back in. We swayed, and rocked, and glided, and grasped until the music came to a finish.

"Thank you for the honor of this dance," he breathed into my ear, and he brushed his lips against my cheek. I know that this simple kiss should not have meant anything, a simple friendly gesture, but I felt it down into the core of my being. I felt a sudden rush of heat, and a sudden dampness in my panties. His breath on my neck and his hands on my body had turned me into a weak-kneed school girl. I was treading on some dangerous ground here!

We were about to have an awkward moment of silence right there on the dance floor, when Alyssa sidled up, man in tow. She had been informally meeting this guy, Joe, at the club for a few weeks now, and according to the look in her eyes, they were about to make it more official. She said goodbye, and they headed to his house for a night of debauchery. Oh to be single and care-free again! So with my friend gone, when my dance partner invited me to head downstairs to the other part of the club with him, I had no excuses.

The Aquifer was one of those bars with a split personality. Upstairs they featured live music, and traditional salsa dancing, and downstairs a DJ played club-style dance music. I had never gone downstairs since I never felt "cool" enough, but with this hottie in tow, and a few drinks in my system, I was feeling pretty confident. As we navigated the narrow stairs he told me that his name was Alex, and that he had come with a friend named Reggie who was waiting downstairs. The bass line of the music was so loud I could feel it resonating through my whole body. At the foot of the stairs we stepped off into a sea of people.

I'd had just enough to drink that I did not care how foolish I might look, so I gave myself over to the music. I raised my arms over my head and started to move my hips to the sounds, circling and gyrating with the collective pulse. Alex pulled me in close with one strong arm and began to match my movements with his. As we bumped, and rubbed, and grinded body parts together, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. My panties were soaked through, and I didn't care. I could feel the energy that we were creating, desire and heat. It bounced off the rest of the crowd and came back to us. Everyone was moving in their own way, but it was like we were part of one organism. Because of this communal vibe, I hardly noticed when another body began rubbing against me from behind. I didn't even stop dancing when Alex introduced Reggie to me; we all just kept moving.

One song faded into another and we slowed in tempo, but not in intensity. Then Alex took my face between his hands and kissed me deeply. I could still feel his hips sliding against mine as his tongue explored the inside of my mouth. Reggie slid a hand around my waist and began feeling my stomach, then my ribs, then my breast. He squeezed a nipple through my thin black shirt, and then worked his way around to the other mound. I could not longer stop myself, and a moan escaped my lips as I just kept dancing, surrendering to the music. I could feel Alex's cock grower larger in his pants as he rubbed against me, signaling that he was as turned on as I was. I twirled for the first time to face Reggie, and found that he was just as gorgeous as his friend, but darker, and more exotic looking. I kissed him too and then started to feel a bit self-conscious. We must have been making quite a spectacle. The sea of faces looked at us with a naughty gleam in their eyes; the voyeurs watching us knew as well as we did the inevitability of what was to come.

We rode almost in silence back to Alex's house, afraid that if we spoke we would break the spell. Every now and then I would giggle, or Reggie would clear his throat, or Alex would sigh heavily. At last we pulled up to a cute end-unit townhouse. It was well-decorated and clean, but a definite bachelor pad wanting for a woman's touch. After pouring drinks, and putting on music, Alex joined Reggie and me in lounging on his living room sofa. As I sat between these two sexy men, I only had a moment to think about what I was doing there. Then Alex began with those mind-numbing kisses again. Kisses that make a woman forget who she is and what promises she's made. Reggie began kissing where my neck met my shoulder and again cupping my breasts while Alex's tongue invaded my mouth. I lost track of whose hands were where, but I felt heat all over my body. I closed my eyes as a hand trailed up my thighs and found my dark, wet secret. A finger pulled aside my undies and started stoking the outside lips of my pussy. Because I was so wet, it easily parted those lips and slipped between. I felt intense jolts through my body as the finger brushed across my clit, and then sank deeply into me.

With the skill of a woman with experience, I carefully undid Alex's pants and freed his hard, straining cock. I started to gently grip his shaft, feeling the silky, soft skin as I slid my hand up and down. Reggie climbed off of the sofa and knelt on the floor in front of me. He reached up under my skirt and pulled off the panties that I had soaked in my excitement. He then pushed my knees apart, and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue started to softly caress my whole labia, stopping and giving special attention to the tiny nub there. My breath came more quickly as I felt him exploring my depths, drinking the sweet juices that were flowing there. He drove me wild by alternating between broad strokes with his whole tongue, and probing, darting movements with the tip.

With a quick switch of positions, I found myself kneeling on the floor, riding Reggie's face while I leaned over to Alex on the sofa. Alex had tossed aside his pants and boxers, and I was getting a close look at his dick. I watched as it jumped and bounced with excitement. I made a ring with my thumb and middle finger and slid it down over his shaft. Then I started to tease his cock with my mouth, first with light kisses then with my tongue. I concentrated on the head, circling it with my tongue, teasing the underside where I knew it would be sensitive. I licked the whole shaft with long strokes, and then just for a surprise I took his balls into my mouth gently. Inhaling deeply, I filled my nose with his scent, sweet and salty all at the same time. I watched Alex's face twist in ecstasy and knew I was doing a good job. Next I sucked just the head into my mouth. Alex's hips arched to tell me that he wanted to sink his whole cock into my mouth deeply. I kept him in suspense for as long we both could stand it and then swallowed him whole. I worked my mouth up and down in long strokes, my hand working in unison and my tongue swirling around his shaft. I could feel him growing harder in my mouth, and I could hear him voicing his enjoyment with soft moans.

While I had been intent on giving Alex the best blow job I knew how, Reggie had abandoned his post. I soon learned why when I felt him press his cock between my pussy lips from behind. He slid back and forth a few times, coating his dick with my wetness and at the same time driving me wild. I needed to feel him filling me up, and he soon obliged. He pressed hardness into me, and I felt myself splitting apart. He began thrusting, at first gently, but then with increasing force. I could feel every inch of him moving in and out of my cunt, the long smooth shaft, and the thrilling surprise at the end of each stroke as the head of his dick pulled out of my opening and then back in. I loved the way that as his body slapped up against mine, my face was pushed into Alex's lap and his cock thrust deeper into my throat. Reggie slid an arm around me and pressed his fingers just above my clit, moving them in small circles. I felt an orgasm take over my body; the room went red, and I shuddered from the inside out. Reggie had been fighting to hold back his own climax, but my orgasm brought him beyond the precipice. I felt his cock pumping and filling me up with his hot milky seed.

Weakly, I lied back while Reggie, reclining beside me, planted soft kisses on my lips. Alex left the sofa to join us, and he knelt between my legs. He moved closer so that I was wrapped around him, my right leg around his waist, and my left draped over his shoulder. Never before had I been so thankful for those yoga classes! Staring intently into my eyes, he guided his cock into my sticky-slick pussy. He was hard from all the attention I had been giving him, and I felt myself stretching a little more to accommodate him. He breathed out with a smile as he sank his full length into me. Reggie watched intently as his friend began to make love to me gently. Alex moved so slowly that I thought I would loose my mind. With perpetual motion he moved in and out of me, all the while gazing into my eyes. Each stroke seemed to take hours, and that was just fine with me, in and out, in and out, stretching to eternity. I had never experienced any thing like this; this slow penetration was frustrating and fulfilling all at the same time.

We were at this for some time, and I noticed that Reggie had his hand on his cock, stroking it back to erection. I knew that I would never have an opportunity like this again, so I allowed my deepest fantasy to escape my lips. "I want to feel one dick in my pussy, and one in my ass," I said my voice shaking both in nervousness and anticipation. A knowing glance passed between the two men, and I understood that I was not the first woman they had shared. Alex withdrew and instructed me to straddle Reggie, whose penis had mostly recovered from our earlier activity. I slid my now loose and dripping pussy down onto his cock, and began to rock back and forth. I heard Alex opening a drawer, and then felt him behind me, watching me impale myself. He brought two fingers slick with lubricant to my ass and rubbed me gently to prepare the way. He then slid one of those fingers into my tight asshole, patiently waiting for me to relax around him. The added pressure made Reggie's cock feel even more amazing in my pussy and I couldn't wait to feel them both penetrating me. This was not my first time with anal sex, and I was so turned on that it didn't take me long to be ready for Alex to slide his shaft into me. With persistence he pressed the head of his dick against the puckered skin until I felt him pop inside. Then he slowly pushed the rest of the way into me and waited motionless for me to adjust and relax to welcome his invasion. It was overwhelming to feel myself being filled by two men. My body was split open, given over entirely to these two strangers.

Sensing that I was ready, Alex began moving in and out of my ass. With each of his drives, my pussy rocked back and forth on Reggie's cock. We were connected, undulating passionately. Moving toward one common goal, we continued, our movements becoming more and more desperate. Sliding, pushing, filling, then emptying, and starting again, I was assailed and overwhelmed. The rumbling began somewhere deep within me, and I shook with a mountain-crumbling orgasm. My spasms milked the cocks inside of me and soon Alex, followed by Reggie shot their hot fire into me. There was an almost musical harmony of exhalation as we untangled ourselves and lay exhausted, staring at the ceiling.


The slant of the sunbeams coming through the window let me know that it was late. The morning was almost over, and I was still in bed. I slid my left hand over my stomach and let it rest in the mound of soft, light-brown hair. My fingers spread the folds of dusky skin and sought out the little bud there that had brought me pleasure once that morning already. I let myself slip into that hazy place where fantasy and reality blur, and no one can tell what was true, and what was only imagined.

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