Her name was Jane Ellen; she was a married Jewish woman about 36, 135 pounds and the blondest hair you ever saw. Her hair was like a black magnet, it drew gazes from every black man on the street and she loved it. She was married, but her husband was kind of wimpy, not to mention the fact that his cock hadn't progressed beyond that of a boy entering puberty, but he made good money and she had no intentions of leaving him, she just had to find good fucking elsewhere. She learned early on that she enjoyed being the submissive little blonde wench, and it came as no surprise when she became the "property" of a large black man and she was very eager to please him.

As Masters go, he was good to her, that is to say that he used her white body to serve himself as well as his friends and acquaintances and most importantly, to turn her own sexuality against her because he knew how much she loved to please, him or anyone else he put her on, especially if they were black. She just couldn't seem to get enough black cock and that suited the both of them just fine. Early on he had begun testing her obedience to him and had taken her to a rather run down part of the lower east side, where he made her get out and service a homeless man.

He was very dirty and he could see that she was reluctant, "Just make him cum, you can jack him off, but I want you to make him cum," and she got out of the car and walked in his direction. She could smell the liquor before she got within ten feet of him and then the stench of his uncleanliness caught her and she was repulsed. She glanced back towards the car, hoping for a reprieve, but got none, so she decided to prove her worth and obedience to her newfound Master as she opened her coat to the cool fall air and opened her blouse, pulling the cups of her bra off of her tits as she watched the old black man's expression perk up.

She watched as his hand went to his crotch and he stroked himself while she stroked her tits and her nipples got quite erect. The cool fall air was having some effect, but the thoughts of doing this to a total stranger on a city street were driving her insane with need as she pinched her taut nipples and watched him rub his crotch. She sat down beside him on a milk crate and then pulled his hands to her waiting tits, his black, dirty hands quite a contrast to her milky white flesh of her tits as his fingers pinched and tugged at her nipples and she felt herself getting very wet.

She reached over and pulled at the piece of telephone cord that held his pants closed and got them open as her hand found his immense cock inside and she pushed the pants off to reveal it, oh how she wished he had been clean so she could have sucked and fucked that large cock! She stroked his length while his hands worked at her fleshy tits, grabbing and rubbing them as she watched her white flesh between his fingers and then looked down to see his massive black cock in her hand as she stroked it. He had to be at least 12 inches long and she was dying to taste and feel it, but she didn't want to take the chance, so she spit on her hand and went back to jacking him off.

His hands had fallen in love with her white tits as his mouth moved to cover a nipple and his rough beard scraped her tender flesh while he sucked her nipple inside. His motions had caused her motions to increase, as his cock got harder to hold onto with his sucking of her nipple and thrusting into her hand. She reached down with her other hand and cupped his huge, hairy balls as her other hand worked to jack him off, his cock beginning to twitch now. He bit into her nipple as he came and she screamed out at the pain as his white cum covered her hand and dribbled down her fingers and she jacked him until nothing else was left and then he raised his head and smiled at her. As he leaned forward to kiss her, she stood and pulled her coat closed and headed back to the car, his pleading falling on deaf ears as she opened the door and got in. Her Master handed her some Wet'n'Dri's and paper towels as they sped off, the old homeless man standing at the curb, his pants around his ankles as she caught one last glimpse of his huge cock before they got out of sight.

"You done good bitch," her Master said as she saw a slight grin on his face and then she looked to see that he had his pants open, where he had been jacking off watching her with the old man and she took his firm cock in her hand as she lowered her mouth to swallow it. After what she had just been through, she needed some big black cock in her mouth now and her Master knew this as he manipulated the car along the busy streets and she sucked his cock. He moved one hand under her coat and to her tits, which she had not put away, and he rubbed and pinched as she moaned and thrust her head down on his big cock, feeling it hitting the back of her throat.

Soon, his thick, white cum was spurting into her mouth as he squeezed her nipples and moaned aloud as he came, doubling her wetness between her legs at having satisfied her Master twice in a matter of minutes. She licked his cock clean and he sat her back up in the seat, telling her to leave her clothes the way they were as he drove around showing her milky white tits to anyone who cared to look, she loved being his slave. They got stopped at a red light and she watched the faces of the people as they saw her exposed chest.

One black man in a business suit stared for the longest time and she smiled as her Master put down her window and the cool air caused her nipples to explode, "Have a good feel, my man," her Master said as the business man thrust his cold hand onto her pert nipple and began to stroke it, making her moistness increase once again.

"Suck his cock for him," her Master said and she took the man's cock out, right there in traffic and began to suck on it. His cock was nothing like the old man's, but it was a good 8 inches and she moved forward to take as much of it as her position would allow, his hands busily squeezing her tits. His head rolled back as his cum blasted into her mouth and she gulped it down, feeling some ooze down her chin as she sucked the last of his cum and he withdrew his cock and then she used her tongue to capture what had dribbled out, "Thanks man," he said as she watched the window go back up and the car begin to move once more, she loved these tests of obedience so much.

Her pussy was on fire! She needed a big black cock to put out her fire and she sure hoped her Master was going to provide her with one, little did she know that he had many planned before the day was through. They headed into downtown Manhattan and she still had her tits exposed to everyone, then her Master had her put them away as they neared the business district and the police became more prevalent. Her nipples ached as she pulled the cups of her bra over them and she hoped that they would not rest long, as her Master entered a garage and turned off the car.

She looked around, there were at least 10 black men working there as her Master got out and went over to talk to an older man. She stared at her Master and he nodded and she got out and followed the old black man back into an office, her Master close behind as he closed the door and leaned back against it, "This here's my old pal Michael, he and his employees need a little rest and recreation, so I offered them you," and Ellen went over and got down on her knees before him, her head slightly bowed, "Anything y'all want Michael. Ellen is here to please," and she heard the door close as he left. The old man's hands grasped her chin and lifted her head as he looked into her eyes, "Show me what you can do with this Ellen," he said as he fished out a cock equal to the old man she had jacked off.

She licked around the head of his massive cock and felt herself sigh at finally getting a cock that big as she drew it between her lips and sucked it back into her throat, she loved to suck big cocks almost as much as she loved to fuck them. He looked to be in his fifties, but his cock performed like it was only twenty something as his hips bucked and it crashed into her throat and she played with his big black balls while she sucked him, trying to reward herself with a big load of hot cum. His hands lovingly caressed her blonde hair as his cock seemed to grow even larger and she felt the first delicious squirts of his cum erupt in her mouth as she moaned and deep throated him to catch it all.

She breathed raggedly through her nose as his massive cock shut off her throat and she felt his thick hot cum sliding down her throat and she felt her first small orgasm as he finished his. Her blow job, instead of dwindling, now intensified as she worked to get this wonderful cock hard once more, her hands working to free her tits as she alternated sucks by rubbing his massive cock over her taut nipples and relished the look of his dark skin against her fleshy white tits and cute pink nipples.

She felt his cock expanding once more as it filled her mouth with its size and she felt her inner moisture increase once more, oh how she wanted to ride this monster cock! His cock was at its full length once again and she quickly rose, dropped her pants and panties and turned around to sit on this Masterpiece, as her hands fed it to her starving pussy. Her saliva had moistened it and her wetness helped, but her poor pussy was not ready for this invader as it stretched to accommodate its new visitor.

She glanced over at a mirror on the wall and caught sight of her white hips as this monster cock invaded her pussy, not even having taken half of it yet, and then she saw the look of pain and pleasure on his face as his cock was being strangled by her tight hole and slowly being swallowed up. She grimaced as he stretched the walls of her pussy and she let her own weight carry her down on top of him as he slowly sank all the way inside and she stopped, sitting on his lap as she let her tight pussy adjust to his size and she felt it twitch inside of her.

Patience had never been one of Ellen's virtues and she soon began to make small bounces as she concentrated on the mirror, watching herself impaled over and over again and loving the sensations his monster cock was causing. Her orgasm caught her off guard, as she bounced and her moans filled the office and her own juices let his cock slide easier and more frequently as she rode him, feeling his lap collide with her ass cheeks each time she hit bottom. She felt like his cock would soon enter her stomach as it continually rode deep inside of her and then, just when she thought she would die from pleasure, he exploded inside of her as his hot gushes of cum filled her tight box and began to ooze out around his cock and she could feel it on her thighs.

She rested on his lap now, his cock well within her as his hands squeezed her tits, "Baby, you're the best!" she heard him say and she smiled, glad to have had the experience. She rose and could see the remnants of their lovemaking as his lap was coated in white, sticky cum and she turned and cleaned him off, hoping to get him hard once more, but he begged off saying he was spent. 'One down, nine to go,' she thought as she pulled her pants back up and walked out of his office.

Ellen walked over to the BMW up on the lift and saw that there were two guys working on it, one looked to be about 30, the other around 18. They watched her as she walked up, her tits still free as her shirt and coat flowed with each step and she could feel the cool air on her as her nipples budded once more. She took her coat off and laid it on a tool box as she continued walking their way and she cupped her tits and offered them to them as they put down their tools and she watched their greasy hands replace hers as they kneaded her white flesh, which became greasy now as she watched their black hands on her tits.

She reached down and began to stroke their already hard cocks through their cover alls, trying to decide which one was larger and they motioned for her to move over to the empty lift and she watched as it was raised and they pulled her pants and panties back down and lay her across it on her stomach as it lifted her off the floor. It stopped with a jolt and they each took a position in front of and in back of her as one's hands probed her crotch and the other freed his cock and shoved it towards her mouth. The one at her head was the younger one and it was evident he didn't have much patience as he grabbed two handfuls of her bleach blonde hair and shoved his cock back into her throat as she fought to maintain her balance, his cock shoving her backwards.

Shortly, she felt the older one's cock making its way into her still wet pussy as he grasped her waist and lunged forward it was evident that he liked her tight white pussy as his thrusts were accompanied by groans of pleasure. Ellen felt like she was on a seesaw as they assaulted both ends of her at once and although she liked it, she wished that they could get their thrusts in unison as she held on tight with her hands to maintain her balance, the rough lift digging into her belly. She had to admit that their cocks were glorious though; she so loved her Master for "loaning" her out today, more black cock than she had ever had at one time and she had 7 more to go!

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see people walking down the sidewalk in front of the shop and she wondered if they even noticed. It had been said that you could almost commit murder in New York City and no one would notice, she was beginning to wonder about that as her two lovers filled either end of her with cock and she felt the younger one's cock swell just before the rush of cum in her mouth. The older one kept up his pounding as her pounding as his cock rammed in and out of her moist cunt and then he too loaded her up as he grasped her hips and spurt after spurt shot into her. Somewhere between the two of their orgasms, Ellen had cum also and they soon withdrew from her and she felt the older one's cum dribble out of her as the lift was lowered and her feet once again hit solid ground.

She could see that the next two were anticipating her "services" as she waddled towards them, her pants still around her calves and her tits still exposed, though their lily white texture had been coated slightly in grease. One guy leaned back on the trunk of a car, his large cock protruding from his coveralls as he pulled her onto it, inching into her dripping pussy as he slightly lifted her off the floor and the other guy helped him get her situated. The one on the bottom drew her tits to his mouth as he sucked on them and she felt her ass cheeks being spread as another monster cock pushed against her tight ass. She moaned as both holes were completely filled and they began a ritual of moving in and out of her, her screams rang out in the garage.

She felt like she would rip apart as these two huge cocks took both of her holes and all she could do was scream, a mixture of both pleasure and pain. Her tight ass made the guy inside of it cum rather quickly and he dropped off as the other guy grabbed her under her arms and began to thrust her up and down on his massive member until she felt his cum join the others as she writhed in his arms. She looked over to see an older black man on the sidewalk out front taking in their show and she smiled at him, knowing by the bulge in his pants, that she had excited him. He stroked it a few times and moved on, soon out of sight as she found a chair and sat down, her legs tired and her holes beginning to hurt somewhat now, as she couldn't close her legs together all the way. Ellen looked around herself at the hustle and bustle of the busy garage and saw the look of contentment in the faces of those she had pleased and it gave her new strength as a young man took her hand and led her towards a small room in the back of the shop.

It was a combination bathroom/shower and had a small circular fixture with a wand of water all around it where the mechanics could wash their hands. She pulled her top off and got some of the grease remover hand soap and set to work on cleaning the grease from her fleshy tits. The little granules in the salve hurt slightly as she ground them over her tits and cleaned the greasy handprints off as the man stepped on a bar on the floor and the water sprayed out and she arched her head as she thrust her tits under the spray and felt the cook water as it rinsed her.

Suddenly, she felt hands press her back down onto the fixture and a large cock poised at her pussy entrance as she licked her lips at the water running over her face, her tits in the small pool at the base of the large sink as he shoved his cock in and she winced slightly at his size. He fed her hungry pussy all of his cock in only two thrusts and held it there as she worked her muscles to massage it and began to arch her back to feel his balls against her thighs, they were massive as well. Water coursed over her top half of her body as he began to thrust in and out of her well-used pussy and pick up speed; his hand on the small of her back as he fucked her and the water drenched her bleached blonde hair. His technique was rough and she liked it rough and soon, she felt herself let go as she came, thrashing her head about under the running water as she screamed out, his cock mercilessly hammering her wet pussy as she did. He felt so good, but suddenly he stopped and withdrew and then she felt the hot spurts of cum on her back as each one seemed to burn into her skin and she heard him moaning and he shoved his cock back in as the last spurts erupted.

He slowly pulled out and gave her ass a slap as he cleared, "You all right bitch," and she heard the door close as he left and she lay there, unable to move for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath. She slowly got up out of the sink basin and found a towel and began to dry her upper body as she saw the door open in the mirror and two more guys entered, eying her exposed body as they moved in behind her and she watched large black hands circle her as they kneaded her tits, squeezing her nipples out through their fingertips. She felt the hard cock pressed at her ass as he kept squeezing her tits and her tender nipples yielded, growing quite large as she watched his hands work in the mirror.

He grasped Ellen's tits and led her back to the shower area, where they removed her pants and panties and turned on the shower, pushing her inside as they stripped and she looked at their hard, black bodies, they were magnificent! This had been quite a day, she had taken more black cock today than she ever had before and she swooned slightly as she watched them join her in the shower, their hands all over her body as she fought to grasp their hard cocks in her own hands, feeling their texture and most of all, their length.

They were fine specimens of black manhood and she stroked them, hearing them sigh as she did and then they forced her to her hands and knees in the shower as one offered his black meat to her mouth and she gladly accepted it and the other dropped between her legs as she felt the head of his cock press at her slightly sore opening and then felt it fill her. They ravaged her mouth and her pussy as the shower made her feel like she was fucking in a rain storm and their cocks were glorious as they filled her, each one going deeper with every thrust as she struggled to cope with all of the pleasure she was receiving.

She could feel her lips stretching as he fucked her mouth and his long cock entered her throat, gasps escaping as he did and then the hammering of her pussy only heightened her pleasure as she exploded once more and sucked and fucked without any reservations, wanting them to fill her with their cum and she was soon tasting and feeling that cum as it shot into both ends of her at once and their animalistic groans echoed above the sounds of the running water. She licked and cleaned the cock as it left her mouth and the other one slid down her thigh, leaving a trail of cum as it did and they both left her there, on her hands and knees in the shower as she struggled to stand upright on weak knees and wash herself off. She wondered if she could handle the last two, her body now aching from all the sex she had enjoyed so much and she turned off the water and got out, searching for a towel as she dried herself, small trickles of cum sliding down her thigh as she quickly dabbed them with the towel.

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