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Obedient Wife Flashes Truckers


On the day of my 50th birthday my wife woke me in a way I'd never experienced before. Katie is the same age but looks 5 maybe 10 years younger. Her long blonde hair rests nicely just above her 36B tits, framing them. She was sat up in bed next to me stroking my now erect cock.

"Hey, morning," I said.

Without saying a word she opened the duvet, arching her back she bent over bringing her mouth to my cock. She slowly peeled back the foreskin to reveal the head. Her little pointy tongue moved slowly across the top, into my pee-hole, then up and down my shaft. As she licked and then sucked she wanked on my cock until my balls began to twitch.

Suddenly she stopped and sat up. I looked as if to say, What the Fuck! Don't stop there! But before I had chance to say anything she said, "As it's your birthday I am yours to control today."

My eyes lit up! Fuck yes; I have been waiting for this day. All my fantasies will be fulfilled!

"BUT" she said, "You can only cum once, as soon as you cum the day is over."

Fucking hell, talk about giving with one hand and taking it away with the other. Okay, this needed some thought. I would have to modify the fantasies to prolong the day as long as possible.

"Go shower, Slut" I told her. She turned as if to chastise me, but as I raised my eyes signalling this was my day, she stopped and did as I said.

She took her naked body into the shower, leaving the door ajar for me to watch as she lathered herself. Katie is around 5'4", nice tits, UK size 10/12 and stunningly attractive. Her hands followed the curves of her body with ease, around those suckable, biteable nipples, down her tummy to her hairless pussy lips.... I was still stroking but remembered the golden rule and stopped before I came.

Ok, I knew what we would do, it just came to me. I jumped out of bed and searched her wardrobe. White blouse, red tartan mini skirt, black holdups, black g-string, fuck-me-heels.

I laid them out on the bed.

Katie came into the room drying her body.

I ordered her to dress, this was her attire for the day, well.........for now.

After breakfast I backed the car out of the garage and placed it in front of the house.

"We're going to the coast and going to have fun all the way." I told her.

We live in a fairly built up area on a busy road. I told her I would wait in the car for her and she was to make the journey from the house to the car as slowly and revealing as possible.

I sat waiting for about 10 minutes then my phone rang, she was on her way. I turned to the door as it opened. She was dressed in the clothes I had arranged on the bed, only she had the red tartan skirt pulled high on her waist revealing the top of her black holdups and a couple of inches of bare flesh. As she turned to lock the door she bent ever so slightly and the cheeks of her ass came into view...mmmmmm, hot I thought.

She turned and teetered down the driveway, at the same time I blew the car horn loudly. My plan worked, neighbours came to the window and passing strangers and drivers looked round, searching for the noise only to see this fucking hot slutty blonde slowly parading in front of them. By the time she reached the car she had stopped traffic. A van of council workmen had stopped, they were leaning out of their windows whistling at her. I was erect at their thoughts as they imagined fucking my wife.

We drove off and I headed towards the motorway. As we drove I amended her clothing to ensure she looked slutty enough for the task. Undoing a blouse button, hitching her skirt to reveal her legs and thighs.

We joined the motorway and I searched for the first lucky trucker. I spotted a truck from Darlington and slowly set out in the middle lane to overtake, slowly. As I got alongside the cab, she laid back slightly revealing her hot body. I held the speed with his until he had definitely had an eyeful. I then drove forward past him. He pipped his horn and flashed his lights as if to say Thanks. Encouraged by this I slowed down and allowed him to overtake me. He took no encouraging. He was late 50s, rugged and ready. He was alongside in no time, but without a view of her didn't linger. He tooted his horn as he came past. My turn to manoeuvre now. I signalled to pull out and drew alongside him. He was leaning out of his now open window to get a good look.

"Take off your knickers for him."

She obliged, waving them in front of her. He tooted his approval, as he grew erect at the sight of Katie's bald cunt framed by black holdups and a now tiny red tartan band.

"Rub your cunt for him."

Slowly she moved two pointed fingers down her crack, rubbing her clit, then lower inside her wet cunt hole. She gave him a good show. We were disturbed by the traffic behind annoyed at me slowing down, so I sped up and over took him.

I decided I wanted a taste of her cunt and so took the next exit. I came off the motorway and immediately there was a gravel pull in on the right. It was slightly hidden from the road so would be ideal. I drove to the bottom and started to turn the car around to face outwards. As I did I noticed the truck pulling in. He had followed us. WOW! I hadn't expected that, this was just a flashing exercise, but he had taken it as something more. He had pulled forward blocking the exit and was reversing down towards us.

"Oh you naughty, man."

He was alongside.

"Shall I try and drive off?" I asked her.

"Fuck no!" she answered.

With that he was at my window. I lowered it. He was of muscular build but not like the bulky gym overusers. Dressed in a T-Shirt, with his company logo, and shorts his bulge was evident.

"Fancy sharing?" he asked.

My mouth was dry and I was weighing up the options, when

"YES!" she blurted out.

"Come get in the cab." He addressed her now, forgetting me altogether.

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