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Obey me


I enter the airport with shaking legs. I can see you standing in the distance waiting for me. The same thoughts are running through my had again and again. Was it right to come? Am I making a mistake? You come closer to me and say hello. Your voice runs through me and leaves little shivers, and I know its right to be here.

I smile and your hand goes around my waist to pull me closer in for our first kiss. My body is pressed up to yours, and I can feel your cock hardening against my leg, as I cup my hand around the back of your head and whisper in your ear.

“I spend most of the flight touching myself, but I didn’t let myself cum, because I want you to be there when I do.” You moan out lightly and release me from the tight grip. I can feel your shaking.

“I have to take you home,” you say,” If I don’t, I will take you here and now!” A devilish grin comes across my face, but you take my hand and lead me to your car. On the drive to your place I keep teasing you, by pulling my short skirt up a little higher. I notice that you are having problems concentrating on the road and that you are driving way to fast. Once we are at your place you pull me back into your arm and kiss me hungrily. I let you a little while and then push you back, telling you that I would like to shower first. You show me the bathroom and leave me to freshen myself from the flight.

I take my time, wanting you to get impatient. After creaming my body I slip into a new short skirt and a fresh shirt. I wander back to your living room and find you sitting on your couch, naked! The sight of you, naked and hard, gets me wet again instantly! You look up at me, and I run one hand down between my breasts, over my stomach and then under my skirt to my wet spot. With one hand I part my lips, and slip one finger inside myself.

My eyes are locked on yours, and I can see your breathing getting shallow. I pull my finger out and run it around your lips and into your mouth. You suck it in, savoring my taste. I pull it out again after a short while and you tell me to undress. I bend at the waist to take my heels off. I know you are watching me, and that you can see my naked ass showing at the bottom of the skirt. Before I can stand up, you smack my rear end. I gasp and try to stand, but you put your firm hand between my shoulders.

“Stay.” You hold me in place that way a moment. Your free hand strokes across my ass, then down to my pussy. You slide a finger through my slit and I can feel my knees giving way. You put an arm around my waist to steady me, and let me stand up.

“Undress now,” you whisper,” I want to see you naked!” You move back and sit down on one of the chairs. I remove the skirt and then the shirt. Slowly I prowl over to the couch and sit down opposite you. I look up at you. Your hand is on your hard, swollen cock and slowly you start stroking it. I let my hand run over my tummy to my pussy, but just before I reach it you tell me to stop.

“I don’t want you to touch yourself,” you say,” not until I allow it!” The control you are taking over me is making me even wetter. I watch you stroke your cock in slow steady moves, my legs rubbing together. Every time I let my hand go towards that aching wetness you growl at me and I pull it back.

“Please!!!” I start begging. You shake your head and stroke faster, moaning and growling. “Please!!!” I say with an urge. You just look at me and move your hand even faster.

“You may touch yourself,” you whisper, “but do not enter that wet pussy!” I moan out a thank you and spread my legs for you. You can see the wetness shine between my pussylips. I start stroking along the slit and pressing down on my hurting clit. It feels so good. I look up at you and can see your eyes fixed on my moving fingers. With my free hand I open my pussy for you, so you can see what I am doing. You moan out and I can see your hand squeezing down hard on your cock as you move up and down.

You are making me crazy. I want to touch you, want to feel you cum over my hand, but I know that you wont let me do that. Not yet anyway. I feel my pussy tingle and ache, yearning for your cock or my fingers.

“Baby, please let me enter my pussy!” I request. You deny me my request and tell me to behave. My body is shaking and I am ready to cum already. Just from the game you are playing with me. Your hand starts going fast and hard up and down your cock, whilst you are moaning and growling at me. I can see your balls tighten, and then you growl out.

"Sweetness, I am going to cum!!!!" My eyes are fixed onto you, my fingers pressing on my clit. You start cummin, shooting your sperm. We both moan at the same time. It’s so pleasurable to watch you, to know you are cumming just for me. I slowly get up and walk over to you, dropping to my knees in front of you. My head comes closer to you and I can see you breathing harder. I let my tongue go out and start licking up your cock. Lapping the cum of it.

You moan out as my mouth closes around your cock and I start going down on it, sucking it into my hot mouth. Your cum-covered hand goes down between my legs and you rub your cum into my wet pussy. I suck harder and hear you growl at me.

"Sit on my hard cock Baby. Let me make you scream!" I obey you and get up. Straddle you and slide down on your solid cock. You stretch my pussy and hit deep into me, making me gasp for air. I start moving my hips, holding your cock tightly in my pussy as I do so. You can feel me gripping you. I start sliding up and down your cock. Moaning. Sweat forming on my body. Your hands grab my hips and you guide me up and down onto your shaft. My head drops back, pushing my full breasts forward for you to lick and suck. You bite at a hard nipple and I scream out, but push it further into your mouth.

I want more of you. Want to own you totally, just like you own me. Our movement’s get faster and harder. I am begging you to make me scream and you are telling me that you want my cum on your cock. I can feel my whole body tensing. My mind blanking. Nothing matters but pleasing you. My hands grip into your shoulders to steady myself, as your movements get more forceful.

"Now Baby," you growl. I loose myself and start cumming. The orgasm rips me with it. I can feel your hot cum shoot up into me. I can hear you growl. I can feel my body tensing. I can hear myself screaming! The orgasm seems to last for hours. Again and again I buck against you. My hot juices flowing out mixed with yours. Running along your balls.

I shiver and slowly calm down. My head drops to your shoulder. My breath is coming fast and hard. Sweat pearls are running along my body. I feel a gentle kiss on my neck and then hear you whisper, "You are such a sweet Angel!"

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