byRodrigo Santeria©

I was a bride's maid in a friend's wedding last summer. To begin, we all got bride's maid dresses that were Nicole Miller square neck satin cocktail dresses in green. They say the color is fern, but it's green. Rachel, the bride, said she wanted everyone to be able to wear it again. Green isn't my favorite color, but the other colors available were not wedding colors. The wedding went well. The reception was a lot of fun but it ended sometime around midnight.

The wedding party was supposed to be driven back to the hotel in a bus, but due to a scheduling snafu, it was going to be another hour or so before it would be at the reception. I caught a ride to the hotel with Rachel's great uncle Mel and great Aunt Hesper. They were in their late 70s and were chaperoning their 21-year-old grand daughter. It began as an awkward trip. Don't get me wrong, they were exceptionally nice, it's just that I'd been drinking, dancing, and flirting with all of the guys plus the age difference.

Uncle Mel gave a great effort to connect with me. I heard how, when Rachel was little, she had driven around a little cart pulled by their Great Pyrenees. Uncle Mel had me cracking up. When it was over, I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, and then they asked me to tell them about myself. It was a tough act to follow and I was grateful when I finally jumped out of the car, room key in hand, at the front door when Uncle Mel let us out to park the car.

I headed directly to my bedroom. My feet were killing me and I felt sweaty. Just as I stripped down to take a bath, the phone rang. Since it was right there in the bathroom I answered it. The clerk at the desk said that Uncle Mel had found my purse in the car and dropped it off for me to pick up. Glancing at the steaming tub, I pulled on my dress, slipped on my shoes and headed to the front desk. I was feeling daring and swinging my hips a little as I returned to the elevator with my purse. As I sashayed into the elevator a handsome man in a dark suit joined me.

He grinned at me, while tilting his head to the side, and stated, "You're the sexiest woman I've seen in my life. You wear that dress really well. May I buy you a drink down at the bar?"

It was obviously a line, but he seemed quite sincere and looked very attractive. I was in a strange town and I could always refill the tub later. I made up my mind that if he persisted to my floor, I'd go down with him. Moments later we were sipping cocktails at the nearly empty hotel bar. He asked me about what I'd done that night and I gushed. He listened.

After our second drink, I realized he was sliding his hand up between my thighs. My heart raced as I glanced around the bar. A couple was sitting in a booth across the room and there were two men watching television in the lounge, but besides that, it was just the bartender, the guy and me.

He leaned forward to whisper into my ear, "If you want my fingers in your cunt, you'll have to pull up your dress because it's restricting me."

Terror coursed through my body causing my legs to clamp down on his hand. He ordered another round of drinks and began whispering in my ear while he massaged my inner thigh with his fingertips.

He continued whispering, "I can tell, you want my fingers stuffed in your pussy, you just don't realize it yet. You're so hot you didn't even notice me until your dress stopped my progress. I bet you're worked up enough that I could slide two fingers right inside of you and flick my thumb across your hard little clit."

I took a long sip of my drink and he continued, "That's right. Anyone who can strut like you did, doesn't care who sees, whatever you allow that fabulous little body of yours to enjoy." I turned to him challenging his assault with my gaze. "I misjudged you, I'm sorry." He added as he looked down and began withdrawing his hand.

I slid forward on my stool releasing pressure and his hand froze, and then began stoking my thighs in earnest. "I need a definite sign, lift your hem and I'll stuff my fingers inside your little cunt," he hissed into my ear.

My body betrayed me; thrusting toward his fingers. He continued whispering lewd encouragement while he stroked my thighs.

Again he hissed, this time impatiently, "I'm not waiting for you, and I'm going to turn you on the stool so you're facing me and then slide your dress up over your hips. In order for me to bring you off properly, you'll need to lift that gorgeous ass of yours off the stool. Then hook your heels onto the upper footrest and spread those silky smooth thighs all of the way apart. If you're really responsive, you'll let me know if you want me to expose your breasts, right beautiful?"

He stopped talking, but continued stoking my thighs for what seemed to be forever. As I took the last sip of my drink, he began turning my stool. My heart raced again and my breath caught in my throat. I sat facing him as he finished his drink and the bartender came over. The bartender was turning to leave when my seductive assailant motioned for him to stay. I felt his fingers curl under the hem of my dress, on the outside of my thighs.

What was I letting him do? The fabric slid up and he cocked his eyebrow, imploring me, compelling me. My face flushed scarlet as I realized my hands were already in place behind me raising me off the stool.

A low whistle, accompanied by a gruff, awe inspired, "Look at that," beckoned me to gaze at my uncovered vagina.

He encouraged me a little louder, "Come on baby, hook those heels and spread those sexy legs."

The bartender was leaning over the bar, craning for a better look. I taunted him, "You like what you see, don't you? Well you better check me out, cause soon he'll shove his fingers up my cunt right here in your bar and he's going to make me cum."

I got ready, placing my feet and opening my legs pushing my cunt forward. He stroked the inside of my thighs with both hands while I looked around knowing that the couple was watching us, but couldn't exactly see. My hips twitched in anticipation, and then he entered me. I don't know how many fingers were inside me, but I needed more. He leaned into me, fingering me. Running his thumb over my clit and then he stopped. Breathless I looked at him.

His smirk mocked me as he asked calmly, "What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck my cunt with your fingers until I cum all over the," I spat anxiously.

"Oh come on? Don't you want me to do something else, too?" he asked slowly and clearly.

"You want to pull my dress down!" I shot back at this unbelievable assessment.

Still weighing his words, "That's a half truth. I'll admit, I want to see your perfect breasts, but you'll have to admit, you want everyone to see your pretty little dress bunched up on your slender little waist before I make you cum like a slut. It's a fair trade."

He held my gaze challenging my sense of propriety. He was right, and it fell to my rising debauchery and lust with, "I want you to bunch my dress around my waist so everyone can see I've lost all respect for myself and I have become the slut you recognized in me."

He spun me around so I was nearly facing the room. Those two men, who were watching the game, were no more than a couple of feet away. I looked down and my pussy was gaping open and swollen. The zipper went down my back and I pulled my arms free. Relishing my lewd display. I closed my eyes, placing my hands on my knees and tried to slow down my racing heart.

The men's comments were coarse but flattering. I waited for the stranger to touch me again. Time stretched on and I opened my eyes. The couple had moved to a booth directly in front of me. The interruption was due, or so I thought, to her white panties sitting on the table, until I made out that she was lifting her dress and stuffing her cunt full of his fat cock.

She nodded to me and said, "Keep that bride's maid, happy."

I was completely embarrassed, and my skin grew hot. They had been at the wedding. I immediately began to second-guess my behavior. Then I realized they were fucking each other vigorously.

My handsome attendant captured my attention again. He was running his hand up and down my thigh telling me how beautiful and sexy I looked and how I was inspirational, while he nodded his head at the couple.

"You look so gorgeous; I think these other guys need to touch you, just so they know they're not dreaming." He added confidently.

"No! I just want you to make me cum. It's a fair deal," I whimpered, pulling my hands off of my knees and running them up my legs, hoping to entice him.

He stepped back, saying, "It won't be long, these guys just want to check you out, feel your silky skin, squeeze your breasts, and maybe put their fingers inside of you. That's fair, our deal can wait."

The bartender was first, mauling my breasts, and pinching my nipples hard. He drove his fingers inside me. Sometimes rough is good, then he told me, "Open your mouth and taste your cunt."

He was adding fingers aggressively, stretching my pussy, and forcing them deep inside my mouth. I was scared. I was beginning to choke and also worried that he'd try to fist me in his frenzy, but then he was pulled back and one of the TV guys took his place.

He was gently enjoying what I had to offer and he continued feeding me my own juices. I heard the bartender say, "She loves that!"

I blushed again. He was right. I had learned that my own scent and taste could usually trigger a second orgasm when I was with a guy. Usually, I'd suck on their cocks after they shot their first load inside me, knowing it would get them hard, and the second round would lend us more time. I kept watching the other couple fuck and I cooed and purred encouragement to this stranger, hoping he would enjoy this as much as I.

Finally, the last guy began touching me. He wasn't satisfied doing what the others had. To my disbelief, he stated, "Let's see some asshole. Flip over onto your knees."

I was horrified, but the man in the suit nodded his assent and I found myself with one knee on one barstool and the other on another. It was humiliating as he squeezed my cheeks, tugged on my lips, then pulled the hood away from my clit, blew on it and flicked it hard three times sending searing jolts of pain and ecstasy up my spine.

My God, depravity had me hot, and I pushed my ass back towards him forcing his fingers in my cunt. He pulled me open with at least two fingers from each hand. Examined up close, I could feel his breath on my thighs as he peered inside of me. Crack! He slapped my ass, causing me to yelp. Crack! Another on the other side, then spanked my pussy, claiming he liked a nice red ass, like an apple.

I should have been ashamed. In hindsight I should have been disgraced, but the newness combined with increased sensitivity, self-abasement, submission, and the men's instinctual gratification upon my body melded into a weird sense of accomplishment. I had lost all inhibitions and with nothing to lose, I had all to gain. I shook my ass, while begging for another swat with my eyes.

They all laughed at me then he asked, "Do you like it up your ass?"

"What!? No! I don't do that!" I stated while trying to look over my shoulder.

"Ya mean you tried it and you don't like it, or you don't know because you've never tried it?" he said impaling his indelicate finger firmly in my asshole. I fell from the barstool and ended up with my hands on the floor.

"That's enough," my refined guardian said while completely lifting me back into a sitting position on the stool.

He was right there talking in my ear, telling me how beautiful I was and what a good sport I'd been letting those guys enjoy all of my attributes. He seemed so safe; I melted into him and enjoyed his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. I could still taste and smell myself from the other men, but this guy possessed me. I wavered between watching the screwing across the room and closing my eyes. He continued complimenting me and rhythmically fucking his fingers inside me.

He asked if I like this. I murmured, "Yes."

He continued, "Aren't you glad you came down with me?" I agreed. "Would you like to suck your cum off of my fingers?" he asked putting them in my mouth. "Aren't you glad that everyone could touch you and watch you?" He added while he slid more fingers inside me.

I moaned approval, not caring about anything except what he was doing. I felt him shift a little and pull me closer to the edge of the stool. Both of his hands were in between my legs carrying my juices to my mouth.

"Your pussy is so tight and little, and I want to be so much more inside of you, can I do something that you'll like, but may be a little difficult at first?" He whispered.

I nodded expecting him to pull out his cock, but instead, one hand went farther underneath me and began rubbing his cum slickened fingertips over and around my asshole. I gasped and my eyes opened wide falling on the copulating couple. She was now like me, with her dress around her waist and her chest glistened with a streak of semen. She watched me as she sucked the bartender's dick into her mouth. It distracted me enough to relax and allow the tips of his fingers to massage their way inside of me.

"Fuck me, fill me up!" I whispered raising myself up to bear down on his gently probing fingers. "Just do it!" I insisted not gaining the penetration I wanted.

He asked gruffly, "Are you a little whore? Who wants me to stuff my fingers up your ass, just so you can cum and you don't care who sees?"

"Yes! Yes! I don't care! I want them inside me! Just fuck me!" I wailed.

Then I felt him push way up inside me, and then lift me so I was lying across the bar. "Aughhhh!"

I was cumming already when I felt his lips on my pussy. Sucking hard on my clit while his fingers slid in and out of me. "Ohhhhhh! God yes! Lick my pussy!" I was enthralled pulling hard on my nipples trying to see what the others were doing. Let this feeling go on forever, I thought.

As I became aware of my surroundings again, I realized the man in the suit was talking on his cell phone. He hung up and said, "Baby, you are beautiful, I've got to go, though."

I was breathless, but a little disappointed as he pulled me off the bar and tried to straighten my dress. The other people had traded positions and the woman was getting drilled by the guy who wanted to see "some asshole." When he saw me watching, he reached around and raised her legs so I could see all of her red hot pussy and the last part of his cock disappearing in her ass.

"I'll probably try that," I said to the man waiting impatiently next to me casting a beckoning glance his way. As he zipped me up, ushered me out of the bar and into the lobby, I saw the bus arrive with what was left of the wedding party. The groomsmen staggered drunkenly through the lobby, some went into the bar. They'd stay, I knew it. I also knew that if I were still in there, I'd have stayed too. But really, I'd done enough new things that evening already.

The next day as I was riding the elevator down, one of the groomsmen, named David rode with me. He asked, "Did you hear about Sandy last night?" I looked at him, not knowing. "Sandy... You know the groom's cousin?" he waited, "You know Mike? He's the groom, married your friend, Rachel" I nodded. "Well his cousin was in the bar last night and apparently she let her boyfriend and some other guys take advantage of her," he stated, unsure of himself.

"What do you mean by 'take advantage of her'?" I asked innocently. He winced, withdrawing from me and I put my hand on his wrist, "What do you mean?" I asked with the widest eyes I could muster, "Is there some sort of scandal?"

He laughed, "Yeah that's a good word for it. She doesn't know where her dress is, and needs to find it before she can get back into her aunt and uncle's room for the rest of her stuff. Let's just say the groomsmen know her pretty well."

I swallowed in my best act of dramatic amazement then opened my mouth in an unstated, "Ohhhhhh!"

David laughed again, "Yeah we even used my phone to capture video. It's pretty dark but you can tell what's going on. And the part that's really funny is she said it began with a slutty bride's maid being felt up by everyone in the bar."

I arched my eyebrows enjoying the mystery, "So did you get some?"

He added in a lamentable voice, "I had to drive the wedding couple to the airport, but she stayed in my room."

I gathered my thoughts as the elevator doors opened. "Ya know David; I do know something about last night. If those guys would have arrived just a little earlier..." I leaned into him and whispered into his ear, "I would have probably lost my dress. I was that 'slutty bride's maid.'" I put a business card in his hand and turned on my heels to the cab waiting to take me to the airport.

As I settled down in the surprisingly empty plane, I wondered if David would call. I kicked off my heels and waited for the plane to take off. When I could put the seat back, I was just dropping off to sleep when I heard, "Is this seat taken?" whispered into my ear. I opened my eyes to a stranger with dark hair, blue eyes and a contagious grin. I like strangers.

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