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Obliged to Please


Philip stood naked in the shadowy, arched hallway as he tapped at the guest room door. The cool evening breeze brushed his bare skin, causing his nipples to stiffen. His buttocks bore the marks of a recent punishment. Whipping and canings descended on the slaves frequently, and often there was no memory of any misdeeds to provoke them. That afternoon he had been called to the steward's room, told to strip, and had his wrists tied to the horse. He had then received a number -- twelve or fifteen -- strokes of an instrument he particularly abominated, a sort of dog-whip that left thin raised weals and which stung like a fury. His buttocks and the very top of his thighs had been carefully attended to, and the procedure ended with several blows that crossed the weals already created, which caused him to shriek and sob, writhing his buttocks in a vain attempt to flee the lash. He was then released and allowed to return to his chamber, where he lay face down on his bed weeping quietly. Then the servant summoned him to go to the guest room. He must bathe and perfume himself and proceed there immediately. It did not have to be added that the guest had better be pleased with his companion for the evening. All the sex slaves knew what was expected of them, and the severe penalties exacted for delivering anything less than complete satisfaction.

The household's sex slaves always went to their assignments nude; this was deemed to create a feeling of excitement, apprehension and submission. Slaves of this sort had to be fair of face and figure, of course; they had to be submissive and obedient, needless to say; but they were selected especially for the characteristic of becoming sexually excited by punishment, though they hated and feared the pain of whip and cane. Thus Philip, with a swollen cock filling his mouth and throat so that breathing was nigh impossible, nonetheless did his best to swallow another half inch of the engorged shaft; to open himself to the deepest, fullest penetration. The stinging welts on his ass and thighs intensified his ecstasy, with its strong component of suffering. When one grown man fucked his ass and another fucked his mouth, he gave himself up to their service, trying to be the wettest, most relaxed, soft clinging fruit for their savage consumption, wishing to drown in their ejaculations.

A voice bade him enter, and he went into the shadowy, arch ceilinged chamber which was pleasantly cool in the evening air. He saw relaxed on the sleeping couch a tall warrior in early middle age, with the aquiline features of the desert tribes and a spare, well-muscled, smooth physique. He trotted forward and stood before his master for the night, doe eyes obediently downcast, though his nude state, and the anticipation of what was to come, had caused his prick to stand up from amid the soft blonde curls at its base. The man was evidently amused by this, and flipped it gently with his fingertips; then motioned for Philip to turn around. This he did, exposing his slender rounded buttocks to the older man's gaze; then after a moment he bent forward and held his cheeks apart to offer the soft bud of his anal entrance. The man made a sound of approval, gently touched the marks from the day's punishment, and drew Philip to the bed, at the same time throwing back the linen sheet covering him to expose a thick, semi-stiff phallus.

Philip knelt on the bed and bent his head to respectfully kiss the cock; then, grasping it gently, licked it from base to tip and popped the head into his mouth. His lips stretched considerably by the fattening shaft, he looked up at his master to gauge his wishes. The man lay back and caressed the back of Philip's neck, then pressed him down. Philip began his fellatio, surrounding the growing phallus with spit and caressing it with his lips as he took it, a little deeper each time, into his mouth. Taking great care that his teeth not contact the velvet skin, he used his tongue on the upstroke to pleasure the sensitive underside. The man grunted appreciatively. He grasped Philip's soft buttock and squeezed it, then placed a strong fingertip at Philip's anal entrance, circling the puffy ring of muscle, descending to the opening at the centre and pressing down. Without slowing his sucking, Philip spread his knees and pushed back against the pressure, so that his anus opened and allowed the fingertip to slip inside. As the man probed the sensitive nerves at the entrance to Philip's rectum, Philip began to suck in sync with the probing finger; stimulated at both ends, he began a series of muffled mewing sounds. Judging by the growth of the shaft in his mouth, his efforts were quite acceptable to his partner.

A second fingertip joined the first in his anus, and an overpowering submission filled Philip's body. His attentions to the cock in his mouth became even more subtly exquisite, and he began to draw it into his throat, which had relaxed to accommodate it. He squeezed his sphincter around the intruding fingers, and his sounds became more intense. Suddenly the fingers were removed, and the man rolled over and placed himself behind Philip, his wet stiff cock popping out of Philip's disappointed mouth. He placed the head at Philip's now welcoming anal entrance and pushed gently. Philip pressed himself open and leaned back into the ram, spreading his buttocks with his hands. A moment's pain, and the head slid inside the ring of muscle. Now Philip began to feel truly mastered. He held still for a moment; his partner considerately gave him time for his body to adjust to the intrusion. His passage began to relax and lubricate; the stiff ram was pushed forward an inch, then drawn back to allow a moment for acceptance. Each time, Philip was more completely stretched and impaled. A few more movements, and Philip squirmed helplessly as the large phallus was pressed to the hilt in his ass, where it was held steady, the man evidently enjoying Philip's squeals and breathless gasps.

In a delirium of ecstasy, Philip no longer felt that his body was his own; it was simply an adjunct of the enormously stiff and powerful flesh that penetrated and dominated him. His ass was completely relaxed and wet, the soft walls of his passage clinging like sweet fruit to the intruder and bathing it in the slippery oils of his body. His partner began to move again, made easy by the lubrication, and Philip cried out in pleasure as the cock seemed to reach even deeper inside him, to his very heart. It seemed as though he could feel every single vein and surface of his master's cock; His ass opened like a flower as the wet sucking sounds intensified. Deep inside his ass he felt a release, a special place open to accommodate the head of his master's cock; then felt the head swell in preparation for the divine explosion that would drown him the obedient slave, in honey.

His master was greatly enjoying driving this slave, who was so helpless and squirming, yet strongly responsive, under the powerful strokes that directed him like a spirited filly. He saw Philip's sphincter stretched around the base of his cock; a swelling sensation began to fill him, that could not be denied. A few more strokes into the soft clinging squirming ass, and his orgasm erupted, squirting in a fountain deep into his partner's secret places. Philip cried out and convulsed under the spurting fluid as though it scalded him; then went limp as his master finished and relaxed his body on top of the slave, whose soft curls were soaked in perspiration.

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