I worked in an office for a manufacturing company. We made paper products. The building was offsite from the plant and there were only a few people in my office. The boss, or Queen Bee, as I thought of her, was a sharp blonde with a caustic demeanor. She was constantly trying to intimidate me and berated me when she felt moved to. I let her push me around. It turned me on to think of myself as submissive to a female boss lady. I think she sensed my willingness to be cowed by her and sometimes would rant at me for no real reason. She was in her late 20's and had often hinted that the job was beneath her. She had some advanced degree that she spoke about without telling anyone what field she had studied.

Lorna stood 5'4", and had a thin build. She had a rounded ass that was deceptive. The way her ass looked always depended on the clothes she chose. If she went with a loose pair of pants, her ass looked flat and uninspiring, but if she wore something tighter, it looked almost bubbly and very worthy of adoration. The image of her butt in something tight gave me many moments of release. I fantasized about her and would often daydream, thinking of her fucking me. Lorna was always on top and in control in the scenarios I imagined. I always thought of the word derriere when I watched her walk away from me. It seemed befitting of her.

If there was one thing about her that seemed like a flaw, it was the shape of her face. She had an oblong face that could sometimes look sad like a long faced dog. Other than that, she was perfect to me, and that included her harsh treatment of me.

I didn't really connect with anyone else in the office except for Mandy. We were both in our mid-twenties and had not been with the company too long. She started 6 months before I had. I sensed she would leave the job if something better came along. Office work drained me. Sitting at a desk for most of the day tired me out. I spent a good part of the day browsing the internet on my iPhone.

After lunch one day, I was lingering around the copier, not doing anything work related, when over walked Lorna. Her high heels were clicking loudly and seemed ready for a confrontation. Her blue eyes were zeroing in on me. She was about to demonstrate why she was the boss.

"Do I have to tell you again?" Lorna said to me angrily.

"I don't know what you are talking about." I said. I was ready for her castigation of me.

"Paperwork, in this office, is meant to be turned in on time. You have made a habit of adhering to your own schedule, a late schedule. Being exactly one day late is your schedule. That does not... you need to adhere to my schedule."

"I'll clean that up." I said.

"Make sure you do. I don't, wait, I do, want you to give me an excuse to start monitoring your work more closely." She said.

Lorna walked away slowly, as if she would turn around any second and bring something else up. She was wearing black pants that hugged her rear end. I always watched her until she went into her office. This time, Mandy caught me looking at Lorna. Mandy smiled, and appeared very close to laughing at me. I walked away and went into the common area that the workers shared. I poured myself some water and sat down. Mandy followed me in and sat down next to me. We were alone.

"I don't know, Mick. Looks to me you like it when boss lady reprimands you. Maybe I should cut back on her caffeine intake."

"You make the coffee in her office?" I asked.

"I get here earlier than Lorna. I live closer. I usually get the coffee maker going. Sometimes I make it stronger.

I found that sexy, Mandy having control of how Lorna started her day. Too much or too little could surely affect Lorna.

"So?" She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Do you like it when she yells at you? I think you do."

"Are you crazy?" I said.

I could tell that Mandy did not believe me, but, talking about Lorna with Mandy seemed in itself a way to add to my fantasies of Lorna. Was Mandy more an ally of Lorna or a confidant of mine? I learned that Lorna had once been engaged, but changed her mind. The fiancée nearly went insane when she told him the wedding was off. Mandy could also belittle her boss. She mentioned that even though Lorna claimed to have an advanced degree, she really wasn't as smart as she presented herself to be and that this job was the highest position she ever held.

It was not long before I let it slip that I considered Lorna to be a queen bee, and that as her underling, she was entitled to treat me anyway she wanted. Mandy thought that was silly of me, and that I was letting my lust for Lorna cloud my vision. I told her that I thought Lorna's blonde hair went well with her cold persona.

Mandy was close to 5'9" and had an athletic frame. She had tan skinned that was oddly comforting to me during the winter months.

"Who do you find hotter between the two of us?" Mandy asked.

"You two have completely different looks. She is petite, where you are more athletic." I answered.

"So you prefer petite. Go ahead and say that then."

"That is not true." I said. I was unsure what to say next.

Truth was, I found them both to be very attractive, but Lorna was boss.

"Your queen bee is not really my queen. She actually has been less than regal with me." Mandy said.

"What does that mean?" I asked. I was very intrigued.

"I have to get back to work. Why don't you linger a little more so her majesty can do some more yelling at you?"

Mandy left. I could sense she wanted to have some fun with me, so I decided not to press her on the subject. I was desperate, but didn't want to seem so.

Before I left for home, I caught Lorna staring at me. She seemed pensive. Was she getting ready to jump all over me? I nodded a goodbye to her as I left for the weekend. She did not change expressions. I slumped away.

As I was getting ready to drive away, Mandy waved for me to wait. She looked more energetic than usual. She flip flopped her way over to me.

"I just wanted to tell you that your fantasy woman in there has a tight... um... you know."

"She has a tight what?" I played along.

"Her honey hole is as tight as can be." Mandy said. "And this finger here is the one that found that out."

Mandy put the middle finger on her left hand right under my nose and ran it over my upper lip. She giggled as she did so. She now traced her finger around my lips and started to push her finger inside my mouth. I opened my mouth and let her in.

"Squeeze your lips around my finger." She said.

I did as I was told.

"Squeeze a little harder." Mandy said.

I squeezed a little harder.

"She's about that tight." Mandy said.

She finally pulled out of my mouth. She tasted good.

"You fingered Lorna?" I asked.

"Yes, among other things." She said, as she moved to leave.

"When did you do that? She let you?" I pleaded.

"Maybe I'll tell you next time I see you."

Mandy walked away. I drove home with a hard on from the idea of Lorna being fingered, by the idea of Lorna having a tight pussy and by the idea of Mandy doing the fingering. Also, having sucked on Mandy's middle finger was very arousing. I wasted no time in masturbating once I got home.

I masturbated a couple of times before I decided to email Mandy. I didn't have her phone number. I wasn't sure she checked her work email on the weekend, but I went ahead and emailed her. I asked her for more details. She never emailed me back. I spent the weekend replaying her words to me, along with images of what she spoke about.

On Monday morning, when I walked into the office, Mandy greeted me with a smile. She was drinking a cup of coffee. She winked at me. She was wearing a casual pair of blue track pants and a loose fitting white top. She had on a pair of flip flops. As usual, her hair was in a bun. Curls sprang from all sides of her head.

"Did you use too much or too little caffeine today?" I asked.

"I don't know." She said. "You'll have to judge for yourself."

"When will you tell me the story?" I said.

"It can't be here. It will take too long. Do you want it in an email, or do you want me to tell it to you in person, face to face?" She said, coming closer to me. Her brown eyes were darting all over the place, before finally landing on my eyes.

"I want to hear it from you, Mandy."

"We should meet after work one day this week." She said.

"What's wrong with today?"

"I had a little too much fun this weekend. I think I drank too much. I don't think I can do the story justice, just yet." She said.

"Are you playing with me?" I asked.

"A little, but what I said was true. If you're nice, I'll give you another detail to think about. How many times did you masturbate to thoughts of me fingering her?"

"That's private." I said.

"Yeah, but if you want to hear any more facts about my private time with your mistress Lorna, you'll tell me exactly how many times."

"About eight times, maybe a couple more. I don't remember." I said.

"Not bad." She said.

Mandy walked away. I felt closer to her, even though she did seem to be playing with me. I wondered if there was any chance she would tell Lorna how I felt about her. I worried she would tell her everything, but calmed myself with the thought that it was Lorna versus everyone else in the office. She didn't mingle with me or Mandy, or with the other four people in the office, one of whom had run the office before she had taken over the position.

I found keeping an eye out for both Lorna and Mandy. The two of them were preoccupying my thoughts. If Lorna felt like ranting, she certainly had a reason that day. I hadn't done any work. Mandy must have slipped out early. Her car was gone when I left for home. We usually left around the same time.

The next morning, there was an email from Mandy with an attachment. The email read: Your queen bee was sucking on this.

I downloaded the attachment. It was a picture of a big toe with pink nail polish. The toe was manicured and looked appetizing.

I felt nervous. I needed to calm myself. I wanted the whole story. I decided to act calm for most of the day, and then would ask Mandy out to dinner sometime before leaving for home.

I felt a rush of adrenaline when I saw Lorna walk by my office door. Did I have some personal information about her?

I finally asked Mandy to have dinner with me. She could pick the place. Mandy chose a restaurant inside of a hotel. We decided to meet there after work.

Mandy was sitting in a back booth when I got to the dimly lit restaurant. I walked over and sat down.

"Just because there is a hotel nearby doesn't mean you should think I had something else in mind. This is close to home and I come here often."

"Really, you do? It seems too dark and quiet for you." I said.

She laughed.

"Yeah, but they are open all night. Sometimes, well on a late night, I sneak in here with some friends after clubbing. Being dark is perfect on those nights"

We ordered a couple of drinks and she proceeded to tell me about her get together with Lorna. My heart was racing and I had an instant erection. Mandy was going slow. She ordered dinner and I asked for the same thing she got: meatloaf.

Lorna was friendly with Mandy when Mandy was first hired. They had gone out a few times for drinks after work. They talked about the men they were either dating at the time or had recently finished dating.

"She can drink wine all night and not show any effects. She told me she drinks at least a bottle and a half a night. There is always an open bottle in her house. However, Lorna can't handle liquor at all. She turns into a needy bitch. She followed me home one night and I didn't have anything but bourbon."

"You like the hard stuff?" I asked.

"Not really. Someone left it at my place. I usually order fruity drinks." She said.

"I see." I said.

"She was hesitant at first, but said she needed to unwind and asked for just a little. Well a little led to more. I hardly had anything to drink. I was just watching her. She started to change. Where she was in total control drinking wine, here she had no control. Next thing I know she's nuzzling next to me, acting a little childish. Her voice had no dominance at all in it. I didn't know what to do. This was my boss who was doing this."

"Are you bisexual?" I asked.

"I've made out with some girls before, but really just bi-curious if anything. I really wasn't turned on by Lorna, but I was intrigued that she was acting so docile."


Our drinks come, followed by our salad. I just pushed everything to the side. Mandy started to eat and continued telling her story.

"Yes, docile." She said. "She is certainly not a full-time queen bee."

"Would you say she is submissive?" I asked.

"She isn't a top, that's for sure."

I wondered if being a boss, and being in control all day, didn't engender a need for Lorna to be treated in the manner Mandy was describing.

"This is so hard to imagine." I said.

"Mind blowing, huh?" Mandy said.

"What was she wearing that night?"

"She ended up naked."

My mouth fell open at the thought of Lorna stripped of clothes.

"But before she ended up naked she had on a short black skirt and gray blouse, maybe a light sweater. She had on a pair of flip flops."

"My heart is racing." I said.

"I bet it is." She said.


"Do you want to take a break?"

"No. Go on." I said.

"We started kissing. I sensed she wanted me to take the lead, so I decided to play along. I started to unbutton her blouse and she undid her skirt. She has small breasts, but very firm if not hard and very round. Her stomach is kind of flabby, which surprised me because she is so thin. Now the skirt is off. She leaves the panties on and I move them to the side to get a finger moving across her pussy. She was not shaved. She had some bush going on. "

I am giving Mandy my full attention.

The dinner comes and I push mine to the side. The waiter takes my unfinished salad. I mumbled something to him and he looks at me oddly, as if he did not agree with what I had said. Mandy sits calmly, eating her dinner and telling her story.

She spoke of Lorna as being very small and tight. I couldn't believe I was getting all this information. Mandy was not sure if she was able to make her orgasm. Lorna was moaning the whole time and squirming about. She though Lorna may have had a small one if anything. When Mandy finally pulled out, Lorna dropped to her knees and started sucking on Mandy's big toe. Lorna worked her way up to Mandy's pussy and started to eat out her new hire.

"We didn't do much more than that. She was like a puppy dog. I was surprised. She was cold when I first met her. I never expected my boss to be eating me out. I thought I was going to get fired, but Lorna acted as if nothing happened. Who knows, maybe she didn't remember any of it. She passed out and in the morning was gone."

"No chance to make her coffee?" I said.

"Not that morning."

"Wow." I said. "That was amazing."

"Do you view the power structure in the office differently now?"

"Yes. Well, I could always tell she didn't mess with you. Now I know why."

She finished her dinner as I stared at her in disbelief. Then we left the restaurant. I was taking home my untouched dinner. I was very sweaty and had a hard time focusing.

"So, who do you think is hotter now?" She asked as we were about to say goodbye.

"I don't know, but I think you might be the queen bee of the office."

"Yeah, maybe, just don't go telling Lorna."

We both laughed and said goodbye. I drove home in a haze.

Lorna yelled at me a few times for things I was not even responsible for. I acted submissive and agreed to everything she said. I could see Mandy in the background. This day she had her hair down. It was the first time I saw her with her hair down. She had curly brown hair that was just a little below shoulder length. Mandy waited a few minutes after Lorna was gone before she came into my office and closed the door. She sat down on my desk right in front of me. I pushed my chair back to give her some room. She put her right foot on my lap.

"This is the toe she sucked on." She said.

I looked at her foot. She had wonderful feet. She raised her foot to my face and placed the big toe over my mouth. I opened my mouth and accepted her big toe. I closed my eyes and started to suck on it. She made a couple of moaning noises which surprised me. I continued to suck and was prepared to let the rest of the day melt away. Mandy then abruptly pulled out. I opened my eyes and saw her in a completely different way. I suddenly wondered if I was starting to feel as much for Mandy as I did for Lorna.

Mandy leaned over to whisper into my ear.

"Do you want to see Lorna on all fours, barking like a dog?" She said.

I was intoxicated by both her sultry voice and her words. I leaned my head back and looked blankly at her. I felt myself being trapped. And the situation seemed very comfortable. I tried focusing on the Mandy I thought I knew, the one I had spoken with so many times, not this beauty now taking me by the hand, leading me to a place I could only dream of. I nodded yes.

"Great. It'll be fun. You've been deprived far too long." She said.

I stared at her as she walked out of my office. I knew I was feeling something special for Mandy, but a big part of me was still beholden to Lorna. Until proved otherwise, she was still my queen bee. Mandy was definitely a suitable replacement for Lorna.

"I'm serious. She's going to be totally submissive for me, and for you." Mandy said into the phone.

"I can't grasp that." I said.

"Do you want that?" She asked.

"I don't know... yes. I want that. I want to fuck her."

"Who is hotter now?"

"I don't know." I said.

"Are you sure?"

"You are." I said, before hanging up quickly.

Mandy had told me that she was waiting for the right time to invite Lorna over. Lorna went through strange moods where she didn't require friendship then suddenly she was in need of companionship and the venting that goes along with that. The boss had a birthday coming up, and Mandy was counting on the days before or after her thirtieth birthday as being the best time to invite her over. I offered to buy the liquor, and Mandy agreed.

I went shopping after we spoke on the phone. I was bringing over an assortment of alcohol to take down the mighty Lorna. Mandy greeted me in a pair of blue shorts and a white tank top. Her thighs looked amazing. They were tanned and muscular. Her breasts shone rather small through her top. They were smaller than I had imagined, but very young and upright. We spent the night talking about how our lives were turning out, how we had expected much more after graduating from college. We spoke for quite a while and didn't even mention Lorna. We ordered in some food and watched a movie. She had a very pleasant and calming aura. I felt comfortable on her sofa, just watching a movie and sipping a fruity drink.

"Do you still want to go through with it?" She asked.

"I don't have too." I said.

"Really, are you serious? I think we should. You've built her up too much for your own good."

"Yes, but you are already obliterating her sway over me."

"I think we should go through with it."

'You are right. It should be fun." I said.

A few days later, Mandy told me that Lorna was coming over to her apartment after work to visit. She cornered me in the common area. Her eyes were very confident. My stomach turned. My boss, who was in the other room, was going to possibly be on display for me later.

"I will be in charge of her and of you. What I say goes. You have to do everything I tell you to do. Do we understand each other, Mick?" Mandy said.

"Yes." I said, with some trepidation.

"Good. I am sure you enjoyed the scolding she gave you this morning. You turned that in late on purpose."" She said.

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