It was my friend Nina who brought him, and from the first instant when we were introduced I knew and he knew. It was like a jolting electric current passing between us as our hands touched. We looked into each other’s eyes and there was the recognition: “This is the One.”

They had come with a group of girls, daughters from the nearby farms and the small township of Boorinda. Pretty, laughing girls enjoying a lovely summer afternoon and swimming in our pool. They too had eyes for him but then, apart from my father, he was the only other male present.

“This is my cousin Rod,” Nina had said. “This is my friend Selene. “Rod is on vacation from the university; I hope you don’t mind my bringing him.”

“Mind,” I thought, “What a ridiculous question. You have brought my destiny.” I smiled and said, “Of course not, you are very welcome, Rod.”

“Thank you,” he replied. The timbre of his voice sent a delicious shudder through my body, and I felt a tingling sensation in my clitoris, and my nipples began to firm.

All us young ones were on vacation from something – the local high school or more distant colleges or university. We were all in our late teens and pulsating with that wonderful energy of youth that is both emotional and physical. Rod was a little older and perhaps quieter than the squealing females.

My parents had suggested inviting my friends over for an afternoon swimming party and tea, and now the giggling chattering girls went into the house to change into their swimming things. My father said to Rod, “Come with me and I’ll show you were you can change.”

The swimming prepared girls began to emerge from the house clad in bikinis or similar maximum exposure gear. Their lovely young bodies glowing with good health and, as I thought looking at them, “They are like beautiful flowers ripe for picking.”

If by ‘picking’ one meant sex, then I have to say that many of the girls had already been plucked several times over. My little blossom had not been gathered thus far. After-party struggles in the cars of hot blooded escorts there had been, but so far victory had been mine. You see, I had always known there would be “The One.” Now he had entered.

I had not yet changed into my own swimming gear, so I went into the house and stripping off, put on my rather modest one piece bathing suit. I had a little piece of minor philosophy concerning this. It went something like this: There was no point in exposing in a tempting manner what I did not propose to give. When the moment came for me to give myself to a man in sexual love, he would see me naked and would be ready for him.

I went out to the pool and saw Rod talking with my father clad in his swimming briefs. His splendid body tapered from broad shoulders down to narrow hips, and pressing against his briefs was the outline of a large sexual organ.

He was laughing at some comment from my father and in doing show he displayed splendid white teeth behind full lips. He ran his fingers through near black hair, and sensing my presence as I knew he would, he glanced across at me with smiling dark brown eyes.

In that moment I sent him a message. “We have plenty of time, my love.”

He seemed to hesitate for a moment as if trying to collect his thoughts, then in my head I received his answer, “Yes, I know my love.”

I cannot say I was the most physically attractive girl at the gathering. My figure was good but not as splendid as some now on show. My breasts are moderate in size and firm, but not as overflowing as some I could see. It may be arrogant of me to say so, but I tended to be a bit more serious and intelligent than most present. In short, for the predatory male there was more succulent prey than I ready and willing, than on the surface I would appear to be.

None of this mattered, for Rod and I knew beneath the surface. At the first moment of meeting we recognised the other half of our beings. Our physical appearances mattered little, although I must admit it was very pleasant to realise that one’s life partner was such a handsome man.

Rod hardly came near me all the afternoon. The girls made much of him, and some were clearly bent upon getting him to bed them before the day was out. He was polite to them played with them in the pool, but made no moves that indicated he would end up in any of their beds.

Some times he would look across at me and instead of the electric jolt of our first meeting; the sensation was now a tingling that rippled through my body. My clitoris was pulsating with desire for him and my vagina wet.

Strangely, as ready as I was for him, I felt no sense of urgency. The moment would come when it was due to come, and we could afford to wait in patience.

So the afternoon lazed by with the guests and me swimming or stretched out on garden lounges chatting, eating and drinking the food and drinks supplied by my parents.

Late in the evening the party began to break up, and Nina and Rod came to me to say goodbye. Nina gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “A lovely afternoon, Selene, thank you.”

Rod took my hand, not so much to shake it as to hold it, and said, looking into my eyes,”I shall see you soon.”

“Yes,” I whispered, “Very soon.”

Nina overheard this brief exchange and looked at us curiously, but said nothing.

The two of them went off to thank my parents, and then departed along with the remaining guests.

As we began the process of clearing up, my mother asked, “What did you think of the young man?”

I smiled, “He’ll do.”

My father laughed, “He’ll do for what?”

“Whatever life brings to him, I suppose,” I replied.

“Didn’t see you talking with him very much,” mother went on.

“If she was interested in him she had plenty of competition,” father grinned.

I failed to resist temptation and said, “I don’t think I had even the tiniest bit of competition.”

“Arrogant hussy,” father said with a laugh.

“It’s your entire fault Harry,” mother jokingly chastised him; “you spoilt her thoroughly.”

The pair of them went into one of those teasing mock arguments of mutual recrimination, with me as the subject. They ended up cuddling me and telling me how grateful they were to have such a lovely daughter.

Their “lovely daughter” decided it was time for bed, and after showering to rid myself of the chemicals used in the pool, I climbed gratefully into bed, naked as usual, and contemplated the afternoon and Rod in particular.

I began to gently caress my breast with one hand, and circled my clitoris with a finger of the other hand. I tried to imagine what it would be like make love with Rod. One day it would be his hand on my breast, his finger circling my clitoris, of this I had no doubt.

Meditating on these things, I began to feel drowsy and must have slipped into sleep; at least, that is how it seemed. Yet was it sleep? I seemed to be still aware of lying in the bed, my hand still on my breast, finger still in my vagina, but unmoving.

Perhaps I was dreaming, but I felt a strange pulsing sensation that spread throughout my body, and slowly I seemed to rise from the bed as if drawn up by some magnetic force in the ceiling. I found myself hovering between the bed and the ceiling and looking down, saw myself lying in the bed, hand still on my breast, finger still in my vagina.

For a moment I was frightened, but on discovering that I could move simply by willing myself to do so, I calmed down. I was in control, or thought I was.

I allowed myself to float up to the ceiling, and instead of bumping against it I passed straight through into the roof space then out through the tiles into the night sky.

There was a full moon spreading its light over the land, and I heard voices murmuring, “Selene moon goddess, Selene moon goddess,” repeatedly.

I soared upwards until I felt I would reach the moon, the looking down I saw spread out below, a vast area of land. Here and there lights from scattered farms winked in the night, and there was our little town and far, far away, the light pollution of the metropolis smeared across the sky.

There was one place, one farm house in total darkness that although I could not see it, I knew was there. Within that house was my goal, my love, my other self. Without thought I let myself go and like a homing pigeon I floated downwards towards the earth, flitting over fields of ripening wheat, paddocks with cattle and sheep standing like coal black statues, over houses and barns as I approached my objective.

Reaching the farm owned by Nina’s parents, I passed through the roof and down into a bedroom. I had no need to question whose room it was, without thought I had unerringly attained my goal.

Rod lay naked on the bed. He was on his back as if in preparation for my arrival. I hovered over him for a moment, then allowed myself to drop softy beside him.

He was asleep and did not stir with my arrival. I lay beside him my gaze roaming over his face and body. Then I traced the outline of his lips with my finger for a moment, and then pressed my lips to his. They were soft, warm and slightly moist.

The moonlight was shining through the window and once again I heard the murmur of voices, “Selene, Selene, lovely moon goddess.”

By the light of the moon I could see Rod’s penis partially erect as he slept. I reached out and touched it, the first male sexual organ I had ever touched. It seemed to grow and throb in my hand, and he gave a little groan. Virgin I might have been, but I knew what to do. As his organ rose to stand up straight and hard, I sat across him, and lowering myself, allowing him to enter me.

I had anticipated the pain of a split hymen, but there was nothing. He slid into me with ease, reaching towards the top of my vagina. With his full length inside me I stayed still for a while, relishing the contact, the union with my being, the sense of wholeness that comes with loving physical merging.

Yet it was more than physical. There was a feeling of spiritual fulfilment a completion of the self and of the other.

After a while I began to move up and down on him. Still he slept if sleep it was. He made no move, but gave out little sighs as if of deep contentment. I moved more rapidly feeling my orgasm approaching. When it came it was beyond anything I had ever experienced through masturbation. It shook my entire body, racking me with exquisite torment, and I was screaming my love for him.

In the midst of this I felt the first explosion of his ejaculation. The first time a man had put his semen into me. Before I had only been able to guess at what the sensation would be like, now, as the reality drove into me, I was gripped by those wild longings for fertilisation, the desire for the coupling to bear fruit.

Rod was now groaning aloud, “Selene, my love…my love…my goddess…”

When it was over I stayed with him for some time, then allowing myself to flat up from him, I placed a final kiss on his lips saying, “Good night, my beloved,” and floated up and out into the moonlit night again.

I soared upwards until I felt as if I was in the moon’s embrace, and the murmuring voices now rising to a shout of triumph, cried out, “Selene, Selene, lovely moon goddess, mother to be.”

I began to descend gradually losing consciousness as I did.

“Selene, Selene.” It was not the voices of unseen speakers this time. It was mother calling.

“Time to get up darling, remember, we’ve got to go into town this morning.”

Recalling the events of the night, I felt around my vulva for traces of semen, but there was nothing. I probed a little deeper and detected my hymen still in tact. Had it all been a dream, then?

I rose and prepared myself for the day. It was my mother’s habit to go into town once a week to buy supplies for the coming week. When I was at home I usually went with her to help carry things. Normally I enjoyed these trips with her, but today I felt a strong desire to stay home.

There was no reason I could think why I felt this way, but I could not just let mother go alone As it turned out, it might have been better if I had let her go alone. All the time we shopped I was agitating for us to get a move on and get back home.

Finally, mother smiled at me and said, “Yes, darling, I should not have let you come with me, you need to be at home.”

I did not really understand why she had expressed herself this way, but I gratefully accepted the decision to go home.

I was driving, and with my foot nearly pushing the accelerator through the floor and mother in a state of terror, I drove like a maniac.

Father had been working round the barn that morning, and as I pulled up with a screech of brakes he came over to us.

“You’re in a bit of a hurry, young lady, he admonished.”

“She’s just scared the life out of me,” mother added. She needed to be here today

“Ah, yes” said father. “Of course.”

“What do you mean, ‘of course’?”

“Father gave a grin. “That young fellow Rod came galloping over this morning. Borrowed one of the Grant’s horses and came asking for Selene.”

I felt myself go hot and cold. On the one hand I was thrilled that he had come asking for me, and on the other, angry and disappointed that I had missed him.

“Did he leave a message?” I asked.

“Well,” father began in his teasing manner, “He did say he was riding on a bit further to the Allan’s place, and he might call in on his way back. I think you might have made a hit there, my girl.”

If I had been agitated before it was nothing to the nervousness that gripped me now. I helped unload the supplies and managed to trip and stumble over every minor projection along the path. I rushed to my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Despairing at the white faced vision that looked back at me from the glass, I went tearing through the house and out into the garden looking toward the Allan’s place in hope of seeing Rod coming back.

He was not in sight, so I went and sat on the porch steps and tried to calm myself. The troubling thing was that my behaviour was so uncharacteristic. I was not the type to get agitated, and certainly I had never got that way over a man before. I got so immersed in lecturing myself about my behaviour, I failed to see the reason for the behaviour until he stood before me.

All our conversation the day before had been brief, even terse. It was terser now.

“You came last nigh?”


“Will you come again?”


“I think for us marriage is essential.”


“We have known each other face to face for less than one day.”


“We have known each other spiritually all our lives.”


“I love you, Selene.”

“I know. I love you.”

There was a brief pause in this strange exchange. We looked at each other, and again I felt the strange tingling spreading through me.

“When we met physically yesterday, I resolved there would never be any other woman in my life, Selene.”

“I know. There never has been and never will be any other man in my life.”

“Those are our marriage vows, Selene. As soon as we decently can we shall make them public and official.”

“Of course.”

“Until tonight, then.”

“Until tonight, my love.”

We had not touched each other and had been at least two paces apart all the time, yet it was as if we had melded into each other. Rod turned and strode to where he had left the horse tied. He mounted, and with a single wave of his hand, galloped off.

Given any other circumstance and any other man, what had passed between us would have seemed cold and unemotional. Yet between Rod and I it had been far from that. The depth conversation had not needed words and had run like an electric current between us the whole time. I felt that if we had been a whole world apart, we would still feel at one with each other – still be able to communicate our wordless love.

I walked into the house and entering the kitchen found mother and father still putting away the supplies we had bought.

“Rod and I have just got married,” I announced. “We shall be making this public and official quite soon.”

I waited for the shock and horror, but it didn’t come.

“Ah,” said father.

“Of course,” said mother.

If they were not surprised at what I had said, I was certainly surprised at their response – or lack of it.

“Is that all you’ve got to say?” I blurted out.

“Well, we could say more, darling, but of course, we expected something like this.”

“You what?”

“We knew about it yesterday, Selene.”

“But how could you know?”

Father laughed and mother said, “Darling, it’s something that runs in the family through the women on my side. You see, father and I felt the jolt when you met Rod yesterday. Not as strongly as you did of course, but enough to tell us that you had found the other part of yourself. It was the same when your father and I met for the first time. It’s been the same for the women in our family as far back as we can trace.”

Father went on, “Did you notice it was the full moon last night?”


“The meeting with life partners by the women in your mother’s family always takes place at the time of full moon or the new moon.”

“But you never told me any of this before.”

“It’s the women in the family who have this – what shall we call it – sensitivity? It’s the women who are the initiators and the men the responders. There is one man we are destined to meet and bond with. It is the women who are first aware that they have met The One. It is the women who in that moment of recognition cause the man to respond, acknowledging that this is his future life partner.

We women are never told about this until after it happens because it might prevent a natural recognition of the man, the other half. Yesterday, when father and I felt the jolt, we knew you had met The One, but it was you who had to recognise this and transmit this to Rod.

“Have you visited him yet?” asked father.

I knew what he meant and said, “Yes, last night.”

“You’ve had out of body sex with him?”


“Good!” exclaimed mother. It is not so satisfying physically because the man can’t respond properly, but it is wonderful for spiritual bonding. Your father and I discovered it when I went to him like that. I suggest you visit Rod as often as possible. And remember, he cannot visit you, that is your gift.”

“When I was travelling to Rod, voices kept calling me saying ‘moon goddess’. Does that mean anything?”

Father and mother glanced at each other.

“You’d better explain to her,” father said.

“Darling,” mother began, “it’s not easy to explain because I don’t fully understand it myself, but like me, you are what might be called a ‘moon daughter’. You are my daughter, but back in my family many, many generations ago, the women were all moon worshippers. They were known as ‘daughters of the moon goddess’. As such it was felt they were part of the moon goddess - something like minor deities. We have always had the power to leave our bodies and fly to the one we love, the ‘Other Half’, no matter where they are. That Other half, the man, each of we moon daughters are destined to meet, will recognise our part-divine status, and worship accordingly. That is all I can tell you. The rest ou must learn for yourself over time.”

“If you can both remain satisfied with out of body sex, it might be best to wait a few months before the public marriage ceremony. People would think it odd if you married after only knowing each other for a short time. They would not understand the power of the bond between you.”

I had a lot of thinking to do, but there was one thing I did not have to consider, my night visits to Rod. These began to take place every night, and the event was always the same. Rod did not wake during our coupling, but next day he always knew we had been together, and had found it at least partially satisfying.

We made no attempts to have sexual intercourse apart fro the out of body sex and we determined we would leave this until the official marriage. This was set about four months after our first meeting on the day before the night of the new moon. In the meantime Rod had to go back to his studies at the University School of Agriculture.

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