tagSci-Fi & FantasyObsequious Ch. 2

Obsequious Ch. 2


Chapter 2

We are the dead who are never led
We are the warriors on the edge of time
We hide inside your brains we lurk inside your minds
- Hawkwind -

After the carnage in the club, the cool city air was a welcome relief to Jeric’s super charged awareness. Before the night was alive, now it seemed as if it were solid with sensation, taking another hit of the white powder Jeric stalked the streets. Turning left down an alley he was a thing out of nightmare, a shadow from another time another becoming. As he strode through the filth and debris a scent reached him borne on the solid air, it told of another of his kind. Stopping Jeric sniffed the air straining his senses to the limit. The presence he detected was powerful, so powerful that it had spanned the timelines of possible futures, with a smile Jeric stepped sideways through time.

This was another London another time, the alley was the same yet subtly different, the colours somehow muddier, muted. Walking to the end of the alley he stepped on to the main road. Neon illuminated the flat starless sky with garish reds and blues; the light casting strange and twisted shadows that danced with the promise of a thousand exquisite pleasures. Sending forth his mind Jeric easily found the presence that he had detected back in his London, here it was much stronger, almost overwhelming in it’s intensity; Jeric locked himself in on the presence and followed.

Walking slowly he passed shops and bizars, all offering services and pleasures beyond measure, a large group of people emerged from the doorway of one, laughing and jostling they pushed past him, the smell of blood rising from them, thick and heavy. One girl came out of the doorway slightly behind the others, her face pale and drawn her lips thin and spiteful. Jeric staring at her, saw that puncture marks decorated the smooth skin of her neck. She stopped in front of him one hand went absently to her neck whilst the other pushed down the front of her skirt

“Please” she moaned, and turned her head to one side exposing her much bitten neck to him.

“Please” She moaned again. This display of shameless need made Jeric hard as he stepped toward the girl, enfolding her thin body in his arms he pierced her neck. All the previous users of this piece of meat had stopped short of draining it completely; Jeric in his state of arousal drank deep; ejaculating into his trousers as he did so. Looking up he stared after the girl’s friends as they wound their way down the street – uncaring.

Jeric could feel the presence; it was nearer now, achingly close, thoughts swirled through his head could it be her? His nemesis after all these lonely years of searching since her last death, was it nearly time?

Drunk with destiny he stumbled along the road, no longer paying attention to the things around him. Images flashed before his inner eye, faces from the past, some serene, some taunting him with unfulfilled promise, emotions writhing in gossamer streams were choking his heart.

So caught up in his reverie Jeric nearly missed the plain wooden door set slightly back from the road, it was of heavy oak, darkened by the passage of time set in a door frame of stone, carved to resemble a man and a woman writhing in ecstasy / agony, it was the maw of a demon, a road to hell. This was the place…

Jeric pushed at the door, it opened without a sound swinging inward on well-oiled hinges. A dark corridor opened up before him, the tension in the air was so strong it was palpable, it spoke of desire and danger and dreams of dark places. Taking a deep breath Jeric walked into the all-consuming darkness. As his eyes adjusted to the dark he could see that the walls were of black marble, dark veins of red ran through it like blood. Sending out his awareness Jeric could sense no end to the passageway it seemed to stretch off to an infinite night. Determined he walked on for what felt like an age before he felt hands like vices grab his elbows from behind. With his arms pinned Jeric attempted to twist around and tear the throat out of his assailant, there was no one there, hissing his anger the world went black as a leather hood came down over his head.

Disorientated Jeric felt an iron collar snap tightly around his neck as he was dragged unceremoniously forwards. Deprived of his sight Jeric heightened his senses of smell and hearing he could hear nothing but the hiss of his boot tips being dragged along the smooth floor. Smell though was different, he caught a myriad of scents on the air, perfumes exotic and dark, sweat and sex were sharp but the base note was the metallic odour of blood, it seemed to permeate the air the stone, pulsing with a life of it’s own a real force.

An unexpected blow to the backs of Jeric’s knees sent him sprawling face down on the cold floor, instinctively he lashed out to hit only air. Swearing he felt the mask being pulled off of his head, light from a thousand candles caused him to squint as he looked around the room. A woman stood before him, around here were figures frozen in the acts of sex, unmoving they were as statues.

“Welcome Jeric, welcome to my corner of paradise” The woman purred her voice hypnotic though barely more than a whisper. Dry mouthed Jeric looked up at her, their eyes met and locked, Jeric realised that he was in the presence of a being older and more powerful than him by far.

“What’s the matter Jeric? Cat got your tongue?” Her mockery stung like whips forcing himself into action, Jeric started to get to his feet.

“Stay where you are” Her voiced boomed, it’s volume hurting his ears

“You do nothing unless I command you. Understand?” Jeric deafened nodded

“Good” She said in a softer, quieter voice. Bending down she picked up the length of chain attached to Jeric’s collar. Jerking it she pulled Jeric along on his hands and knees.

“Come my pet follow me and I will show you some of my treasures. Enjoy this as it is to be your fate my slave” They came before a statue of two women one was bent over forwards her wrists chained to her ankles, her face pressed into the shaven groin of the other.

“Aren’t these two divine, oh the pleasure they’ve given me” As she spoke she slipped out of her leather cat suit. Naked she stood before Jeric; lithe and oiled she gleamed in the black light of the room.

“Watch Jeric, watch and despair at your future” In front of him the two figures started to writhe and moan. Jeric’s companion went over to them and pulled the unchained woman to her knees, grabbing her hair she forced her face into her groin

“Fuck me with your tongue slave, fuck me and make me cum” The woman needed no prompting, from where he knelt Jeric could see her tongue lapping in and out of his mistresses sex, fangs grazing her labia, catching the light, shining in the dark. His mistress was starting to go wild, reaching forward she dug her nails into the girls ribs raking them upwards to the girls firm pert breasts she left thin streams of crimson dripping into small puddles on the floor. The chained girl seeing this was struggling against her bonds, Jeric could see her thighs getting wetter as her pussy started to gush juices.

“Jeric my sweet, my pet are you enjoying this” Moaned his mistress, as she rode the wing of an intense orgasm, her voice husky with lust.

“Is it turning you on? Do you want to fuck her” A Scarlet tipped finger pointed to the chained girl. Jeric nodded, trying to fight the feel of his cock straining against his trousers, trying to shut out the hellish tableaux before him.

“Come here Jeric” Jeric arose and started towards his mistress

“On your knees you fucking idiot” She screamed at him. Falling to his knees he crossed the last couple of feet between them.

“Now strip for me you fucker, I want to see you wank for me” Stripping off his clothes Jeric took his iron hard cock in hand and started to slowly rub.

“Ah how sweet you look, how vulnerable” Grabbing the slave whose head was still buried between her thighs she pulled her face back, leaning forwards she licked her own juices off of the girls face.

“Now slut I want to see you suck his cock, right down your throat” With a viscous shove she pushed the girls face down to wards Jeric's cock, pre-cum glistening in the dim light.

Cool wet lips enveloped him; Jeric gasped as his cock disappeared into the velvety mouth, her fangs just grazing his cocks head.

“Good isn’t she” Crooned his dark Queen “Now taste my cunt and find out why the little slut loves tongue fucking me” Standing up the Queen of the Night grabbed Jeric’s head and pushed his face into her dripping pussy.

For an eternity Jeric pumped his tongue in and out of his Queen, licking her clit and occasionally running his tongue down the velvet crack of her arse, while his cock was sucked and teased by the other slave.

“Now my toy, I want to see you fuck” With a jerk he was pulled out of the soft wet mouth and onto his feet his cock thick and throbbing. Night led him and the cocksucker round behind the chained woman.

“Stick your cock into her cunt Jeric” With a shove in the small of his back Jeric slid inside her all the way to the hilt of his cock, it was like being gripped in a hot tight vice.

“Slowly now, cum too fast and I’ll tear your throat out” Jeric nodded dumbly, her tone left nothing to the imagination, through his ecstasy his mind whirled, never in all his time had he ever met a being as powerful as this, his Queen of the night, Goddess of the dammed.

Moans snapped him out of his reverie, chained slave was asking him to fuck her harder and faster, Jeric knew he daren’t so he kept an even rhythm, pulling all the way out before sliding his cock all the way in hard. Concentrating he felt a pair of hands pry his arse cheeks apart and a long tongue start to lick and probe at his arse hole.

“Does that feel good?” a demon whispered in his ear, nails raking bloody furrows in his back, pleasure and pain making his head spin.

“Can you feel your spunk building? Shall I give you the ultimate rush?” Jeric could feel fangs pressing against the side of his throat. Moaning he tilted his head, exposing more of his throat, teeth pierced his skin. Despite himself he could feel himself cumming, the chained one was squeezing, squeezing herself tighter around his cock which was so hard it almost hurt. The force of a whip across his back drove him deeper into the hot tight cunt of the chained one. Again and again the whip cracked, pleasure and pain exploded in Jeric’s mind as he came shooting his spunk deep inside chains of desire.

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