tagNonConsent/ReluctanceObsessed Beyond Death?

Obsessed Beyond Death?


S.P.E.R.T. - the Supernatural/Paranormal Emergency Response Team

Antoinette (Toni) Todd - Leader of the team

(Holy) Hannah Harvey - The medium (who is extra-large, her initials are on all her bras)

Cassandra (Sister) Christian - The believer trained in religious rites, practices, and positions, especially the missionary one

Delilah Lillian Doe (Dee Dee) - Case manager, researcher, can't understand why everyone laughs when she signs her name 'Dee L. Doe'

Marilyn Sparks - Tech expert, likes to watch, can make anything with batteries vibrate

(WRITER'S NOTE - There's a pretty big set up before the sexual stuff, but it does get there.)

Case #001

It all began in the Eighties with horror flicks, comic books, and an old friend with an odd problem. Robby Charles was my best male friend through high school. Cue the ebony and ivory jokes. He was the big comic book geek who liked horror and sci-fi movies. He was the one that pointed out that I had the same name as the star of 'Candyman'. I drifted into the real world paranormal and he became a comic book guy. It was the day after Christmas 1991 when we ran into each other on one of my infrequent trips home. There was never anything romantic between us or anything like that and we just lost touch after I went off to college. I was taking a walk to cool down after getting the 'When are you going to learn something useful at college or find a man to take care of you' speech from my Father.

"It can't be... Toni?"

I turned and there was Robby, at least I thought it was Robby. He'd lost an easy fifty pounds, but he looked a lot older, very haggard.

"Robby Charles! I was thinking of trying to call you before I left. How are you?"

"I can't believe you are here today! Something are just meant to be, I guess..."

"Ummm, you must know something I don't, old buddy. What's up?"

"I wanted to get a hold of you, but I didn't want you to think I was crazy..."

"Dude, I KNOW you're crazy and have for a long time!" I smiled and went to hug him. He backed away with his hands up like I was going to hit him.

"No! Don't come near me!"

"Robby, what's wrong?"

"I know you believe in ghosts and haunted houses and stuff. How about a haunted person?"

"You're haunted?"

"Oh, yeah. Remember when you came over to my house when we were, what, in tenth grade?"

"The stairs."

"Right. Nobody around and you swore somebody pushed you down the stairs. The whole 'just a silly kid' thing..."

"I knew it was more than that, but I didn't know enough about it then. It was one of the weird things that inspired me to become a paranormal investigator. You were so freaked out about me almost getting hurt that I never felt comfortable bringing it up again. You never let me come back. What do you know now?"

"I don't know anything, but I met a lady that seems to think she knows something though."

I frowned, there are a lot of frauds out there who try to take advantage of desperate people and Robby was my friend. Before I could say anything, he cut me off.

"I know what you're thinking. She's a friend of a friend that shops at my store. He told her some stuff and she volunteered to check things out for free, she doesn't charge to help people. I don't know this stuff, Toni, I know special effects."

"Who is it? Maybe I've heard of her?"

"Her name is Hannah Harvey and her card says she is a medium. My friend joked that she should be at least an extra-large, so I guess she's a big lady."

"Never heard of her. When are you supposed to meet her?"

"Tomorrow at closing time at the shop. I don't want to spring anything weird on Mom."

"Want some company, for old time's sake?"

"That would be great, it's like a miracle you being here!"

"So, obviously my stair incident wasn't an isolated event?"

"I guess there were lots of little things that I just never really paid attention to and not all bad. Remember we used to joke that I had a guardian angel because of some of the crazy stuff that happened around me. When I talked to her on the phone, a lot of stuff started kind of fitting together. She thinks I'm haunted by someone who is obsessed with me. Over the years, there were a couple of similar things like the stairs that happened with girls I got close to. I had a few issues over it as you can probably tell. Depression and prescription drugs did a number on me, but I got through it once I realized there was something really messing with me."

"Any suspects?"

"That's the weirdest part. Who's dead? I don't have any relatives that have passed in my lifetime. Nobody we were in school with that I can think of... I mean you're the closest thing to a girl friend I had though high school. I went on a few dates, but nothing serious and besides, the stairs thing was years ago."

"So, she thinks it's what?"

"She wants to see me and find out. The only thing she threw out was maybe a spirit had me mistaken for someone else?"

"Maybe? I am pretty stumped myself. If it started with me, that's pretty strange. You weren't all that lovable back then!"

"Oh, gee, thanks. This is the kind of support I should have expected!"

And we both cracked up. "I'll be at your store around 7!"

The next day, as luck would have it, I beat Hannah to the store, so I was standing right next to poor Robby when his friend led her in the store.

"HOLY...Uh, you must be Hannah, I mean Ms. Harvey...", Robby sputtered.

"Don't worry, I get that a lot."

"'Holy' Hannah Harvey kinda fits... I am Robby's friend, Toni Todd. I've studied the paranormal quite a bit and am working on starting a group. He asked me to come and help. He'll get his eyes back in his head and off of his tongue in a minute or two and speak for himself. He's always had a weakness for, for what you have a lot of actually."

Describing Hannah is easy. She's a little less than average height, red hair, pretty face, actually a slight build with little bit extra on the waist, hips, and butt, and the biggest set of breasts I've ever seen. I found myself wondering how she could stand up straight. But before Robby could fully regain some composure, things started happening. First of all, her mammoth breasts seemed to jerk her around to her left. It was not like she turned quickly, it looked like they pulled her. Secondly, the wire holding the large model of the Millennium Falcon that was hanging over the counter and almost directly over Hannah's head snapped.

I think Robby must have suspected something was going to happen because I had never seen him react that fast before. He jumped up, grabbed it right over her head, and threw it toward the door like he was hurling Captain America's shield. The model shattered on impact.

"Well, I guess somebody is trying to send ME a message, huh?", Hannah sighed.

After assuring the boys that she was okay, they went to clean up the mess while I chatted with Hannah.

"Ms. Harvey, did I see your chest shift hard left just before the Falcon fell?"

"Call me Hannah. You must be observant, that's a must in paranormal investigation. It's a gift. My boobs are extremely sensitive to spirits, drawn to them actually. I also channel spirits on occasion."

"No offense, but that's the craziest thing I've ever heard."

"Try to live with them, 44 double H bombs that have a mind of their own!"

Before I could respond, Robby's friend left and we needed to settle down and try to get some answers. Hannah explained the she was going to go into a trance and see if she could contact the spirit that was haunting Robby. Even though she was certain it had left, she hoped to get something from it. Her brow furrowed with intense concentration for about three minutes. Then, she spoke.

"She is gone from here and I could not reach her, but I 'saw' an image. She was pretty, average build, straight black hair around shoulder blade length, darkish skin, and my best guess looked to be late teens, but everything about her screamed late 1970s?"

Robby looked confused and I was no help. It rang no bells for me.

"Think, Mr. Charles, she wears tragedy like a shroud. Is there anyone who cared about you that died in the late 1970s that could possibly fit that description?"

"Wait a minute. Amber, she committed suicide around that time period, but that's crazy."

At the same time, Hannah and I said, "Who is Amber?"

"Well, when I was a kid, I always bugged the people at Parks' Pharmacy about the comic books. Amber Parks was the daughter of the owner and she helped out there. She was probably six years older than me. She was really nice and pretty. She'd call my house to let Mom know to tell me the new comics showed up and I'd run straight there after school. She would wait to put them up until I got there, so I'd get first crack at them and I'd help her stock the spinner rack. She always said I could be her boyfriend as soon as I was old enough..."

"I remember you telling me about the comics, but you never mentioned you had an older woman on the sly!"

"Geez, Toni, it wasn't like that. I was 12, she was 18. Anyway, after a year or so, she started being unhappy. Some drama with a real boyfriend, they said, and then, she got into drugs. I remember seeing her that last time through the window before I went in. She looked miserable and I was just a kid, but I knew something was wrong. When I walked in the door, she lit up and seemed fine. I actually got up the nerve to hug her and thank her for being so cool to me because she was a grown woman and I was just a kid. She said I wasn't 'just' a kid, that I was the coolest kid she'd ever met, and that she just wished I could grow up faster."

"That almost sounds twisted," Hannah said, "She never tried anything with you, did she?"

"No! The world was a lot different back then, she was no pervert, if that's what you're implying. I was a polite kid, her Dad nicknamed me 'Amber's Little Gentleman' because I always tried to help and I'd hold the door for ladies and help them with their bags and stuff. After she died, he said that last few weeks that the only thing that got her out of bed to come into work was when the comics showed up because she was going to make sure that I was taken care of."

"Robby, I hate to ask, but you've got to tell us what happened to Amber."

He hung his head low and continued in a low voice, as sad as I've ever heard, "That next morning, the one after I hugged her, she went out on the roof of the drug store, got high on something, and decided to fly. She didn't get very far."

"I can't believe you never said anything about this."

"Never said anything to anybody, just felt numb. Truthfully, I pretty much blocked it out. The pharmacy only lasted a few weeks because Mr. Parks was devastated and he retired. People said it was a shame that a druggie killed herself, but it was her own fault. I just let it go."

Hannah put her hand on his shoulder, "I understand, but it appears she might not have 'let it go'. Is the pharmacy building still there?"

"Yeah, it's a storefront mission now, I think. Why?"

"That's probably the best place to make contact with her. If we can speak with her, maybe we can put her soul at rest. She is not doing these things out of spite toward you, at least I don't think that's the idea."

"Hannah, are you thinking that she is trying to keep Robby for herself?"

"Maybe, I cannot say for sure, but it fits. She seems to be keeping him from finding a love that could replace her."

"And what if she decides he should be with her?"

"What's that supposed to mean, Toni? Are you trying to say she might turn on me?"

Hannah answered for me. "It's a possibility that we can't ignore."

"Amber wouldn't hurt me!"

"Amber tried to knock me down the stairs and crack Hannah's skull with the Millennium Falcon. She's been dead for a long time, who knows how bitter she is?"

It was almost 10:30 when we arrived at the old Parks' Pharmacy site. Amber had leapt off the back of the roof and landed in the now completely deserted rear parking lot. It was the most private public spot I could ever imagine for an outdoor seance. Hannah had a folding chair and placed it where Robby was certain Amber had landed. Fortunately, we were having a mild spell and it was still in the mid-30s rather than well below freezing. We stayed backs to the wall behind Hannah as she began to enter her trance. After five minutes or so, it got colder around the spot where Hannah was. We could see her breath, but not ours.

We were startled when Hannah spoke with a voice that was not hers, "He would like you, bitch!"

"Oh my God, that's Amber's voice," Robby whispered.

The voice coming from Hannah continued, "Big tits are all the rage nowadays, I guess. Mine weren't bad, probably would've gotten bigger, not like yours though. Robby! Don't think I don't know you're there with the little black girl I scared off by shoving her down the stairs. Didn't take much to get rid of her!"

I was pissed, "Listen, ghost bitch, you don't scare me now!"

"I could, if I wanted to, but Robby likes you. Mind your business, keep your mouth shut, and you can stay."

Before I could respond, Robby shushed me and walked over to Hannah. "Amber, please tell us how to help you. You never really wanted to hurt me or anyone before..."

"Help me? You want to help me? You're not my little gentleman anymore. You're a grown man now, you could be my boyfriend if I wasn't dead... You were the only guy in my life that didn't take advantage of me one way or another when I was alive. Daddy came up with that 'she got high and tried to fly' shit. Yeah, I shot up, but I wasn't high. I knew exactly what I was doing. I'd had it with everything. All I wanted was for it to end."

"But, Amber, it didn't end, did it?"

"No, Robby, I'm still here. You wanna help me? You know what I wanted when I jumped? I wanted someone who loved me to make love to me. Not someone who used me just to fuck me, I wanted to be made love to."

"I don't know how that's possible?"

"You loved me. You still do, don't you?"

"Sure, you were great to me..."

"Well, come on over here and let's see what you can do."

"But, that's not your body. Hannah..."

"Hannah won't mind, she's kind of a slut anyway."

"I don't know about this..."

"Either we make love or I make her fly. After that, I make your precious Toni figure out what she should be scared of!"

Standing there watching this play out was so strange. I had no idea what to do. This spirit was vicious and not at all like the girl Robby talked about, but she appeared to have complete control of Hannah and she certainly sounded like she was serious. Poor Robby was very close to becoming a nervous wreck. He had accepted the situation pretty well, but this position was something totally unexpected.

"Let us speak to Hannah," I said, "and let us ask her if this is acceptable to her."

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? You're thinking maybe she could just force me out and solve the problem, right? Dream on!"

There was a rattle above me. I was standing below the building's fire escape. Before I could react, the ladder dropped down and hit me in the head, knocking me to the ground.

"Stop it, Amber, I'll do whatever you want! Just don't hurt the girls who are only trying to help me."

"Help them yourself. I get what I want and everybody is happy." With that, she stripped off her clothes, except her shoes, and sat back down with her legs spread wide. "Warm me up, boy, get licking!"

He really tried to do what she wanted. He succeeded in getting Hannah's borrowed body excited enough, she was dripping everywhere, but he was too freaked out to get hard himself. He was all over that girl and she was very cooperative, but there was just no way he could perform under these conditions. After her third orgasm, she shoved him away. He had fingered and tongued her, but that was not what she was demanding.

There was conflict written all over her face. She was raging at being denied what she craved, but he had tried. The circumstances she had created worked against her and more belittling or threatening him was not going to help. Hannah's body grew rigid for a second, shuddered, and slumped out cold in the chair.

Robby was totally confused. Both Hannah and I were unconscious and he had no idea what had happened to Amber. Was she gone? He ran over to check on me, lying there with a big bump on my head. He was afraid to move me, but I stirred a little and he picked me up. My eyes opened wide and scared him so bad he almost dropped me. I moaned a little.

"Toni, are you okay?"

"Hannah... Where's Hannah?"

"I'll go get her after I put you in the car. She's fine, I think."

So, he put me in the back seat and went back to get Hannah. He took some paper towels, cleaned her up, dressed her, and put her in the passenger front seat. Then, he came back to check on me.

"Are you seeing double or anything? That's a pretty big bump on your head, didn't break the skin though."

"Just a headache... Hannah's out, too?"

"When Amber left, I guess, I hope, Hannah passed out, but she's breathing normal and seems fine."

"Thank goodness, I wasn't sure if Amber would hurt her or not. I guess she got what she wanted from you?"

He looked toward the floor and said nothing.

"Robby? What happened?"

"Nothing, I couldn't do it." Tears welled up in his eyes. "Your lives depended on me and I blew it..."

I reached out to comfort him. He looked like he was ready to die himself. I pulled him close and told him it was all right, it wasn't his fault, everything would be fine, all the crap you have to say in situations like this. Then, I kissed him. He was very surprised and started to pull away, but I held tight and pulled him close, kissing him again. He responded the second time. After a few tentative moments, things took off, especially my clothes. It must have looked like a couple of crazy teenagers in the back seat at some Lover's Lane. While the car windows fogged up, Hannah slept soundly. Any of the problems Robby had trying to perform for Amber were long gone now. Gone were the awkward movements and the shy touches, he was a sex machine. He was bigger than I'd have ever given him credit for, too. He was going at me with total abandon, not in a violent way, just full steam.

I don't know how long it lasted, I came at least once, and he was about to let loose when my head cleared. Suddenly, I knew exactly what was happening and I shrieked at him. "Robby! Get off me!" He was startled and threw himself back, his dick popped out and spurted into the air.

"What the HELL?!?!?" He sounded really angry.

"What do you think you were doing? I get knocked out and you try to knock me up?"

"You started it!"

"I did not, I just woke up with you sweating on top of me, Asshole!"

"Oh, shit."

We both figured it out right then... and Hannah started laughing with Amber's voice.

"I'd have admitted it myself, if you hadn't figured it out on your own, but your little lover's spat was too funny to stop."

"Funny, you think this is funny?!?!? I thought the world of you when you were alive, now you're the psycho ghost bitch from Hell ruining my life and tricking me into raping someone who actually cared about me and you think it's funny!"

"Oh, please, Robby, playing the martyr? Why not tell dearest Toni the real reason you never invited her home again?"

"Shut up! Shut the Hell up!"

"Robby, what's she talking about?"

"She's crazy, remember? Obsessive, murderous, crazy, bitter dead girl!"

"Tell her about Mommy and her reaction to your little girl friend..."

"Stop it!" Robby screamed.

"No, the truth will set you free, Robby, won't it? Isn't that what they say?"

"Mom went nuts when she saw how I looked at you. Her son wasn't going to be with a... I wasn't supposed to see you anymore."

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