On one warm August night the thing that I feared most happened. Kate, the woman I loved, my dream girl, left me for a younger man. Kate was half my age at 26 and we had been together for more than a year.

The first moment I saw Kate I knew that I had to have her. I was jogging in the park that day and she was running the opposite way down the path. When she passed me my heart almost stopped, she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw. Her face was that of an angel, big blue eyes, small dainty nose, and wide lush lips. Her apricot hued skin was so flawless that she seemed to glow. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail and was a shiny black. She was about 5'8", three inches shorter than I was, and had a trim but shapely figure. Her large breasts seemed almost too big for her body if not balanced by her equally wide hips.

I ran everyday that week hoping to bump into her. I saw her again two days later and I eventually figured out she ran every Monday and Wednesday morning. It took me about 2 weeks to gather up the courage to say hi to her. She responded back when she recognized me. A week later I came early and saw her warming up at a bench. I approached her and introduced myself. She was a warm and friendly person and not a cold bitch as I had feared. In my observations of the opposite sex women who looked like her were ever rarely very nice.

I found out her name was Kate and she worked as a waitress at a diner on Laurel Avenue. It should come as no surprise that I found myself going to eat over there practically every day. Kate was flattered by the attention I paid her. She told me that she just got out of an abusive relationship and wasn't looking to date anyone, but I was determined to have her. I romanced her with everything I had and by the end of the month she agreed to a date. She said I wasn't like any of the men she dated before. Because I was old, I said jokingly. No, she quickly replied, because you aren't a jerk. After our date was over she told me she had a good time and she even let me kiss her goodnight. Over the next few weeks we dated regularly and there wasn't a day that I wouldn't call her on the phone or come over to see her at the diner.

I wasn't young, rich, or very handsome I had to admit, but for some reason this beautiful young woman wanted to be with me. The first time we had sex was incredible, I felt like I was a horny 18 year old kid all over again. Afterwards lying in my arms she told me I made her feel safe. Two months later Kate agreed to move into my house. We fell into a nice routine, every morning we jogged together, when we arrived home in the evenings we had a nice meal, and then almost every night we made love. Kate seemed content with our arrangement and I was the happiest I had ever been. So it came as a surprise when almost year later she told me she fell in love with someone else.

I came home at my usual time of 5 o'clock and there she was sitting in our living room telling me we needed to talk. In a sorrowful voice she told me she had fallen in love with another man. She didn't mean for it to happen but it just did, she said. I was completely shocked. I must be sleeping and having a nightmare, I thought. I believed our relationship was solid and that she was happy with me. When I finally found my voice I asked her who was this other man and she told me it was our old next door neighbor Ethan Kelley.

Ethan was a 30 year old bachelor who had rented the house next door six months ago. He was new to the country having moved from Scotland to make a better life for himself. I had met him several times in passing and I admit I secretly envied him. He was everything I wished I was, young, successful, good-looking, and charming. I should have hated the man on sight but he was genuinely likeable and engaging. He fit that old cliché about the type of guy who all men wanted to be friends with and all women wanted to fuck. But then I thought even though he seemed to have everything, he didn't have Kate and therefore I was the luckier man. I guess I was wrong, he had Kate too now.

"So all these months you two were having an affair behind my back," I yelled at her.

"No Jim, it wasn't like that. We didn't realize how we felt until after he left," she told me.

How was this possible I asked her, he just moved away four weeks ago. Kate then told me the story of how all of it got began. She started with that she didn't expect to fall for him because she was in love with me crap. It started innocently enough, they greeted each other when she saw him get the mail or when he saw her jogging by. Then they began chatting, it was only for a few minutes when they saw each other in the yard she said. She told him she worked as a waitress at the diner and then one day he stopped by on a Sunday for breakfast. He then started coming to the diner for breakfast twice a week and that was how they became friends she said. Kate said he never tried anything with her because he knew she was involved with me. It was about 5 months since he first arrived when she realized her feelings for him ran deeper than friends. This realization came to her when she saw him bring a woman home. She was sick with jealousy. I didn't know why I felt like that, she told me. I loved you and Ethan was just my friend. She tried to ignore her feelings but when she found out that Ethan broke up with the woman she felt like a weight lifted off her heart. They continued as they had been, just friends. She didn't even know if Ethan felt anything more than that towards her. About a month later she saw him packing his stuff. He told her that he found a more permanent place closer to his work. Perhaps it was for the best that he left Kate determined.

"Two weeks ago I ran into him on the street," she said. "I asked him how he was doing and he did the same. Then I asked him how come he didn't stop by the diner anymore and that's when he told me how he felt. I can't see you without wanting you he said, that's why I moved because it broke my heart to be near you. I told him I was with you and he nodded in understanding, but when he started to walk away from me I knew I couldn't let him go."

"So you slept with him?" I asked, but I already knew the answer.

She nodded her head. "Yes."

"I can forgive you Kate because I love you, but you can't see him anymore."

"You don't understand. We love each other Jim and he's asked me to marry him," she told me.

I was flabbergasted. I couldn't believe it was that serious.

"You can't!" I yelled.

I went to her and grabbed her by the shoulders. "You're mine! You love me!"

"I'm so sorry," she told me and pulled my hands away. She started to stand, but I pulled her back down and kissed her. She didn't fight, but she didn't respond either.

"Kiss me back damn you!"

Tears were streaming down her face. "Please Jim let me go."

"You're mine Kate," I told her and then tore her blouse.

Her large beautiful tits lay out before me. I reached out to cup them in my hands but she slapped my face before I could.

"No Jim! Don't touch me again," she said angrily. She got up and pulled the torn pieces of her blouse together.

I never treated her so badly before but she pushed me beyond my limit. "Kate I'm sorry."

"I'm going now. I really didn't mean for things to end this way," she said and then ran out of the house.

I ran after her. She made it into her car before I had the chance to stop her.

"If you wanted to get married you should have told me. I would marry you gladly," I told her.

"I already said yes to Ethan," she said and drove the last nail in my coffin.

That was three days ago. Since then I haven't eaten, slept, or done anything at all except be miserable. I thought she had been happy with me, nothing indicated otherwise. I needed her and I was determined to win her back.


This was probably the worst sort of torture anyone could go through, I thought as I sat crouched under a window. I watched the woman I loved fuck another man and she clearly enjoyed it. I hadn't intended to watch them. I only wanted to find out what made their relationship so special. What made her be in love with me one minute and then dump me like yesterday's garbage the next?

Two weeks had passed and I tried my hardest to win Kate back. I called her phone constantly, I sent her flowers and gifts, and I waited for her at her work. I promised her I would change if I needed to and that I would try my hardest to make her happy. Nothing worked, she repeatedly told me she was sorry but she loved Ethan.

Then I realized that I was going about this the wrong way. If there wasn't anything that I could personally do to get her back then I needed her to want to come back to me. I needed to know what was it about their relationship that made her leave me, and then destroy it. Then she would come running back to me.

One day after Kate got out from work I followed her home. I saw her stop her car in front a newer looking town house all the way across the city. I waited about ten minutes then got out of my car and made my to the back yard. I peeked through one of the living room windows and saw Kate come down the stairs. She changed into a white halter top that exposed half her breasts and a short denim skirt. She obviously wanted to look sexy when that bastard Ethan came home. She went into the kitchen and it looked like she was starting dinner. Fifteen minutes later I heard a car drive up, Ethan had just come home.

On a physical level I could understand why Kate was attracted to him. He was tall at about 6'2" and had a muscular but lean body. He possessed the striking black hair and green eyes combination quite common among the Scottish. When he entered the house Kate jumped on him and kissed him passionately. Now that's what I call a welcome, he said in his Scottish brogue. I missed you, she said. I missed you too, he replied. He set her down back on the ground and patted her firm ass fondly. God I wanted to strangle him. This man had everything in the world and yet he had to take what was mine.

He went upstairs and Kate went back into the kitchen. A few minutes later Ethan came back down and had changed into a t-shirt and basketball shorts. He went into the kitchen to help her out and asked her how her day was. Kate told him all about her day and at the end she said she was really getting worried about me. My ears perked up.

"How so?" he asked.

"They way he talks, I'm worried that he might do something drastic," Kate said. "I don't want anything bad to happen to him."

"I'm sure he won't do anything. He doesn't seem the type," he told her.

"I just wish that that I didn't have to break his heart to be with you."

"I know sweetheart," Ethan replied. "Jim is a good man and he treated you well, but if you stayed with him then both of us would have been miserable."

The fucking bastard, I thought, Kate was happy with me until you came along.

"I know," she sighed.

"Come with me," he told her.

Ethan took her hand and then they moved to the sofa. Kate sat on his lap and then he kissed her tenderly. She responded to him with a passion I never seen her show to me. She pulled off his shirt and ran her hands across his chest. In response Ethan undid her halter top causing her large breasts to spill free. He cupped her breasts and began fondling the generous mounds.

The last time I did that to her she slapped me, I thought angrily. It was obvious that they were going to have sex. I should have left or turned away from the scene but I couldn't help myself. Was he better in bed? Was that why she left me? More clothes started to come off and soon they were both completely naked.

"I love your beautiful body," she said and began licking his well defined chest and abs. She then wrapped her hand around his penis. "I love your beautiful large cock."

Kate went down on her knees in front him. She licked at its base and worked her way up the sides. She then lowered on the head his cock and she began to suck on it. My heart was breaking again as I watched my Kate pleasure him with her mouth.

"Sweetheart you're killing me," he groaned and buried his hands into her long dark hair.

After the longest 8 minutes of my life she released his member and got onto his lap. She slid herself down onto his cock, moaning in pleasure as he filled her. He leaned his head forward and started sucking on her hard pink nipples.

"Yeah baby suck my tits," she groaned.

Kate then began bouncing on his cock. He took hold of her wide hips and guided her up and down him.

"I love you baby," he told her.

"I love you too Ethan," she said with complete adoration in her voice.

I saw enough. I sat on the ground and leaned against the side of the house. I heard a lot of moaning and groaning from both of them. Minutes passed but it seemed like hours. I then suddenly heard a sound I was very familiar with, the sound of Kate's cry of release. I raised myself up to look in at them again. They had changed positions. Kate leaned against the back of the sofa while the bastard was fucking her from behind. He pulled out of her and I saw his dick shiny with her juices, he obviously still hadn't come yet. Kate moved aside and he lay down sideways on the couch, she then laid herself out in front of him. It seemed that they weren't done yet. Kate raised her leg and he took hold of it. Kate took his cock and slid it back inside her again.

"Oh yes Ethan make me come again," she cried as he pounded into her once more.

He placed her leg on top of his and then with his free hand reached out to squeeze her big tit.

Was this why Kate left me? I thought. Because this bastard could keep his cock up as long as a porn star. He turned her head towards him and then stuck his tongue down her throat. It was like a train wreck and I couldn't stop watching.

"Oh god baby, you're like a fucking machine," she moaned. "You're fucking my pussy so good."

"I'm coming sweetheart," he told her.

"Yes! Fill me with your hot cum!" she yelled.

I never knew Kate to like to talk dirty during sex, but here she was doing it. I saw his hand slip down to her pussy and rub her swollen clit. This instantly caused Kate to climax.

"Oh god! Oh yes!" she cried.

"Yes baby, cum for me," he grunted.

His body stiffened indicating to me that he found his release.

"Yes pump me full of your cum Ethan," my Kate cried.

And then they were done. Kate turned around and kissed him and they lay in each other's arms.

I felt suicidal after seeing them fuck. Even though Kate and I had what I thought to be incredible sex, it was never as wild or intense like that. But that wasn't the worst part, I knew the feverish type of sex they had would eventually fade, the worst part was when Kate spoke to him. Beyond the dirty talk there was love, desire, and adoration in her voice. She really did love him or thought she did. I had no other choice, there was only one thing I could do now if I wanted her back. I had to destroy Ethan.


I wasn't going to kill Ethan, even though I wanted to. I wasn't a murderer. Even if I did kill him I knew that Kate would never go back to me after that. I had to destroy him in Kate's eyes. I needed to mar his perfect image. The easiest and most effective way I figured was to have her believe that Ethan was cheating on her or that he only wanted her for sex and got it by tricking her with a marriage proposal.

I started planting in Kate the seeds of doubt of Ethan's faithfulness by a few simple phone calls. I hired a girl to call their house and ask for Ethan. When Kate picked up the phone the girl would ask in a giggling voice for Ethan and then hang up when Kate told her he wasn't there. I had her even call and just hang up sometimes. After a week of doing this I snuck back into their backyard to see if my plan worked. At 5:30 just before Ethan was due home I had the girl call again and hang up. From my vantage point from the window, I saw Kate pick up the phone and then I few seconds later slam it back down. I smiled in delight. It was working. I waited patiently for Ethan to get home.

When he came through the front door, the welcome he got was different from the first one I saw. Kate ignored him.

"How was your day beautiful?" he asked her. He leaned down to kiss her but she ducked away.

"Kate what's wrong?"

"You got another phone call that's what!" she said, poking at his chest.

"I'm not cheating on you! I don't know who this girl is," he said exasperatedly.

"Then why would a random girl be calling you?" she demanded.

"Maybe she got the wrong number and the wrong Ethan," he said.

"Yeah right!"

"Kate I love you. After waiting to be with you for so long, why would I jeopardize that?" he reasoned.

"I don't know," she said.

He put his arms around her and she let him.

"You are the only woman in my heart and in my bed. How can I prove that to you?"

"I'm sorry Ethan," she said leaning her against his chest. "I just get so jealous sometimes. I see how women look at you. I know in my head you won't cheat on me, but my heart is not so certain."

"Let me show you how much I love you," he told her.

He swept her off her feet with one effortless move and then climbed up the stairs.

My plan didn't go as well as I had hoped but it did plant the doubt in Kate's mind and that was a start.

The next step of my plan was to put hidden cameras inside their house. The cameras would allow me to observe them closer and use the information I learned against them. An added bonus was that I wouldn't have to sneak behind bushes or peep through windows anymore. I next day I hired a guy to pose as the cable repair man and had him install cameras in their living room, office, bathroom, and bedroom. Within hours I had four televisions set up in my home office receiving the direct feeds from the cameras.

I turned the TVs on and in one of them I could clearly see and hear Kate taking a shower. I watched as she lathered her gorgeous body up with soap. I could imagine myself in there with her, my hands gliding over her soft breasts and my tongue brushing across her wet nipples. My hands would then go lower and I would slip my fingers between her pussy lips and find her wet with her own juices. I would then push her against the shower wall and then slide my cock deep into her. The sound of the water turning off woke my from my day dream. Kate stepped out of them tub and began to dry her body with a towel. She left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom naked. I looked at TV that was hooked up to the bedroom camera in order to follow her. She went through some drawers and produced some underwear.

I was paying so close attention to her that I didn't notice that Ethan was back in the house until I saw him enter the bedroom.

"I should have come home earlier and we could have taken a shower together," he said, stripping off his shirt.

Even from the TV I could see the lust in both their eyes.

"I take it you had a good game since you look so deliciously sweaty," Kate told him.

He came towards her, his intent clear.

"Ethan I just took a shower," she squealed.

"You can take another one with me," he said.

He lifted her by the waist and threw her onto the bed. He then went on top of Kate and began kissing her.

"You're such a big sweaty fucking animal," she moaned.

"And you are a goddess," he replied and began kissing her breasts. "With big tits."

Kate whimpered as he took her nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it.

I needed to stop this. I picked up my cell phone and dialed their number. Instantly I heard the phone ring on the TV.

"Ethan the phone," she said.

"Let the machine get it," he told her.

Soon enough I heard the machine pick up.

"Kate I need to talk to you, it's important please pick up the phone," I said in a desperate tone.

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