He was obsessed. Ever since the breakup thoughts of her consumed his mind. The colour of her skin, the roundness of her breasts, the way her ass looked when his cock was slamming into her and she was screaming for more just made his mind reel with thoughts of taking her again. And again.

It had started out innocently enough at the party they met at. After a long flirtatious look across the room he approached this woman in the tight black dress, which was out of place at a casual affair. She quickly lost interest in the other guy trying to flirt with her and gave him her undivided attention. Her eyes were deep and dark and totally captivating with olive skin. Her body was dressed to full attention with her black dress hugging her large breasts and plump ass. She was the kind of woman that was just overweight enough to look well proportioned, but you knew that she thought she was the hottest woman in the building. After a good conversation it was fairly easy to suggest a drink afterwards at a place where nobody else would be. The touching started there and quickly progressed to deep kissing with tongues thrashing in each others' mouths. Even the few others at the bar made enough comments and soon his hand was up her short dress feeling how damp her pussy was right in front of the bartender.

Her attitude was what turned him on the most. When they got back to his place the words flowed out of her mouth easily:

"I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard and long. I want your cock inside me right now and I want you to fuck me all night." They made his cock harder than ever, and seeing her slowly strip off her black dress so she was dressed only in her silver panties and stockings made him crazy. The sex that followed was just that: fucking. He wasted no time getting her on all fours, and seeing that beautiful olive skinned ass pointing at him while she looked back into his eyes made his cock like steel. He wasted no time sliding his cock into her pussy, and like she asked him to he pounded it into her again and again. Her cries of pleasure only got louder when he grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled on it, jerking her head back to slide his tongue into her mouth while he fucked her hard from behind. She moaned into his mouth while he grabbed her breast with one hand and put the other on her hip so he could pull her body into his cock. Flipping her over, he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and dove into her even deeper than from behind, using his hips to piston into her hard and fast while she begged for more. Soon his cock was ready and he pulled out to cover her breasts and face with his essence. That was only the first of a marathon fuck session that night, and she loved every second of it. No position or place went untouched between them.

The only problem was dating. After a few dates he found that the only reason they were together was the sex. She was immature, unpredictable and annoying. When she sent him the text message telling him they needed to break up he was upset, but mostly pissed off. That was what planted the seeds for tonight.

It had taken a month to get to this point. He had to hack into her computer accounts to find out exactly where she was going to be that night, and he knew that she was ready for a big night out after finishing a set of exams. Since he had never met any of her friends during their brief time together he didn't have to worry about being spotted at the club, just about being spotted by her, but it was easy enough to avoid her eyes. As the night went on, his resolve only grew and grew watching her dance and flirt with all of the guys surrounding her just like she had done to him. But she wasn't there to pick someone up like the night they had met, she was on a girls' night so he felt secure she would return home by herself. He counted her drinks and by the end of the night knew that she was quite drunk without even trying. He laughed inwardly at all of the guys buying her drinks knowing that only he was going to be taking her pussy that night.

The plan went just as he thought. He followed her cab home in his car and waited until she was on her porch fumbling for her keys in her purse. Quietly moving up behind her he caught a faint scent of her perfume. Whatever apprehension he had about what he was about to do disappeared as soon as he smelled her. His hand quickly closed around her nose and mouth holding the rag and his other arm went around her throat to quiet any chance that anyone could hear her cry out. Her front porch was secluded and it was late enough that there was little chance he would be seen but he knew he had to work fast to get her into the car once she went limp. Pulling her out of the car and getting her into his house was a different story. It was easy enough if his neighbours saw them to say that she was just another drunk conquest. He almost thought about fucking her for the first time right there on the porch but wanted her to be awake for what she was about to receive.

He had taken special care to change his bedroom so that she would not recognize it and had secure restraints on the bed for her. He knew that she would not be heard no matter how much she screamed. He slid her green dress off of her body and discovered her lingerie was gold coloured. He left it on so that he could look at her nearly naked body Sliding her hands and feet through the restraints and keeping them nice and tight, he spread her body onto the bed and gazed down at her. Even now he did not regret what he was about to do because her body was built for one thing and that was fucking. Her breasts jutted out from her chest and her small strip of hair was just visible underneath her gold see through panties. Her skin was tanned and even her mouth looked beautiful. He couldn't wait to use her and then throw her away like she had so easily done to him.

The only question was how to start. He stripped down and stood beside her naked with his hard cock at attention, gently stroking it as she lightly stirred, the chemicals finally wearing off. Her eyes gently opened and he got even harder as he saw the fact that she was bound to a bed mostly naked register in her face as she turned to look at his mask covered face. She screamed and he quickly moved to the side of the bed and slapped her hard across the face twice. That first act of violence if anything served to make him even harder than before because he finally realized that she was all his. She lay there with fear in her eyes, her chest heaving. He decided that it was time to start, no words needed to be spoken. She started to beg him to let her go, to stop this but it was far too late for that. He did feel satisfied to hear her voice though, and his cock twitched with anticipation.

Reaching around her back he unhooked her bra and let her breasts spring free. Leaning down he took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck lightly on it, feeling her nipple get hard in his mouth and licking all around her breast. She continued to gently cry while he moved from one breast to the other, but she couldn't help her body responding and both nipples stood at full attention. His tongue travelled slowly up her body to her neck and face, and he bathed her neck and ears and face with his tongue lightly, taking care to stay away from her mouth so she wouldn't even have the chance to bite him. She whipped her head from side to side so he grabbed it with both hands and reminded her about what would happen if she resisted with another slap, this time across her breasts. She cried out but he couldn't help but notice her hips twitching upwards. He grabbed both breasts and began caressing them, rolling the now hard nipples in his fingers and alternating sucking lightly on one and pinching the other.

He kissed his way down her stomach, watching it contract as she began to cry again. He moved his mouth down to her hips and began to tease her sensitive areas with his tongue again. She tried to buck him off but her legs were spread and well tied down so that she could not move enough to do anything. His lips and tongue slid over the lines of her hips and down into the top of her pussy. He inhaled lightly to smell her. It was easy to slide his hand in between her legs to feel that her pussy was soaking wet. He pushed a finger inside her and gently probed her pussy, again moving his mouth to her breast to get her nipples hard again. After a few minutes of fucking her with his finger he inserted another. He looked up and saw that her eyes were now closed as he gently moved his fingers in and out. Her body could not help but respond to what he was doing. Even after a short time together he knew exactly what would make her scream with pleasure.

But this night was not about her pleasure; it was about his and his only. After fucking her with his fingers to the point where he felt her pussy start to contract and her hips thrust up to take him deeper he stopped suddenly. Her eyes opened and she looked at him, pleading him to stop and untie her, that she could make sure nothing happened, that she was sorry about everything. The words fell on deaf ears. Hearing them made his cock even harder because he knew he was completely in control over her. It was finally time to take her, make her completely his and fuck her hard one last time. Carefully undoing one restraint at a time he repositioned her body until she was on her stomach, avoiding her attempts to lash out at him with her arms and legs. Knowing what was coming she started to first insult him, calling him names and then finally when she was on her stomach completely restrained she began to beg him to stop again. Her perfect round ass laid there in front of him and he slid a pillow underneath her hips to raise them up for the perfect position. He placed his hands on her ass and started to rub lightly up and down, feeling the muscles flex as she tried to move from side to side to escape the inevitable. His cock, still hard as a rock reached forward and he began to slide it up and down the cheeks of her ass crack, feeling the warm skin start to envelop him. Using his hands to spread her ass cheeks he took a finger to check how wet she was. She was well lubricated so he used his finger to spread her natural juices all over her pussy and asshole. When he started to gently probe her asshole she closed her eyes and started to gently moan. It was hard to tell if it was sadness or pleasure.

It was time. Raising his hips up he grabbed his cock and added some lubrication. Pressing his hips against her ass cheeks he slid his cock slowly into her pussy. It was just as soft as he remembered. After he was in as deep as possible he laid down on top of her body and grabbed her wrists from behind. It was easy in that position to lie on top of her and whisper in her ear what he was going to do to her all night long. That he was going to take her in every hole until she was covered in his juices. That she was totally and completely his and if she ever told anyone he would make sure she regretted it. All the while his cock was slowly stroking in and out of her pussy, feeling her ass cheeks soft and warm against his hips. She started to struggle against his hands on her wrists and then he felt her body relax. He slid his cock into her completely and stopped moving, feeling the warmth of her pussy surround him. Gently he started to flex his cock inside her, enjoying the feeling of total submission and her warm body stretched out against his. Slowly he pulled his cock out until just the tip was inside her and then quickly slammed it back inside of her. She cried out after the first few strokes and he felt her hands start to clench the sheets below her. Their bodies were soaked with sweat from being close together and every time he slammed back into her they slid together. He licked the back of her neck to taste the salty product of their fucking.

He wanted to humiliate her even more. Grabbing her hips while his cock was still inside her he yanked her back onto her knees. Then he spanked her ass hard enough to leave an angry red mark. She looked back over her shoulder with a dirty look in her eyes. He locked his eyes with her and slapped her again. And again. He saw a lone tear escape her eye and roll down the side of her face. As he spanked her he kept sliding his cock back and forth, just waiting for the right moment. When she put her head down and relaxed again he knew that it was time. She was submissive.

One thing she never let him do was fuck her in the ass, and now it was the perfect time not only to humiliate her but take her virgin ass and make it his forever. Pulling out his cock from her pussy he grabbed a bottle of lubricant from the side of the bed he had waiting just for this moment. She was still lying on her stomach breathing hard into the sheets when she felt the lube start to drip onto her ass. Her head whipped around and she started to beg him to stop. He dipped his fingers into the lube and spread it all over her ass cheeks and slid one finger into her tight hole, relishing the thought of being the first one to enter this hole with a hard cock. She started to cry out and try to struggle against the restraints holding her but it was no use. Slowly he used his finger to enter her ass and move it around, also taking his other fingers and sliding them into her pussy. His cock had never been harder.

Getting into a crouching position he moved his cock into position over her asshole. As soon as she felt his cock against her backside she begged for him to stop. She tried to move around to get away but it was no use. He pushed his cock forward and let the head penetrate her ass. She screamed loudly and pounded her fists against the mattress. Letting her ass expand around his cock he pushed in one inch at a time until he could go no further. It was so tight it felt like a vise was gripping his cock. With the lube he was able to begin to slowly fuck her tight asshole. By now she was sobbing into she sheets and had given up fighting against him. As he moved slowly in and out he reached underneath her and started to play with her pussy at the same time. Quickly her movement started to betray her as he felt her body begin to respond to his hand on her pussy and his cock in her ass by starting to flex and move against him. Soon as he increased his pace her sobs turned into moans, and then she started to cry out. He continued to move his hand against her clit and stroke in and out of her tight asshole slowly and carefully.

All of a sudden she screamed and he felt an orgasm rip through her body, drenching the hand on her pussy with her juices. Her ass tightened so hard around his cock that he almost felt pain, and it continued to pulse around him after he removed his hand from her pussy and stopped his movement. He knew exactly what she deserved as a final humiliation and wanted to make sure she knew that she was totally his.

He started to fuck her ass harder and faster, knowing that she was enjoying it now, feeling every nerve in her body on edge while he penetrated her deeply. Once he knew he was at the point of no return he pulled his cock out of her with an audible pop and moved his body to the head of the bed where he grabbed her hair and pulled hard. Grabbing his cock he shoved his cock into her face to force her to lick her own ass juices off of his cock. She resisted at first and then opened her mouth to allow him to slide his cock into her mouth so he could fuck her face. Her face was glazed with sweat and her eyes were closed while he forced his cock in between her lips, taking him over the edge. When he was ready to finally finish his humiliation he pulled his cock out of her mouth, slapping her face hard. When she opened her eyes in shock he locked eyes with her and then let himself explode. His sperm shot out of him in stream after stream, hitting her straight in the face, covering her eyes and mouth with his hot seed. She tried to turn away but his hand gripping her hair forced her to take all of his hot come on her face. He drenched her completely; he had been saving it up for a week anticipating this finish to what he had planned for her. Once he was done he used a finger on her sperm covered face to push some of his come into her mouth. She surprised him by sucking it off of his finger.

When they had both calmed down he moved to the edge of the bed and loosened her restraints. She quickly kicked them away, and then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. He could taste his salty come in her mouth. Locking eyes with her, he smiled.

"I am so happy that you called me and suggested this." She said, still panting and covered in sweat and his seed. He knew that it was only to be the first of many times he could tie her up and make her his completely.

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