"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Khrysa yelled.

"Holy shit," Susie looked over her shoulder quickly flipping her blond ponytail over her opposite shoulder as she checked behind her. "Shut the fuck up!" She hissed, "this is so top secret." Susie slid beside Khrysa further entering her small cubicle.

"I'm sorry." Khrysa murmured as she moved her rolly chair back slightly so her friend Susie could perch her tiny frame onto her desk.

"I didn't think you'd be so pissed, but then again I thought you should know before we go to our meeting this afternoon."

Khrysa and Susie both worked at an ad agency the two of them together had invested a lot of time into designing the perfect campaign for the newest account for the company; a racy new perfume line targeted to the single, sexy, thirty something female. But now it seemed like all their hard work poring over designs and project ideas would be for nothing as this new memo proved which Susie had just placed into her hands.

The account was going to be given over to their partner agency and would specifically be given to Rage Edwards, the company's new hotshot. Whom Khrysa hated.

Apparently this was the reason for the unexpected meeting at noon.

Khrysa looked up at her friend Susie. She was so cute, she looked like a little fairy with her shoulder length blond hair with wide blue eyes in a heart shaped face, she was also model thin and Khrysa would hate her except for the fact that Susie was such a sweetheart and a really good friend to boot.

"We'll get another account, you know that." Susie said placatingly.

"I know, it's just that giving this account to Rage really burns me up. Bastard."

Susie reached out placing her hand on Khrysa's shoulder. "Hey, don't worry, at least you look sexy today that should shut Rage up, at least for a minute."

"Oh please," Khrysa rolled her eyes but she did feel well dressed today as she smoothed her thigh length red dress, it was brand new and maybe a touch inappropriate for work but hell, who cares? She fingered her V-neckline that plunged down to the middle of her chest, at least she wore a white lacy cami under it so she wasn't showing all her goodies. Her brown hair was pulled into a low side bun, her face was free of makeup as usual with her black brows groomed to high arches.

Khrysa looked at the desk clock, 11:30. "Hey Susie, come on and come with me for a quick coffee run before the meeting."

"I can't right this second I have to make copies of a report really fast and the line for the machine looks so long." Susie looked over the cubicle wall at the small line forming in front of the copier, sighing audibly.

"No worries, you want the usual?" Khrysa stood up as she picked up her purse.

"Yes, thank you! Next one's on me." Susie stood up as well her black tailored slacks falling into place effortlessly. "I'd better get over there."

"Meet you in the conference room."

Khrysa stood her black high heels clicking loudly as she walked down the hall exiting the department.

She was fuming as she walked the one block down the street to the local Starbuck's.

I hate him, Khrysa thought as she stood in the line for her order. Rage had an apt name, she thought evilly as a small smile crossed her lips, as that was the predominant emotion he always stirred within her.

Maybe a little more than that, if she were honest.

Rage Edwards was always present in their department as he was truly the best designer in his field with catchy ideas. What had always rankled Khrysa was how arrogant he always was in his words and demeanor.

It also didn't help that he was a fucking god.

The man had a perfect face with an aquiline nose, thick black hair that was always worn slightly long in a sexy way and he had the most amazing green eyes.

Then there was his body.

It was obvious the guy didn't sit behind his artists desk all day, he was serious about working out. He was tall and lean with rippling muscles that all the ladies at the ad agency noticed whenever he came in.

Yeah, he was something else. "Bastard." Khrysa muttered to herself.

"Excuse me?" The barrista behind the register looked at her oddly.

"Sorry, two chai tea lattes please, make one skinny." For Susie, of course.

When her order was called Khrysa started her walk back to the office meeting Susie at her cubicle.

"Yea." Susie squealed as she took her cup taking a quick sip before Khrysa saw her eyes widen as Susie began to choke.

"Are you ok?" Khrysa placed her hand onto Susie's shoulder smacking her on the back lightly.

Susie only coughed continuing to stare down the hallway, Khrysa followed her line of view to only see Rage Edwards striding directly toward them. He was dressed in a casual black button down shirt with the neck open and jeans which clung nicely to his ass.

He paused at Susie's cubicle looking down at her as Susie hastily grabbed a napkin touching it to her mouth.

"Everything ok, ladies?" He said smoothly looking from Susie to Khrysa his eyes traveling over her from head to toe. One corner of his mouth arched up ever so slightly as he continued to look Khrysa over.

Khrysa was taller than Susie with an athletic build from all her FIRM workouts and the fact that she actually ate, she stood up straight and took one step toward Rage ready to say something that she would regret when Susie grabbed Khrysa's hand and spoke softly. "Of course, thank you for your concern Mr. Edwards."

Without taking his eyes from Khrysa Rage spoke. "See you in the meeting then. Khrysa." He inclined his head then continued on to the conference room.

"What the hell were you thinking? It totally looked like you were going to sock him in the face!" Susie hissed releasing Khrysa as she stood up. "Try to control yourself, please, we both need this shitty job."

"Ok." Khrysa sighed following Susie into the meeting.

Rage couldn't stop himself from staring at Khrysa, oh, he knew she hated him for whatever reason and it was such a shame, as he was so attracted to her. Even now as she stood against the wall in her sexy as hell red dress. Like what the fuck, he wondered, why wasn't every man in here drooling at the sight of her? Khrysa's breasts pushed against the soft cotton of her dress which were highlighted by the fact that she had her arms crossed under them.

Rage literally burned with wanting her and had more than his share of sexy fantasies starring her. He wondered idly how soft her skin would feel against his, what she would look like with her hair down, how her sexy mouth would feel on his and wrapped around his cock. He shifted then trying to relieve the pressure building in his groin.

At his movement Khrysa speared him with a narrow eyed glare which he returned with a small satisfied smile. Again she dropped her arms from her chest taking a small step forward as if to challenge him.

Oh, how he hoped she would.

God, he would love to feel her beneath him, over him, he wanted to lose himself in her. It was madness to feel this way but he couldn't stop it anymore than she could stop her obvious hatred of him, especially now that he was taking over her account.

Khrysa seethed inside as she heard her boss literally drooling over Rage stating how lucky they were to have such a talented designer come on board to help them out. At that, Khrysa silently left the meeting walking quickly down the hall to hide in her favorite spot; the supply closet. It was always quiet and dark in there and she could steal a few moments of peace.

She closed the door behind her and paced in the darkness restlessly still fuming over how Rage just literally stole her account from her and Susie. He was so arrogant, so dominant.


Angrily Khrysa pushed the thought away, she had no business thinking about Rage like that, he didn't want her anyway.

Khrysa was so busy pacing that she didn't notice the small sliver of light that came and went before she was suddenly aware of how the space in the supply closet felt smaller. She turned sharply on one pointed heel turning directly into Rage.

"Oh shit," Khrysa stumbled as she jumped back into a shelf desperate to put space between herself and her sexy nemesis.

He put his hands out onto her upper arms to help steady her, between her exhalation and inhale to speak Rage brought his mouth down onto hers pulling her forcibly into his hot, hard body.

His kiss scorched her mouth as he licked her lips opening her mouth to his, teasing her tongue with his and it seemed all the hatred left her suddenly in the face of his kiss as she melted into his arms. He put her arms around his neck pulling her up against him even more so that her dress lifted up to expose more of her creamy thighs, her breasts pressed to his chest, the heat from his groin burned into hers causing her pussy to contract and grow wet despite herself.

His hands smoothed down her curved waist and hips to touch the bared skin of her thighs teasing the hem of her dress up further and further ever so slightly.

Khrysa slowly realized what she was doing and with whom as she pulled out of his arms desperate for space, her eyes burning into his, she wiped her lips with the back of her hand the taste of him still on her tongue.

It was the single most sensual and sexual experience she had ever had.

And of course it was with the man she hated.

What the hell was she thinking kissing Rage? What the hell was he doing?

He reached out grabbing her hand. "Don't you dare wipe my kiss away."

Rage scared her suddenly with his intensity. She realized that they were here together, alone and anyone could happen upon them.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" She wrenched her hand away from him with surprising strength.

He was enraged that she would try to wipe him off of her without thinking he grabbed her waist turning her quickly so that she had her cheek pressed to the smooth cold wall of the closet. One of his arms had snaked around between her breasts to grasp her throat, the other hand fisted in her hair loosening the pins that held her bun in place forcing her head back slightly so that he could see the creamy expanse of her skin.

Khrysa's heart pounded in her chest at the way he was restraining her, would he rape her? She had always thought him too high handed, too arrogant in his mannerisms but that he would do this to her truly terrified and thrilled her.

His lips were at her ear as he whispered his hot breath caused shivers to race up and down her back. "I'm the man who's going to fuck you." He felt the shivers coursing over her body. "Oh, I know you hate me, and I swear to god," he dipped his head dragging his hot wet mouth from her shoulder up the column of her throat which he still grasped back up to her ear "that will make it all the sweeter."

The scent of her skin and her hair was like a drug he didn't know why he was doing this but he knew he should never have followed Khrysa into the closet let alone touch her like this, restraining her, she could call the cops. He'd be arrested for sure.

It was at that point that he had a plan.

Slowly he released Khrysa, it hurt to be away from her sexy body with his hands all over her but he moved away blocking the door to the closet.

Khrysa brought her hands up slowly, pushing herself away from the wall. Her breath was shaky, her legs felt like jell-o but she forced herself to straighten her spine as she turned to face Rage. She didn't know what to feel about the situation but what she did know was that she wanted out of this place now.

He literally loomed over Khrysa, his green eyes boring into hers, she saw his chest heaving and wondered if anyone was ever going to come in and find them before Rage did something to her.

"Are you going to let me go?" She whispered.

"No." And without another word he opened the door and left her standing there in the dark.

With shaky hands Khrysa reached up quickly restyling her hair as best she could then taking a deep breath she stepped out of the closet.

The rest of the day passed by in a blur and suddenly it was four o'clock and she and Susie were in the elevator walking to their cars.

"See you Monday." Susie called as she waved to Khrysa from her car window.

Khrysa slowly climbed into her car driving mindlessly to her apartment, she would think about what happened to her with Rage in the supply closet later when she was able to think clearly. Right now she felt like a bowl of jelly all she wanted was a hot shower and to sleep.

She pulled her car into her parking space mechanically walking up to the entrance taking her keys out of her purse as she unlocked the door to her apartment.


Before Khrysa could turn to look at the person who had called her name she felt herself being pushed through the open door of her apartment into her living room after stumbling a few steps she turned then to see Rage standing in the doorway. "No," she whispered taking a step toward the door he was blocking. Rage shut the door behind him even locking it before he turned back to Khrysa who seemed to suddenly be able to move. Desperate, she ran for the kitchen with Rage chasing her his strong arms snatching her up against him just as she reached for the knife block on her counter, the block clattered to the floor as Rage easily picked her up off her feet.

Without another word he marched with her struggling silently to be free into her bedroom shutting that door behind them as well. Rage threw her onto the bed and she quickly crawled over the bed to the opposite side of the mattress looking up at him.

"So this is it," She said softly, her heart pounded in her chest.

"I'm very surprised you're not screaming." Rage began to slowly strip out of his black coat, his eyes never leaving hers as he unbuttoned the cuffs of his black shirt.

"What are you doing?" Khrysa had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Oh come on now, Khrysa," Rage leaned over to place his fists knuckle down onto the mattress, his green eyes glittering "you're a smart girl, you know what I'm going to do."

Fear caused her legs to tremble as she huddled there on the side of the bed but she would not give Rage the satisfaction of seeing her run away.

"I won't say anything if you leave now."

"You promise?" He smiled.

It was then that Khrysa knew he was not going to leave, Rage had come too far to stop now and she knew it. She backed up off the bed standing up on the opposite side, then slowly with her eyes never leaving his she removed her shoes and coat with shaking hands.

"I promise." Khrysa knew this was it, she was ready to fight Rage.

He cocked his head to the side then as if considering what she had said. His hands then went to the buttons on his shirt slowly undoing them one by one revealing his sculpted abs one decadent inch at a time.

"Tell me why you aren't screaming. I haven't touched you yet, you could still be saved." He ran his hand down from his sternum over his stomach to the waistband of his pants. Her eyes followed the path of his hand, her chest heaving as her heart struggled to leap out of her chest. "I could still be stopped." He whispered.

Rage took a step forward around the end of her frilly bed, Khrysa didn't move. "Tell me the truth, don't you want me the way I want you?"

At his words Khrysa looked again into his deep green eyes, he knew, somehow he knew that she wanted him, that she always had. That she had always wondered what it would be like to be his. It was that truth that galvanized her into action.

With a sudden burst of movement Khrysa leapt over onto her mattress trying to run for the door. To outrun her tumultuous feelings. She caught the doorknob in her hand, opening the door but Rage slammed her bedroom door shut by pressing her up against it.

Khrysa turned quickly so that her back was to the door she immediately brought up her fists, one of them catching the side of Rage's perfect face. It was like he didn't even feel it, suddenly both her wrists were down at her sides captured in his hands, his naked chest pressed to hers. Khrysa could feel his heart pounding in his chest with a shaky breath she closed her eyes to savor the sensation of his hot smooth skin against her, his heart beating against hers.

"Tell me," He whispered looking down into her dark eyes. "Why aren't you screaming?"

Khrysa slowly looked up into his verdant eyes and he found himself in awe of her; of her beauty, her strength. "There's no one to save me, from you."

A small smile played on his lips as he brought his mouth down onto hers. "I know."

His kiss bruised her mouth firing her soul as she kissed him back, his hand went into her hair pulling her head back pressing those hard kisses down the column of her throat. She brought up her hands and shoved against his chest sending him back a pace in surprise. She turned then scrambling over the mattress trying to get to the other side but he caught her ankle in a strong grip pulling her back to him.

Suddenly she felt his heavy weight and burning heat all along her back and thighs, due to the fact that he had dragged her across the bed her red dress was now about her waist showing off her black lacy panties. His hand went around the back of her neck pressing her face into the comforter as he rose up to straddle her waist.

Rage laughed then. "You are so fucking sexy," His free hand began to caress from her left knee up her thigh to her exposed butt cheek which he promptly spanked hard enough to cause Khrysa to gasp. "I mean look at you," His finger trailed over her reddening ass sliding underneath the black lacy elastic band of her panties. "You want this as much as I do." Rage leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Don't you?"

The truth was this was exciting her beyond belief, the fact that Rage was here in her bedroom wanting her, that he had somehow always had, was such a turn on. The way his fingers were trailing over her skin caused goosebumps to appear all over her smooth skin.

"Kiss me." Khrysa whispered struggling to control her heartbeat and excited breath.

Rage let his hand fall away from her neck as he slowly began to ease off of her. Khrysa paused for a moment then she began to rise up just as slowly using her shaking hands to push her waist length dark hair away from her face, all the pins had long ago been loosened from her bun.

She turned then facing him, Rage saw the slight bruise that was forming around the corner of her mouth, he reached out gently tracing the edges of her mouth with his finger. Her dark eyes caught his and refused to let him go.

Cautiously he moved as she sat back on the bed, he came closer to her and she closed her eyes feeling his warm breath on her mouth before she felt the soft touch of his lips. This kiss was slow starting a tingling sensation in her stomach that traveled down to her cunt, he brought his body even closer as she eagerly wrapped her arms about his neck wanting more of this, his tenderness, his gentleness.

If this was love then there would never be an escape. For either of them.

Khrysa parted her thighs allowing Rage to settle even deeper into her moaning softly as she savored the heat coming off him. The burning sensation that began in her cunt increased as she felt the hard ridge of his cock beneath the thin layer of his jeans.

His tongue met hers after long wet moments he placed his hand on her cheek turning her face away from him to softly kiss down her neck to her shoulder which he exposed by pulling her dress and the thin cami with it away.

Khrysa groaned running her fingers in his black hair. Rage pulled his head away from her soft skin to push her away suddenly so that her back fell onto the bed, he leaned over her giving no chance for escape as his hands went to her waist below her dress bringing it up and over her head, flinging it to the floor. He placed one hand on her hip easing up even further over Khrysa's body settling himself more fully over her.

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