tagNonConsent/ReluctanceObsession: A Love Story

Obsession: A Love Story



It was never my intention to act on my fantasies. I'd dreamed of her for 8 months now and my fantasies were becoming more and more elaborate every day. I'd go to sleep at night imagining she was wrapped safely to my chest. So close she could hear my heartbeat and i could feel her warm breath as she slept soundly. My heart ached for her and I wanted more than anything to make her mine but she didn't even know I existed. I could have any woman I wanted but I wanted her and yet could not because I feared as soon as I had my chance, I would lose myself and hurt her with my sadistic desires. She was so pure and innocent and I knew if she were mine she could change me, make me whole.

I came from a wealthy family where power overruled love. My family made its fortune taking advantage of others. When my parents died in a car accident, I inherited their fortune. I was alone in the world with nothing but my servants to keep me company. My heart grew cold over the years and I distanced myself from the world around me. I lived a life of solitude in my family's mansion watching the world from afar. Despite my introverted tendency, I craved a companion but had given up hope until I saw her.

I don't usually do my own shopping but after being imprisoned in my mansion with only my servants as company, I had to get out. I decided to take the Escalade as it was less flashy than the Ferrari. I drove to a small local mom and pop grocer downtown. I wasn't going to shop but more to people watch. The local people were very intriguing and I envied their simple life. I'd imagine what it was like to be the father and his children shopping for cereal and spaghetti o's. This was my escape from reality. This was the closest I'd get to normality.

I rounded the soup isle and was suddenly stopped by a soft thump on my chest accompanied by the sound of crashing cans. I looked down and was surprised to see a petite girl in her early 20's sitting on the tile with her pink sun dress disheveled. My eyes traced her small brown leather sandals up her petite frame, past her soft rose lips to the most entrancing almond shaped hazel eyes I had ever seen. Her eyes were only accentuated by her long lashes and thick golden curls that surrounded her face like an angel. She stared at me startled and then reached for her shopping basket and began to place the now dented soup cans back into it. I knelt down and grabbed a can placing it in her basket hoping she'd look at me again with her angelic face. I opened my mouth to say I was sorry for bumping in to her but before I could she was quickly back on her feet and down the aisle. I watched her curls bounce as she walked away and I followed her quietly.

She hurried through the checkout line and out the door into the parking lot. I followed her keeping a watchful eye as I returned to my Escalade to adjust my mirror. From the mirror I could see her place the grocer bag in her basket, mount a pale blue bicycle and pedal off. I started my car to follow her from a safe distance. An excitement took over me as I stalked her. I kept thinking I should turn around and drive home but something about her intrigued me and I couldn't help myself. Something awakened in me that lay dormant for so long. I felt alive for the first time in a long long time. She eventually stopped at a small cottage-like house with tulips planted in the front yard. A small gray kitten was perched in the window and it was obvious she lived alone in that tiny house. From that day, my life would never be the same.

I visited her frequently since that day. Mostly in the veil of the night when I knew no one would become suspicious. I circulated my vehicles and sometimes parked a few blocks away and walked to her home on foot. I learned so much about her through the months. She worked at a local nursing home and rode her bike to work every day. On her days off, she tended to her flower garden or rode her bike to the beach a mile away where I could always find her under an umbrella with a book in her hands. Although she was astonishingly beautiful, she lacked a social life. She was withdrawn and alone like me. She always wore a look of concern and seemed so sad. I knew if she'd let me I could turn her pain into pleasure.


The nights were getting warmer so I left my window open that night. Living in such a small town, I never feared the possibility of someone breaking in to my tiny house. I often left my front door unlocked by habit. It was a long day at the nursing home so I took my shower early and dressed in my favorite silk night dress. With my book in hand I slowly faded into slumber and dreamed such a bizarre dream. I imagined someone had entered my bedroom and sat on my bed and softly touched my face. I couldn't see their face because it was so dark but I could see the outline of a man who neared me slowly. As he crossed into the moonlight I could see his handsome face. He seemed somehow familiar but I couldn't remember where I had seen him before. His dark hair and piercing blue eyes made me tremble. As he leaned in to match his lips with mine I awoke startled. My eyes darted around the room but it was empty. I lay there for an hour trying to convince myself it was just a dream and my heart rate slowed as I lay my head back down to sleep.


I had to stop doing this, letting myself get too dangerously close to her. She was going to find out I was following her, that I sometimes entered her home at night just to watch her dream. I couldn't help myself, I was obsessed. The excitement of studying her from afar was a rush I had never felt but I kept wanting more. She was my drug and I was addicted. I took her in so as to create a memory of her when we were apart. I studied her body the way an artist might. I knew her every curve from the perfect arches of her feet, her tiny ankles to her full hips, round firm ass, petite waste, ample perky C cup breasts and nipples that yearned for my lips. I traced her heart shaped face a thousand times in my mind and dreamed of her small plump lips around my long shaft. The one thing that always stayed in my mind was how beautiful her eyes were. Almond shaped, long lashes, and the most beautiful hazel I'd ever seen. Her gold curls lay tousled around her head like a halo as she slept. She was my angel, my goddess, I worshiped her and needed to make her mine.

While she slept I'd imagine different scenarios in which we'd be together. I couldn't just initiate a normal relationship with her like I had done with so many women in the past. Most women I met were shallow and desired my status and money more than a meaningful relationship. She was different and I feared if I approached her I would scare her away. I couldn't stand the thought of losing her if she rejected me. Failure was not an option. I had to devise a plan to make her mine. I had the finances to do it, I just had to plan and time my actions carefully. I couldn't risk getting noticed after being so careful all these months. One wrong move and I could lose her forever.


It had been raining all day so I was not looking forward to riding my bicycle home from the nursing home. I thought maybe if I waited for the rain to end I could make it home dry. By the time the rain let up it was getting dark. I wiped off my bicycle seat and pedaled the damp streets home. At this point I was in no hurry to get home because I knew I'd be going straight to sleep so I hopped off my bike and decided to enjoy the crisp night air. I loved the way the rain made everything smell so fresh and clean. I came across the ally I usually skipped through on my way home. It was between two empty department buildings and the night made it much darker than usual. Against my better judgment, I took a deep breathe and journeyed down the dark ally that ran about 40 yards. I could barely see my hand in front of my face it was so dark and all I could hear was the pounding of my heart and the chain of my bike as I walked it next to me. I looked behind me and considered turning back but I was already 20 yards ahead so I figured I might as well keep walking onward.

As I neared closer to the end of the ally, I could see a dark van parked up ahead. Probably a moving van for one of the stores. No one was in sight but as I neared closer I noticed the side door was open. The van made the ally way seem very narrow and I knew I would have to pass it to continue to the road ahead. I convinced myself to go on because the street was so close. I walked past the door of the van and looked inside. It was empty. I sighed with relief but before I could inhale again my mouth was covered. I tried to scream out but was paralyzed as my arms were pinned to my body by two large muscular arms. I started breathing hard and tried kicking my legs to no avail. The cloth on my mouth was held tight so that my screams were muffled and then it hit me. A sweet medicinal scent coming from the cloth reached my sinuses and everything suddenly became blurred. My body weakened and I slowly drifted away. The world closed in on me and I thought to myself, "This is it, this is the end of your life, you're dying Amelie." Everything slowly faded to black as the darkness consumed me.


The preparations were complete. It took me over a month but I had everything I needed to follow through with my plan. The van was ready and I knew she would be getting off work soon so I drove to the ally that I knew she'd come through and waited in anticipation. I started to worry that she had gone around the block but I knew that was not like her. I listened to the rain pounding on the roof of the van and then suddenly stop as the night became darker. I felt like a predator waiting for it's prey. Any moment she'd walk through the ally and I would pounce without warning. I listened intently for her footsteps and just when I had almost given up hope, she was there. I saw her standing at the end of the ally with her bicycle walked next to her. She looked wary of the dark ally and so she should have been. From studying her all these months I knew she was slightly naive and therefore would never suspect that in such a little town she would ever be in danger of kidnapping. No one would notice her missing until Monday when she didn't come in to work and by then we'd be far away from here. The timing was perfect.

As her footsteps neared, my adrenaline began to rush and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. She hesitated and I feared I might have to abandon plans if she turned and left but she started towards me and there was no going back. As she walked past the open van door she paused to examine the empty cabin just long enough for me to catch her off guard. I grabbed her small waste and clasped the chloroform soaked rag over her delicate lips. The more she struggled the stronger my grip became and soon she became limp and I knew she was sedated. I reached down to scoop her legs up and placed her frail form into the back of the van along with her pale blue bike.

I drove down the dark wet streets towards the harbor where I had my yacht waiting to board. My private dock made it very easy to get there without being noticed. I opened the side door and removed the pale blue bike and threw it off the side of the dock into the ocean. I then removed Amelie delicately and gently carried her to the yacht. The moonlight shined upon her sleeping face and my heart felt full with intense passion. I carried her down into the cabin and into the suite where a king bed with silk sheets awaited her. I placed her delicately on the bed and held her with one arm while I removed her mud stained dress to reveal her matching pink lace bra and thong. Such naughty negligee for such an innocent girl. I was so tempted to take her right there but resisted as I pulled the sheets back and lay her in the bed. I pulled the down comforter over her and returned to the deck. I sailed off in to the night with my sweet Amelie resting below in the cabin. I couldn't wait until she'd awaken.


I felt my body rock as if I were on water. My head was still spinning and I was feeling nauseated. I slowly opened my eyes and everything was pitch black. Panic began to set in and my heart began racing when I realized I was not in my own bed. I felt for my dress and found nothing but my lace bra and thong. My mind was racing to remember what had happened but I became dizzy and was forced to lay back down. I felt weak and helpless in an unknown room that I had no idea how I came to or where my clothes were. When everything stopped spinning, I sat up slowly and got out of the bed in an attempt to find a lamp or light switch. Feeling along the wall in the dark I found it and everything became illuminated. Before me was a large bed with burgundy silk sheets and a black comforter. To my left, a closet. I ran to it hoping I'd find my dress but when I opened the door I gasped with shock. Hanging in the closet was a set of clothes that resembled mine own. I then realized that was because they were mine. I started to hyperventilate with fear and confusion when suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder. .


I heard her awaken down below so I turned off the engine of the yacht and made my way down to the suite. Light was peering through the door and I knew she must have awakened startled and found the light switch. I quietly opened the door not knowing what I might find and there she was, standing at the closet very still, her round ass separated by a thin string of lace. It was hard to resist not grabbing her and throwing her to the bed. I resisted, walked up behind her and reached for her but as soon as I touched her shoulder she screamed and collapsed into my arms. Poor thing, she was so scared. It must have been too much for her to handle. I picked her up and lay her back into the bed. As she lay unconscious, I watched her sleep as I had so many nights before waiting for my princess to awaken. I kissed her lips softly and her eyes slowly opened.


Everything started to come in to focus and I felt soft lips pressed firmly to mine. I opened my eyes slowly to the piercing blue eyes that haunted my dreams. Adrenaline kicked in and I pulled from his embrace. My fight or flight senses were triggered as I bolted for the door but me before I could run, he quickly caught my waist and pulled me to the bed with little effort pinning me on my back. I closed my eyes in fear of what might happen next. I thought maybe if I closed my eyes long enough I'd wake up back in my own bed safe at home. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I waited for what felt like forever. I winced as I felt his fingers intertwine with my curls and relaxed with relief. My senses were heightened and his soft touch sent shivers through me. Surely a sadistic serial rapist wouldn't caress his victims. I slowly opened my teary eyes and his face came in to focus again.

He was so strong and frightening with his unnaturally handsome face and strong jaw line. His dark brow and slicked back chestnut hair accentuated his mesmerizing ocean blue eyes. The way he lay beside me I would guess he was a little over 6 foot tall in comparison to my 5' 3". He had a muscular build and looked in his late 20's early 30's. His 5 o'clock shadow only accentuated his perfect face. He looked like he might be of Greek or Italian descent with his sun bronzed olive skin and dark hair. I'd never come so close to a man before like this. I studied him in silence as he ran his fingers through my soft curls. I was scared out of my mind. I didn't know what his intentions were or if he was going to kill me. Only now did it become evident that we were on some kind of boat from the rocking of the cabin.

The stronger he grasped me the weaker I became like putty in his arms. He drew me closer as I trembled with fear. I decided it was no use fighting as he has much bigger and stronger than me and if I cooperated he might let me go. Surprisingly his grasp became softer and he pulled me to his chest and held my trembling half naked body to his. He ran his fingers through my tangled curls and it was somehow soothing. I started to cry and he lifted my face to kiss away my tears. He had complete control over me and there was no where I could run to so I let him. I continued to cry until my eyes became tired and I drifted to sleep in his arms.

I awoke to the sound of a skillet sizzling outside my door. I rose and found a plush robe lying at the foot of the bed so I put it on to cover myself. I opened the door and found him cooking on the stove and from the smell it was bacon and eggs. My stomach grumbled as I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday so I crept into the booth and took my place at the small dining table. He turned and smiled at me as he prepared a plate. I managed to somehow partially smile back. He served me in silence and then finally he spoke. "I must admit I'm not a great cook love. I usually have a chef to prepare my meals for me." I then picked up my fork to take a bite. "You could have fooled me," I said back to him and he flashed me a devilish half smile. I then asked him where we were going and he told me it was a surprise. I didn't much care for his surprises after what happened last night. "What's your name," I asked. "Christian, it's a family name," he replied.

After I finished he took my plate and told me to wash up. I was hesitant but I knew a nice warm shower would make me feel better so I walked down the hall to the bathroom, undressed, and got into the shower. The curtain was clear so I feared he might enter and see me naked but it was worse than that. I was washing my hair when I heard the door open. Christian had undressed and opened the curtain to join me. Embarrassed, I tried to cover myself but he took the sponge from my hands and began washing my back. My once rigid body began to relax with his touch. As his captor, I gave in to his control. I let down my guard as he pressed his body to mine and lowered my arms to reveal my breasts to him. He kissed my neck as he softly caressed my now hardened pink nipples with his large hands. I gasped as he fondled my breasts and sent shivers down my center. No one had ever touched me like this before and it felt unlike anything I had ever knew. I felt his penis begin to harden as I began to moan softly and I feared he might take me without warning. I turned to him and he leaned over to kiss me passionately. The fear I had last night returned and my body trembled. He must have thought I was cold because he reached past me to turn off the faucet and then wrapped me in a towel before he tied another around his waist.

I followed him to the kitchen where he was preparing a drink and handed it to me. He told me it would help me relax so I drank it quickly. He then kissed me on the forehead and carried me to bed. On the way there I felt I was floating. Whatever he gave me was working and I started to feel euphoric. He laid me on the bed and I thought he would leave me to rest but I found myself propped up on the bed in with my legs bent and wide apart. I felt so vulnerable and he told me he wanted to make sure I would be ready. "Ready for what?" I asked but he never answered. Instead he brought out a tray of instruments and laid them on the bed next to me. I wanted to move but my limbs felt heavy like they were asleep. I tried to scream but he held his hand over my mouth and it came out more of a whimper than anything. "Be a good girl and I promise I'll make this as painless as possible love." He pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs even wider. I watched in horror as he put on latex gloves and took from the tray a large speculum and applied lubricant to it. I felt the cold tip touch the opening of my virgin sex and let out a cry, "No please!" He then proceeded to slowly insert the speculum into my virgin vagina deeper and deeper. I thought it was over until I felt him gently open the speculum, extending the walls of my vaginal canal. He could see inside me now and I was more naked than I had ever been before. The pain of my virgin walls being extended was too much and I lay still staring at the ceiling of the cabin waiting for it to end.

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