tagNonConsent/ReluctanceObsession: A Love Story Ch. 02

Obsession: A Love Story Ch. 02


The dark continuation of my first story...


After the forceful climax, my heart felt as though it were beating from my chest. My breath was labored and my skin tingled with excitement. Christian's eyes met mine and I noticed he too was breathing hard. He kissed me hard as though he were breathing life back into my limp body. His weight was still pinning me to the bed and I felt helpless and weak underneath his muscular frame. He removed himself from between my quivering legs and put on his robe. I used all my strength to pull myself up into a sitting position when I noticed it. Between my legs I felt a warm liquid flowing on to the burgundy sheets and I saw the bright red of my virginity stain them. The drugs were starting to wear off as the shock set in. Christian quickly covered me in my robe and lifted me from the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug my head into his warm chest. He smelled of salt and a faint wood scent I couldn't identify. My golden curls were now dry and bounced as he carried me from the bedroom to a couch in the main cabin of the yacht. He gently lay me down on the soft couch and walked away. I could smell the crisp ocean air coming from the open hatch to the deck. I considered making a run for it again but knew I wouldn't get far as we were probably miles into the ocean by now.

The rocking motion of the cabin was relaxing as I lay on the couch staring up at the open hatch. Christian soon returned to me with wash cloth in hand. He opened my robe and gently part my legs with his large hands. I was scared of what he might do next and tensed before he ran the cloth over my once virgin sex. He leaned in to kiss me but all I could see were his piercing blue eyes that were once stone now seemed less threatening. His lips met mine with a soft kiss and he covered me with a throw from the couch. My eyelids became heavy and the pain between my thighs dulled as everything slowly faded.


I watched my princess fall asleep before returning to bedroom. I pulled the burgundy silk sheets from the bed and threw them in a trash bin. After dressing, I returned to the top deck, pulled the anchor, and continued on my route as Amelie slept peacefully below. I recapped the kidnap in my head as I sailed onward. My timing was so perfect and I executed it flawlessly. No one would suspect Amelie was a missing person until it was too late. I hadn't expected her to put up as much of a fight when I grabbed her in the ally, chloroformed her, and lay her in my van. Her tiny figure didn't stand a chance though and I never once thought she would break free from my grasp. Still, it was impressive how she struggled and it only made me want her more. I was also surprised how the drugs made her so willing to let me inside of her.

My cock grew hard as I thought of how tight she was when I entered her virgin pussy and pierced her. The look of ecstasy on her face was priceless as she gripped my cock so tight with her pussy on climax. It was better than anything I had imagined all those months preparing. I knew she'd love the surprise I was about to present her. I was going to make her my wife, mother of my children, and most of all, my sex slave and there would be no one around to stop me. We'd have our own little piece of heaven far from civilization and she'd be mine forever.


When I awoke, the boat was stationary and I could hear the sound of seagulls outside the hatch door. I looked around nervously to see if Christian was still watching me. He wasn't... I slowly crept from the couch to the ladder that lead to the deck. I held my breath with each step and my heart raced thinking he'd hear me and stop me at any moment. After several strategically planned steps, I climbed my way to the deck and peeked out to see if he was still up there. He wasn't. I took a moment to adjust my eyes to what I assumed was the morning sun beating down on me before I hoisted myself silently on to the deck.

We were definitely docked on the shore somewhere but not home. I walked silently across the deck and my heart swelled when I saw a beautiful plantation house about 100 yards from shore covered by the dark woods. I knew if I ran fast enough, I might be able to get away from Christian and alert the inhabitants of the mansion to help me and I'd be free. I climbed down from the yacht and sprinted as fast as I could to the front door of the house. I turned to see if Christian was chasing me and he wasn't but I continued on as though my life depended on it. My legs felt heavy and the house felt so far away. I thought the drugs had warn off but who knew what Christian did to me while I was sleeping. I felt dizzy but realized this was my fear and heavy breathing not drugs. I was 10 yards away now and ran barefoot up the sandy trail to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked so I screamed for help and pounded on the door with my fists. No answer. I thought maybe the inhabitants were out back so I ran around the large mansion to the back yard. Through the fountain and hibiscus. I could see no one sitting on the patio furniture of the enormous backyard. It seemed unreal... Maybe they were out but surely they had maids or someone else attending their home.

I briefly considered giving up and returning to the yacht when I noticed the french doors were just barely agape. I quickly opened them and locked them behind me before running into the home screaming for help. I ran up the large staircase and through the wide hall ways but no answer. It was then that I heard the front door open and I peered over the banister to see Christian walk through the front door. I panicked and ran into the master bedroom. I thought if I could hide in the walk in closet he wouldn't see me in the clothes so I ran and hid. To my horror, when I turned on the light, there were my clothes hanging in the closet again. How was this possible? I must be still asleep and having a nightmare. I felt sick and backed away in disbelief before my footsteps were halted. I turned around to Christian's angered expression and screamed before he pressed his hand tightly over my mouth. I smelt the same medicinal sweetness come from the rag as I had in the ally and my body went limp.


I felt betrayed. I thought she was softening up to me and falling in love but I knew this was all in my head. I should have stayed with her until she awoke so I could be the first to show her the mansion, our new home. I was just bringing the rest of her things in and didn't think she'd attempt to run away so quickly. She needed to be taught a lesson in obedience. I couldn't have her trying to run away all the time now could I? Even if we were the only ones on my private island, she had to know her place. She had to know who her Master was.

By now, I was beginning to perfect the dosage of drugs I needed to sedate her. She gave in so quickly that my work was simple. Lifting her over my shoulder, I lay her on to the four post king bed I had prepared for her. Her curls lay scattered on the pillow above her head and I ran my hands through them. She was so insanely beautiful that it hurt to do this... but it was for her own good. I pulled the robe from her limp body and kissed her soft neck before laying her on her stomach. I pulled the rope from the side table and quickly worked to tie her hands and legs spread tautly and fastened them to the posts. I stood at the end of the bed admiring my craftsmanship and the beauty of her pink juicy pussy spread wide open. It wasn't her tight pussy I wanted though. No, to teach her a lesson, I'd have to stretch her tight virgin ass wide open instead.

My cock grew hard thinking of taking her in the ass with immense force and pressure. I'd make her bleed if I had to prove a point. I walked into the master bath and looked for the lube in the medicine cabinet. I grabbed a towel too and placed it under her abdomen and pussy to keep from making a mess. Her plump little ass spread perfectly as I exposed her pink sphincter. The tight little ring was reluctant to allow my finger entrance to apply lube but after massaging a little, it loosened enough for the tip of index finger to enter. I felt her tight ring pulse as I slowly pushed forward applying lube to the inner walls of her rectum. Her warm tight hole would be stretched to its max when I stick my huge cock inside it. My dick was so hard from just fingering her and it was time for the lesson to begin.


SMACK! I awoke abruptly to a hot burn on my ass and ropes cutting in to my wrists and ankles. I started to whimper and cry as I felt the contrasting coolness of something wet on my exposed anus. The tears rolled down my cheeks as fear came over me. I shouldn't have tried to run away, I should have waited for Christian to come back, what was I thinking? I kept imagining the cold angry eyes that I saw right before he sedated me again. He was angry and I knew there would be a price to pay. I muffled my cries when I felt him hop on the bed next to me. He ran his hands through my hair and then pulled my head up to see his face.

"Why did you run away when we were having so much fun Amelie? I thought you trusted me but now I can see you're a disobedient bitch that needs taught a lesson."

The tears were uncontrollable now and I was terrified of what was going to happen next. He leaned in and licked the tears from my cheek before whispering in my ear, "Don't worry love, this will all be over soon. Just remember, you brought this on yourself."

Christian then moved behind me, in between my legs. I felt his huge member as he stroked it between my ass cheeks. It was slippery and eager for insertion. I trembled and cried, "No please, I'll be good, I'm sorry!" but it was no use. He took a fist of my hair and jerked my head back to whisper, "The more you cry, the harder I'm going to fuck you so keep on love."

With that, he positioned the tip of his large cock at my tiny sphincter and began to push the head in. I felt like he was going to rip my rectum open but the lubricant helped him ease the huge head in. I felt my ass stretch to adjust to the girth of his dick and prayed he'd stop but he didn't. Slowly, he eased his fat cock deep into my tight rectum. I screamed and felt him push harder. I thought it was over but he was only half way in and had far to go.

"Please, Christian, I love you, don't hurt me, I'll be a good girl." I pleaded.

"You should have thought of that before you tried to run away princess." and quickly, without warning, he put all he weight on my ass and thrust the last half of his thick member in to my reulctant asshole. I screamed and almost passed out from the pain it was unbearable. I could swear he was up to my abdomen he was so deep inside me. He held his cock there for a few minutes and with each passing second, I felt my body relax and adjust to his girth. He reached around with one hand to rub my swollen clit and used his other hand to run my nipple through his finger tips gently. The combination made me relax as the pain became ecstasy.

I heard a vibration noise as Christian flicked the switch of a bullet massager and inserted it into my now moist pussy. I almost came as the waves of vibration and the pressure of his dick were too much to bear. My sphincter had now loosened enough that he could pull out and thrust back in. The pound of his dick deep in my rectum triggered a semi-orgasmic feeling . He knew I was beginning to enjoy it so he continued to pump me first gently and then slowly gain momentum adding more and more pressure. Anal sex felt more stimulating than anything I had experienced before, even better than when Christian took my virginity. How could this be punishment when it felt so good?


I was surprised Amelie's virgin asshole adjusted to the girth of my huge dick so quickly. I could tell my "punishment" had backfired but I was enjoying her tight rectum too much to care. For added discipline, I spanked her ass with every thrust deeper into her ass. I thought I might explode she felt so good. Her tight little sphincter pulsed around my dick keeping me inside her. I thought she might pinch my dick off she was so tight. Her soft breasts were the perfect grips as I rubbed her nipples. My bullet in her cunt was doing its magic as her juices overflowed from her pussy on to the towel and her clit swelled into a large pink button for me to push for an extra spasm of her ass.

I rode her relentlessly thrusting harder and harder until she cried for me to release her. My balls hit her pussy I was so deep inside her with every penetration. I wanted to release my hot load deep in her ass but she'd have to come first and squeeze that sphincter around my cock. The pressure was building and I spanked her harder. I made her tell me she was my obedient slut and would never pull that shit again. She cried out , "Yes master!" and I turned the vibrating bullet up to full speed and felt her orgasm roll from her center , down her rectum, through my long shaft, and right the sweet spot. Her sphincter squeezed my dick so hard I exploded. Her orgasm set off a chain reaction that emptied the contents of my balls deep inside her as I grasped her hair and arched her back. I felt the last few spasms of release and collapsed on top of her, squeezing her close to my chest.


Once again, his weight pinned me to the bed but I didn't mind, I was in heaven from the powerful orgasm that had just erupted from me. Christian reached to the nightstand again and returned with a large black butt plug and knife. He pressed the cold blade against my back and I lay as still as possible. He leaned in to my ear and said softly, "You're mine, and no matter how hard you cry, no one will hear you Amelie." Just then he moved the knife to the ropes on my wrist and cut them free. He then lifted me back in to his arms and kissed my sore wrists gently. He reached for the butt plug and slowly pulled his penis from my anus and replaced it with the plug. "I want you to keep a piece of me inside you Amelie." Then he massaged my tender breasts and removed the bullet from my pussy.

Pulling out the bullet, a rush of juices followed and collected on the towel below me. I was delirious and shaking in his arms like when we had showered last night. He cut my ankles free and once again lifted me into his strong arms, walking me to the bathroom. There he removed the plug and lay me in a large tub. The hot water felt good on my wrists, ankles, and abused ass. He took a sponge out of the basket next to the tub and washed me gently. The same stone cold eyes had now become the soft blue seas I once recognized. I reached my hand to his tousled chestnut hair and ran my fingers through it. He closed his eyes and leaned in to my hand then kissed my wrist. "I didn't want to hurt you Amelie, I just wanted to teach you a lesson. You mean the world to me and I can't lose you."

I sat up and looked into his blue eyes, embracing the moment, before I kissed him. "I love you Christian, I promise I'll be obedient from now on." He moved his large hands to the back of my head and pushed my lips harder in to his. We embraced one another until the water became cold and he lifted me from the bath and lay me in the large king bed where we slept naked in each others arms.

To be continued...

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