tagFirst TimeObsession Ch. 01

Obsession Ch. 01


All characters in the following fictional story are eighteen years or older.

* * *

"So I was talking to Mel last night and she told me-" Kelsey broke off from her monologue when she realised Jess hadn't heard a word she'd said. She followed her friend's line of vision and her face lit up in a huge grin.

"Who the fuck is that hot guy?"

"No idea," said Jess quietly. "But I fully intend to find out." She picked up her bag and with a flick of her long, blonde hair, she set off purposefully towards the object of her interest.

* * *

Daniel saw the blonde goddess walking down the path with a short plump girl trotting behind her like an obedient puppy. Quickly, he shoved his i-pod earpiece in and half closed his eyes. He was a picture of benign relaxation with his long legs stretched out in the warm spring sunshine, while other students milled about in the courtyard.

He sensed, rather than saw her, as she slowed down on the final approach to his bench. A faint waft of some expensive perfume tickled his nostrils and he allowed his mind to wander off on a sweet fantasy. His foot tapped gently as he began to hum along to the beat of the song on his i-pod, still pretending to be unaware of his curious audience. He heard books dropping near his feet, but he ignored it.

"Need a hand, Jess?" giggled a feminine voice.

So that was her name, he thought. Jess...

"No, I'm fine." Jess sounded annoyed. He heard the faint edge to her lilting voice and he tried to repress a smile. The last thing Daniel wanted was for her to realise he was aware of her presence.

He yawned in an exaggerated fashion and leaned further back on the bench, tapping his fingers on the rough wooden seat. He felt her bag brush his leg, but he didn't move a muscle. Eventually the two girls walked away again, their shoes clicking on the concrete.

Daniel cautiously opened his eyes. He watched Jess's pert backside swaying from side to side in her short mini skirt as she headed over to the main building. Her blonde hair shone like gold in the bright sunlight and a warm feeling stole over him that had nothing to do with the weather.

Abruptly she halted and turned his way again. Instantly he closed his eyes. In his imagination he felt the weight of her stare caress the skin of his face with heated fingers and for a moment he felt compelled to return her gaze.

Then a male voice yelled loudly, "Jess! Wait for me!" and Daniel carefully opened his eyes again. She had turned towards a tall, lanky boy who danced about exuberantly in her presence. Their conversation was muted, but Daniel managed to catch snippets relating to some of their mutual friends and he tuned out.

He had no interest in gossip - he had more important things to think about.

* * *

Jess listened to Kyle babbling on about the party at Steve's house last Friday and switched on to autopilot. If she'd had any interest whatsoever, she'd have gone. As it was, she'd chosen to go to the cinema with Mel and Kelsey instead. Steve and his cronies held no charm at all -- they were just a bunch of no-hopers who hadn't realised their status in her world yet.

Now the new boy was a different prospect entirely. She thought about him as she half listened to Kyle and Kelsey chattering. He was like a breath of fresh air in the stale confines of college and she was determined to find out more about him.

The boys in her world bored her to tears. Some of them she'd known since she was a toddler; most had been introduced when she started college. Not one of them held more than a temporary interest for her. It wasn't that they were unappealing -- a few were considered VERY appealing. They just weren't a challenge.

As soon as any guy was introduced to her, he seemed to fall hopelessly in love at first sight. It had become irritating to say the least. She had no interest in being placed on a pedestal. No, she wanted a boy who could be her equal.

The more they revered her, the more she walked all over them. She hated herself even as she was treating them like dirt, but she reasoned that they drove her to it. Countless young male egos had been crushed beneath her dainty feet.

"Steve was really disappointed when you didn't show," Kyle directed at Jess, startling her from her self-absorbed reverie.

"I've no idea why," she replied sharply. "I told him I had better things to do with my time when he asked me last week if I was going."

"He really wants you, Jess," Kyle offered with a sideways glance at Kelsey.

"Well he's in for a long wait."

The frigidity positively dripped from her words and Kyle flinched. He wondered silently if anybody would ever be able to crack Jess's icy façade. He was beginning to think not. The guys had a bet going as to whom was going to be the first to have her -- Steve had been convinced he was in with a chance. He'd organised a party at his house with the express intention of persuading Jess to attend. Unfortunately, he'd not foreseen the possibility she would prefer to spend the evening with her mates.

Steve was not a happy bunny by the end of Friday night. Nor were his parents when they returned from Spain on Saturday morning to find the house trashed. Kyle hadn't stayed long enough to experience all of the fall-out, but he'd heard that Steve wouldn't be hosting any more parties in the near future.

That unfortunate turn of events left Neil at the top of the list in his book. Privately, Kyle thought Neil had no chance, but he wasn't prepared to write him off just yet. There was a possibility the lad might have hidden charms.

The trio entered the building amidst the stream of students heading for afternoon lectures. Kyle said goodbye outside the science labs and the girls headed for English.

* * *

"I don't get why you're not interested in Steve?" Kelsey said in bemusement as they settled down at the rear of the cavernous room.

"He's arrogant," Jess said dismissively. Plus he has the IQ of a gnat, she added silently.

"Yeah, but he's cute," giggled Kelsey, keeping one eye on the door. Once Miss Anderson arrived, all conversation would cease. The bitch had a habit of dishing out punishment essays like sweets.

"Well you go out with him!" Jess rolled her eyes with exasperation and reached for her books.

"He's not interested in the likes of me," Kelsey replied mournfully. Steve only went for the pretty girls and Kelsey knew she was nobody's idea of pretty. Homely perhaps - but never pretty.

"Don't put yourself down, Kels, you're way too good for the likes of that idiot."

They both looked up as Miss Anderson swept into the room in a swirl of black skirts. Jess quickly decided that the bitch looked like a malevolent crow, but she thought better of passing that comment on to Kelsey. Her friend was all too likely to laugh and Jess had no desire to spend the next week writing another assignment. So she turned her attention to the text they were studying and allowed Miss Anderson's gravely voice to wash over her like caustic soda.

* * *

Kelsey placed two cups of strawberry milkshake on the grubby table and slid along the plastic booth opposite Jess. "I've found out his name," she announced gleefully.

Jess immediately ceased the detailed examination of her acrylic nails and looked up in surprise. "Go on..." she said, her turquoise eyes sparkling with interest.

"His name is Daniel Mabula and his family moved here from South Africa. I saw him talking to Coach Rogers after the bell had gone this afternoon, so I hung around until Coach was alone and just asked him.

"He didn't believe me when I said I was thinking of joining the athletics club though."

Jess nearly choked on her milkshake. "Why on earth did you tell him that?" she laughed.

"It was the first thing that popped into my head." Kelsey grinned and rolled her eyes. "Yeah I know -- I'm not built for speed," she sighed sadly.

"That has nothing to do with it," Jess scoffed. "The problem is that you are pathologically lazy!"

Kelsey didn't disagree with her - she knew her friend was correct. The thought of getting all sweaty on the running track made her want to rush to the nearest fast food place and buy a burger with fries to go. Exercise and she were never going to be compatible. Deciding that the best option was not to think about it, she headed across to the counter to collect her food order. She soon returned with a double cheeseburger and fries.

"How can you stand to eat that crap?" Jess wailed in despair.

"What do you mean?"

"God, look at it! It's disgusting!"

"Mmmm..." Kelsey chewed a huge mouthful of burger and sighed happily. She didn't care what Jess thought -- she knew she'd never be thin, so she saw no reason to stop eating the food she loved. If Jess wanted to live on salads all her life, then more fool her.

Jess turned to stare out of the window. Just the smell of the burger was making her feel nauseous. Outside it was growing dark already. Lights twinkled all across the vista of glowing storefronts trying to lure shoppers over to their gaudy displays of shoes, clothes and bed linen.

The sound of squealing rubber diverted Jess's attention away from shoes and she turned her head towards the car park entrance. A sporty car had screeched to a halt beside the picnic tables outside, music thumping loudly through open windows. As Jess watched, two young men climbed out and stood talking for a moment. She knew she had seen them somewhere before, but their names escaped her.

The taller one with the leather jacket and scruffy hair noticed her staring. He prodded his mate and they both turned to ogle her. Immediately Jess turned away from the window and cursed her curiosity. The last thing she needed tonight were some dumb meatheads annoying her.

"Have you nearly finished?" she asked Kelsey hurriedly.

"Kinda -- why?" Her friend looked up in surprise and crammed another mouthful of burger between her lips.

"'Cause we should leave, now." Out of the corner of her eye she saw the two young men enter the restaurant. They swaggered over in her direction and she sighed with frustration. God, could she not even sit in a burger restaurant in peace?

"Hey, sexy, is Heaven missing an angel?" the tall one said in what he clearly thought was an appealing manner designed to have ladies swooning at his feet. His mate snickered and licked his lips.

Jess turned round and glared at the man icily. "You talking to me, dickhead?"

"Ooh, the kitten's got claws!" he laughed. "How about I buy you a drink and we can get to know each other?"

"How about you fuck off and leave us alone?"

Jess's eyes flashed angrily and Kelsey reluctantly stood, realising that she wasn't going to have the chance to order an ice cream. Damn, she really wanted to try the new flavour. Never mind, there would be another occasion.

"Come on, Jess, let's leave these nice boys to play with the ketchup dispenser."

"Good idea, Kelsey, I need to go home and wash my hair." Jess pushed past her admirer with a disdainful look.

He grabbed her arm angrily. "Don't be such a stuck up bitch! I was only trying to be nice, sweetheart."

"Don't think she likes you, Braddo," the short bloke said with a snigger.

"Ooh ten out of ten for perception!" Kelsey's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Let go of me!" Jess hissed, feeling his fingers digging into her arm and knowing she'd have a bruise there later.

Braddo eyed the large man heading purposefully in their direction and reluctantly released Jess's arm. "Maybe another time, sweetheart," he promised.

"Over my dead body."

"Is everything okay, girls?" The manager flexed his muscles and threw a warning look at Braddo and his mate.

"Yeah, we're just leaving," Jess replied in a haughty tone. She grabbed Kelsey's hand and they headed purposefully for the exit door. Kelsey gazed longingly at the large poster of a whipped ice cream cone as she shot past - and sighed sadly.

"You owe me one," she muttered crossly as they climbed into Jess's red car.

* * *

Daniel pounded round the track, concentrating on nothing but beating his last time. The blood surged through his veins as he pushed his body to greater exertion. When he was running, everything else faded into obscurity. He loved it; running was his life.

When Jess appeared near the fence, he almost didn't see her as his eyes were firmly fixed on his coach waiting at the finish line. It was the way her blonde hair caught the light in a shimmering flash of gold that caught his attention.

He nearly faltered, but years of training allowed him to focus on the task at hand. With a final burst of adrenaline, attributable in no small way to his sudden admirer, he blasted past the coach like a tornado. The smile on Coach Roger's face told him all he needed to know.

"Nice one," Coach said warmly as Daniel stood panting, the sweat dripping down his face in the hot sun.

Daniel nodded and grinned. A sudden movement distracted him and his attention drifted again, drawn towards the angel sat observing him from the perimeter of the field. Coach Rogers followed his line of vision and frowned.

"Hit the showers -- it's nearly time for the bell," he said gruffly.

Reluctantly, Daniel tore his gaze away from Jess. He grabbed his water bottle and took a huge slug, not caring when some of it splashed out on his vest. He could smell his own sweat, salty and fresh. The thought of a shower was suddenly very appealing.

He began to jog slowly across the athletics field, heading for the main building and the changing rooms. It was his intention to ignore the golden girl by the fence, but like a magnet, she drew his unwilling gaze as he passed by her. Their eyes locked in a heated exchange of something hitherto unknown.

Daniel felt a strange shiver of promise trace a pathway down his spine. There was something different about this girl; something he had not met before. As he lost his will to walk away and slowly drowned in the warm tropics of her turquoise eyes, he wondered what it was that pulled his soul towards hers so irrevocably.

The moment was broken by a sudden ruckus near the main entrance to the car park. Some boys had started a fight and like flies to a cowpat, students swarmed around eagerly. Within moments, Coach Rogers was running over to the disturbance with a vigour that belied his age.

Jess looked away from Daniel momentarily and he used the distraction to sprint towards the gym block. His tired legs protested at the sudden extra exertion, but he ignored them and dived into the changing rooms with a sense of relief. He had the feeling that if he'd stayed out there any longer, he'd have fallen under the witch's spell forever.

That was exactly what she appeared to be -- a witch of considerable power. No other woman or girl had ever intoxicated his senses like this femme fatale. He stripped off his damp kit and stood under the warm jets of water, the needle-like spray easing the tightness in his muscles, but doing nothing to subdue the sexual arousal he was feeling.

It was just fortunate he was alone in here, he thought as he stroked his aching cock, willing the damn thing to go down. But it was no use. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her, standing there with that faint beguiling smile on her beautiful face. Her eyes taunted him with promises of everything he'd ever wanted, whilst her body aroused him like no other female ever had.

Just the very idea of touching those slim curves, of running his fingers down her thighs, made him gasp loudly, almost on the verge of coming in no time at all. His movements grew faster as his hand flashed in a practiced manner, pushing his passion beyond the point of no return. As his cum spurted out all over the tiles, he imagined her kneeling before him, her ruby red mouth open in a gesture of love, eagerly waiting for his seed to anoint her face and breasts.

Daniel leaned against the cool tiled wall, panting hard as the evidence of his obsession swirled away down the plughole. His cock softened a little, but not entirely. His passion was not completely exorcised; it had merely been laid to rest for a short interval.

"Get a grip," he muttered crossly as he switched the shower off and grabbed his towel.

* * *

Jess wandered across the quadrangle in a dream, oblivious to the other students milling excitedly around her in the end of day rush hour. Even as the occasional arm jostled her roughly, a ghost of a smile briefly flickered across her lips as she thought about him.

The way his black eyes had looked into her soul had disturbed the equilibrium of her life. She wasn't sure how, or why, but something infinitesimal had shifted during that heated moment. It was as if she'd been shown a fleeting glimpse of something wonderful; something she could have if she so desired. Then the pages of the book had abruptly closed and he'd left her alone again with all her wants and needs rioting in her feverish brain whilst the rest of the world was looking elsewhere.

Her meandering path took her through the grassy area towards the car park as she allowed her thoughts to wander unchecked. She imagined she could smell the fresh scent of the sweat that trickled down his neck, glistening on his bronzed skin. Subconsciously her tongue flicked out and moistened her lips and her breathing quickened.

The pulse between her legs throbbed dully, a slow ache spreading outwards to colour her senses with an intangible glow. Her fingers flexed as she remembered the way his muscles rippled beneath his light running vest. It was pure sweet torture.

* * *

These incendiary thoughts stayed with her all evening, dancing like naughty imps on the edges of her mind. Her books were strewn all over her desk, but try as she might, she couldn't concentrate on the pages of text she was supposed to be reading.

It was late. Her parents had long since retired to bed and, as far as they knew, Jess had too. Instead, she was lying on her bed, staring out the window into the night. The gauzy curtain wafted gently in the warm breeze from the garden and from somewhere, an owl hooted mournfully.

Her thin cotton tee shirt stuck to her skin damply. She was tired, but sleep seemed an impossible hope. Too many indistinct thoughts vied for attention in her brain and as much as she tried to relax, her body was wired tighter than a drum. All roads led back to him. He had bewitched her in the most frustrating of ways.

No boy had ever had such an effect on her. Mostly they came and went, barely leaving an indent on the surface of her life. She was unused to feeling such a sense of attraction - of being so helplessly enthralled. It made her uneasy -- like she was spinning out of control.

Idly her fingers played across the smooth skin of her belly. The warmth and vague sense of aching were still there, simmering between her legs like a storm brewing on a hot summer's day. Restlessly she shifted on the bed, the duvet twisting beneath her in a tangled mess.

Sleep remained eternally elusive as her body tingled with unrealised desires. Almost without realising it, Jess's fingers strayed between her legs as her mind continued to brood over the mysterious Daniel. She stroked the cotton of her shorts, subconsciously seeking some kind of relief from the torment.

When she realised what she was doing, her cheeks flamed with embarrassment. She had never done such a thing before. Despite all the attention she received from boys, she was still a virgin and relatively inexperienced. Masturbation was not something she had ever practised.

Naturally the subject had arisen in conversation amongst her friends, but it made Jess uncomfortable to talk about such intimate things. She'd nearly died when Mel had produced a huge purple vibrator one night when they were all sleeping over at her house. The others had all giggled, but Jess had been embarrassed as hell.

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