tagNonConsent/ReluctanceObsession Ch. 01

Obsession Ch. 01


His obsession started with her the night of her house warming party. The guests had already left and he stuck behind to help her clean up and was the last to leave. He and Melissa had been good friends for the past few months and to say that he was more than interested as a friend was an understatement. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as he reached for his coat to leave for the night. "Good night, Jason. Thanks for all your help."

"No problem, Mel. Anytime," He grinned at her, showing off his dimples.

"Talk to you later." He walked to his car, just about to press the key fob to open the door when he realized he had forgotten his wallet. He slapped his forehead, remembering he had left it on her granite countertop in the kitchen.

He strolled up the walkway, knocking on her door but she didn't answer. He peered through the glass windows and saw that no one was in the living room. Since her house was a bungalow, he walked around the side towards her bedroom to see if she was there. What he saw stopped him in his tracks.

He saw Melissa slowly undressing herself, watching some porn movie and her hands moving all over her body from her lithe neck down to her sex. He was absolutely mesmerized by the way she pulled off her top and threw it onto the bed and letting her jeans drop to the floor, kicking it to the side. She teased her slit by pressing the silky material between her puffy lips and moaning quietly.

Jason started to harden as he watched her, climb onto her bed, her legs widespread as she reached for her purple vibrator. He could clearly she was neatly trimmed beneath her panties as she took the vibe and pressed it firmly against her clit as her eyes focused on the porn movie she was watching.

How he wanted to reach through the glass and help her out, touching her engorged clit with his fingertips, plopping between her smooth thighs to lick her wanton pussy. He groaned in frustration as his hand found his bulge, rubbing it through his black jeans. He knew it wouldn't be long before he would have to do something about his erection.

Surprisingly, she didn't see him standing at her window as she continued to touch the vibe on her nipples, her mouth forming an O as she encircled them. She wiggled off her pink panties and he could almost hear her sigh as she played with her wetness, occasionally bringing her fingers to her full red lips to taste herself. A groan escaped through his throat as he hurriedly unzipped his jeans, dropping them to his ankles as he reached inside for his thick, long penis. He pulled it out, his fingertips smearing the precum forming on the head as almost in rhythm to her delving her digits into the depths of her cunt.

They were practically moaning in tandem as she ripped her bra upwards, exposing her erect nipples as she timed the vibe on her clit to her constant finger fucking. Jason was now fully stroking himself, hard as a rock, as he imagined himself in her bed, fucking her hard, plunging into her deeply as she told him she wanted him to fuck her harder.

He could see her soon reaching climax because her breathing was becoming shallower until finally they both couldn't take anymore, and he came, spurting ropes of cum all over his hands and onto the grass. He watched as she squirted, her juices flowing onto the bed.

She rested against her pillows, breathing deeply, as the porn movie continued to play on. She turned it off with the remote and stripped off her bra. She jumped off the bed and headed into the bathroom. Jason was frozen to the spot and knew he should leave but couldn't.

"What am I doing? This is my friend." He thought, coming to his senses. He searched through his pockets for some tissues and wiped his hands clean. Since he didn't live to far from her, he would come back tomorrow for his wallet or she would probably give it to him at work anyway, he pondered. He strolled to his car and drove home.

As he got ready for bed, he couldn't get Melissa off his mind. He relived the whole event again and brought himself to another orgasm, coming over his stomach. He wiped it off and finally felt into a deep sleep.

The next day at the engineering firm at which they both worked, he saw Melissa waiting near his office with a big grin on her face.

"Missing something?!" she asked, waving his wallet in front of his face.

He laughed as she handed it to him, "Thanks. I didn't realize I didn't have it until I reached home." He conveniently forgot to mention that he had knocked on her door shortly after he noticed it was missing.

"You should have just come back for it." She replied, folding her arms.

"Well, I didn't want to disturb you. I knew you had a long day with the party and all."

"Oh Jason." She sighed. "Well, at least you have it now."

She glanced quickly at her watch.

"It's time for me to head back. Lunch?"

"Sure." He replied.

He couldn't help noticing the way her tight skirt emphasized all her curves with her long black hair flowing down her back. He wanted her so much but he knew she saw him as just a friend.

He headed inside his small office, leaving the door slightly ajar. He drank his cup of latte as he browsed quickly through his email until particular one caught his eye.

It was addressed to their manager and him.

It read,

Hi sexy,

I can't wait until I see you tonight. It has been way too long since we have been together. I have missed your hard shaft penetrating and stretching me, your long fingers pulling on my nipples as you fuck me, your warm cum splashing down my throat as I suck you off for my reward.

Anyway, I can't wait until tonight. 8 pm as always at my place.


Jason knew Melissa had by accident had included his name. What shocked him more was that she was having an affair with the senior manager who was supposedly happily married? A flash of anger burned through him as he wondered why his good friend would be in this situation. She always presented herself as the goody-two-shoes woman who would never have sex with a married man.

"What a fucking hypocrite!!"

"So, she prefers to fuck married men than fuck me," as he swirled in his chair. "Maybe, I can use this to my advantage, "as he printed off the email and put it in his locked drawer in his desk. "I think I'll be paying Melissa a visit tonight."

Later that night, he snuck into the bushes by her house and waited.

He saw the senior manager Dave arrive and Melissa quickly opened the door.

He crawled to the living room window and saw they were drinking red wine, with Melissa snuggled into his chest. Then he saw Dave lift her chin and kiss her, which was like a knife to Jason's heart. He was jealous as he saw them quickly undress, throwing clothes all over the place as Dave carried her to the bedroom.

He snuck over to that side and peeped over the windowsill to see Dave firmly planted between Melissa raised legs, licking her pussy and her squeals coming through the open window. Jason was getting aroused as heard Dave ask her huskily, "Baby, you want more?"

"Yes," she mewled as his head dipped to suck on her clit, thrusting one finger into her wetness. Jason could practically hear how wet she was and got more enraged that it wasn't him pleasuring her instead of this cheating douchebag.

Jason didn't wear any underwear as he unbuckled his jeans and took out his hard cock. He began to fist himself as the action got more hot and steamy with Dave now plowing deep into Melissa, her legs planted high on his shoulders as she screamed for more. Their groans and moans hit Jason right to the core as he could feel his balls tightening up as he heard Dave growl, "I'm going to cum!"

He watched feverishly as he saw Dave stiffen and continue to pump his cock furiously inside her as he came, seeing some of his white cum, pouring out of her pussy. Jason stroked hard now and came, shooting onto the wall of her house. He stared as Dave leaned over to kiss her again.

For the rest of the night, Jason sat there taking out his camera and taking pictures of them fucking in various positions, avoiding the use of the flash, so they wouldn't know. Since he had a high power lens, he knew the pics would turn out good. He masturbated several more times as well, turned on by being a voyeur, wishing it was him again sexing her.

Since it was early Saturday morning, they were finally exhausted and Jason could feel his eyes drooping. He made his way towards his car which he had parked far down the street. "I'll develop these later after a few hours of sleep."

He got up later in the afternoon and went into his darkroom to develop the pictures. He hung them on the line, proud of his workmanship. He waited several hours, relaxing and catching up on work until he saw they were finally dry.

He put it in a brown manila envelope and dropped it onto her front door during the night.

The next morning as Melissa went to get her Sunday newspaper, she saw the envelope.

"What's this?"

She ripped it open to see the explicit photos of Dave and her. She was flabbergasted. Her hands shook as she read the note that accompanied it.


Her blue eyes scanned the area, seeing if anyone was around but it was quiet except for a few birds chirping happily.

Jason chuckled manically knowing he had where he wanted her. He wanted to humiliate her for what she had done as he peered from down the street. He couldn't wait until Monday to begin his games with her.

Monday morning, he passed Melissa's office and saw that she had dark circles under her eyes.

"What's wrong, Mel?" he asked, pretending to care.

"Nothing, J." She seemed very despondent and distracted.

He placed his hand on her shoulder and said, "Well, if you want to talk, you know where to find me."


He quickly walked over, closing the door to his office. He rubbed his hands together, decided how he would torture her first.

He fired off an anonymous email to her.


She looked around nervously, wondering who the hell was sending these messages. Luckily, Jason's office faced Melissa's desk directly, so he could see if she obeyed his commands. He saw as she sighed dejectedly as she discreetly, touched her nipples and saw as she slid her hand down her pants.

He could feel himself getting erect as she got bolder, opening a button on her blouse and lifting her bra slightly, to squeeze her nipple. By the way her face was flushed; he could tell she was very aroused. He absolutely enjoyed seeing her like this as he could tell by the rhythm of her hand that she was playing with her pussy. He wished he could smell her arousal as he began to masturbate under his desk. His eyes never left her as he could tell she was close. He saw when she bit down hard on her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out as she came. He came as she did, cleaning himself quickly when the senior manager stepped in to his office to talk about some figures in his report.

He pretended to listen to the manager prattling on while his eyes were completely focused on Melissa. He could see she appeared to be very uncomfortable, squirming in her seat, her eyes glancing here and there wondering if anywhere saw her. A wicked smile crept on his face as the manager finally left so he could send her another email.


She was angry that someone was sexually blackmailing her but secretly turned on by doing something naughty like masturbation at work. She blushed because her pussy was still tingly from her orgasm and making her very horny. Jason watched as Melissa eyes went straight to Bob's crotch as he leaned against her desk, chatting to her. Bob was a very attractive intern who had just joined the firm this year. "Hmm," Jason thought, a light bulb going off in his head.

Melissa heard the beep from her email client, telling her of a new email in her inbox. She opened and it read:


She had to read it twice to see if she read it wrong. "Suck his cock?!" There was no way in hell she was going to do this. Jason saw a flash of anger on her features and he quickly sent another email.


"Oh shit!" she muttered under her breath. She didn't pay any attention to Jason going pass her desk to slip into the men's washroom. He locked himself in a stall, ready to see if she would do as she was told. Bob was still in the bathroom washing his hands when Jason held the click of high heels on the floor.

"What are you doing in here, Melissa?" he asked quizzedly. She seductively moved towards him, laying a hand on his package. "I need to feel something hard in my mouth," she replied as Bob didn't know what to say as he stared down at Melissa unzipping his pants.

"But..." he said as she cut him off, capturing his mouth in an explorative kiss, staring deeply into his eyes to see if he was interested. He was hesitant but responded more as his pants fell to his ankles as Melissa worked her magic on his length.

They were French kissing now as she quickly pulled out his cock. "Melissa," he groaned as she jerked off his semi-erect shaft slowly, his hands squeezing her breasts in appreciation. She purred wanting more, as he unbuttoned her blouse, pulling her bra upwards to access her nipples. She sighed as he bent down to take her nipple into his mouth, sucking on it.

Jason opened the door slightly to take in more of the scene as his hand slid along his hard dick. Melissa got more than she bargained for when Bob suddenly pushed her back on the sink. She let go of his cock as he moaned, "I need to taste that sweet pussy of yours."

He ripped down her pants and panties, leaving her completely bare. He went down on his knees, to pleasure her with his tongue and mouth. She bucked under his ministrations as he sucked on her clit while his finger played with her wet slit. "You taste so good," he mumbled as he slid a finger inside. "Oh God!" she cried out, as she grinded his pussy into his face.

"Yes, Melissa. I love it like that!!" he muttered encouragingly, as he licked and tongued her pussy. He loved the way her juices were coating his tongue as he pushed a second finger to add to the first. Her orgasm was quickly approaching as he continued to finger fuck fast until she came hard, her juices flowing over his fingers and face.

He licked some of it off with his tongue and got up to kiss Melissa again, so she could taste herself in their kiss. "Mmm," she purred. She needed to be fucked hard now.

"Bob, I want your hard cock inside me!"

He lifted one leg so it could rest on the sink with the other one planted firmly on the floor; he slammed hard into her pussy. "Yes, like that!!" she screamed, his thick cock slamming hard and fast over and over. "Feels so good!!" she said as he gripped her hips, plowing deep into her, his balls hitting her ass with each thrust. "More," she cried, her nerve endings on fire, each time he pulled out and slammed into her.

"Melissa, you're so tight!" he groaned. He didn't know how much longer he could hold out. He reached around to play with her clit, as her orgasm rushed through her as he thrusted deep. He continued to pummel her until he pulled out, growling as his cum sprayed over her ass.

"I needed this."

"We both needed this," he retorted and they laughed together.

Jason was surprised by these turn of events. He ejaculated many times listening to them fuck. He was quite elated to see how fast Melissa was becoming a slut and his dick twitched at that thought. "I wonder how much further I can push her."

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